Raccoon cubs just sayin’ hi!

I was able to get a couple of photos of 2 of the cubs playing in the maple tree this morning.  As you can guess, they move quickly!

This first one was taken through the (filthy) window pane (click on them and they get bigger):

2 cubs playing in the maple tree, early morning.

And in this second one, one of the cubs began responding to my chattering so he stayed put longer. I was able to get him through the window screen, so it’s a little bit clearer.

But just to give you sort of an idea of how big this maple tree is, here’s the photo before the close-up:

The tree is easily twice as tall as my two-story house.

And on another happy note…

The village had their 4th of July fireworks last night! I wasn’t expecting it. I thought it was going to be on Wednesday, however, suddenly, around 10 PM, there was that familiar crack boom boom sound filling the air and all the cats went scurrying for cover.

It turned out that I could see 95% of the fireworks from my huge kitchen window. It was so cool!!

Okay. If I don’t make it back here tomorrow, gang, and if you live State-side — have a Happy Independence Day! Thanks for visiting. See ya!

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