Come on along and listen to…

Yes! The Lullaby of Broadway!

I can’t get the song out of my head now because the next show they’re doing at the summer stock theater company is 42nd Street.

Incidentally, when this show first opened at the Winter Garden in NYC in 1980, it was the beginning of the cost of theater tickets going through the roof. Up until that show opened, I could afford to see every show on Broadway, because every ticket cost $15. I lived in the theater district back then, with my first husband, and all I needed to do was buy a ticket, walk over to the theater, see the show.

Soon enough, though, I needed to apply for a bank loan just to see one show a year…

Okay, perhaps I exaggerate… But regardless, while I am more of a fan of the old Hollywood movie, 42nd Street, than of the stage show, I love, love, LOVE the song, Lullaby of Broadway.

My favorite version of it is from 1935, by Hal Kemp  & his Orchestra, with Bob Allen on vocal.  I’ve had the record for a really long time. I was playing it yesterday, over and over and over:

I can’t decide whether it’s totally cool that I have a record player that looks as old as the record I’m playing, or if I am simply totally insane for owning either one…

Back in 1988, when I went out to the desert to meet my biological father for the first time, I brought a cassette tape with a bunch of songs I liked listening to, and, for the most part, he and I had the same taste in music. But when Hal Kemp’s version of Lullaby of Broadway came on the tape player, he said, “I hate that shit! That’s old people music. My parents listened to that shit.”

(One good thing about my birth father (among many good things) is that you never had to try to guess what he was thinking.)

Anyway.  I can NOT imagine why anyone in their right mind wouldn’t want to listen to this song a million-bazillion times! What’s not to love — right, gang??? I’m guessing I’ll be singing it in my head relentlessly until I actually go to the theater and see the show, which isn’t for another 8 days….

In the meantime, have a really Happy 4th, wherever you are and with whatever you’re planning to do.  Oh, and thank you to all of you who are downloading my eBooks on Smashwords!! It’s only 4 days into the sale and the downloads are fast & furious. Okay, thanks for visiting. Enjoy the Lullaby of Broadway! See ya.



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