Finally, a break in the weather!

I woke today to 70 glorious degrees!

And it’s very windy & overcast this morning, with storms on the horizons. A blessed change from the 96 degrees with relentless SUN and humidity that’s been going on around here for many, many days. It was almost unbearable. Almost.

No, it wasn’t the worst July 4th I’ve ever had, weather-wise. The worst was sometime back in the late 1980s, when I lived in a really old tenement in Manhattan’s East Village. The wiring in that old building could not sustain air-conditioners of any size. And that particular July 4th it was 104 degrees for several days running.  I lived on the 5th floor — one floor from the top. So I didn’t have the absolute worst apartment in the building: I had the second worst, heat-rising-wise. The apartment simply collected heat and would not let it go. It was the proverbial oven. It was just god-awful. And I lived there for 9 years.

That particular July 4th, 97% of the population of New York City had gone to the various beaches. But I remained in my 5th-floor walk-up, unable to move or do anything at all but lay on the bed, drink Wild Turkey  on ice, and watch — yes — A Summer Place!!!!

(Ever since then, my go-to July 4th movie has been A Summer Place. A really, really, REALLY great, lurid, trashy, romantic, scandalous movie from 1959.  It starred Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee. If you’ve never seen it, it’s not to be missed, gang. And that’s not the bourbon talking, either.)

(Oh, and I also really, really love watching Damn Yankees! around the July 4th holiday, too. I’m not really sure why. But that’s another great movie.)

Anyway. As usual, I digress.

It was so wonderful to wake-up today to this break in the weather. I woke at about 6 AM.  All the windows open, the wind blowing through the whole house. A soothing, overcast sky. The little raccoon cubs scurrying around on the tree branches outside my window.

After I fed the cats, I went back to bed with my cup of coffee and just thought about the world, about life, physical reality, reincarnation, probable lives, and men that I love.

And I had the song below streaming on my iPad, endlessly repeating. So atmospheric and lovely. I couldn’t have asked for a better morning. And now it’s back to the Hurley Falls manuscript. So, have a wonderful, love-filled day, gang. Thanks for visiting. See ya!


3 thoughts on “Finally, a break in the weather!”

  1. Very cool! Thanks for linking to the song, also. I recall having liked it a lot before (way back), and S/G music generally. But listening more fully, I’m appreciating it anew and deeper. Something I always have loved is both 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars as opening or only instruments. Something clean and “simple” about so many of the “protest” songs (quite conservative often, actually) of my youth that I didn’t really drink in fully at the time, but did hear and enjoy. And that Pete Seeger “movement”! Had I lived in New York state I’m sure I’d have appreciated him and his work all the more.

    One of my ongoing interests is to consult/plan/work with musicians, especially within progressive Christianity, on creative and deep ways to interweave music with personal development and spiritual “formation” (the latter a sort of “in-word” that’s funky but does make a good point). And that all with helping young (and older) adults consciously build a flexible belief structure within a realistic paradigm (neither scientific materialism nor traditional theism, whatever nuances one wants in theirs). Well… that’s quite a departure from a great song and your fun morning… I think you’ll not mind, though.

    1. No, I don’t mind at all! Always good hearing from you. I love what your doing with music. Sounds so uplifting, healing, expanding. Flexible belief structure– that sounds like the best way to live. 😊

      1. Thanks. I appreciate the supportive words. I’m not at all far down that particular road, in practical terms, however…. at least in terms of the music part. I’ve been somewhat more active in educating and encouraging toward the flexible belief structure part. But I want to be a lot more, as time allows!

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