Nothing says “I Need a Vacation” Like….

Why, yes, that was me who showed up at the job yesterday — on my fucking DAY OFF!!

Jesus. You know??? I’ve never done anything like that before.  I was so focused on my official vacation starting today that I was oblivious to my actual schedule.

I’d been there for nearly an hour, when for some mysterious reason, the schedule posted on the wall caught my eye. And even after having taken Holy Communion yesterday morning, the first really, really LOUD words out of my mouth, were “Jesus fucking God! Today’s my fucking day-off!!”

I really feel like I’ve been losing it lately. For real. I am so worn out. I need this vacation time so bad. You know, getting to & from my part-time job requires an hour’s worth of driving, so that’s frustrating, too. And all day yesterday, I had been getting such good work done on both the stage adaptation of the Helen LaFrance script, along with revisions on the TV pilot. But I kept looking at the clock, and looking at the clock, and looking at the clock until it was the absolute minute that I had to close the laptop and dash out the door, do all that driving and get to work on my fucking day off…

Anyway. My vacation has begun. I’m not planning on doing anything but writing, yoga, meditation, and a couple of phone conferences with L.A. and NYC.  I am super looking forward to it.

For the past 10 or 15 years, maybe even longer, all of my “vacations” have actually been trips to various cities, foreign countries, etc., to do readings, to sign books, to do some kind of career-promoting work.

This vacation is a real vacation – by my own definition. No airports, no cabs, no insanity. No schedules. No stress. Just me, my laptop, my wonderful old house in this quiet tiny town.

On another topic…

Even though it’s likely still a couple months away before I’ll be done with this new novel and promoting it (I think I’m going to self-publish it – the new erotic novel, that is, Blessed By Light), I need to upgrade my iphone and start actually using my Instagram account. (@marilynjayelewis). Feel free to follow me there. I have exactly 2 photos of cats posted. Seriously, I never use it, but I’m going to have to start doing that.

Anyway,  I also updated the “About” page here on the blog to include more photos of me at various times in my career(s).  Including this  publicity photo from 1984, when I was very much still a singer/songwriter in NYC:

New York City 1984 – photo c: Scot Gamble

Yes, my hair used to be really long — as well as brunette! I am 24 in this photo. And I was really skinny and tall. I’m still tall…

All righty.  I’m gonna get cracking here, gang, and grab some more coffee. Here’s hoping that if you’re going off to work today, you’re actually supposed to be there. Thanks for visiting!! See ya.


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