Greetings from Vacationland!

So far, it’s going pretty good — this first vacation of mine in about a bazillion years.

Today, I’m doing a conference call with Peitor in LA, and then tomorrow afternoon, a conference call with Sandra in NYC, but other than that, it’s just time for me to sit here at my desk and write.

It has been decided that I’ll be going to NYC in late October. The staged reading of the one-woman musical I’m working on with Sandra is finally moving forward again. I want to go hear how all the music is coming together with the actual musicians.  I do have to say that this is taking fucking forever, and I have had to work really hard on my patience and – yes – my mouth. Keeping it shut, that is. Allow people to go at their own paces, instead of at mine, which is usually warp speed.

While I’m in the city, I’m going to go see American Son at the Booth Theater on Broadway. I’m looking forward to that.

I’m also going to be going to LA sometime around early December. I need to go out there and do some face-time type stuff with some producers, but I’ve been putting it off. And Peitor flat out invited me to come stay with him because his husband is off producing a TV or movie shoot, or something like that, in Canada until mid-December. Not that I can only visit Peitor when Graham is away — I actually get along great with Graham. But this will be like old times. Peitor and I have been friends since NYC in 1985. And we can get very, very, VERY silly – which seriously annoys people who are anywhere in our vicinity (i.e., Graham).  Peitor and I can get to laughing so hard about such stupid stuff that we actually have to stop walking, stop moving, and, you know, hold up the whole caravan while we cry because we’re laughing so hard. And I have to try really really hard not to piss myself, which, unfortunately, gang, gets harder and harder now at my delightfully advancing age…

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing him again. Because we don’t just laugh, we talk about serious stuff, too.  He has good insight into what I would call my mental instability.  I called him by accident Monday night – you know, I meant to text him, but hit the little phone icon by mistake, and then didn’t want to hang up since he would see that I was calling him. I figured God was telling me to call him. I was having one of my issues, one of my potential brain crack-ups over my music.

Loyal readers of this lofty blog no doubt recall that Peitor, who is a music producer, will eventually be producing a record of about 12 of my early songs as part of my whole memoir thing. And for some reason, I’ve been having some serious emotional issues over my music. Or, more succinctly, over my “past” life, as it were.

I never know when things are going to rear their ugly little heads… It’s good to have a friend who knows how to steer you off of the tracks that trains are barreling down, you know?  I still struggle, sometimes, gang. I still do.

Okay.  On that note! I’m gonna get back at it around here. It is so awesome to just be on vacation. I don’t want to take this alone time to focus on all the wrong things.  Have a good one, gang. Wherever you are and with whatever you’re doing. Stay sane! I need you to set a good example for me…


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