#AnAmericanTreasure #TomPetty

My copy of the new (I’m guessing the last) Tom Petty audio CD, An American Treasure, just arrived via UPS.

Oh my god, is it good.

And the packaging and design of this collection just blew me away, too. The photos, the commentaries, the introductions, the photos of his handwritten song lyrics (!! – I probably would have paid double just for photos of those!). Clearly, everyone involved in putting this collection together stayed up late at night trying to come up with just the right way to break my heart the moment I opened the package and to have me  staring dumbfounded at it as I sat at my kitchen table at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Anyway. The whole thing is just so beautiful.  I’m overwhelmed.

Okay, on other fronts. The excerpt from the new novel has been moved to its own page. Excerpts will be replaced every few days. The excerpts will be in no particular order. But, you know, the novel is so very episodic, because it’s like a cross between a love letter and journal entries, really – although it is not journal entries, it just sometimes feels like that. Anyway. It’s so episodic that random excerpts might feel just like reading the book! (Not really… the novel does tell a whole story about 2 lovers, just in really, really short chapters.)

I’m trying to keep the excerpts less on the sexually explicit side, since most of the subscribers to this blog are not actually readers of my erotic works. So it’s sort of a fine line between wanting to share sections from the new novel and not offend a bunch of people.

Okay. Gotta get back to work. Had a really great breakthrough on revisions for the CLEVELAND TV pilot, so I need to catch that before it totally disappears from my brain.

Thanks for visiting. See ya.

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