Sunny Saturday in the Hinterlands

First of all, there is a new excerpt from my new novel Blessed By Light at the permanent link above (

This is Chapter 7, runs approx. 4 pages, and includes sexually explicit passages, so please be forewarned.

Wow, I have to say that, yesterday, I really got some great work done on revisions of the CLEVELAND TV pilot. And it took forever, you know. I kept writing and kept feeling like it still was just so ordinary;it wasn’t happening. But after many hours (about 7 hours, I guess), it finally clicked and I have a new beginning to the pilot episode that NOW I really, really love. This amounts to the first 7 pages. Only 53 more to go…

The most difficult part of this process is letting go of the draft of the script that already exists. Reminding myself that it’s not written in stone.  When I first developed this TV pilot, I was aiming it for Christian Family broadcasting, but none of the producers who liked the pilot saw it that way. So, little by little, I have had to jettison these “values” that I had envisioned as being aimed at children. Or perhaps adolescents.

As you can probably guess, when you have children in the back of your consciousness, certain types of content changes seem inadvisable. But I’m starting to really just let it go. It ain’t aimed at Christians, anymore. I can tell you that.

I need to get this whole pilot re-written before I go to L.A., which is in about 9 weeks. It’s totally doable, except that I’m writing 2 new novels, and adapting that Helen LaFrance stage play, as well. So “not going completely crazy” is at the top of my list of Things To Do.

Today is my day to go back to work. Vacation has officially ended.

Oddly, I’m in a better space about it today than I was yesterday, so I guess that’s good. Plus I have my new Tom Petty CD to play in my car while I drive for an hour and constantly remind myself that everything, absolutely everything changes, so just hang in there.

Yep. It’ll probably be a good day. I’m going to try really hard, anyway. Hope your Saturday is terrific, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. See ya!

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