Chapter 2 excerpt Blessed By Light

Okay, gang, here is anther excerpt from my new novel. This is Chapter 2. (Amounts to about 8 pages.) Have a great Saturday!!

Contains sexually explicit content that might not be suitable for all readers. Thanks!!


Man in the Light

I THINK YOUR ASS LOOKS LOVELY when you agree to lie like that on your belly. Your legs spread just enough to remind me of why I love so much to get in between them. I’ve always thought that pussy was the center of the world. The smack dead center of the whole wide world. Every time I could get a girl in the daylight to turn over onto her belly for me, wow. That was the thing. That was the thing I loved. Seeing that view from behind.

I’m gonna tell you one of my stories. This is the story about the view from behind. My first real look at a girl. In the sunshine.

We were standing next to my car, about to get in the backseat. But I stopped her and I said to the girl:

Turn around.

I wanted her facing away from me. She turned around and then I held her. My arms pulling her back right up to my front. I wanted her to know I was hard, so I purposely pressed it against her. When she didn’t spook, I really hugged her and I whispered in her ear:

Is it okay if I unzip your pants? Right out here? (Okay)

Her voice was so quiet. It really was part of the spell – her voice.

I unzipped her pants. You know, me still behind her, up close, trying not to fumble with the top button too much. Get the little zipper down. Not like the zipper us boys had on our jeans. It was more delicate somehow.

When the zipper was down, it was a big moment, you know? I was pretty sure she was gonna let me pull her pants down, but you can’t be 100% positive until you begin. So I began.

I stood back a little and pulled her pants down around her knees. God, her panties were cute. So pretty. I couldn’t believe she had let me get this far. She didn’t turn around, either. She just stood there, her back to me. I hugged her again, I held her, and I realized she was breathing funny, you know. She was excited and I couldn’t believe a girl that good-looking could get that excited about being with me.

I was rock hard. I hate to use that cliché, but, man, I had no recollection of having ever been that hard before. I had not had intercourse before. She didn’t know that. I did not know if she’d had it yet or not, and I didn’t want to ask for fear that she’d just want to pull up her pants and go home. So I acted a part almost. You know; went through the motions that seemed natural in that situation and, again, right in her ear, I asked her quietly if she was doing okay.


Can I take your panties down, too? Just a little? (Okay. A little.)

This time, I didn’t back away at all; I just stood there, close to her like that, almost like I was still holding her, but I was pulling down those cute panties. I was so hot for her. She was so pretty, and I couldn’t believe that I was that close to her -close enough to smell her pretty hair – let alone that we were proceeding like that, in broad daylight.

We were out there by the woods. My car was parked in a sort of clearing that was out there at the edge of the woods. It’s where everybody used to go back then. I don’t think it’s there anymore. I think they put in houses there a while back.

It was my first car. We had parked and had taken a walk. Then we headed back to the car, and I opened the backdoor – you know, to the backseat – and when she seemed like she was going to be okay about sliding back in there with me to fool around for a while, that’s when I held her. You know, that’s when I pulled her up close to me like that – her back to my front. I guess it was bold but I had dreamed about it being like that because I knew that if the girl was bending over in that certain position, in the sunlight, I’d be better able to see where my dick was going in. Totally selfish of me, I guess. Looking back on it.

The panties, though. The cute panties. So fucking cute. I will never forget those panties – white but with a sort of pattern. You know, pink, yellow. Pastel colors. Like the colors you think of when you think of girls. (I mean, she wasn’t a “girl,” she was grown. Like me. We were in our late teens. A safe age. You’re still young but you know what you’re wanting and you’re ready to get it.)

So I pulled her panties down, and I remember how erotic it felt – felt, because I was too shy to look yet – how it felt to sort of pull those panties out a little ways in order to slide them down over her butt. Her rear end. It was really a true rear end. Not a butt. A sexy, soft, white rear end that was so round. I couldn’t just tug the panties straight down; I had to accommodate her soft round rear end.

I thought I was gonna shoot just from the way that felt. You know, because I was still up there in my imagination, since I wasn’t looking at her yet. She was kinda shaking, you know? I could tell she was getting really excited. Of course, that got me even more excited. I was feeling like it was really turning out to be a great day.

I won’t tell you her name, but I do remember her name. I just hate when you know the women’s names because then you use them; you say to me, “You wrote that for such and such” (using her real name) and then when I hear the name, it’s like you’re throwing it at me. And it jars me. And I feel like, no honey; this memory is for you. For you to share with me. Leave her name out of it. I loved my wives; I still love them (all the women – I still love all the women) but it’s over now.

Anyway, I still remember her name and it was magical – just that alone; the girl’s name sounded magical to me. Pretty name, pretty girl, pretty panties. The panties were now down around her thighs, about where her pants were, and that’s when I pulled a little away from her again and finally looked. You know, I had to look. Had to see. It was sort of enchanting – no, entrancing is the word. Her skin was so white. Her thighs were so white. And then there were her pants and her panties – down. My blood zoomed. Her blouse was covering her rear end but I still knew what this meant; that if she was to bend over right there and then, I was going to be able to get a good look. It was the middle of the afternoon, for Christ’s sake. Broad daylight. No longer scrunched up close together with a girl in the backseat of the car, in the darkness on some Saturday night, not being able to see what the girl had between her legs; just to feel. And it did feel incredible. I’m not knocking it. To feel that place between a girl’s legs and not be able to see it at all? Wow. I mean, we didn’t have porn back then; all we had was Playboy and they didn’t show any of that stuff. I’m pretty sure it was still illegal to show that back then. So I had to imagine what it might look like, this incredibly soft, slippery, complicated wet place that my fingers were going to down between the girl’s legs.

So now I knew that all she had to do was agree to bend over for me and I was finally going to get to see.

She was a brunette, like you. I know I usually fall for blondes. Almost always. I love the blondes. But this one, she was brunette. And I was not prepared for how erotic it was going to look, you know?

First, I asked her again, how’re you doing?

(I’m good)

She was still talking so quietly, though. So nervous. And then I knew that she was trusting me with an awful lot, so I wanted to do right by her, you know. Do the thing, if possible, but only if she was really, really going to be wanting it, too. She sounded almost nervous enough to cry. It was a certain undertone in her voice. Nervous, trusting, gonna cry if anything went horribly wrong. And then I wondered if anyone had ever seen her down there before, if maybe this was her first time showing it to a guy. My mind –it just works and works and works. I guess it’s part of being a writer, right? Even back then. Before I wrote a single word. My mind was filling the gaps with poetry. I decided that she was so nervous because it was her first time really showing herself to a guy – in the sunlight. Not in some dark car. I have no clue if that was true, but to me, it explained why she was almost shaking.

So I asked her how she was doing and she said she was good. Then I said, you know, “Do you wanna bend over?” Something like that. I somehow got the words out that asked her to bend over for me. And she did! She did it. She bent over, all the way over and rested her elbows on the car seat. You know, we had the backdoor open and we were standing right in there by the backseat, so she leaned in there and bent over, and rested her elbows on the car seat.

My god, her ass was round.

And that’s when I saw it. Her pussy. It wasn’t spread yet, but it was peeking out from under there, from between her legs. And her pussy was hairy, you know. I knew girls had hair, still, I guess I wasn’t expecting that. But really, I didn’t know what I was expecting. Like anyone else back then, I’d been to the library before, to look at the Health-Science books, but it was just drawings. No photos. And the drawings were clinical-looking, with arrows pointing to all the various parts. Vulva, clitoris, vagina, anus, urethra, labia – 2 sets, right? Labia minora, labia majora. It was all so baffling and it didn’t look very nice. I didn’t run home and jerk-off over it, or anything. It was more like, Christ; something that feels so erotic when you touch it in the dark looks so ugly? And, of course, I was wondering and worrying; how am I ever going to get my dick in the right place? Especially if I couldn’t ever see anything.

So that’s when I knew that it was going to have to be daylight. Or someplace where the lights were on. For some reason, it never occurred to me that a girl would ever just get right in front of me and spread her legs wide open for me, so that I could see everything. (Of course, now think of it: How many girls have done just that for me? And how many thousands more have wanted to? It’s funny now. Please just go home. I don’t want to see that. Funny. Girls are so funny.) Anyway, I knew it would have to be broad daylight and that she would have to bend over, since I didn’t think nice girls did anything too bold.

Well, she bent over and just the sight of her pussy like that – not even spread – was, well, breathtaking, really. My dick was still inside my jeans. I hadn’t unzipped or anything, although I was just bursting, ready to split a seam or something. I was so hard. But I reached out and I touched that hair real lightly with my finger, you know? Just stroked it and she did something amazing: Her ass arched up, you know? Her legs spread as much as they could then with her panties and stuff down her thighs. But her ass arched up, her legs spread, and she pushed it out at me. She moaned, even. Real quietly. But I heard her. And of course, all this told me that we were going to be good to go.

It’s so hard to say what entranced me most, because suddenly I was just looking at all her goods, you know? All of it. Just right there in the sunlight. And I could see how those drawings in the books in the library might have been technically correct, still the essence – the essence was not captured in those drawings at all. And here in real life – there was the essence.

Her pussy hair was black, like yours, and it made her pussy look almost red by contrast (like yours). And it was wet there. All that slippery stuff that I would feel in the dark? There it was – all over her pussy. I didn’t really know about the clitoris yet. I actually had no clue at all about the clitoris – just knew the word. Didn’t know that girls had orgasms or anything at all like that. My first wife – I learned all that with her. She showed me how she masturbated and then I learned all about the clitoris.

But back then, I didn’t know; didn’t know girls could be so aroused. But I was entranced by the sight of everything being so wet.

I know now that she wasn’t a virgin. I don’t blame her for being coy or anything; I don’t believe it was like that at all. I still think she was genuinely shy, that she was not an “easy” girl; she just simply had started early. Earlier than me. But I’d had no idea that she was supposed to bleed, or that it would have been really hard to get into her if it were her first time. I knew none of that stuff yet. And in all the times I’ve thought about it in my head, remembered that afternoon, I’ve felt really glad that she wasn’t a virgin, because it would have thrown me. I wouldn’t have wanted to hurt her. I would have given up right away, at the first sign that she was in any pain.

But she wasn’t in any pain. It was not like that at all. I was so blessed to be with a girl like her for my first time. It wasn’t elaborate or anything. She never even took her pants all the way down. She never turned over. Never opened her blouse or pulled up her bra. It was just her pussy offered up like that. When I finally got up enough nerve to unzip my jeans and take my dick out, she helped me get right in. You know, reached around and guided it. No girl had ever touched my dick before. The feel of her fingers, you know – her hands were delicate. Capable, but delicate. They felt so soft on my dick; gentle, cool to the touch. I thought I could maybe come from just that, right? Her gentle fingers taking my dick and helping it find the hole.

Then I went right in. Oh my god. She was tight. Not a virgin, but still tight. So hot, so wet. I never felt anything like that before in my life. And just as exciting was watching it go in. Watching my dick go into that hole. As you now know, I have kind of a long dick, but it was disappearing, I’ll tell you!  It was going right on up.

I didn’t know how to fuck, of course. I didn’t have that rhythm down or anything close to that. But I did jerk-off an awful lot. I knew I needed to pump into her, to feel that feeling, and it was coming on me quick. I leaned over her and steadied my arms at either side of her on the car seat, pumped into her just a few quick times and felt myself exploding. Really, just shooting out.

I came in her. Thank god, I didn’t get her pregnant. You know, I wasn’t thinking about any of that stuff at all. I was just overcome by what was happening.

When it was all over, she got up and she pulled up her pants, you know. I didn’t help her do that part, even though I had been the one to pull them down. To tell you the truth, I wanted to watch her pull her pants up. I don’t really know why; I just found it erotic to watch her do that. She let me kiss her. We did kiss. But by then she had gotten really shy again, and I had gotten really shy again. I drove her home.

I didn’t see her again, not in that way. We kind of just drifted back to our own crowds.  But forever afterward – and I do mean forever – I jerked-off thinking about that time with her. I don’t even need to embellish it at all. Well, in my mind, I take a lot longer to come! I actually fuck her, you know? But I don’t need to add any other details. She sure looked hot, bending over like that and showing herself to me. And my dick sure looked hot going into her. I love remembering that. It plays on and on in my head, pretty much forever. She was a sweet girl to let me do that to her.

c: 2018 Marilyn Jaye Lewis

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