The Little Weasel of Love

Yes, that little weasel of love is burrowing deep into my tummy-tum-tum and filling me with doubt again.

Did I do the right thing by breaking things off? Am I being mean? Am I out of my fucking mind?

Well, okay, that last question is a no-brainer, with or without the weasel… haha

Well, as I continue bouncing along on my rocky journey down the road of love to God knows where… the unexpectedly GOOD news is:

My newest revisions on the CLEVELAND TV pilot require no more revisions!

Yes, you heard it here first! No notes. No more re-writes for now. Send the script down the line to the next producer, with whom I already have an appointment in place. I was really happily stunned. So on we go, gang!

Today it is snowing in these fair Hinterlands. A light dusting, a heavy greyish-white weight all over the sky. I’m gonna go to the grocery store today, but other than that, I plan to sit here and work on Chapter 16 of Blessed By Light. Do a little yoga. And then, peppered throughout, a generous sprinkling of anguish over my broken heart and the little weasel of love burrowing deep into my tummy, making me want to get sick.

Sounds like a Terrific Tuesday all the way around, doesn’t it, gang?? Hope you have a really terrific one wherever you are in the world — minus the little weasel.  Thanks for visiting! See ya!



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