1954 Powder Blue Pickup

by Marilyn Jaye Lewis

A young man with a pickup truck in 1950s America, navigates the strict sexual morals of the era by introducing a pretty, unmarried virgin to the true joys of anal sex – meaning that backdoor sex saves her virginity for her wedding night and that no one will ever be the wiser. The two agree to embark on an affair of unbridled licentious behavior with no strings attached, in the privacy of his pickup truck out on the edge of town. However, neither of them is prepared for just how well suited they are to each other’s carnal appetites, as the young woman is introduced to more and more sexual surprises. Extreme anal, oral, three-ways, and gangbangs overtake their growing attraction to one another, until they are each forced to admit that they’ve crossed over a line they can’t come back from without each other. 1954 Powder Blue Pickup is a love story that explores the hidden world of women’s unapologetic desires. A novella that is not for the feint of heart.


1954 Powder Blue Pickup depicts graphic sexual scenarios, often of questionable consent. It is intended for adults only.

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