And So It Goes….

As of 5am EST time, from RT News:

“⚡️ Russia-Ukraine negotiations have started in Gomel

And just in case you missed me pounding you over the head with it for several days–

From Q The Storm Rider:

“WW3 is not happening.
Putin is not invading Ukraine.
Putin is taking out deep state black op bio labs with precision strikes, who have been trying to create killer diseases right on Russia’s border.
Ukraine is a stronghold for money laundering and the Biden crime family will be exposed with information coming out.
This couldnt happen under Trump as its bad optics and the media love nothing more than to try to get Trump and Putin to fight.
Zelensky (a Ukrainian Trump who was elected) is in on this too, but will do the optics dance.
Putin will come out with a peace deal soon.
Those of us who do pay attention to what happens on our planet know that Putin is an enemy of the Globalists and is well aware of the Deep State presence in Ukraine.
This all goes back to when the Neo Nazis took more control after the Maidan Square massacre about 8-9 years ago, where the deep state used snipers on roofs to wreak havoc.
China will kick off with Taiwan next like Trump told us.
Like I have been saying all along Trump , Putin and Xi are covertly working together to take out the deep state cabal.
You are watching a show.
The MSM will hype this all up and make people believe that WW3 is imminent, which is complete fake news.
The end result will be the exposing of the CIA’s role in “the virus” as an attack on USA and China via Fauci leaked emails.
This will expose the CIA’s funding of the CCP, Big Pharma and to the normies, that yes there is such a thing as the cabal.
Xi is like a Trump, and is not an ally of the CCP.
Xi was told not to bring Trump to the forbidden city when Trump visted but Xi did it anyway, which was such a huge deal as no one is allowed in the forbidden city , especially not someone from the West.
The Chinese people will soon be free.
This song and dance and show had to happen this way because your sheeple family and friends were too cowardly to wake up by themselves and refused to research or even question things even after the entire planet of healthy people were locked inside their homes because the media rebranded the flu and they were forced to get eperimental Big Pharma vaccines to live life, for the first time in history.
Our planet can never be allowed get this ignorant again.
It is shameful , especially by the Western men whose chosen ignorance will be studied for eons.
God bless the Truth Bombers all around the world fighting for humanity.
Our victory is inevitable.


Also, I thought these were of interest:





Nicholas Veniamin chats with Michelle Fielding: UKRAINE, PUTIN & THE PEOPLE’S ALLIANCE (55 mins):



This is also of interest. From Nicholas’ telegram channel:

The CIA – 70 years in Ukraine
A nine minute segment from Part 2 of Doug Valentine’s The CIA As Organized Crime (2020). For 70 years the CIA has been working to undermine and occupy Ukraine to bring down Russia (9 mins):


From Pepe Lives Matter:


This was pretty scary news, though. (I live in Ohio, but I won’t have anything to do with COVID tests, by the way. I’m also an anti-masker, anti-vaxxer.):

From the Gateway Pundit:

Ohio and Texas Issue Warning on Toxic Chemical Found in Mailed At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kit

The at-home rapid COVID-19 tests contained a toxic chemical that can be really harmful and even life-threatening when exposed to a large amount of the chemicals.

Ohio and Texas issued a warning after seeing an increase in reports related to sodium azide poisoning, a chemical found in test kits after Biden promised to give 500 million Covid test kits to Americans.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center released a statement regarding an “increase in accidental exposures to a substance in these kits.” [full article here]


This just in from Simon Parkes (video):

They Are Fighting For The New World Order.

Mind F****d government in Ukraine on MSM publicly calling for New World Order.

Putin is a White Hat!”


Richard Citizen Journalist had photos yesterday of a new fence around the base of the Capitol:

(Remember that item I posted yesterday, about the National Guard Lieutenant telling that guy at the gas station, “Buckle up, buttercup”, straight out of Q????)

Nancy Drew” had photos all day long yesterday of military vehicles parked on neighborhood streets all over DC. As well as police officers arriving from other states.

“2 Philly police officers, just sitting in their vehicles, parked on seperate streets, one block east from the WH. I asked the one, why police from different states, were there throughout the city today, (remember I saw 5 NYPD buses) and his answer was, “to keep you safe”. 🤔 police from 2 different states so far? National Guard?”

(Remember, gang: We have the US trucker Convoy beginning to arrive in DC this week, and we have the fake Biden’s alleged State of the Union Address supposedly happening tomorrow…. so the White Hats are likely preparing for something to happen.)


Just another reminder, lest we fear that any of this Biden stuff is real:


Some thoughts from Q The Storm Rider:


I EXPECT in the FINAL moments of a world NUCLEAR STANDOFF…. >TRUMP < to come forward with a Peace PLAN>>>
PUTIN offers a solution to disarm..

China> TAIWAN.>> North Korea. Asia Pacific STANDOFF . . NUCLEAR tensions also to be quelled between TRUMP. KIM jung un> PUTIN XI. MODI

In the middle East STANDOFF , Bin Salman, TRUMP , PUTIN new president after the coups coming will reach Peace agreements and disarm

Similar models will happen in Africa…

But this is the>> AFTERMATH
of the CRASH/PAIN”


I have been experimenting the last few days with discarding the weird “code” typing I used to have to do here on WordPress in order to not get shadow-banned, and it seems that those days are officially over. Yay!! I have had the same stats as I always have, so it looks like I can now type like a regular person again! I can even spell out the deadliest shadow-banning word of all: Trump.

So that’s a relief. Yay.


This just in from Nick Cave’s official web site:

Stranger Than Kindness: The Nick Cave Exhibition opens Friday, April 8 at the Galerie de la Maison du Festival, Montreal, Canada. Tickets on sale this Friday, March 4 at 10am here.

And don’t forget!! The North American Nick Cave -Warren Ellis tour for Carnage opens in North Carolina tomorrow!! Check dates and buy tickets HERE.


And that is it for today, gang.

Phil should be going live tonight at 7pm (he had to postpone Friday’s livestream because his dad came to visit…). You can find the links to watch it here as soon as he goes live, at 7pm EST.

Have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

I leave you with my really odd listening-music from this morning. I love this song!! It’s addicting. Billy Walker singing “Charlie’s Shoes” from 1962. Enjoy!!


Restored Republic news update (21 minutes):

Simon and Becky Parkes had a CC intel, Q&A update yesterday evening, but so far, it seems to only be on YouTube. (2 hrs 24 mins):



Art of War

The insanity is gaining on us, gang.

If you saw last night’s CPAC speech by Tr**p, you’ll know that he was dropping Q comms like crazy — as was Kash, for that matter.

But first, I want to post this —

From Pepe Lives Matter by way of Liberty Overwatch:

The Current Western Propaganda for Ukraine Is Epic in Scale

“Everything is about writing a script, creating a narrative, building a ‘better story,’ where the globalists are the heroes. In essence, the ‘strategic power’ battle is for your mind…

Everything in modern warfare is storytelling.

Question all of it.

The stories of the 13 guards on an island telling the Russian naval ship to fuck off… yeah, turns out they surrendered . The ‘Ghost of Kyiv ‘ pilot, the lady with the sunflower seeds etc., now all recognized as lies and propaganda. And do not expect it to stop, because it won’t. Thus, the nature of warfare for your mind.”

Photo is actually from 2016, not Friday


From Whiplash347:


And more from Phil:

“Ukrainian girl asking Putin to stop the war. Saying children are being hurt😢. So sad … but then again… is this real or fake?

Makes you wonder how the same faces pop up on a regular basis. It’s always about suffering and victims 🤪🤣🐸”

“Crisis actors.”


Even Reuters is calling out fake news footage, and almost everything RT is showing comes with the disclaimer that the footage is “unverified”.

Watch this footage of Assange, gang. It’s really, really good and only takes 2 minutes. [footage here]

Julian Assange:

Nearly every war that has started in the past 50 years has been a result of media lies.


I always encourage everyone to turn off their TV sets, and now would be a really good time to do that. However, if you’re still watching TV at this late stage, you’ll probably always be watching it…. but I’m just saying, okay?

At the very least, remember that they want to keep you traumatized. You’re more easily controlled that way.


I’ve got way too much stuff to share here today, so I will try to at least make it coherent.

(First, I want to mention that my bedroom window is partially open and birds are singing outside!!! Sprng can’t be far off….)


Get ready, gang. Taiwan on deck.

Several from IET17:

China/Taiwán on deck

How come the left isn’t crying “Logan act” about this?

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Meet Taiwan’s President Next Week [article here at Epoch Times]


And from Whiplash347:

“JUST IN – China announces “military exercises” in the South China Sea across a 6-nautical-mile-radius from Sunday to Tuesday.”



More media lies.

Remember those Surety bonds that parents are serving on local school boards, successfully forcing them to drop mask mandates against children all over the country?

From Pepe Lives Matter:

“Patriots are standing up and defending the children in school boards around the country so naturally the fakestream media is upset.
They are now referring to the act of using surety bonds to stop mask mandates in schools as “paper terrorism.”
These people are stupid. 😂😂😂😂😂
We are winning.”


More from Lin Wood on what’s really happening in Ukraine (please just READ this shit, gang, and THEN watch TV….):


Something else to keep in mind if you live in the US — Russia, China, North Korea, India, Iraq, Iran are our allies. ENGLAND is/was NOT. England has been incredibly destructive to this country since 1871. (FYI: The old Bo Jo was taken out; current Bo Jo is fake and a White Hat.)


From George News:

The ‘Integrity Initiative’ – A Military Intelligence Operation, Disguised As Charity, To Create The ‘Russian Threat’

The British government financed Integrity Initiative is tasked with spreading anti-Russian propaganda and thereby with influencing the public, military and governments of a number of countries. What follows is an contextual analysis of the third batch of the Initiative’s internal papers which were dumped by an anonymous Friday.

Christopher Nigel Donnelly (CND) is the co-director of The Institute for Statecraft and founder of its offshoot Integrity Initiative. The Initiative claims to “Defend Democracy Against Disinformation”.

The Integrity Initiative does this by planting disinformation about alleged Russian influence through journalists ‘clusters’ throughout Europe and the United States.

[article is here; 2018]


And while we’re at it —

From Q The Storm RiderThe Democracy World Tour! (and if you’re as old as I am, you will remember most of these. And you’ll notice what year the bombings stop…)

“❗️The Chinese embassy in Russia posts ‘The Democracy World Tour’ pic as a reminder of – what it calls – a ‘real world threat’


Richard Citizen Journalist last night:

“Protest for Ukraine at the White House tonight while fireworks go off in the background. Looks like they are going off from the wharf. For what reason I don’t know.”


From Phil yesterday:


From Whiplash347 yesterday:

“Gesara = 1000 yrs of peace, no more wars. This is why the tunnels are being bombed too apart from rescuing children & killing Chimera’s. This is why all private intelligence companies are being removed from existence. Ie Mossad/CIA & 5Eyes. Only intelligence staying is military. RE-READ the FIVEEYES Drops.
This is why we are moving away from Oil, Gas & Fuel to Tesla Wireless Technology.
This is going to be dramatic.
No more George of the Jungle styles, Tesla Wireless Technology.”

Well… in light of that:

Isn’t this interesting? From Insider Paper:

“BREAKING 🚨 Elon Musk says “Starlink [internet] service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route.”


Oh, and what about this?

From IET17:

“This should get interesting”

REPORT: Ukraine President Zelensky asks Israel to mediate with Russia, host talks in Jerusalem – The Times of Israel


This is from Phil, we can only hope it comes true (for optics only, since these guys are already gone, baby, gone):

DAN + TRUMP COMMS: Obama & Biden Will Soon Be Arrested Publicly

Dan posted a yellow ‘bat signal’ with Trump’s image at 7:27pm. And at 9:12pm, 105 minutes later, Trump responded with a blue ‘bat signal’ of his SOMBRERO = 105 (confirming the intentional 105 min delta). Why 105? 105 = WE ARE READY.

To solve what Trump is ready for, ‘wind the clock’ to find potentially related Q drops: 9:12 => 912, 2112, 3312, 4512. Q4512 is the Sedition & Treason mug shots of Obama & Biden. Also 4512=> 9:12, further clarifying the connection to Q4512.

To confirm this message is about Obama & Biden, Trump’s timestamp of 9:12 => 219 = FIRST ARREST OBAMA & BIDEN. And the text, I AM THE NIGHT = 114 = THE ARREST = THE BEGINNING. Also 114 + SOMBRERO (105) = 219 => 912.

With these data points, it is now possible to solve why Dan posted at 7:27 => 727 = Barack Hussein Obama and Joseph Robinette Biden Jr Guilty Of Sedition & Treason = 727 = Barack Hussein Obama and Joseph Robinette Biden Jr Will Soon Be Arrested In Public.”


Oh, and lest we forget — this is also going on right now in the US:

From il donaldo tr**po:

“HONK HONK!!!🥳🥳🥳”

[If you live in eastern Ohio: Send off party for the people participating in the Midwest freedom convoy — anyone driving to DC needs to be there at 1:30 on March 6th at the latest. American Pride Zanesville has graciously allowed the use of their parking lot so people can gather under the BIG flag and wave flags/signs to support the convoy as it goes by. ]


Okay. Read this carefully. It’s fucking awesome and straight out of Q:

Posted on Whiplash347 from TrumpDad2020:


As you know im straight forward and come in time to time to share wisedom.

Today its just a ray of hope

So today about an hour ago I was at a gas station getting gas, and actually looking at this channel while the tank was filling
A couple of NG Humvvvvvv pulled in, the pump clicked and two more humvvvvv pulled up right beside me, I hung up the pump and started talking to the soldiers I thanked everone of them, and proceeded to ask the lieutenant about there activation, and a couple other question, anyway it brought me to the question of do you and do you belive you are here to protect us from enemies foriegn and domestic and if they personally thought our government was acting in a tyrannical manner.

Wait for it

He Actually looked at me and said




Okay. And now all the various Q comms from CPAC last night. It was kind of staggering, gang.

On Kash Patel:

From Pepe Lives Matter:

“Kash Patel: “Our investigation led to the firing of 17 FBI agents and DOJ officials….

John Durham is working on the largest criminal conspiracy in US history. It makes Watergate look like a parking citation.”

How many agents? 🐸”

“Guess who was wearing punisher socks after hyping up @q, meeting with Trump, and telling everyone that Durham will make Watergate look like a parking citation?

Check Q post #1367″

From Phil by way of Stormy Patriot Joe:

“Listen to Kash say “No Leaks”
Then read the Q’s”

“No leaks.


“Kash Patel at CPAC February 26, 2022:
“[Durham] has put 24 people before a Grand Jury.”

Q Post #1443 June 10, 2018

“FBI agents willing to testify +24”

After CPAC, Scavino comes out and says this (SOTU means the State of the union address — only Presidents give those):

And how about this????

Trump interview at CPAC just dropped many nuggets

  1. DJT called President Zelenskyy an “Actor” (Actors gotta Act – Q)
  2. DJT said China / Taiwan is just like Russia / Ukraine (So look for action)
  3. DJT pointed to future action with North Korea (So look for a possible nuke threat to “Biden”)
  4. DJT points to “Swift” as something to resolve things. Gutting banking systems.
    (Clean and Swift – Q)

And more from Q The Storm Rider:

Everything I have been telling you is right here point 👇

( Zelensky.. Is an Actor..>>
Playing a Role; he’s a Turn coat

  • flipped from [DS] – / but he will continue to play both sides for a reason and finish>ACTING out the play <)

CHINA> Taiwan is going to heat up…


Everything is for a reason

It had to be this way

Trump interview at CPAC just dropped many nuggets

  1. DJT called President Zelenskyy an “Actor” (Actors gotta Act – Q)
  2. DJT said China / Taiwan is just like Russia / Ukraine (So look for action)
  3. DJT pointed to future action with North Korea (So look for a possible nuke threat to “Biden”)
  4. DJT points to “Swift” as something to resolve things. Gutting banking systems.
    (Clean and Swift – Q)
    March madness >>>>>>begins

You think it’s coincidence that Trump speech parallels SEVERAL Q drops <

including direct quotes<

“Bring them to heal”


CABLES:TRUTH SOCIAL =(gematria) 146

146 Q drop

This is not a game!

Do you believe in coincidences?
How many coincidences do you need before you believe?
This is the biggest insider drop in the history of the world.

And then this (Tr**p is Q+):

“Trump ended at 8:39 pm post 2039 is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and look who signed it 😳😳😳😳😳😳

And also:

“Bring them to Heel” – Q

“Trump’s Speech… Directly calls BIDEN DEEP STATE and Quotes >Q < “Bring them to heel”


Some highlights from Tr**p’s speech:

“They use Big Tech to censor you, the Deep State to spy on you, the intelligence agencies to frame you, the media to slander you…they rig elections to disenfranchise you…all the while they claim they are the ones defending democracy and justice.

It’s all a bunch of bullshit.” (He got a standing ovation for that one)

“We’re going to end Nancy Pelosi’s career and then we’re going to kick the Biden Crime Family out of the WH in 2024 or sooner

The ending was the best of all–

“In summation and closing as your President…” (the audience went wild over that)


And as a parting head’s up —

From Q The Storm Rider:

“The DEEP STATE NATO UN – US [ DS] ops >WILL< create a FALSE FLAG event along the borders of UKRAINE or Fire upon it’s own military ships >>>>> This FALSE FLAG Ops WILL look like RUSSIA FIRED OR ATTACKED NATO , OR U.S TROOPS ALONG THE BORDER or FIRED UPON A SHIP//)…

*ARTICLE 5 *<<<<<



MALAYSIA countries are positioning Military and getting ready for CHINA TAIWAN BATTLE TO HEAT UP…


Georgia forces MOVING…

MILITARY CABLES;;; HOT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Shall we play a game? < (Refers to Nuclear WAR > Russia _EVENT STANDOFF)

March Madness.





And that’s it!

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world.

Here’s my breakfast-listening music from this morning! Lynn Anderson singing her huge hit from 1970, “I Never Promised You A Rose Garden”!! Enjoy!!! I love you guys. Thanks for visiting. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (14 mins):


Charlie Ward chats with Jason Q (51 mins):

And So It Continues!

Oh my gosh, what a barrage of fake fakeness — mostly awful. But we will continue to try to wade through it.

First off, in case you are managing to miss this — I posted stuff about this yesterday, and also it is explained in detail in Ch*rlie Ward’s chat with Chas from yesterday–

From Phil yesterday:

“Reminder, as I said last night in my Live:

Ukraine is NOT officially a country.

It’s a playground for the DS/Cabal.”

Also, a flashback to something S*mon P*rkes posted 4 days ago:

“Ukraine Is A Part Of Russia, Meaning Russia Can Enter At Any Time…

Ukraine is Not a separate country – It was not registered as such, it is a part of Russia, meaning Russia can enter at any time.”



From Phil by way of Qtah:

“Um isn’t this EXACTLY who Putin has been calling out? The Nazis & the Junta forces but the MSM wont tell you about it while it’s happening.

The CIA trained these radicals in Ukraine:

CIA-trained Ukrainian paramilitaries may take central role if Russia invades [Jan 13, 2022; New Zealand]

The CIA is overseeing a secret intensive training program in the U.S. for elite Ukrainian special operations forces and other intelligence personnel, according to five former intelligence and national security officials familiar with the initiative. The program, which started in 2015, is based at an undisclosed facility in the Southern U.S., according to some of those officials.

The CIA-trained forces could soon play a critical role on Ukraine’s eastern border, where Russian troops have massed in what many fear is preparation for an invasion. The U.S. and Russia started security talks earlier this week in Geneva but have failed thus far to reach any concrete agreement.

[full article here]


Also this. I posted about this yesterday. Russia is taking out bio labs set up in Ukraine by the US DoD.

From Pepe Lives Matter by way of IET17:

“Wow absolutely nothing to see here Patriots.
Deleting bioweapon lab documents from your website. The same bioweapon labs that were theorized to be targeted by Putin in a thread censored by Twatter.
Not suspicious at all.
Absolutely nothing to see here right Patriots?”

And from Q The Storm Rider by way of Laura Aboli (this article was from 2020):

“‼️U.S. biolaboratories in Ukraine: Deadly viruses and threat for population

America has allocated more than $ 2 billion to finance secret biological laboratories in Ukraine. And only the Americans have the exclusive right of access to the experiments carried out there … The Ukrainian authorities stubbornly hide even the existence of these laboratories. And people panic because of outbreaks of unknown diseases ..

[full article here]


More on the fakeness that you/we need to watch out for. (I posted links yesterday from IET17, showing that a lot of the current “war” footage is taken from video games.)


Also, watch out for professional “victims” who keep popping up:

And similarly from Phil:

“You are living through a movie 😎”


From il donaldo tr**po:


FYI, if you weren’t aware, the CDC has changed its m*sk bullshit to something slightly less bullshitty:

From the Epoch Times:

CDC Drastically Alters Key Measure That Influences Mask Mandates Across US

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Feb. 25 drastically changed a key measure that is used by officials across the country to determine whether or not to require mask-wearing.

The federal agency now says nearly three-quarters of Americans don’t need to wear masks because they live in areas with low or medium community risk from COVID-19.

The dramatic switch comes because the CDC switched from only using COVID-19 cases as a factor and are taking into account other metrics, including hospitalizations.[…]”

[full article here]

(none of this has anything whatsoever to do with politics….)


From Dr Reiner Fuellmich:

6th session of the Grand Jury Proceedings
Court of Public Opinion

Topic: Eugenics & Outlook

🕕 Start: FEB 26 – 6:00 p.m. CET [this is 6 hours ahead of NYC/EST)

A group of intern. attorneys and a judge are conducting a criminal investigation modeled on the grand jury proceedings to present to the public all available evidence of past crimes against humanity related to Covid-19 of the “leaders, organizers, instigators, and accomplices” who assisted in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic. This investigation is of the people, by the people, and for the people, so YOU can be part of the jury.

By presenting a complete picture of the factual situation, including the geopolitical and historical background, the trial aims to raise awareness of the collapse of the current hijacked system and its institutions.

livestream inks are here


This morning from Q The Storm Rider by way of

NEW – 🇺🇦 No Russian occupation troops in Kyiv, the capital mayor Vitaliy Klychko said this morning”


And like clockwork, gang: here comes Taiwan… (see yesterday’s post that Taiwan is next in line to be liberated from D e e p State after Ukraine.)

Form Q The Storm Rider:

“🌏 Indo-Pacific ALERT – Scores Of ‘Dark Vessels’ Belonging To China’s Maritime Militias Are Operating In Contested Waters

Large fleet of specialized/military vessels are in the waters to the north & south of Taiwan Strait.”


If you’re following the whole thing about Q being back now on Truth Social (@q) — his arm, wearing a flannel shirt, was spotted in a post with Kash Patel so, hence, the new “flannel Fridays” — then you will find this really funny:

From Pepe Lives Matter:


If you’re still watching mainstream news… An FYI from Q The Storm Rider:

” ANONYMOUS” Hacking group was long ago infiltrated by the FBI and CIA and was taken over!>>>>that’s why almost every heavy hitter TRUTH Speakers and Patriot Podcasters stay away from the old ” Anonymous” hacking group<<<“


This just in from S*mon P*rkes:

Bonds & Process Of Compliance – Part Of The QFS

“This video gives a much better understanding of the Bonds and the process of compliance as part of the new gold backing of world currency – Part of the QFS

This video was made in 2017.” (English) (23 mins):


And yesterday evening, “Nancy Drew” had a lot to say about how the walls & fences around the Capitol building and the WH were not erected in one week’s time because of the US trucker Convoy:

[more of her photos here]



On a personal note…. Beginning March 6th, all of my old eBooks on Smashwords will be available to download for free, in multiple formats, for one week during the Smashwords’ Read An eBook sale.

Next Sunday, March 6th, I’ll post direct links here on the blog. The eBooks included will be all three volumes of The Muse Re-Visited and Freak Parade. All of these books are explicitly erotic and intended for adult readers only.

All righty.

I have the weekend off!!! And as luck would have it, I don’t have to drive all the way back into town to run errands today. I actually really and truly have the whole weekend off.

It’s not supposed to rain or snow or do anything but stay sunny all weekend!

I’m going to try to undertake some more housecleaning around here, but I also kinda want to just relax. We shall see how it goes.

Don’t forget, gang, if you live in North America, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis begin their tour for Carnage next week — March 1st. (That show is sold out, but check here to buy tickets for a show near you!!)

And I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning!! Marty Robbins singing his big hit from 1962, “Devil Woman.” Enjoy! And thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (19 mins):


“De-Nazify, Not Occupy!”

Now that is a quote that’s worth remembering, for sure, gang.

And who said it? Our beloved P u t in. What was he talking about? Well, he was talking about things like some really nasty bioweapon labs (do you even remember Wuhan at this point?) that were put in Ukraine by Americans, under O b am a/ B*den/ HRC (all of whom, sadly, are now rather violently deceased).


As I posted last night, Russia took out many bioweapons labs in Ukraine yesterday.

They are not invading, they are de-militarizing and de-Nazifying. Getting the de e p stat e out — most of whom always seem to be Americans. And Zelensky is still managing to not get himself assassinated by us, which I think is an amazing feat, in and of itself. Prayers there, gang.



Wasn’t Phil’s livestream last night amazing??!! If you missed it, here is the replay (1 hr 41 mins):

We learned that Chernobyl is not and never has been radioactive — and that the reason Russia went after it post-haste (and got it) was because it is a major child-trafficking hot spot. (Yes, we have been lied to about everything.)

We also learned that Taiwan is next in line for an alleged “invasion” by Xi that will finally remove de e p st ate there, as well.

These are exciting times, gang; they truly are. Those of us who follow [Q] and the many awesome decoders are seeing a whole other scenario than the one that appears to be frightening a lot of TV-watchers out of their wits right now. It is so strange to experience this. Parallel worlds indeed.

Another thing from Phil:

A return of [Q] seems imminent, by way of Truth Social.

From Kash Patel by way of Phil (my own truth social account is still in the queue…):

“Told you to watch Kash closely 😎”

And then:

“@Q account has now posted again, this time tagging Kash Patel. 👀”

And then Mr P o o l unleashed a lot of comms, but I cannot decode him to save my life. Whiplash347 posted all the comms. I can’t post them all, because I’ll run out of room, but here are a few:



From Pe pe Lives Matter last night, by way of Praying Medic:

“Kash was just at Mar-A-Lago yesterday and now he’s having a beer with @q.
Guess who knows Q is legitimate? Guess who’s name Q told us to remember?



IET17 warned of fake footage being used by MSM:

Video Game Footage Viral As Visuals Of Russian Air Strike On Ukraine

BOOM found that the video shows footage from the game War Thunder

Old Photo Of Air Strikes In Gaza Shared As Russia Attacking Ukraine.

Doctored Video Peddled As Russian Jets Entering Ukraine.

India media Shares Clip From Video Game ARMA 3 As Russia-Ukraine Conflict.


From [Q] The Storm Rider yesterday:




😉> > UKRAINE Will be explained and BIDEN/ OBAMA/ connected corruption and world money laundering schemes connected to IRAN and there BLACKMAIL of OBAMA ( they set him up with a FAKE Osama bin laden decoy and they know Obama lied to the American people that he had Bin laden killed…. IRAN set the whole trap into place and was paid BILLIONS in cash… Which they launderied in UKRAINE….////




Next phase in White HATS plan
Return to the ELECTION FRAUD
This story is going to EXPLODE
with WHITE HATS behind the scenes… Making sure MSM runs stories<<<<“

And then:

“💥💥💥Holy Chiiit! Tucker Carlson Reveals that Justin Trudeau is the biological Son of Fidel Castro. Welcome to The Real Great Awakening, Patriots! Popcorn ready?🍿🍿🍿”


From Mi cha el Jack son:

“Iran = Obama sends $150 billion in cash to Iran before leaving office in 2016.
John Kerry’s daughter is married to an Iranian national.

Ukraine = Hunter Biden/Joe Biden dealings & corruption, stealing millions from American tax payers to funnel money to Ukraine.

Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul sits on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.
Romney’s son does too.
John Kerry’s son.
Biden’s son.

Now you know why we’re “helping” Ukraine & why Pelosi is running again.

Having fun yet?

The tentacles of Ukraine corruption capture Cofer Black of Bush’s 9/11 cabinet, Obama, Biden, Soros, Schiff, Pelosi, Bolton, John Kerry, Romney, & the Clintons.

Great video to revisit by Glenn Beck, given President Trump gave him an interview yesterday.”


Lin Wo od supports Putin:

Putin made his position clear in 2015.

On the issue of one world government, Putin agrees with President Trump.

“Russian president says his country will never accept a world order which is headed by one single government.
Vladimir Putin on Saturday said Moscow will oppose a unipolar world order where an undisputed leader imposes his own will on the world.”


Bolsonaro allegedly supports Putin:

BREAKING 🚨 Brazil President Bolsonaro disauthorizes his vice president who condemned Russian invasion of Ukraine – Reuters”


From Whiplash347:

How’s Russia?
Almost time.
Nothing is a coincidence.
We are at war.
SA cut the strings.
They are scrambling for cover and using any means necessary out of their remaining power/control.
Get the popcorn, Friday & Saturday will deliver on the MAGA promise.

Read slowly and carefully.
Will become critically important in coming weeks.
Continue to track those who are resigning across all platforms.
Where there was once darkness, there will now be LIGHT.”

From [Q] The Storm Rider, first– by way of RT News:

Zelensky: Ukraine ready for neutrality talks

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has intimated he is ready to negotiate neutral status for his country with Russia after claiming NATO and its partners are “afraid” to help them.

“We were left by ourselves. Who is ready to go to war for us? Who is ready to give Ukraine guarantees of NATO membership? Honestly, everybody is afraid.”

Kremlin spox Dmitry Peskov insisted Thursday that “neutral status and rejection of hosting [offensive] weapons systems” are President Putin’s red lines.

“Ukraine has always left and leaves space for negotiations. Including now – when Russia went on a full-scale invasion. This war must be stopped. These hostilities must be stopped,” added Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to Zelensky’s chief of staff.”


“Like I said before UKRAINE CRISES began…. >UN . NATO . BIDEN OBAMA HRC don’t want UKRAINE….. They just wanted a WAR there… To destroy servers, data and tie up lose ends!!!.. COVER UP OBAMA ERA > HRC > BIDEN> DAVOS GROUP> UN WORLD MONEY LAUNDERING RING AND EUROPES LARGEST HUMAN TRAFFICKING RING <

You think it’s coincidence…. That MSM Deep state and all of UN. NATO ALLIANCE knew and Had several weeks to respond ( 2 months) to their so called INVASION….. They premoted the invasion everywhere and every MSM chanel pushed the NARRATION… In the next 48 hours.. Or tomorrow the invasion begins and pushed HARD to >> GAS LIGHT the WAR
all had the time to respond to the UKRAINE Event months ago, weeks ago, 100 hours ago…..

But they did nothing,!….. But fly helicopter/ aerial reconnaissance flights/ few military carriers around and pretend to move equipment and set just few thousand soldiers near by……

If UN NATO BIDEN was really concerned they would have engaged long long long ago!

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has intimated he is ready to negotiate neutral status for his country with Russia after claiming NATO and its partners are “afraid” to help them.

“We were left by ourselves. Who is ready to go to war for us? Who is ready to give Ukraine guarantees of NATO membership? Honestly, everybody is afraid.”

The NEXT steps in the DEEP ESTATE PLANS is another FALSE flag EVENT and gas lighting>>
for the _EVENT

this EVENT will ensure the Demise of the Falling crashing Stock EVENT.. FULL supply chain disruption.. WAR will connect to more CLIMATE CHANGE excuseFULL INFLATION,>> PANIC CHAOS <. ( cover up of PLANdemic being exposed, U S. Elections being exposed, DURHAM REPORT, VACCINES DEATHS EXPOSURE WORLD WIDE.. ECT ECT ECT,)//..)
[ THEY] DAVOS, Klaus Schwab plan to bring the next steps of world green digital passports that control your money and is connected the Fake CLIMATE CHANGE agenda to tax everyone on how much they travel.. Drive.. ( even use oxygen)/)).. the world credit scoring system and Complete control is hidden inside the WEF, davos GROUP, GATES plan to install the new digital banking system in the green pass…..

In the End of this NEAR DEATH CIVILIZATION EVENT ….. The Tables WILL be turned<<

The LAST ♟️ CHESS♟️ move of Q.. White HATS MILITARY ALLIANCE will be played..

but for now the world must see the darkness.. The sheep must continue to wake up slowly to the tyrannical system…..

It had to be this way Q

We send prayers blessings and much love to the Soldiers Mother’s Sons Daughters Fathers who have lost their lives in the WAR”


“Many>Heavy battles across Ukraine taking place in many areas across the country ..
… No UN or NATO in sight…
But I hear Biden has a pen and is writing down another sanction…
_________BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbia’s president praised another shipment of arms from Russia despite fears in the Balkans that the country’s recent military buildup could lead to more tensions in the war-scarred European region.

President Aleksandar Vucic attended a training exercise at a military base near Belgrade that included recently purchased anti-tank Kornet guided missiles.

🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
It’s all going to heat up…”

And now this:

“Russian troops are mobilizing towards the Polish Border in Brest Belarus.

👀🇺🇸 US forces are currently stationed on the Polish border and multiple evacuation of various countries are taking place there..”


I guess we’ll see where the UN and NATO are…

And from RT News:

Russian and Chinese leaders discuss Ukraine situation

Presidents Putin and Xi held a phone conversation Friday to discuss the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

Beijing released a statement after the event stating that it supports a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

According to Chinese media, Vladimir Putin confirmed to his counterpart he was ready to negotiate with Ukraine’s leadership. (CTAC)”

And to prove it, I guess — there is also a photo of Putin on the phone:


There were also a number of “Bat signals” yesterday, revolving around Tr **p. Here is but one:

From il don aldo tr**po:


And here in the US, Bonds for the Win announced this happy news:


And I’m going to close for today, with a new Red Hand File just sent out by Nick Cave, about some interesting thoughts he has on Mark Lanegan, as a man and as a singer. You can read it here. (RIP, Mark.)


Okay. Have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world. Stay alert, stay safe, and turn off the TV!!!!!

Phil will be live again tonight, but I’m not sure yet what time. You can find out here at some point today. (He had nearly 4 million people viewing last night. It is getting insane, gang!)

I leave you with my awesome listening-music from this morning, Johnny Cash singing his legendary hit from 1963, “Ring of Fire”!! Enjoy.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!!


X*2 R* port was awesome last night. be sure to listen!! PLANNED LONG AGO,[DS] STRONGHOLD & BIO WEAPONS DESTROYED,TRUMP NEVER TELEGRAPHS HIS MOVES (43 mins):

Ch*rlie W * rd chats with Chas Carter: REMOVAL OF BIDEN IN OFFICE, THE FALL OF LONDON BRIDGE (42 mins):

Thursday Evening Update

I just wanted to do a quick update this evening.

Phil will be going live tonight with intel at 7pm EST. You do not want to miss it. Visit this link at 7pm EST to get the various links for the livestream.

From Phil today:

“Tonight’s Live, you will not want to miss.

No sales pitch, I promise 🤓

There has been an important intel drop that I am excited to convey to you all.

See you at 7PM Eastern 🔥”

Also by way of General McInerneyREPORT: The Chernobyl power plant has been captured by Russians.”

Also by way of E z r a A C ohen: “Billions of dollars spent on underground cities/bunker by the elites for what reason?”



“The media is lying. Do NOT listen to the news.

Just wait for my Live tonight 😎”

“Anons know 😏”

“Next up:




And from S*mon P*rkes earlier today:

Russian forces Taking Nuclear Reactor

To be clear the Russian special forces are taking the nuclear reactor to prevent the deep state starting anything with nuclear material.

MSM is as always giving total lies out.”


MSM Lies To Us

MSM not only lies to us, but because they are deep state they are no longer getting good intelligence as they are now on the receiving end.

Late last night I posted that Russia was attacking with three spearheads. Today my time 4pm the BBC tells the world “Russian forces attack from three sides” perhaps 18 hours after my post.

There were three major spearheads North, East and West.”


Russian Troops Defend Kyiv Airport… (1 min):


And in case you are new to the table and do not understand that we are all allies, fighting against the d e e p st a te and N A T O — this is what we are fighting for:

From Whiplash347:

“These 2 Points.
Ceases all aggressive, US Govt military actions WorldWide.
Establishes Peace Throughout The World

Now Mirror National for Global

Mirror US Military for ALL.

Modern Warfare
Cyber/Nuclear & also in the DUMBS/Tunnels

3 things
Cyber world is virtually removed.
Going Quantum (Unhackable Internet controlled in Space by Secret Space Programs)

Nuclear Reactors/Power Plants to be shut off & Removed(Rods Of God) No more Nuke threats.
We go to Tesla Free Energy.

Finally Tunnel Warfare.
Where most of the Trafficking takes place amongst some very horrible experiments by the private Intelligence Agencies.”


“RUSSIA bombed U.S Deep State funded Biolabs In Ukraine …. >>> Don’t believe what MSM is telling you….


There is only one person who could have Bombed the Biolabs and tunnel entrances ( creation of biological weapon, virus’s, Ukraine > Biden [ DS] Europes LARGEST producers of Adrenochrome … Along the 2nd largest tunnel system in the world that runs through UKRAINE..>>”


Burisma a front for Child Trafficking.
Ukraine is the Central European Child Trafficking Hub between Europe & Epstein Island.”


Okay, gang! Have a good evening, wherever you are in the world.

And in other news….

Okay, gang. Here are other non-Russia/Ukraine news items from yesterday and this morning!

A couple from “Nancy Drew“:

“So, MSM FINALLY decides to mention the fence, at The Capitol, but gets the info wrong. Go figure. We all know this fence wasnt erected for the truckers or Sleepys SOTU. We’ve been watching this fence for months now. We would all be mislead, if it were up to the MSM. Unbelieveable. 🙄”

And also this (video footage from yesterday)– tons of people in D C and all types of security out in force, from Metro police to Secret Service.


From Pe pe Lives matter:

“Patriots outside the Canadian consulate in New York City.
Guess what song they’re playing. 😏”

(video footage of convoy support in NYC, singing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” is also posted directly below– I got chills, literally.)


From il donaldo tr **po on rumble:

“NEW YORK, YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!” (37 seconds):


From Phil yesterday:


From UncoverDC yesterday (better late than never, Germany, right?):

German Insurer Warns: ‘More Va c ci ne Side Effects Than Previously Known’

A board member of German insurer BKK ProVita recently had analyzed the data of millions of insured individuals of the BKK group. The results conclude that the number of C* VID ^^1 9 “va cc ine” side effects is much higher than is being reported by the German federal agency and medical regulatory body, the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI). According to BKK board member Andreas Schöfbeck, the new data is an “alarm signal.” […]

[full article here]


From DC Clothesline yesterday:

CDC finally admits, casually, that c* vid nasal “testing” swabs were used to sequence people’s genomes for analysis

The nation’s top “public health” agency has casually admitted that Wu ha n coronavirus (C* vid ^^1 9) nasal swabs are being used to sequence people’s genomes, and not necessarily to test for c* vid.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), many of the cotton swab sticks that are being jammed up people’s nasal cavities and processed with a fraudulent PCR test are later collected and used by “scientists” to conduct “research” on people’s gene profiles. (Related: These same nasal swabs also punctured some people’s brain membranes, causing them to leak spinal fluid.) […]

[full article here]


A new interview with Dr R ein er Fue ll mich:

Reiner Fuellmich on Corona Committee Successes and Challenges

in Episode 409 of the SUNDAY WIRE radio show, host Patrick Henningsen spoke with special guest, international lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, to discuss the work of his and a new initiative, – The Court of Public Opinion, and their mission to reveal the truth about the alleged C* VID ^^1 9 ‘global pandemic’ which has gripped the world over the past two years.” (32 mins):


An update from the US Freedom Flyers:

“While aviation may have been the starting point of our organization, our movement is by no means limited to freedom in the sky. Numerous other transportation-related industries, to include trucking, have faced similar tyrannies in the form of unconstitutional mandates and have joined our ranks.

What you may not know is that USFF has been an integral part of the trucker’s fight. Nobody should be left to fight alone, and we proudly stand beside them as co-coordinators of The People’s Convoy, which launched today, February 23, out of Adelanto, CA.

These brave men and women are taking a stand for all of our freedom, and that is no easy task. They need support. The trek will take them across the country over the course of 10 days on their way to the out-skirts of Washington, D.C. and we will be there the whole way. Please note that other, un-affiliated convoys are also making their way toward D.C. and may plan to actually enter the city. We will not.

Information about the convoy and its funding needs, as well as updates and any changes that may come about, can be found on the official website at You will find there a map and schedule of marshaling stops. You may join us at any one of those stops…cars welcome! So are your prayers, encouragement, supplies…anything you can provide to keep this thing moving. Most importantly, we need numbers. As Margaret Wheatley said, “There is no power equal to a community discovering what it cares about.”.[…]”

[complete information HERE]


From [Q] The Storm Rider:

“Just what I was writing about yesterday.. Another Clin ton associate dead ( killed)/// all the details here connected to HRC UN” (11 mins):


More from Phil:

“And for those who STILL don’t think the C I A is capable of this?”


And that’s gonna be it for now!

Thanks for visiting, gang. Make it a really great Thursday, wherever you are in the world, okay?

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning!! The Sandpipers singing their total smash hit from 1966, “Guantanamera”. Always beautiful, all the time! Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya!!


Restored Republic news update (39 mins):



TRUDEAU IS FORCED TO DROP THE EMERGENCY ACT! (I love this guy…) (45 seconds):

SGT Report with Dr Tenpenny & Clay Clark: CHARGE THEM ALL WITH INTENTIONAL HOMICIDE (53 mins):

Nic h olas V en iamin: U.S. PILOT EXPOSES 911 ATTACKS (43 mins):


It’s Habbenin’ Frenz…

That’s Pepe-speak, for “it’s happening.” And, indeed, it is. At least, all signs are pointing to it.


We’ll start with Phil:

N A T O officials say Russian attack on Ukraine has begun

The attack began moments after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he had “decided to conduct a special military operation.” (CBS news)

“A special military operation”, Mr. President?


Get ‘em, Vlad.

Get every last one.”


From S*mon P*rkes, Tuesday, yesterday and today:

Ukraine Is A Part Of Russia, Meaning Russia Can Enter At Any Time…

Ukraine is Not a separate country – It was not registered as such, it is a part of Russia, meaning Russia can enter at any time.”

Artillery Exchanged…

Russia has launched three spearheaded short attacks into the area -“

Russia Attacks Military & Mafia Locations…

As posted last night, Russia has attacked….

Military and mafia stores and locations in Ukraine were hit with cruise missiles and air strikes.

Russian advanced technology took down Ukrainian radar and communications in 20 mins.

The Ukrainian Air Force no longer exists as a working force.

World political leadership is struck dumb at the speed of the Ukrainian collapse, while world military leaders say ‘I told you so’. “

Russian & Ukraine Soldiers Dancing… (video footage 56 seconds)


This is not one army attacking another army. This is Russian forces taking out Deepstate/cabal”

Ukraine Air Defence…

As I reported earlier, mainstream now saying Russia has taken out Ukraine air defence systems.” (5 mins):

************************ last night (remember, gang: martial law equals d e e p st ate OUT):

JUST IN – Ukraine imposes martial law across its territory: Zelensky


From Pe pe lives matter:

“A live look at the White House.”


From D an S c a vino early this morning:


From [Q] The Storm Rider:

Putin ain’t playing///

When you suspend a countries MAJOR Export (sanction/ Gas. Oil, petroleum) that supplies the full economic system that brings in food and resources and keeps Hundreds of Millions of Military personal/ doctors, hospitals, /education system/, workers… ECT ECT ECT ECT/… Dependent on their economic structure to a threat and to a coming hault …. You can believe the country men and leaders of that country Will go to WAR against those who Sactioned their means of survival …////

It’s not in the msm News… But the world is currently in a NUCLEAR STANDOFF… You just haven’t been told yet


“Ukraine is hiding all of the Deep States Crimes against All Humanity”


From Whiplash347:

Planes & Trains grounded
Lights/Power switched off
Changing over to Tesla Free Energy.
34 satanic buildings & dams bombed.
Bitcoin Servers turned off
99.5% of Crypto gone China Coins.
WW3 Scare Event. Nuke Sirens
Water Event.
Stock Market Crash
Global Martial Law.
CASTLE ROCK – Scenario
Quantum Systems. Project Odin Switched on.
Election Flipping via FISA Military Courts
Military Tribunals/Confessions/10 day movie. (3 × 8 hr Sessions)


Okay, gang. that’s it for this post.

I’m going to follow this up with another post that deals with other news items. See ya soon!

Thanks for visiting.

Taking A Little Break

I was having the best day yesterday — just the very best day. For a few reasons, but the primary ones:

1.) My girlfriend here in the Hinterlands is reading my novel, The Guitar Hero Goes Home, and she had texted me at 3am to tell me in vivid detail all the reasons why she was loving it.

I very rarely get any feedback at all on my work anymore. Even though it doesn’t keep me from writing, my writing life is basically like writing into a void now and it gets very, very lonely. So to have gotten that type of text in the middle of the night (I was awake) just shot my heart off to the moon.


2.) I got a royalty check from LULU yesterday, which is my primary home for self-publishing now after all the sabotage that Amazon put me through last year. And so that also made me feel really happy.

But then late in the day, as I was getting ready to leave work, I got on my phone to find something to listen to on the drive home and I saw the news that Mark Lanegan had died. It just threw me for a bad loop, gang.

I did not feel like getting out of bed this morning, but the cats needed to be fed and so on we go, right? But for now, I am going back to bed, to just be with a broken heart before I have to leave the house and go back into work. I will be back here to post the news again tomorrow.

I leave you with the song I am listening to right now — a song I listened to all during the Spring of 2020, when I was stuck in bed for several weeks, trying to get over C*VID.

I just love this song, gang — I relate to it on so many levels, I can’t possibly list all the reasons. I have posted it here before: Mark Lanegan, singing with his wife Shelley, “This Game of Love,” from his album Straight Songs of Sorrow, 2020.

Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

This Game of Love

Don’t let me burn like this
Save me from the fire
I know the art of loneliness
I see straight down the wire
See straight down the wire
See straight down the wire

Free my soul of emptiness
I know the taste of sorrow
Tonight I am delirious
I live to play tomorrow
Live to play tomorrow
Live to play tomorrow
I live to play tomorrow

I came in to this town
No comfort or peace of mind
Just as the rain came down
I swear I don’t wanna lose this time

Gonna take my rightful place
In the sun high heaven above
Or there’ll be hell to pay
Am I gonna lose this game of love?

Now I lay me down to rest
Cold ground up against my back
Time and again I failed a test
As painful as a heart attack
As painful as a heart attack
As painful as a heart attack
As painful as a heart attack

Don’t make me burn like this
I know the art of loneliness
Free my soul of emptiness
Pull me from the fire

I stepped down off the train
Not looking to do no harm
Just book a room someplace
And hold devotion and warmth in between my arms

Devotion and warmth, devotion and warmth
Devotion and warmth in between my arms
But the to and the fro
The wrath and the sloth
The back and the forth took my world apart

Lord, I’ll take my place
In the sun high heaven above
Or there’ll be hell to pay
Am I gonna lose this game of love?

Am I gonna, gonna lose
Am I gonna lose this game of love?
Am I gonna lose
Am I gonna lose this game of love?

Am I gonna, gonna lose
Am I gonna lose this game of love?
Am I gonna lose
Am I gonna lose this game of love?

c – 2020 Mark Lanegan

Russia, Russia, Russia (Part 2)

Okay, the first page froze up on me again, so here is Part 2.

From RT News yesterday:

Italian Ambassador Dies in Freak Accident

Italy’s Ambassador to Australia, Francesca Tardioli, died on Feb 19 – apparently falling from a balcony of a house in Foligno.

“She allegedly lost her balance while leaning over her balcony,’’ Italian news agency AGI reported.

The incident took place in Tardioli’s hometown and is being investigated by police.”


Ge ne de code and Nich o las Ven iamin diuscuss N A T O, Ukraine, and human meat in fast food ( 40 mins):


This morning, I received detailed notes that I can’t share publicly regarding the US convoy of truckers heading to D C next week.

The one thing I can safely say is that it is astoundingly well coordinated!


And in still other news…

The Nick Cave & Warren Ellis North American tour kicks off next week, starting in Asheville.

Final tickets on sale now! Buy them here.

And that will be it for today, gang.

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

I leave you with the song “Carnage,” from the awesome Nick Cave & Warren Ellis album of the same name!! Enjoy!! (And go see a show in a town near you!!) (sadly, though, you can’t come here — the show here in Crazeysburg is already sold out, the theater only seats 14….) (Just Kidding!!) Okay, see ya!


Restored Republic news update (24 mins):


Russia Russia Russia (Part 1)

Wow. I am having the best morning, gang. I hope it’s like that where you are, too.

Okay. Obviously, there is really only one news story today.

First, from S*mon P*rkes (yesterday and this morning):

Russian Special Forces Launching Attack Against Mafia Bases

I have been told that President Putin has just been given the Green Light by the White hats to go into Ukraine and round up the mafia who are holed up there, courtesy of the Ob a ma and B * den deals.

Russian special forces already launching attacks against mafia bases in Ukraine.

All records relating to B* den etc, are probably destroyed, but special forces have the locations and whereabouts of key cabal members…”

Deep State On The Run.

Looks like my intel was spot on…

Late yesterday the two separate provinces in Ukraine were recognised by Putin as part of Russia.

It is now legitimate for Russia to roll tanks into the two areas because their leaders have asked Russia to protect them.

Under this cover the deep state are on the run as their territory shrinks before their eyes.”


From yesterday:

NOW – Putin: Russia recognizes the independence of breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine.”

NOW – Putin signs the decree that recognizes the independence of DPR and LPR regions. Separatist leaders are in the room.”

JUST IN – Putin orders Russian armed forces to enter rebel territories in eastern Ukraine for “peacekeeping operations.”

JUST IN – State Duma of the Russian Federation unanimously approved the ratification to recognize Donetsk and Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine as independent.

UPDATE – Russia says recognition of independence for areas in east Ukraine extends to territory now held by Ukrainian forces, AP reports.”

RT News this morning:

“⚡️Russian State Duma votes unanimously for ratification of friendship treaties, cooperation and mutual assistance with LPR & DPR


From P ep e lives matter yesterday:

“Fireworks and celebrating in Donbas after Putin recognized their sovereignty.
Wut is going on here? 🤔🤔🤔” [visit link for videos of the fireworks]


“Today is yet another no good, very bad day for the D e e p St ate and the global C a b al.

-Russia is not backing down from N A T O
-Russia has recognized the breakaway Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk
-Putin got his wins (friendly buffer states, friendly port of Mariupol, permanent realignment of his forces West of Moscow
-B * den has taken an embarrassing loss here. He looks weak and incompetent at home and on the world stage. (because he is)
-Truth Social has begun its rollout
-The polling for Dems is HORRIBLE!
-Canada overreached last weekend. It’s a massive red pill to many who were still asleep.
-There’s about a half dozen or more stories of Swamp draining that I haven’t even gotten to yet

This is only Monday. It’s gonna be a GREAT week!

Blackpillers, Shills, and Trolls are sure to be out in force in an attempt to bring us down. Don’t let ’em. Count the wins and stay positive.”


From Whiplash347 this morning:

“Anyone who thought today, February 22nd, 2022, was a very special date didn’t realize that yesterday was the day of days… 💥
Putin set the truth about Ukraine, the evil c a bal, and history in front of the world on the same day that Truth Social launches must be a coincidence – what else. But how many coincidences does it take before it becomes mathematically impossible? Now fans of the film Matrix would probably say: red pills for the world❗️”


Okay. In other news…

From “Nancy Drew” yesterday:


From ri ch ard citizen journalist:


From RT News:

Australia finally opens borders after TWO YEARS

Australian borders were fully reopened to international travel Monday, 704 days after they slammed shut amidst some of the world’s most stringent pandemic restrictions.

The border closures have hit Australia’s overseas tourism industry to the tune of $2.8bn/month, but Tourism Australia has already launched a $28mn ad campaign in North America and Europe.

Last month Australia received just 265,450 international passenger arrivals, compared to almost 10 times that amount in January 2020.”


From il don aldo tr**po on rumble:

“Mi Pierre keeps speaking that TRUTH!!!” (9 mins):


From Bonds For the Win (surety bonds):