Freak Parade by Marilyn Jaye Lewis

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From the back cover:

Freak Parade is a no-holds barred erotic novel with a social conscience. Marilyn Jaye Lewis has a lot to say — and she’s not afraid to say it — about fame and infamy, class and gender, sex and real estate, and love and humanity. Despite having seen it all (and perhaps having done it all!), Marilyn Jaye Lewis hasn’t lost one iota of her generous spirit, enormous heart, and fierce talent.” – Janice Eidus, author of The War of the Rosens

“Marilyn Jaye Lewis takes readers on a wild tour of the glitz and grime of New York City in all its sexy, sparkling allure… By turns harrowing, amusing, and intensely arousing, Freak Parade is a big, fat page-turner that will have New Yorkers and those who just lust after us compulsively reading.” – Rachel Kramer Bussel, editor of Best Sex Writing 2009

Editorial Reviews:

Silver Medal Winner for Erotica – the Independent Publisher Book Awards 2011

“…this is a finely crafted erotic story; if you have a weakness for erotica (and don’t we all?), or better still, if erotica is one of your vices, or you are curious (always a good thing), then I can recommend Freak Parade as an aid in helping to soothe your own neuroses.” –

“A new novel by Marilyn Jaye Lewis, multimedia artist and author of the award-winning novella Neptune and Surf, is something to celebrate. Freak Parade is an accomplishment by an erotic novelist at the height of her powers” – Jean Roberta, ERWA

Freak Parade is a tour de force, a literary erotic novel that doesn’t shy away from the grittier realities of human nature and survival in the city…” – Saskia Walker, The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane

Reader Reviews:

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