A Good Day So Far!

Another splendid day here in the Hinterlands!

Oddly enough, is makes it easier to sit at my desk when the weather is so beautiful. I have 3 really tall, wide-open windows in my room. So much air. So much sun. So many birds singing!

Okay. This happened the other day. From Johnny Depp on Instagram. Here’s hoping he gets back to perfect really soon:

I thought this was just beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes–

The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders (2 mins):

And, yes, this next one falls under “posting about the war”… however, I really appreciated what he had to say so I wanted to share it. I’m kinda feeling like boycotting these American brands for their provocative advertising is only hurting the workers — which is what they want. The overlords are the criminals, not the advertising campaigns. Wouldn’t it be great if we could use our spirits to find a better way to react to all this?


And, yes, I did sign up for CUE Streaming! I have no working smart TV right now and no working fire stick. I do not really like television, yet I love Amazon Prime but I hate watching it on my tiny phone…

Still I signed up for CUE: 4000 channels for $60 a month, no contract. Yes, 4000 channels to watch on my tiny phone…

If you follow Phil, then you know this CUE thing was a HUGE brouhaha the last couple of days. (And if you missed him last night — expect tribunals in June and military to start popping up all over America.)

And that’s it for the war effort!

If you missed my post from Memorial Day — I gave some very serious thought to some advice Simon Parkes gave over the weekend, and I have disengaged from posting about the war. I’m still following it, just not posting about it. There are too many psy-ops out there, too much noise, most of it created by White Hats to force people to wake-up. It is nearly impossible to find any actual news anymore. So I’m shifting my energy and my focus.


Being a digital soldier for LT. General Michael Flynn was probably the most important work I ever did with my life and these last couple of years were probably the best years of my life. I helped a lot of people find the information that would help them stay alive. It felt incredible.

But it was also dangerous in the beginning — going up against the [DS] when I was a public personality; an internationally known writer. They really harassed me and often scared the shit out of me. And all of it, of course, killed my career. It was very lonely. All of it. I lost family, friends, colleagues. Basically, 2 people stood by me through everything — my ex-husband, Wayne, in NYC, and my best friend Valerie, in Brooklyn.

Gratitude doesn’t even come close to covering how I feel for them.

And, after 3 years, it is time to move forward again.

Readers of the blog know that I am now hard at work on re-writes of the current play that I’m doing with Sandra Caldwell, The Guide to Being Fabulous. It’s premiering in Toronto at Soulpepper Theatre in October and rehearsals begin in September.

Yesterday, the DORA Award nominations were announced in Toronto (DORA is sort of like the Tony Awards or Obie Awards, but for Canada). And Soulpepper Theatre received 18 nominations (!!) for the various plays they produced last year, and the director of our upcoming play, Weyni Mengesha, was nominated for outstanding director.

So the pressure is on, gang!!! Sandra and I need to kick some happy ass and pull out all the stops with The Guide to Being Fabulous! A one-woman musical about her incredible life. We are in some truly remarkable company with Soulpepper and have some great big, entertaining shoes to fill.

Sandra in pink! And trans for over 40 years.

For those of you who don’t keep up with my writing career– Sandra and I are production partners in original theatrical works. So far, we have a total of 4 original plays in various stages of development. Our production company is based in NYC, and is sort of called “Blood on the Floor Entertainment” but we’re not 100% sold on that…. we’d prefer, you know, to not have all that blood on the floor.

Anyway. So that’s what I’m doing this week — nailing the re-writes for Act One. And I’m going to get back at it right this minute.

If you’ve been following the lessons on Jeremiah that I’ve been posting here, here is episode 23–

Ross K. Nichols – A Blinding Vision – The World and Words of the Prophet Jeremiah (Episode 23) (35 mins):

Have a wonderful Wednesday, wherever you are in the world!!

Thanks for visting.

I love you guys. See ya!


I just love this photo of Nick Cave. So emotional. It’s from last weekend, at the Hay Literary Festival:

And I leave you with this! Let’s celebrate 1975!!! Enjoy, gang!!!!!

Happy Memorial Day

As always, there is not much that is publicly happening, gang. The only things that are public are big bunches of psy-ops and unbelievable noise.

Simon Parkes had an interesting update over the weekend. I can’t embed the video because now you have to join Connecting Consciousness in order to watch his updates. (Joining is free, though.)

But he said some very curious things — one of which was that perhaps the White Hats want us all to disengage now and go back to our lives. Since there is basically no intel and everything important is happening behind the scenes. And all of these optics are just too much for us to sort through or make sense of.

He did emphasize, though (as Phil also does), that we are near the end of all of this and that the outcome is going to be very good. And that we are very close to reaching that “92% of people being awake” now.


It has given me a lot to think about.

For me, disengaging doesn’t mean I would stop following the few truthers who are left who are of any interest to me anymore. But it would mean that I would stop posting to the blog about it.

And all of that thinking got me to the conclusion that I am going to stop now. I’ve posted enough here over the last 3 years that leads everyone to the non-MSM news sources if they want to follow them.

And I have a few key things in my private life now that I want to devote my attention to.

One is that my father is dying, which requires a lot of emotional processing. And going to see him involves a lot of driving.

Another is that the play in Toronto is going to require a lot of my focus for most of the summer. Meaning, the final re-writes. Rehearsals begin in September and it opens in late October.

I also want to get back to work with Peitor on our numerous film projects for Abstract Absurdity Productions — although his mom is dying now, too. And they now live in the South of France, so the time difference between us gets complicated with my work schedule.

Also, for several months now, I’ve been a member of James Tabor’s private Patreon group, where we support his upcoming research projects and archeological work pertaining to ancient Christianity and the original Jesus Movement in Israel and Jordan.

The zoom meetings require a lot of reading beforehand — scholarly papers about the research that has already been done by him and others. And also re-reading his book The Jesus Discovery, which I read when it first came out but it was so long ago, I don’t remember enough of it.

On any given day or night, I am also taking various courses online that all pertain to this topic of ancient Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth, Judaism and the origins of the Holy Bible, ancient Hebrew — courses that are taught by various teachers other than James Tabor, but it all forms the foundation of trying to better understand that era of our civilization.

I want to be able to really concentrate on all of it now — and hopefully go with James Tabor’s group to Jordan late next year.

Long-time readers of this blog know that I am also working on a play about Caiaphas (“In the Days of the Flesh: The Gospel According to Caiaphas”), and using a fictional account of Caiaphas’ reincarnated lives to tell a different story about Jesus of Nazareth. Historical, rather than theological — but still fictional. I am also thinking I want to make it a short novel now, in addition to the play.

Anyway, all of it is connected.

And all of it is connected to my ministry — strange as my ministry is. (I went to Divinity School, and graduated Summa cum laude, got ordained, left organized Christianity to try to follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth instead, which is extremely difficult to do since Rome, especially, went to a great deal of trouble to ensure it is nearly impossible to find out who Jesus of Nazareth really was and what he taught — and I guess my entire ministry will ultimately lead people to Jesus through the life Caiaphas! We shall see.)

So, I guess in honor of all those many soldiers who died in much bloodier wars, trying to defend the US Constitution — as of today, Memorial Day, I am going to disengage now from posting about the war.


In other news–

Nick Cave was at the Hay Festival in the UK yesterday, kicking off his book signing/ In Conversation tour for the paperback release of Faith, Hope & Carnage.

You can get complete info on the tour HERE. Pre-order the paperback HERE.


And that is it!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, if you live in the States. Otherwise, have a great day wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting for 3 years!!!!

I love you guys. See ya!


“Time To Move On”

It’s time to move on, time to get going
What lies ahead, I have no way of knowing
But under my feet, baby, grass is growing
It’s time to move on, it’s time to get going

Broken skyline, movin’ through the airport
She’s an honest defector
Conscientious objector
Now her own protector

Broken skyline, which way to love land
Which way to something better
Which way to forgiveness
Which way do I go

It’s time to move on, time to get going
What lies ahead, I have no way of knowing
But under my feet, baby, grass is growing
It’s time to move on, it’s time to get going

Sometime later, getting the words wrong
Wasting the meaning and losing the rhyme
Nauseous adrenaline
Like breakin’ up a dogfight
Like a deer in the headlights
Frozen in real time
I’m losing my mind

It’s time to move on, time to get going
What lies ahead, I have no way of knowing
But under my feet, baby, grass is growing
It’s time to move on, it’s time to get going

c – 1994, Tom Petty

Have A Great Memorial Day Weekend!

If you live State-side, have a great Memorial Day Weekend. I have to work through most of it, but at least we are going to have really great weather!

Not much news again.

Phil re-scheduled his livestream for tonight:


Great news!

Nick Alvear from Good Lion TV has been released from jail!

“Patriot Filmmaker Nick Alvear was arrested by U.S. Marshalls in Tennessee and held in Grayson County, Kentucky from May 5th until May 24th. He violated probation for moving to Nashville under a storm of miscommunications from two probation officers – he stayed put in Nashville and was written up for a violation of probation. His initial probation was due to being present at the January 6 storming of the Capitol. The funds raised will be used for legal fees as there is a hearing set for July 18th, however, we found a fantastic attorney and are aiming at getting Nick off probation altogether. He has been released on a motion to dismiss and was allowed to reside in Nashville, Tennessee – all signs that Judge Cooper is taking into consideration the jail time Nick has served and the community service he’s completed since being out. The goal remains firm, to prevent any extradition to Washington DC & to get Nick off probation entirely. We will give away memberships at a discount and other perks for your help! Nick will remain active in producing films with several new projects in line.”

Donate Here


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

The End of the Economic Dictator Mr. Global

In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich talks with Andreas Popp, author, entrepreneur and founder of “Wissensmanufaktur,” who has lived in Canada for 15 years with his partner Eva Herman. Fuellmich and Popp shed light on socio-political, ecological and economic issues and lift the veil of disinformation, providing a bird’s eye view of global world events and history.” (1 hr):


Lately, the Michael Jackson channel has been all about giving a detailed rundown on everything that has been happening for the last several years.

From this morning’s post — (full post here):

[…] The global stage of world affairs is about to reveal its hidden secrets, with DeSantis taking center stage. However, doubts arise regarding his Yale University connection, which was allegedly funded by Epstein. Similar skepticism surrounds other prominent figures like Musk, Rogan, Jones, Tucker, and more. Pay close attention because each one plays a crucial role in this epic saga.

While military operations continue to awaken the masses, notable figures from both sides of the political spectrum, including RINOs and Democrats, have taken the vaccines despite not aligning with Trump. But behind the scenes, military intelligence masterminds have orchestrated an astonishing plot, crafting an apparent conflict between Trump and DeSantis—a well-scripted masterpiece.

Yet, the real revelation lies in DeSantis’s courageous exposure of the WEF, the global elite on an unprecedented scale. European news outlets and social media are buzzing with this groundbreaking disclosure. DeSantis leads the charge in unveiling the insidious grip of the CCP, which controls the WEF and drives the globalist agenda. […]”


Dan Bongino – Troubling Video Surfaces Exposing Their Plot (Ep. 2019) (1 hr):


From Shadow of Ezra:

“Rupert Murdoch will be gone soon.”


MAHONEYLIVE MAY 26TH 2023 (1 hr):






And in other news!

The NME interview with Nick Cave. (I still call it the New Musical Express-– I can’t stand calling musicians my “enemy” – “nme”!!)


Nick Cave: “There’s no metric that says virtuousness makes good art”

Photo by Megan Cullen


That’s it.

Have a great weekend, wherever you are in the world! I will not be posting tomorrow because I have to leave for work early and then work all day. I’ll be back here on Monday.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!


A favorite song of mine since I was a wee bonny lass in Cleveland! Enjoy!!

Sorry for the Delay

I received a text this morning from Peitor, my partner in Abstract Absurdity Productions, at 5AM my time (he was texting from Madrid), saying he needed a typo-free copy of our script Lita måste gå! (Lita’s Got To Go!) to give to two producers in France, ASAP.

Well, readers of this lofty blog perhaps recall that I have had TWO laptops sort of die, and sort of not die, and bought a third laptop since we last sent that script out to everyone imaginable –and got great feedback, all before the lockdown.

So, I spent the first 4 hours of my morning finding the most recent version on 3 different laptops, a version which did not have typos, and which was in a file format that I could transfer.

And, voila, 4 hours later — it is done.


Regarding the “news” — again, there is not much actual non-optics, non-psy-op, news to report. There are things of interest going on, but not real news, gang. (Which I believe is a very good sign.)

Phil is supposed to do a livestream matinee today. Check his channel to confirm this.

Meanwhile, he posted this image. It probably has something to do with his livestream later. (?)


From Bix Weir – RIG ALERT! BlackRock Tries Rigging Silver Below “Moving Averages” to LOAD UP ON PHYSICAL! (25 mins):


This was a very interesting current interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. It is audio only so it’s easy to putter around and get stuff done while you listen to it. He is being denied entrance back into the US, where he has lived for many years. He discusses various persecutions that are still going on, here and in Germany, among other interesting things.

You have to click this link in his channel to listen. (57 mins)


James Tabor – Is Mark’s Gospel Mainly a Mouthpiece for Paul’s Ideas? (1 hr):


And now I’ve gotta scoot and start getting ready for work.

Have a great Friday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


Breakfast-listening music!! Tom Petty, “Time To Move On,” from his ridiculously successful solo album, Wildflowers. 1994. Enjoy.

I’m Here But the News is Not!

Really quiet again, gang — as far as actual news.

The only thing on the horizon is that Phil is going to do another matinee livestream, either today or tomorrow, but he’s leaning toward tomorrow. Check his channel to confirm:

“There will be a LIVE either tomorrow or Friday

Whatever day it turns out being, it will be a matinee

At this point, I’m leaning towards Friday

I have a major, major announcement to make, which will effect each and every one of us


These videos are of interest.

This is very sad, very disturbing, but it’s best to know about this stuff:


Dan Bongino – This Is What The Deep State is Really Covering Up (Ep. 2017)  (1 hr):




A quick update regarding getting cash out of the LOBSTR wallet–

Someone in Phil’s chat group gave me some great advice yesterday morning. I was having a real problem using Moonpay — I wouldn’t agree to their astoundingly invasive terms. Also with moneygram– I have no convenient place to go get my cash if I use moneygram. So someone suggested I use my coinbase app and that did the trick! It was very simple to get all my money out of the LOBSTR wallet and into coinbase (as XLM). (I had used coincase to transfer cash into LOBSTR but I’d forgotten about that.)

The only remaining problem is that my transaction is still pending in coinbase, so I can’t do anything with the cash yet… (My goal is to get it back into my bank, then transfer it to my sound money wallet and buy more silver.)

What an adventure. We’ll see how it goes.


Meanwhile, it’s another gorgeous day out there today!

I hope you enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


I leave you with this!! “The River,” by Bruce Springsteen! From his album, The River, 1980. (I’m guessing that someone knows why I’m playing it, but I sure don’t. I don’t understand a fucking thing right now, honey. But on we go…)

What A Glorious Day!

It is just the most perfect day here, gang. And I have the whole day off and all my trips to town and back are over.

There are several interesting videos below. I find them interesting because they are getting tons of views and they all seem to be aimed at waking people up.

I’m hoping this means that a lot of people are now out there, trying to find information about what’s really going on!


Regarding XLM–

If you listened to Phil the other night, and/or follow his telegram channel, you’ll note that some questions are being raised about the authenticity of the XRP-XLM crowd. (Emily, Mel Carmine, Whiplash)

Here were Phil’s comments this morning, in case you missed them:

“Hey guys

While I cannot confirm any of the above to be true (just yet), I strongly advise staying FAR AWAY from anything “QSI” or “LOBSTR” related.

On the surface, this appears to be one gigantic scam, orchestrated by Whiplash, and others.

I have no proof on that just yet, but knowing that Whiplash recently deleted all of his Telegram accounts is a major confirmation that what is said in the email above is correct.

Gold, silver, real estate.

That’s the only thing you should be interested in right now.”

Readers of this blog know that my ex-husband in NYC and I invested a small amount of money in XLM a couple years ago to see what it would yield after the crash. (XLM is the digital currency backed by silver)

It turns out, the other day, I was thinking I really wanted to get the money out of XLM and just buy actual silver. Usually, Wayne always tells me to just leave the money in XLM and see what happens. but this time, he said, okay, go ahead and leave XLM and buy silver…

Well, it turns out that it’s really complicated to get your cash out of LOBSTR. I’m still waiting for some assistance on that from LOBSTR. But then I saw Phil’s post this morning and I was, like -WOW. Even more truther-scammers???

It’s amazing how many there have been in this movement.

Anyway, I will keep you posted once I find out the safest way to get cash out of LOBSTR.


As always, Wayne made me laugh. When I sent him a text to update him on all this, he sent me this video! (I used to LOVE Bobby Sherman was I was about 9 years old!!)


(I love Bongino but keep in mind, he is not Q-related — at least, not publicly. He is helping to wake up Conservatives who are not yet ready to believe in Q. He does a great job at it.) (I, personally, am a Liberal, but not a neo-marxist. An extremely old-school Liberal who happens to be a Constitutionalist. Bongino always makes me laugh, though. He considers Liberals to be absolutely stupid, mindless, morons. Anyway. Keep in mind, he’s out there trying to help wake everybody up. There is always “way more” to the stories he reports on, but he does an amazing job.)

SPECIAL: Dan Bongino on The Megyn Kelly Show and Timcast IRL – 05/23/2023 (29 mins):


Videos that are trending this morning. Wake-up time:





Restored Republic (15 mins):




Other videos….







This is amazing, but I can’t embed it. Watch it on Phil’s channel (1 minute). “Africa Is Not Poor.”


Front Porch Live May 23, 2023 (52 mins):


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

“Sucharit Bhakdi found not guilty.”

If you don’t know who Sucharit Bhakdi is, he’s a hero. You can tell this simply by reading his wiki page:

Sucharit Bhakdi is a retired Thai-German microbiologist. In 2020 and 2021 Bhakdi became a prominent source of misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming that the pandemic was “fake” and that COVID-19 vaccines were going to decimate the world’s population…”

Wow. You don’t say…

“The physician and author Sucharit Bhakdi has been acquitted of the charge of incitement to hatred. In its verdict on Tuesday, the district court in Plön, Schleswig-Holstein, assessed the defendant’s speeches during the Corona pandemic as not punishable.”


James Tabor – How and When Jesus Identified with the Suffering Servant Idea (17 mins):


And that is it for today, gang.

The Internet is allegedly going down tomorrow. We shall see. If it does go down, remember that it will come back up — new & improved. But we’ll have to see if that actually happens tomorrow, gang.

Enjoy your Wednesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


Some more amazing music from the Jeff beck tribute concert in London.

“Remember Walking in the Sand” – Jeff Beck Tribute – The Royal Albert Hall – 22nd May 2023 Imelda May, Ronnie Wood, Johnny Depp:

And for Valerie in Brooklyn!! (Where the fuck did it all go????? Speak to you later!):

To Town, Part Two

Sorry again, gang.

The 6-month maintenance work on the Honda took forever — to the point where they just drove me home and then delivered my car later yesterday afternoon. (But the guy who delivered my car back to me said, “That’s really a great ride. I wish I had that car.”) (I tell you, gang, the 2022 Honda Sport Civic is a fast & incredibly smooth ride.)


All of this means that right now, I have to drive back into town to run my actual errands.

The “news” is unbelievably aggravating. So many psy-ops and optics that it is almost off the charts. I just get so fed up with it, even though I know we are nearing the actual end of the war, and so all of this is not only necessary, but expected… Regardless, it really starts to wear me down.

Phil’s live was mostly about the winners of his current give-away contest. You need to fast-forward about 1 hr to get to the Q&A if you missed it last night:

Replay – GEORGE Giveaway & Q&A (1 hr 59 mins):

I don’t follow Nick Sylvester — I only listen to him when he is on with Mahoney. Sylvester is heavy into the galactic stuff, which I believe is all fake news/psy-ops (initially NASA/CIA-generated). However, he also maintains that everything being reported on in Ukraine already happened and that the war actually ended there a while ago. (???)

I have no idea if this is true, since I live nowhere near Ukraine, but it is curious to think about. Still, it only adds to my frustration as I try to wade through everything. What’s fake, what’s not.


From James Tabor – Jesus’ Plan for Taking over the Kingdoms of the World (9 mins):

How Jesus Came to View Himself as the Davidic Messiah (11 mins):

From Ross K. Nichols –

A Chronology Conundrum – The World and Words of the Prophet Jeremiah (Episode 22) (55 mins):


That’s all I’m going to post today. The rest just sets my teeth on edge.

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. I’m hoping to get all my flowers today and plant them in my flower boxes out on the porches. I’m hoping this will change my mood and bring a smile to my face!

And by the end of this week, I will have a TON of rewrites to do on the play, and I will have about 3 days to do them in… no joke. So I need that smile, like, right now.


Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys, See ya!


From Day One of the Jeff Beck tribute in London (yesterday) —

Isolation, Johnny Depp, Billy Gibbons, Kirk Hammett, Jeff Beck Tribute, Royal Albert Hall, 22 May 23:

And this one is just for me today. I find myself singing this song a lot these days. I hope that eventually changes when all this insanity is over. (Yes, I know. John Prine was allegedly executed in 2020 for Crimes Against Humanity, but his songs were not a crime…)Meanwhile, feel free to enter my brain:

“Angel From Montgomery”

I am an old woman named after my mother
My old man is another child that’s grown old
If dreams were lightning, thunder were desire
This old house would have burnt down a long time ago

Make me an angel that flies from Montgomery
Make me a poster of an old rodeo
Just give me one thing that I can hold on to
To believe in this living is just a hard way to go

When I was a young girl well, I had me a cowboy
He weren’t much to look at, just a free rambling man
But that was a long time and no matter how I try
The years just flow by like a broken down dam

Make me an angel that flies from Montgomery
Make me a poster of an old rodeo
Just give me one thing that I can hold on to
To believe in this living is just a hard way to go

There’s flies in the kitchen, I can hear ’em there buzzing
And I ain’t done nothing since I woke up today
How the hell can a person go to work in the morning
And come home in the evening and have nothing to say

Make me an angel that flies from Montgomery
Make me a poster of an old rodeo
Just give me one thing that I can hold on to
To believe in this living is just a hard way to go

c – 1971, John Prine


The Fulford Report from yesterday indicates that Imran Khan was released from false arrest and that biometrics tests were performed on him to confirm it was not a body double. Apparently supporters of Khan set fire to just about everything in protest of his false arrest.

It also reports that Thailand is no longer under [DS] control. Shinowatra is now Prime Minster, after his father was removed by a military coup in 2006.

Also, news that “General Mark Milley is dead” have not been fully corroborated.

This is a computer-generated reading of the Fulford Report (the Report requires a membership).

REPORT FROM BENJAMIN FULFORD 2023, May 19 – (16 mins) (they are not letting me embed the video. click the link. it is extremely informative so please listen.):



From this morning-



An interesting and very lengthy post from Michael Jackson this morning:

MILITARY COUPS… Unveiling the Tug of War

Anticipated developments are unfolding worldwide, as I have long warned. In numerous countries, a conflict between the entrenched Deep State and the White Hats will escalate into a series of arrests and military coups. Both factions will hurl accusations of treason and military intervention, while the mainstream media, revealing its allegiance, will engage in biased attacks against individuals, groups, or regimes.

In recent news, former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was apprehended by paramilitary police. Khan had vocally alleged a CIA-backed military coup within his nation, vowing to expose corruption within his own government and military, implicating their collaboration with the CIA. Reliable sources indicate that he possessed significant intelligence on illicit activities, including the CIA’s involvement in heroin drug operations, covert arms sales from the United States to Pakistan and China, and intricate money laundering systems. Disturbingly, the heinous practice of male child trafficking in the region, particularly between Pakistan and Afghanistan, involving complicity from military, police, government officials, and elites, has persisted for decades—a matter even depicted in the film “Dancing Boys of Afghanistan.”

Consequently, Pakistan has descended into chaos, with violent clashes erupting between security forces and Imran Khan’s supporters, resulting in casualties, including one fatality in the city of Quetta. Such events, characterized by the ARREST WARS phenomenon, are anticipated to spread across several countries by 2024. The United States, facing an imminent civil war plot orchestrated by the Deep State, an agenda that has been discussed by U.S. generals for the past two years, serves as a precursor to this global unrest. Over the past year alone, countries in Africa, South America, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, and Myanmar have already experienced military coups, with further incidents expected to occur and escalate.

In this brewing storm, corrupt nations are plotting to overthrow countries under CIA influence. The disclosure of mounting deaths associated with the virus and vaccines has sparked outrage, with leaked reports on gain-of-function research and corruption permeating all nations. Governments and corporations linked to the CIA network are being exposed, triggering a silent yet resounding worldwide revolution. Behind the scenes, a military alliance is orchestrating these events, catalyzing the storm and heralding the great awakening.

During these challenging and dark moments, let us maintain faith, dear patriots, for beyond lies the light. The best is yet to come as we navigate through the tempestuous storm, forging ahead towards a brighter future.”


Apparently Charlie Ward is in the hospital and expecting to be released today. We are being told to ignore rumors that it was a heart attack.

Mahoney says it was “exhaustion” but that the full details would be given on an upcoming Insiders Club broadcast. (Membership required.)

Brief video from Mahoney this morning is here (3 mins).

And a very brief video from Charlie himself, in the hospital is here. (He has since just been released from the hospital.)


Mahoney with Nick Silvester (1 hr):




A needed fundraiser– I believe this is to help with Nick Alvear’s legal funds, since he has been re-arrested.

At GoodLion TV–

For a limited time, if you subscribe for one year, you get 7 months FREE, plus you get to choose one merch item for free, as well.

(If you missed the new series, “Elegantly Wasted,” on the murder of INXS singer, Michael Hutchence– subscribe and watch it! They are up to episode 23.)

Subscribe here.


Dan Bongino on the FBI whistleblowers–

Chilling Words From An FBI Whistleblower (Ep. 2015) (58 mins):


Phil finally got to do his livestream last evening, but I was very frustrated by it. I think he was aiming his information at the many new people who are waking up to what is going on in this country and in the world, thanks to the Durham report.

He had over 20 million viewers last night.

For those of us who follow him regularly, he did not really divulge anything we didn’t already know. He did say there were two more [DS] suicides, but again, he did not divulge who the people were. (A total of 3 now.)

He also stressed that this upcoming E.O. from the fake Biden — that, soon, we won’t be allowed to make withdrawals from our bank accounts — is true. Whether or not this is a ruse to cause a bank run — I don’t know. But, regardless, the situation will be very serious soon.

So please, gang, just get your cash out of the bank. Leave in whatever you need to pay bills, keep the rest at home for now. Or buy gold or silver, if you can afford it. Go here for help with that: goldquiz.com.

Here is the replay, if you missed it–

Durham – May 19th, 2023 ( 1 hr 49 mins):


Again, things here in the States seem to be barreling toward a very great outcome, very soon — but expect total chaos to hit right before the good stuff comes. (Arrests, banks collapse, military takeover, 10 days of darkness, EBS, etc.)

As for the rest of the world– Russia has allegedly done an incredible job at liberating pretty much the entire world. But that is behind the scenes — in front of the scenes, everything is just total noise and chaos, gang.

Hang in there.

I’m working all day tomorrow, so I probably won’t post again until Monday.

Enjoy your Saturday, if you can.

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The very educational discussion on the Ten Commandments continues–

The Ten Words with Ross and Jono – Word Three (1 hr):