You Gotta Be Kidding Me, Right?

Just when everything was actually starting to look up — I received court documents yesterday alerting me to the fact that I am being sued. By a creditor. So now I am looking at bankruptcy.

So there we have it. The COVID plandemic agenda comes full circle. I have officially lost everything (except my car, my house, my cats, my health).

But onward. I finally got a decent lawn care guy!! And yes, he is 12 years old with just a push mower. He has a better work ethic than the professional guy, with the huge riding mower and all the trimmers and blowers, that I had to let go this week, after two years of sometimes taking care of my lawn and sometimes not.

Anyway. I am super happy about that. My lawn finally looks great again.

So, wow. The news is weird. Something was definitely up last night.

Tons of comms from Phil and Mr Pool that I cannot decipher, for the life of me. However, Trump had to cancel his rally in Nebraska last night because of “bad weather.” (Allegedly it is being moved to Sunday instead.)

From Phil:

“So, the Trump rally was postponed, was it?


I’m hearing bad weather is the reason for the rally postponement.

Maybe it’s because of a… storm?”


From Donald J Trump — (that’s a whole lot of weather, isn’t it?):

“Thank you to all who waited in line for our Save America Rally tonight in Greenwood, Nebraska. Because of severe weather, including the possibility of 60 mph+ wind, hailstorms, and maybe even tornadoes, I will not be coming to Nebraska tonight, but rather, weather permitting, will be there this Sunday night, May 1st. The most important thing is to keep you safe, and that cannot be done with such a terrible forecast. Thank you to Charles W. Herbster and his wonderful staff for working so professionally with us. See you on Sunday!”


And from “Nancy Drew“:

“Ummmm….. I don’t know, but this was in the Gematria from this tweet. 🧐🤔

The tweet postponing, the rally. Not sure, so keeping an eye out. The tweet wasnt said to come from T’s verified page, or anyones in fact. Q just said to expect the tweet. Some of his other tweets today, mentioned other references to the “event”. Im keeping my eye on everything. We can only pray. 🙏💖”


And in case you were unaware of this–

On Truth Social, Trump’s first post:

From IET17:

“Kek. The People know the truth. Even lefties don’t really support Biden …”

STUNNING: Joe Biden’s Top Tweet after 4 Hrs has only 1,199 Retweets …President Trump’s First Post After 1 Hr has over 42,000 Retweets” (Gateway Pundit)


Donald J Trump also posted this yesterday:

“Remember when Bernie Sanders used to draw crowds of 3,000, 4,000 or even 5,000 people, and the press would go absolutely wild talking about how big Bernie’s crowds were showing them from all different angles and making it sound like the greatest show on earth—but when I draw 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 or in one case 87,000 people, reporters do not report it and cameras are not allowed to show how big the crowds are. It is a constant complaint I make during speeches. Turn the cameras, I say, turn the cameras to show the crowd, but they refuse to do it, not even the networks that are even a little bit on our side. The good news is, the people of our Country get it, and they get it like never before!”


“I immediately call for the release of all text messages sent to and from Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff during their attempt to overturn the 2016 Presidential Election. They spied on my campaign, they spied on my transition team, and they even spied on the White House while I was in the Oval Office. They did everything they could to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power, and stop the “Will of the People” with their Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax, Mueller Scam, and more. I wonder what the texts would reveal? Unlike my Chief of Staff, which show patriotic Americans concerned about illegal and massive Election Fraud in 2020, I say bad things would be revealed.”


Simon Parkes had a great update yesterday (37 mins):

He also posted this yesterday — (more details on this are in his video update):

Deutsch Bank Raided

Deutsch bank reporting they have been raided by police.”


This Ministry of Truth thing is a complete and utter psyop, so, for the most part, I’m ignoring this whole development.

But I wanted to post this, from JuliansRum, because I feel it borders on reverse censorship or maybe subtly encourages book banning(?). I don’t know, gang. He leaves out the part that the story is written from the POV of a man who is mentally ill and in prison and awaiting the death penalty for being a pedophile. The book also captures, in stunning language, how sick and perverse the pedo’s mind actually is. In my opinion, that’s kind of a big thing to leave out. (Speaking as a writer of numerous novels and short stories that have upset a lot of people over the past three and a half decades, and who sat in a federal courtroom as the federal government attempted to remove from me several of my Constitutional rights…)


From QTSR:


Inside Disney among employees…a>WAR is brewing
…./// It’s expected MASS protests will eventually start , created within the corporation itself>>> ///
: Very HIGH end ELITES in the Christian faith movement ( BILLIONAIRE’S investors in Disney) .WILL start to bring down DISNEY by White HATS\\/////

[ DISNEY] the magic of gone///

What’s really happening behind the scenes?>> White HATS>> organizing investors>>>organizing moral good employees.>>>organizing a WAR> WITHIN [ DISNEY]”

Disney employee: The magic is gone
“Raymond Arroyo visits Florida to talk to some employees who are fed-up with their company’s woke activism. (3 mins):


From the Epoch Times:

“EXCLUSIVE: New Jan. 6 Bodycam Videos Show DC Police Officer Assaulting Unconscious Protester

Use-of-force expert says DC Metro Police officer committed felony in attack on Rosanne Boyland

A District of Columbia police officer used a large wooden stick to strike the body and head of protester Rosanne Boyland three times as she lay motionless on the ground on Jan. 6, 2021, according to bodycam footage from several officers obtained by The Epoch Times.

Use-of-force expert Stanley Kephart, upon reviewing the previously unreleased footage, concluded that the three full-force blows by D.C. police officer Lila Morris constituted a felony assault with intent to cause great bodily harm.

Kephart called Morris’s use of force “indefensible” and the internal-affairs investigation of Boyland’s death a “clear and convincing coverup.”

[full article here]


Phil announces some seriously great new merch in his online store!! Check the link.


From QTSR by way of Devon Devasquez:

“I’m not saying the tide is turning, I’m just saying…

Exxon bans virtue signaling flags at gas stations,
Spotify dumped Obama and not Joe Rogan,
CNN+ failed in a month,
Disney lost its special status and stock down,
Netflix lost a pile of subscribers, and
mask mandates revoked.”


And some additional encouragement from Pepe Lives Matter:

“To anyone who would attempt to bring my morale down:
I suggest not even trying.
After years of dealing with shills, bots and trolls:
I’ve become completely immune.
And frens in my chat are as wholesome AF as it gets.
Your tricks do not work on us.
Armor of God is undefeated.
Carry on.”


And that is what I’ve got for you this morning!

I hope you have a great Saturday underway, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (17 mins):






Santa Surfing: Trump post! Amazon tanking! Elon bought criminal records! Hostage no more! (28 mins):

RedPill 78 news update: Stock Market Decline, Biden GDP Drop & Fed Rate Hikes Sending Gold To $3k! (22 mins):

X22 Report: Trump Sends The Message, It’s Time, Define Renegade (52 mins):

Okay, Still Looking Good, Gang!

If you haven’t already listened to this video, listen today!

As most readers of this blog know, I understand next to nothing about crypto and digital currencies, but what Michelle Fielding had to say yesterday — even I can understand that it is extremely good news.

Also– just on a personal note: I have noticed that NESARA has been underway in my own life, regarding my personal finances, credit report, utilities, student loans, etc., for quite a few months already.

Anyway. Give a listen soon! (Plus, they suggest downloading the LOBSTR app and setting up your LOBSTR wallet today, in order to get ready.)

Michelle Fielding and Nicholas Veniamin: JACK DORSEY IS A WHITE HAT! (1 hr):


And this was strangely cryptic, but certainly good news.

From QTSR by way of Aurax:

“EU plans to declare the pandemic emergency end according to a decision draft paper –NTV


Ominous news — I have no idea what it means. We’ve been hearing that tribunals and executions have been going on in the Middle East, maybe it refers to this?

From Ezra A Cohen:

“The Arabs will be wiped out by plague.
A bird will not be able to find a place to sit because of all the dead bodies.”


From Technofog on substack:

Michael Sussmann Evidentiary Hearing: The Transcript
and more info on the investigation into Rodney Joffe”

And X22 Report adds:

“We have the transcript of the latest Michael Sussmann hearing –

Confirmation that Christopher Steele is not a cooperating witness.

And – how Durham is still investigating charges relating to defrauding the government”


Restored Republic had the most succinct information yet on how we can tell that NASA lied to us about the moon landing, etc. It’s the last part of the video and very detailed.

Restored Republic news update (23 mins):


Of interest.



Then THIS happened.

From Whiplash347:

Afterhours Massacre as Amazon Plunges, Apple, Intel, Tesla, even Meta Dive
Meta? Didn’t it just spike? Friday is going to be interesting.”


Finally. YES! The effing tunnels are REAL.

From QTSR:

“1500 miles of tunnels in UKRAINE< MILITARY.COM confirmed the tunnels ANONS/PATRIOTS have been talking about for a long time.”

Going Underground: Ukraine’s Subterranean Fighters Highlight the Benefit – and Long History – of Tunnels in Warfare
The use of tunnels and underground chambers in times of conflict is nothing new. [full article here]


Of interest, in case you didn’t already know this.

From Patrick Bouvier Kennedy:


From the Gateway Pundit:

Twitter Source Leaks Internal Slack Channel Reconfirming Shadowbanning is Real (VIDEO)

Twitter executives have used Orwellian doublespeak to explain their ‘Terms of Service’ and how they moderate content on their platform.

In 2018, Project Veritas released an undercover video showing Twitter engineers bragging about how they target pro-Trump accounts by banning them or hiding their content. […]”

[full article and video here]


On a roll!

Elon tweets:


From QTSR:

“Lots of HEAVY mil. Movement on the ground and air through Poland, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia,
… 🔥🔥🔥🔥
getting ready

Black swan”


“Poland announces massive military drills”


And from Phil:

“Can anyone say, “EO 13848”?

Now you know why Bezos stepped down from his highly coveted company.

13848 is systematically taking them all down, one by one.”

Google Exposed: Widespread Censorship Pattern Seen With GOP Email Campaigns
Republicans are calling on the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to probe the alleged censorship of Conservatives by Google’s email platform, Gmail, after a study showed it allows the vast majority of emails from Left-wing politicians to land in a user’s inbox while more than two-thirds of messages from Conservative candidates are marked as spam. [full article here]


And then from Intel Slava Z:

“🇨🇳🇷🇺❗️China calls relations with Russia a “new model” for the whole world – Bloomberg


And that’s it for today, gang. I gotta scoot!! I overslept this morning. However, I’m happy to say that a couple of those things/people that were confounding me yesterday, corrected themselves before the day was over. Yay.

Have a terrific Friday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

Yes!!!! More Anne Murray this morning! “Danny’s Song” from 1972!! Enjoy, gang. Sing it loud! It’s gonna be a really good day. Hang in there and find out!


Phil: The Master Key – Ewaranon, Vol. 2 Episode 2 (1 hr 45 mins):


X22 Report: Central Communication Blackout, Countermeasures In Place, Freedom Of Information = [END] (51 mins):

Close Your Eyes and Think of England…

If you don’t know what that means, you’re probably better off.

However, around here, just in general, it’s taking a lot out of me to just put my proverbial boots to the ground, keep moving forward and act like everything is simply going to work out somehow, someway.

I’m not the kind of gal who says that “people suck,” but sometimes I sort of just stop everything, put on the brakes, look at all the fucking relentless shit that is going on in my personal life right now and admit to myself that I do indeed feel that way.


On we go.


This article — I don’t know, gang. It kind of made me laugh, but only out of sheer disbelief in where reality is lodged right now.

From the Post Millennial:

“Census data shows less than half of 1 percent of Canadians identify as trans or non-binary

New census data shows that just .33 percent of Canadians identify as transgender or non-binary. [full article here]


I also laughed at this one, too — again, only out of a sense of how fucked up reality actually is right now.

From Whiplash347:

“❗️Moscow court fines Twitter three million rubles ($40K) for posts with a swastika and instructions for making a Molotov cocktail”


I laughed at this one, too — but I think I was supposed to.

From QTSR:

“Following official European bans on using or displaying the letters Z and V in a manner that could be construed as supportive of Russia’s operation in Ukraine, Russian troops have begun drawing the entire English alphabet on their vehicles.

Hieroglyphs may soon be back in fashion”


Also funny, but in a seriously awful way.

Last night, Tracy Beanz, of Uncover DC, posted an email she got from a seriously vile troll, as proof that the Left is truly flipping out:


(And I want to point out that the comma after the final “You” is completely unnecessary, so who is actually the dumb one here? Hmmm.)



Not funny, but very promising news.

From RedPill 78:

Tennessee Makes Ivermectin Available Without Prescription – UncoverDC
On April 22, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed into law a Republican-led bill making Ivermectin to be dispensed without a prescription.” [full article here]


More good news — apparently this was front page on the Irish Light.

From Simon Parkes:

Pfizer knew…


Even more good news–

From Charlie Ward’s newsletter:

“This is a very important week, it’s all going on behind the scenes! The deep state are in melt down. It looks like MSN are pushing a narrative of Russia starting a nuclear war. This is propaganda to scare those that are lacking in common sense, a perfect distraction to allow the good guys to complete the dismantling of the Deep State and Cabal.”


Also qualifies as good news!

From QTSR:

“The REAL manipulated algorithm in TWITTER is causing a stir ..

OBAMA lost tens of thousands of followers ( no more fake inflated followers)

Several deep state controlled celebrities and Elites have lost followers///

_Other truthers like TRUMP Jr. Joe Rogan and others…. Gained tens of thousands ( most over 50,000 followers) in two day time period///

Back to the Battle field > ]] TWITTER. [[“


Not what I would call “good news” just good that we’re finding out about it. Unbelievable degree of collusion between Hillary’s people and the mainstream media to sabotage Trump in 2016.

From Resist the Mainstream:

Latest Durham Drop Reveals Startling Emails From Fusion GPS to Media Figures

Special counsel John Durham released a cache of emails between Fusion GPS operatives and journalists in a court filing earlier this week, giving a first-hand look at how the investigative firm pushed unverified claims of Trump-Russia collusion to a willing media.

Durham said in a Monday filing that he had obtained hundreds of emails from Fusion GPS and wanted to submit them to the court under seal, or barred from public view, ahead of attorney Michael Sussmann’s trial in May. Durham appeared to accidentally release a batch of those emails publicly on the court docket Monday before the mistake was corrected on Tuesday morning, according to The Washington Examiner. […]

[full article here]


Not good news at all, in any way whatsoever.

From Ezra A Cohen:

“Shanghai, China is a giant Covid-19 concentration camp.”


News that is of interest if you live in AZ.

From Code Monkey Z (aka Ron Watkins):

“I will be debating Walter Blackman and Andrew Yates on PBS this afternoon in Phoenix at 5pm local time.” (Yesterday)

Debate is here (55 mins):


More news that is of interest.

A couple of curious posts from “Nancy Drew” in DC yesterday:

“Why is there a DC National Guard bus on WH property?🤔🧐”

“I just posted the FB live of the bus. If, they are in the WH, wonder what theyre doing. Interesting, while Madeline Albrights funeral is currently taking place at the National Cathedral. 🤔🧐 What in the world? 🤔”

“Ok. So, we saw The NG bus, and this US Army 3D Infantry Regiment truck, first parked up next to the WH, on the south side, then I was able to catch it leaving. The Marines bus pulled in at the same time. I would absolutely love to know what this is all about. The NG bus left around the same time as this truck left. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see, if there was anyone on the NG bus, before it left. Also, they left before the motorcade returned to the WH, from being at the National Cathedral. Hmm….🤔🧐”


“How convenient, that everyone wore masks, to Albright’s funeral, huh? Can’t see much. Funny though, no one is wearing them at the teachers ceremony at the WH, supposedly taking place, right now. I guess Sleepy decided, he couldn’t wear the same tie, to the funeral, and the teachers ceremony. 😳🤔🧐 funny how I didn’t see a large group, of teachers, waiting to be checked in at the WH gate, where the groups get checked in by security. Maybe they got there late. Why is this teachers function inside, not outside, like the one yesterday? It’s a pretty day. Don’t want us to see it? Not adding up, to me. Hmmmm…..🤔🧐”


And from

Watch it HERE.


And in other news….

Variety reviewed the new Nick Cave documentary, This Much I Know to be True:

‘This Much I Know to Be True’ Review: Andrew Dominik’s Hypnotic and Haunting Nick Cave Performance Documentary

Troubadour punk Nick Cave plays tracks from his albums “Ghosteen” and “Carnage” amid slivers of creative and philosophical insight.

[full article here]


And that is it for this fine Thursday, gang.

Thanks for visiting.

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning. If I’m singing any of Anne Murray’s greatest hits at 4am, before my feet are even on the floor, you can imagine what sort of shape my heart is in these days. However…

Two songs battled equally for my attention, as (#1) I mourned the loss of someone who was like a father to me, and then (#2) just the loss of time regarding someone I loved a few years back (be victorious, amigo; I still love you).

Anne Murray, “I Want to Sing You A Love Song” 1973:

Anne Murray, “You Needed Me” 1978:

Enjoy! I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (20 mins):





RedPill 78 news update: Deep State Panics – Twitter Sale Triggers Ministry Of Truth At DHS (20 mins):

Awaken with JP: BREAKING! Elon Musk Buys Twitter – The Left Melts Down (8 mins):

X22 Report: C Comes Before D, The Next Phase Will Bring Justice, Buckle Up (44 mins):

Happy Days Are Just So Close, Gang!

Can’t you feel it? Again, I can only speak for how it feels around here in the USA — not so much for those areas of the world still bogged down in the Fog of War.

But here — the Elon thing has really changed everything, hasn’t it? Along with that rally Trump had this past Saturday (here in Ohio, ironically enough). He was in such high spirits and so relaxed — it’s just gotta mean something, right??

And speaking of which…

Trump said this yesterday and I heartily concur! (I spent my childhood in Cleveland and the Indians were a huge part of growing up there back then):

“Anybody who changes the name of the “storied” Cleveland Indians (from 1916), an original baseball franchise, to the Cleveland Guardians, is not fit to serve in the United States Senate. Such is the case for Matt Dolan, who I don’t know, have never met, and may be a very nice guy, but the team will always remain the Cleveland Indians to me!”

Cleveland Indians circa 1960s


Best news so far!! From yesterday:

NEW – Kamala Harris has tested positive for COVID. She is fully vaccinated and boosted twice i.e. received 4 vaccine injections.”


Oops! Got another one — although nowhere near as awesome as the one above, in my opinion.

From Whiplash347 by way of the InsiderPaper:

JUST IN – Finland’s president hospitalized due to Covid-19″


Nancy Drew” had more auspicious news yesterday:

“The Capitol Reflecting Pool is filling. All this was done since yesterday. It was still dry, and people walking across it. Watching the water. All of it. ❤️
I’ll check out over by the Lincoln Memorial.”


Phil had this to say about Disney:

“I don’t think everyone realizes the significance of Disney’s recent “plummet”, and eventual bankruptcy.

After Disney’s acquisition of Fox, they officially owned 75% of the intellectual property rights of -all-entertainment that we view.

Disney’s collapse will have an enormous impact on what we see on Main Stream Media programming.

You are witnessing The Great Awakening.”


And on a sort of similar note….

Even though most truthers or anons virulently disagree with me, I really think this whole Johnny Depp defamation trial is some sort of white hat thing to restore Johnny Depp’s public reputation. I won’t go into all the reasons why I think this, except for this one thing. It was viral on Instagram yesterday — a lawyer asked Johnny something like, “So you’re saying that if Disney offered you $300 million and 300 million alpacas to play Jack Sparrow again, you would turn them down?” And he replied “yes.”

Clearly removing him from the imploding disaster (and evil pedophile kingdom) that is now known as Disney. Millions of people the world over are following this trial online.

I do not think these things are coincidental.


A couple posts from General Flynn:

“Remember Army Specialist Bishop Evans. At 22 years of age, he chose to jump into a raging river to save the lives of two struggling & drowning human beings (unbeknownst to Bishop were also drug smugglers). There is nothing greater on earth than one of free will, mind, heart & soul willing to sacrifice their very life for a greater cause. Bishop Evans demonstrates the best in us all that no AI machine nor TV superhero ever can. Pray for him and never forget his heroism & bravery!”

And also:

“The information flowing out of Durham’s filings and the vast amount of emails, texts, reports, etc, etc…show that the Russia-Gate bullshit was exactly that, bullshit (excuse my Irish!). In my expert judgement of the federal government and my expert judgement as a senior intelligence official, the FBI needs a total and complete transformation or it needs to be abolished (at this moment, I favor the latter, but I’ll leave a glimpse of light to be convinced otherwise). The embarrassment and the incompetency as well as the criminal behavior of senior members of the bureau demonstrate a level of corruption that is beyond the pale. Additionally, select senior elements of the intelligence community inside the ODNI and the CIA need to be brought to account. They know they committed an egregious level of sedition in their effort to usurp the presidency of the United States of America thus the American people. If you can’t tell I’m pissed, then you are asleep. I’m upset but I am totally focused on staying the course of getting the American public back in the game. We have one shot this November…we better wake up America and get out to vote all the bums out (both parties). Enough said … for now.”


From Project Veritas:

BREAKING: Leaked Audio of Twitter All-Hands Call Reveals Concerned Employees Question Senior Leadership Over About “Mass Exodus” Resulting From Elon Musk “Questionable Ethics”, What “Free Speech Means”, and President Trump Returning to The Platform



From Whiplash347 by way of

JUST IN – Partial internet outage in some French cities after fiber optic cables were cut in the Paris region and in the east of France.”

Reply by Whiplash:

“Oui Coup”


From Brian Cates late last night:

“How do you legally enter evidence into the record?

That’s a very good question.

I believe we are right now watching the answer unfold, with the tranche of emails going public between Fusion GPS and all the Fake News Media coordinating the Trump/Russia hoaxes with the Clinton camp.

And then there’s this:

They were also all using Twitter DM’s to coordinate their criminal conspiracy activities. It wasn’t just emails or phone calls.

If Musk hands the DM’s to Durham, it’s the same as giving them to Trump for his civil lawsuit. 😁”


From Whiplash347 by way of Jack Posobiec:



From Whiplash347 by way of Farrell Hedges:


And just now from QTSR:

“PUTIN starts cutting off gas to Western countries…..
EU stock falls…..

PANIC 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”


In other news–

Don’t forget:

Tickets on sale now for THIS MUCH I KNOW TO BE TRUE global cinema event on 11 May.

Shot on location in London & Brighton in spring 2021, Andrew Dominik’s new feature documentary THIS MUCH I KNOW TO BE TRUE captures Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ exceptional creative relationship as they bring to life the songs from their last two studio albums, Ghosteen (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds) and Carnage (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis).

Find a screening near you!

Latest clip! (2 mins):

(On a personal note– I used to work for the late Gus Van Sant, Sr., and I thought he had the most insane desktop imaginable, with every file/folder open all over the place, all at the same time. However!! Warren Ellis goes way beyond anything I’ve ever seen!! Too funny.)


Okay, and that is it for today!

Have a very good day, if at all possible — wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Phil’s replay from last night: “Phil reviews the outstanding work of fellow Anon, Ewaranon, in the 2nd volume of Ewar’s LHFE series. [flat earth]” (2 hrs 15 mins)::

RedPill 78 news update: Sealed Fusion GPS Emails ACCIDENTALLY Expose Schiff & Feinstein, Joe’s Hidden Millions (26 mins):


Restored Republic news update (31 mins):


Awaken with JP: Twitter Employees the Day After Elon Takes Over! (5 mins):

X22 Report:” [HRC]/[DS] Players Took The Bait, Trap Set, All The Walls Are Falling Down” (51 mins):

Still Looking Good, Gang!

At least, if you are in the USA. I can’t really speak for the chaos in the rest of the world right now. Still that Fog of War going on…

However, here, things seem to be barreling in a positive direction toward that outcome we have been anticipating for a long (exhausting) while.

Most of the news today is all about Musk and Twitter and what that means for free speech.

If you missed Phil’s livestream last night, the replay is below.

He discussed not only the takeover of Twitter, but the upcoming takeover of Facebook and Netflix.

He also discussed that amazing online debt clock that has been going backwards (see yesterday morning’s post) and what that means about the elimination of illegal debts and the proof of NESARA.

Phil discusses the Elon Musk takeover of Twitter, and indicates that much more is on the horizon for Musk. The Live is concluded with a LIVE Q&A from Phil’s audience.” (2 hrs):


One of the important things to note about Twitter right now, is how many of the fake numbers/bots are suddenly being purged.

From RedPill 78:

“Looks like Elon’s already steering this ship guys! The MSM rats are panicking as their fake followers get purged by the thousands! How many of those were created just to say nasty things about Trump, push vaccines and disparage the truth movement? BIG DAY!”


Dan Scavino put out a great comm during the night. Phil had this to say this morning:

“New Dan Scavino post. Could it be that Jack (Dorsey) was cooperating with the Patriots during Trump’s term? 👀”


I’m going to forego the tons of other news items and opinions about Musk and twitter, except for the X22 report from last night. He had a lot of good info and insights on it, as well.

First, he posted this by way of

JUST IN – Twitter’s source code is locked down to make it harder for current employees to make unauthorized changes to the platform, Bloomberg reports.”

X22 Report: When Do Birds Sing? Panic, Another Piece On The Chess Board Has Been Moved Into Place (42 mins):


Next big news item was about Durham.

From the Epoch Times:

John Durham Issues Trial Subpoenas to Members of Clinton Campaign, DNC

Special counsel John Durham has issued trial subpoenas for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Fusion GPS, and Perkins Coie as he continues to prosecute his findings as special counsel, from which he charged cybersecurity lawyer Michael Sussmann, who in 2016 represented the Clinton campaign, with lying to the FBI. […]” [full article here]

From technofog on substack:

Durham’s latest: He has hundreds of e-mails between Fusion GPS and reporters
Also – DARPA Contracts and Classified data”

From Ezra A Cohen just after midnight:

“The arrest of Hilary Rodham Clinton.”

From Phil this morning:

“Hillary Clinton will be arrested, and very soon.”

[keep in mind that this drama playing out is to wake-up normies. Our beloved Hillary was arrested and executed for High Treason and truly horrific Crimes Against Humanity long ago.]

And from RedPill 78 news update:



From Marco Polo — you probably can’t read the tiny print, but you can download it here):

“The first time this list of sex traffickers has been published in a simple, easy-to-read format:


In case you haven’t been following along, Whiplash347 had this handy reminder:

Is a Placeholder
An Actor.
What makes a movie good?
Great Actors.
He is playing the game til the White Hats win.


A very interesting observation from “Nancy Drew” yesterday:

“The fountains, in front of the Supreme Court, are going. Very first time, I’m seeing this. Hmmm….🤔🧐”


And some extremely impressive photos from Aquila — visit the link, I can’t post them all here:

“❗️🇰🇵 North Korean state-run newspaper publishes first images of the April 25 military parade.

Multiple ICBM’s & SRBM’s were showcased.”


And some good news from Real Raw News — remember, gang; they embellish, but their news is based on truth.



Restored Republic news update (23 mins):









And that is it for today, gang!

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with one of my favorite songs when I was 13 years old. It gave me so much hope when my entire world was literally falling to pieces — Johnny Nash singing “I Can See Clearly Now” (1972). Enjoy, gang. (And hang in there if your world is falling to pieces. At almost 62, I am living proof that you can survive so many things and ultimately find your way.)

The Good News First, Okay?

Wow, so there was, like one piece of good news yesterday.

From Phil:


Revolving Credit Card debt has been dropping by the MILLIONS all day today and yesterday.

It’s a statistical impossibility that the debt drop was the results of payments.

Can anyone say… NESARA?”

And also from Phil‘s channel this morning:

“Check this out. The US Federal Budget and The US spending deficit is going backwards. Why? Is Phil aware?”

Phil replied: “Yes, quite aware 😬”

[you can literally watch it here, it’s going backwards — look where it says “actual”]


And “Nancy Drew” had some insights yesterday that count as “good news.” (And just FYI , while food prices have gone up a little bit at the very small market where I shop, there are no empty shelves and they are not out of any of the stuff I always buy. However, I only buy non-GMO, organic stuff, plus I’m a vegetarian.)


From “Nancy Drew“:

“Hmmm…..OK. What if, they’re being destroyed on purpose, but for good reason? What if the farmers were made to elimate the poisonous crops, the chemtrails created? Daddy T gave a chit ton of $ to our farmers in the beginning of the plandemic, remember? What if that money was to grow new, healthy crops, to replace them? The farmers only said the govt was making them destroy them, but actually WHO was, that govt? 🤔 The new chem-trails are therapeutics, to repair us, our land and water, that had been poisoned for years now. Maybe the “food shortage” is actually the “transitioning period” in between? Removing the poisons? Just what if?????🤔🧐”


I’m still not sure what the hell is going on in Shanghai and China, as a whole. So much of it still sounds like extremely disturbing disinformation — calculated to be extremely disturbing. So I think we still need to question some of the stuff we’re hearing. But for now, here’s this:

From Whiplash347:

Chinese Stocks Crash As Covid Plunges Country Into “Darkest Moment In Decades” [full article here]


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

Why We Sued to Overturn the Federal Travel Mask Mandate — And Why We Won” by Leslie Manookian

“In America, the ends don’t justify the means. There are legal guardrails in place to protect our basic liberties and rights — even during a pandemic.” [full article here]


I hate that they call him a “pig” because pigs are incredibly smart, sentient and loving creatures. We should just call these people “monsters”… Anyway.

From ABS Military News:

“Fascist pig commander of the prominent Ukrainian nazi reserve of the “Volunteer Ukrainian Corps – Right Sector” Sergei Skald was killed in Mariupol”


And of course, the most exhausting news of all…

We saw this coming because the fake Macron needs to be at the helm while the country thoroughly crashes. Then a free & fair election can elect Le Pen if that’s how it ends up.

But meanwhile:

From Ezra A Cohen:

“France election was rigged.”

From Pepe Lives Matter — several videos of protests/riots at that link:

“It’s getting spicy in France.”

This was a LIVE video feed: Protesters rally in Paris following presidential election (2 hrs):



From Whiplash347 — and then scroll down for several videos of protests all over France last night:

“RIGGED as we all guessed it would be. Exposing election fraud in France. This is what would of happened if the WEF/Globalists were in control. (They’re NOT)

There’s a 17% DIFFERENCE on the PREDICTED votes….tells me Whitehats are in control. Nothing is a coincidence when it comes to 17

Macaroni Cheese 58% and Follow Le Pen 41% = 17% Difference.

What did Trump say in his rally yesterday at his Delaware OH Rally….They have found millions and millions and millions of fake votes and it’s going to be announced next week!

C19 narrative kill date: Election Day +1 [25th April]?
Prepare for zero-day [massive CYBER-power] attacks [attempts] on 11.4. [LAW OF WAR MANUAL] THE ONLY WAY IS THE MILITARY!

I have a very strong feeling next week is going to be wild🔥🔥”


And also from Whiplash347 by way of

JUST IN – Twitter said the platform is on track to reach deal with Elon Musk as soon as today, Bloomberg reports.

Reuters reports that Twitter is poised to accept Musk’s offer to purchase the company.

Twitter shares jump as deal talks enter ‘final stretch’.”


Well, not only did Macron say something really funny last night (i.e. that it’s now up to him to heal France)…

My actual favorite person on Earth (Nick Cave) sent out another Red Hand File early this morning, wherein he told another one of his cute jokes! I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s about a sloth and a tortoise. You can read it here!


Okay. I believe Phil will do a livestream tonight at 7pm EDT, but check here later today just to be sure.

And that is it for Monday.

I hope you have a good day underway, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (28 mins):

Santa Surfing: GESARA Updates! Digital Warriors are a YUGE part of this operation! God is Good! (31 mins):

X22 Report: Election Fraud Exposed, Media Blackout, [HRC] Trapped, White Swan Event (54 mins):

Just A Crazy-Beautiful Day!

Well, gang, it is just another gorgeous day here, yet again. Wow. And, also — not a whole of news!!

Yesterday was really just a perfect Saturday here in the Hinterlands. It was over 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so I had all the windows open, all over the house. And not only did that make me happy, but all the cats were just delighted to hear all the birds singing again.

And I’ve got nests all over the place. There’s a robin with a nest in the eaves of my barn. There’s a starling in the eaves over my front porch –her eggs have hatched now, but the babies are still in the nest. There’s a starling in the soffit of the roof over the downstairs bathroom. And a robin built a nest over the light fixture of my kitchen porch. I had thought she had abandoned the nest because of all the cats who stop by to eat on my kitchen porch during the night, but I was wrong. She is most definitely there now — around the clock.

Anyway, it was quite a happy day and today has all the earmarks of being the same.

And last night’s rally — wow. Was Trump in a good mood. He seemed to be very relaxed, happy. He was making jokes and using his “colorful” language again. Not the f-bomb, but he said “goddamn,” and “shit” at least once. I love how he talks like a total New Yorker. I really miss that aspect of NYC.

Anyway. Okay. I thought it was very interesting that the one time Trump even mentioned “our Governor” — didn’t mention him by name — but he spoke of him in the past-tense. He said something like, Ohio “had a really terrible Governor.” Something like that, but definitely past-tense and we haven’t even had out midterm elections yet. Hopefully the rumors that our “Governor” has already arrested and taken out are true.

Some more good news from the rally —

Phil had written that Open Letter to President Trump last week — if you missed it, here it is:

And then last night, Trump “accidentally” referred to “Truth Central” when referring to Truth Social, and Phil did the Gematria on that. [yielding: “Thank you Phil” and “The Time is Now”] Wow:

“Trump mentioned “Truth Central” by mistake, instead of Truth Social.

Some interesting Gematria on Truth Central 😎

We obviously have his attention.

Let’s monitor the response over the coming days.

I believe there is more to come 😏”


If you missed the rally and want to watch it, it is here:


And new from Awaken with JP: The Safe Space Hotline! (5 mins0:


People still think the 2020 election wasn’t rigged. Astounding, right? There is so much evidence, it is mind-boggling.

Dinesh D’Souza: 2000 Mules Trailer (3 mins):


Interesting coincidence– stocks tanking, CFOs resigning.

From Whiplash347:

“The CFOs of Pfizer and Moderna have both resigned over the past 72 hours.”


I loved watching this. We can only wait and see, gang.

From Life According to Marz : WELCOME BACK!! (6 mins):


Mariupol finally liberated.

From ABS Military — graphic photos of the carnage of dead Azov soldiers, so I won’t post them here, but they are at the link:

“Azov battalion 🐀 in Mariupol — over the last few days.”


And from Laura Aboli — brief video footage at the link:

“Chechens celebrate the liberation of Mariupol and cheer to their leaders, Kadyrov and Putin.”


UFO Man Saturday Night Livestream: Interview of Derrel Sims/Alien Hunter (1 hr 43 mins):


Interesting. If you haven’t seen this yet–



Restored Republic news update (13 mins):




And that’s really all I have for today, gang. I don’t know about you, but I am slowly but surely feeling like my regular life is coming back. It’s sort of an unfamiliar feeling, but a really good one. We’ll see how that plays out.

Meanwhile, enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

Breakfast-listening music from this morning!! Yes, still have Full Moon Fever by Tom Petty (1989 — not 1984, as I wrote yesterday) in the CD player on the kitchen table. This song means a lot to me. It was instrumental in helping me understand someone who came briefly into my life in the summer of 2018 and then passed away unexpectedly. We had our first argument when this song happened to be playing…. Anyway. “Depending On You” by Tom Petty. Enjoy!

“Depending On You”

I ain’t ever gonna let you down
All you gotta do is trust me
I would never make you some clown
Baby why won’t you trust me

You give up so easily, I don’t know why you can’t see
I’m depending on you, don’t let me down
I’m depending on you

Baby if you can’t change the world
Maybe you should just change yourself
You used to be such a sweet young girl
Why you wanna be someone else?

You give up so easily
I don’t know why you can’t see
I’m depending on you
Is it too late now?
I’m depending on you

c – Thomas Earl Petty, 1989

A Brief Moratorium on Sickening Stuff!

Once again, there is very little of what I would call “new” news but for some inexplicable reason, I have all the time in the world this morning, so I didn’t want to just post nothing.

[That’s kind of an interesting sentence, right?]

Anyway, there is really just tons and tons of disgusting, horrific stuff out there, but I don’t think it qualifies as new news so I’ve decided to avoid it for today.

It is a really beautiful spring day here, today. Just gorgeous. And it promises to be like this the whole weekend — plus, I don’t have to work!! So I am feeling just amazingly blessed this morning.

Also, I was able to do the Zoom meditation out of New Zealand this morning, since I don’t have to work today, This morning, they announced that, starting next Saturday, the mediation will go back an hour — to 6am EDT– which means I can once again participate in the meditation every Saturday morning. That really means a lot to me. I was very happy to hear that. (If you are part of Simon & Becky Parkes’ Connecting Consciousness, you can participate in the meditation, too, by going to the CC social media site and look for the New Zealand group led by Leigh.)

More good news came from Charlie Ward’s newsletter yesterday:

The Redemption of financial Instruments has begun!

The global launch of the funds has just taken place in all parts of the world, marking the start of the global asset redemption program registered in the Rescue. This officially started an hour ago, this is fantastic news for all recipients.
You can now start paying the tens of thousands of operations around the world waiting for this event in due course the Ransom arrives.


And don’t forget that this happens tonight here in Ohio:


I’m guessing that everyone knows this by now, but here it is again!!

From the Epoch Times:

“Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs Bill to Dissolve Disney World’s Private Government

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday signed a legislature-passed bill to dissolve Walt Disney World’s self-governing status in central Florida.

The law would eliminate the 55-year-old Reedy Creek Improvement District and several similar districts by June 2023. The measure allows those districts to be reestablished under circumstances.

It could have significant tax implications for Disney, which operates a series of theme parks in its 25,000-acre district.[…]”

[full article here]


And from Phil yesterday — more about NASA and the flat Earth:

NASA lies about everything (15 mins):


And at this link HERE there is 28 minute video:

From QAnonWarriors: “The suppressed and top secret information from studies carried out by the CIA that reveal the real holographic nature of our reality.”


In other news!

My local Rural King store has 6-packs of flowers for $2.46 !!!! Yay! So I will be able to buy my flowers this year, gang — and for about $20, I can have flowers all over both of my porches. I am so happy.

Okay. So that’s the news. And only a few videos below, because those are getting really, really disgusting, too. Just truly horrible stuff.

Meanwhile, enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting.

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from today — still on Tom Petty’s Full Moon Fever from 1984 — his cover of “Feel A Whole Lot Better”, originally by the Byrds. (“I’ll probably feel a whole lot better when you’re gone” — one of the best hooks ever? Decide for yourself!!)

This video below, however, is live, from 2002. I love this because it is after Tom Petty kicked heroin and married Dana and then embarked on some of his most creative albums of his 40-year career. Plus, his hair is really long!! Yay!!

Anyway, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, “Feel A Whole Lot Better”. Enjoy, gang. I love you guys! See ya!!




Restored Republic news update (9 mins):

I just love this stuff! WHAT IS THIS? – WE CAN’T IGNORE IT ANYMORE (9 mins):

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich– SESSION 101: CONSTRUCTIVE INTERFERENCE (4 hrs 50 mins):

There was no X22 Report last night.

Let’s Try to Have A Happy Friday!

Still mostly strange news out there, gang. And a lot of what feels like fear mongering, which I don’t post here. Maybe a year from now, we’ll find out it’s totally true, but for now, well…

On we go.

From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:


Also, tomorrow night — if you live in Ohio:


More good news from Charlie Ward’s newsletter:

Positive Steps

I believe, Wells Fargo and Abbot Downing are awaiting an imminent 800# release authorization, which initiates their off-site location of 7,000 privately traded exchanges (PNEs).Chosen Ones (CO’s) are expected to start showing up for appointments anytime at or after 3:00 am EDT. CO’s refunds could be 6.2 days, maybe longer (book your timeslots ASAP).Reports continue today to assess the progress of the awarded accounts, which are still incomplete. I’m told, tomorrow they will focus on down streaming for payers, including T4B.The Department of Defence has mandated that the T4B security codes be completed by Thursday. ZIM’s rates are currently looking great. Focusing positively on a new reality, move forward with purpose while you await your date. Start believing this whole crazy concept could finally be real.

Where God guides, He provides
Isaiah 58:11


Nancy Drew” saw black SUVs with Ukrainian flags yesterday at the US Capitol:

“Why are there black SUVs at the Capitol with Ukrainian flags on them?
Hmmmm….🤔🧐” (her video footage is HERE)


From Ezra A Cohen:

“‘Beyond troubling’: Current, former government officials tied to human trafficking probe in Georgia
Federal prosecutors indicted 24 for conspiring to engage in forced labor. Farmworkers allegedly were forced to work for little or no pay.

[…] In October, a grand jury indicted Bussey and 23 others for conspiring to engage in forced labor and other related crimes. Federal prosecutors say the defendants required guest farmworkers to pay illegal fees to obtain jobs, withheld their IDs so they could not leave, made them work for little or no pay, housed them in unsanitary conditions and threatened them with deportation and violence.

Two workers died in the heat, according to the indictment. Court records say five workers were kidnapped and one of them was raped. […]”

[full article here]


From the Good Lion Films newsletter:

Good Lion Films has been making groundbreaking redpill documentaries for the last 2 years. So far we’ve thrived with our films’ distribution directly to Good Lion TV, but now we are taking it up a notch. We’ve realized to redpill the masses, we’ll need to infiltrate the media by producing films tailored for the masses. […]”

[find out more and donate here]


From Phil yesterday:

“A must see for all who haven’t yet:

Astro-nots Gone Wild

Watch as these astro-nots are politely questioned yet become defensive, hostile, and literally flee the scene when asked if they were honest and would swear to God” (35 mins):


And oddly enough, that’s really all I have that seems “new” for today, except the videos down below.

I hope you enjoy your Friday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang.

Yesterday, I began getting my kitchen porch ready for summer, so I leave you with my porch-cleaning music from yesterday!! Tom Petty’s “The Apartment Song” from his HUGE-selling solo album, Full Moon Fever, 1984. Enjoy!! I love you guys. See ya.


Okay, he’s not dead!!


Restored Republic news update (24 mins):

Alan Fountain Discusses Cabal Human Energy Harvesting with Nicholas Veniamin (36 mins):

RedPill 78 news update: CNN+ Going Out of Business, New Hunter Biden Investigation Info (19 mins):

X22 Report: The Right People Have The Info, Patriots Are Acting On The Info, Time Has Run Out (39 mins):