What A Weekend!

Sorry for the sporadic postings, gang. Sometimes grief grabs me by my little ears and just  shakes me around. I have some hard decisions to make in my heart these days. But, overall, I’m kinda doing okay.

I reach for the CBD, the Pharma GABA, the ashwaganda… depending on my mood. I will get through it.

Also, I did my taxes yesterday, hoping against hope that when they actually want all that money I owe them, the IRS will already be gone.  Time will tell. Luckily, the State actually owes me money (because my writing business (aka “self-employment”) tanked last year — should we say “yay”?? Not sure. But anyway, I’m getting money from them.)


There was almost too much news over the weekend. I can barely keep track of all of it.

Mostly, if you step back and take in the broad view, it’s all good, because it all seems to be leading to a truly positive outcome.

However, the up close, day-to-day stuff is absolutely nerve-wracking.  For instance, they seem to be preparing the stage for our beloved fake k  a m a l a to become pres i den t of these lofty United S  t a tes, and sweep the fake b* den away for good. Probably an Am en d ment 25 type of thing, as promised by Tr ***p back in January. We’ll see.

Curiously, though, even certain M S M anchormen are starting to blatantly point out — yes, on TV — the physical differences in the current fake b* den and the original b* den, who once walked the actual Earth (before he “got shot” on December 21st. With the “v  a c  c  i ne,” that is. Allegedly, a lethal v ac  c  ine.) Anyway, a certain M  S  M anchorman said:  “No way is this the same guy.” And if that isn’t bludgeoning people over the heads and yelling “WAKE UP!”, I don’t know what is.

Tralfaz: Goldimouse Hammer Bash

Also, they seem to be prepping the stage for p  r  in  ce  h a  r  r  y to need the number for the Suicide Hotline really soon. (According to a post by D*n Sc*  vino late last night.) (If ha  r  r y isn’t already “gone”, that is.) (And O  p r  a h is absolutely wearing an ankle bracelet these days, gang.  Signaling that no way is she willing to get chipped… she’s got places to go and people to see! For now.)

And D*n Sc*  vino also posted footage on Saturday regarding “the precipice.” If you are a [17] follower, you know what the precipice means: It won’t be fun, but it’s still a good sign that we are all on course.

Okay. Well, both Michael J  a  co and Monkey W*rx assure us that there was no way Tr*** was in Switzerland last week. And since Monkey W*rx, in particular, follows m* l i tary flight patterns (see below), I am forced to believe him!!

Other than that, though, below are some of the podcasts I really enjoyed. (I also saw some seriously intense, sad stuff, but I’ll let you roam the wild Internet frontier and find that stuff yourselves, gang, because it can get truly depressing — the evil men do, ad infinitum.

So. I’m going back to bed for a bit. Have a super Monday, wherever you are in the world. I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning, a song that every so often saves my life. Tom Petty, “Wildflowers” (1994). Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you, guys. See ya.


You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a boat out at sea
Sail away, kill off the hours
You belong somewhere you feel free

Run away, find you a lover
Go away somewhere all bright and new
I have seen no other
Who compares with you

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a boat out at sea
You belong with your love on your arm
You belong somewhere you feel free

Run away, go find a lover
Run away, let your heart be your guide
You deserve the deepest of cover
You belong in that home by and by

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong somewhere close to me
Far away from your trouble and worry
You belong somewhere you feel free
You belong somewhere you feel free

© 1994 Tom Petty


Below: A catch-up with M i chael J * co last night (38 mins):

Below: Monkey W *rx and the flight patterns (21 mins):

Below: This was awesome!! From Saturday. Roundtable with Pa* tri  ot Str  e e t fighter and Dave N * no Ro dr i guez (1 hr. 38 mins):

Below: Nicholas  V en i a min and Alan Fountain discuss exe c t u tions, timelines. (40 mins):

Below: X* 2 R * port (36 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port Chats with Sean St o ne (46 mins):

Getting to the Bottom of This Will Take You A Lifetime!

Happy Saturday, gang.

There was lots of news yesterday — mostly in the form of video podcasts. All of them are below. Most of them are truly uplifting, in terms of what is coming, not so much what is already here. So try to watch them.

As usual, though, some of the news articles are not so uplifting, but they are below for your info.

Also — two chats with g ene de code are below. If you are familiar with him, you know that a lot of what he talks about can really push the boundaries of what you have been taught to believe about reality.

In the chat with cir sten w, he mentions one of the many c  i  a projects (all called “conspiracy theories” if you look any of them up on w i ki ped ia) — Pr o ject B l ue beam.

All of the c i  a  projects are disturbing, folks. But this one is truly sinister:

Through PROJECT B LU E BE AM,   C  I  A,   N  S  A,   U  S  AF,   N  A  S  A, and their affiliates are sacrilegiously projecting sacred images into the sky to manipulate good people [i.e., mostly Catholics — Ed.].

PROJECT BL  UE BE  AM involves the projection of religious holographs, so that gullible people think that Jesus, or the Virgin Mary, looks down from the clouds.

(Below: this was actually done in Chile. It’s  c  i  a mind control.)

blue beam jesus clouds

Also thIs:

mary in clouds

“Look at the beam in the picture above, from Abidjan, on the Ivory Coast, which looks a lot like the directed energy weapon N  W  O used to burn down Notre Dame.”

[full web page is here: PROJECT BL U  E BE AM, UFOs, & N W O Check it out, folks. It will make your jaw drop.]


Horrible news re: eugenics and Black women:

Over 1,000 Female Prisoners In California Forcibly Sterilized Because ‘It’s Cheaper Than Welfare’

Kelli Dillon was given a 15-year prison sentence after killing her abusive husband in self-defense; while in prison, Dillon says she was lied to about a medical condition and was then forcibly sterilized without her knowledge or consent. […]

[…] In California, over 1,000 female prisoners were forcibly sterilized, most of them Black. Many of these women were falsely told they had cervical cancer or had hysterectomies unknowingly performed on them after they gave birth.

[full article here]

Update on the new kind of war, from Breaking Defense:

Northern Command is prototyping and testing a set of AI tools to support Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) implementation… Most importantly, the new artificial intelligence will instantly pull together all sorts of data to give commanders a clear picture of the battlefield, enabling good, fast decisions.

The command is leading a virtual exercise, called the Global Information Dominance Exercise (GIDE) 2, March 18-23 to test three “decision aids” that use  artificial intelligence/machine learning software to speed commanders’ ability to act […]

[full article is here]

In Turkey, garbage collectors rescued books from the trash and created a library for the public:

The library operates in the Çankaya district of Turkey’s capital, Ankara. The library was originally intended as a resource for workers and their families to enjoy, reports Matador Network, but after word of the project spread, members of the public began donating books to the literary venture.

[full article here]

Bad news for the fake climate catastrophe agenda — recent N A S A satellite photos show carbon dioxide is greening the Earth:

The latest Vegetation Index data from N A  S  A shows that the Earth is getting progressively “greener” and lusher over time.

The planet is 10 percent greener today than it was in 2000, N  A  S   A says, which means better conditions for growing crops. Forests are also expanding while deserts are becoming more fertile and usable for agriculture.

All in all, the global Vegetation Index rose from 0.0936 to 0.1029 between 2000 and 2021, a 9.94 percent increase.

[full article is here]

Research in Israel and France weigh in on the deaths caused by the P  f * zer  v  a  c  c  ine specifically (so it’s kind of odd that Israel seems to have a total v a c  c in e mandate  right now):

[According to] re-analysis of data provided by the Israeli Health Ministry concluded that P  f * zer and Bio  N  Tech’s messenger RNA (mRNA) gene therapy injections have already killed “about 40 times more (elderly) people than the disease itself would have killed” during a recent five-week vac cin at  ion period. […]

[…] Dr. Hervé Seligmann, a faculty member at Aix-Marseille University in France demonstrated using a full mathematical analysis … that the situation is even worse for younger people who are jabbed with P  f * zer’s  c  h  i n  a  virus injections. Among those under the age of 65, the v a  c  c  in e s killed 260 times more people than would have died from the virus itself.

[…] “This is to be compared to the 0.19 per 100,000 dying from C* VID  ^^ 19 (who) are not vac  ci  na  ted … Hence the death rate of this age group increased by 260 (times) during this five-week period of the vac  cin  at  ion process, as compared to their natural C* VID ^^ 19 death rate,” they added.

[full article is here]

Okay. That said… the videos below are really fascinating, in terms of the upcoming Quantum Financial System, a possible complete stock market crash (to make way for the QFS), the current mini ice age (aka Grand Solar Minimum — Ohio has another snow storm coming next week.) (This is not the weather warfare stuff; this is just the weather. As far as I know we have zero  Zim -holders here in Ohio — Zim -holders are allegedly what caused the snow &  ice attack on T X — these are people who are holding old Zimbabwe dollars and likely to become indescribably rich under the QFS.)

So check out some great intel, and also just some great chats with some really interesting people (U  S, U  K, S p ain) and enjoy, gang.

Things are better for me here today. So far, I haven’t needed any CBD yet, and we’ll see if I reach for the Pharma GABA.  I woke up this morning feeling sort of okay about my mom’s death. But you know, that emotional stuff is really unpredictable.  Be that as it may (!!), I’m going to try to get some non-mood-stabilized writing done here today. We shall see.

I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang.  I leave you with the song I listen to pretty much nonstop right now: “Balcony Man,” from CARNAGE (2021) by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis. Okay. I love you guys, See ya.


Below: Nicholas V  e n i a min and Ch * r lie W * rd discuss the upcoming Quantum Financial System (30 mins):

Below: Cir st en W and G ene de c ode: War in the DUMB tunnels 200 Special Forces killed in d **p St ^ te suicide; Tr ** p visits W  H; DUMBs destroyed equals 20 nonstop earthquakes in Iceland; Project B  l u e be a m (25 mins):

Below: Nicholas V en i a  m in and Gene d e  code discuss c p a c speech with  Tr **p codes.

Below: Mi ch ael Ja c o: Predicting a  complete stock market crash, more about the mini ice age upon us (Grand Solar Minimum); smoke from the  Wh ite Hou se lawn (25 mins):

Below: Space Hurricane – Plasma Anomaly Observed Over the North Pole. Awesome images of hurricane in space over the North Pole. (In German) (10 mins):

Below: Awesome intel chat between David N  i no R od ri guez and Michael J a  c  o (40 mins):


Below: And We Know. This was AWESOME! (37 mins):

Below: X * 2 R* port: Always awesome (40 mins):


Great Days, Indeed!

Okay, this was too awesome, folks.

It takes less than 2 minutes to watch. It made my morning and actually helped me get the fuck out of bed! With a smile, no less!

Iggy Pop reciting Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night,  the legendary poem about death vs. life, by  Dylan Thomas.

And yesterday, Cave Things had a new work of art available  for pre-order, but this one is a piece done in 1982 by the awesome Anita Lane!! A crucified Kewpie Doll!! (£100 plus shipping.) (Crystallizing that moment, I guess, when girls realize they’ve been duped. However, I for one, still enjoy the “doll” myth… I got no problem with it at all. ) (Barbie had her own Dream House, after all. And she lived there alone; answering to no one…)

All righty.

Nick Cave also sent out a Red Hand File this morning, explaining the inspiration behind his somewhat harrowing song “White Elephant” on the awesome new album, CARNAGE, by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis.  What he shares is surprisingly candid. You can read it here.


So there was nothing — overtly, anyway — happening in D C yesterday, after the M  S  M created all that hoopla surrounding gun-toting followers of [17].  (Seriously, the only thing  March 4 th is known for is being the original date  on which the pr e s i d ent s of the US were once in au ru rated. That doesn’t  sound like a reason to storm the c a p it ol yet again, does it??) (I’m, of course, pretending that we stormed it that other time.)

Okay, so. What really went on in D  C  yesterday is anyone’s guess. I say this only because ju an o s a vin was speaking to Michael J  a  co yesterday, from his hotel room in D   C…. hmmm. And hotel rooms there were going for that ridiculously high rate  (yesterday and through the coming weekend) due to some sort of booking of an “in au gu ral event.”

I put nothing past anybody ever, anymore.

I sit back, scroll through the headlines. Make mental notes. Listen to the podcasts. Make mental notes.  Then I share with you here the things that I believe are pointing to things that are important to keep our eyes on. And then the rest of it — we just wait and see.

So many hidden things are being revealed now (aka The Great Awakening); both the awesomely good and the truly horrible. Half-truths are being told through necessity; outright lies are being told through malice.  You have to trust your gut, and then wait and see where everything lands.


I’ve never known a time like this. Ever.  A lot of it is actually pretty exciting, but getting through this current insanity is sometimes just too mentally exhausting. (For instance, Cardi B’s truly pornographic hymn,  “WAP”, is the Song of the Year, but now Dr. Seuss’ books  and The Muppets are being banned by cancel culture…)

I have nothing whatsoever against pornography, but, um….

If you’re one of the people who thinks this makes some sort of sense, you might want to try decalcifying your pineal gland. (I’m not being sarcastic, either.)


So. Down below are some videos of interest from yesterday.  I’m still way into that grieving thing around here so I will cut this short. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

Okay, this doesn’t prove that our mother actually adopted two children, but it does show that she at least knew us!!


Below:  As promised, Michael J a  c o and J u an O S a  v  in (1 hr 30 mins):

Below: Quick update with P * triot Street fighter (30 mins):

Below: Awesome catch-up between Ch * r lie W * rd and Da vid N* no Rodriguez. Don’t miss it! (26 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7  8 News (31 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port Financial (17 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (42 mins):

Just Another Day In Infamy, Folks?

Three earthquakes in the world today over 7+ on the richter scale, with one in New Zealand at 8.1, with a tsunami heading for them. People are being evacuated.

P  u t  in declares that R us  s  ia is free from R  o tsch i ld -controlled U  S  Dollar.

Tr**p was in Switzerland yesterday, signing the NESARA/GESARA into motion.

Breathe.  Sit back. Watch. We shall see, gang.

Yes! Even the Orchestra is Beautiful, Gang…

I am still fluctuating among many emotions: disgust, rage, hopelessness, release, and physical exhaustion. So, in addition to CBD oil, I am now living on this:

Pharma Gaba 100mg by Natural Factors | Island Health Hut

This is a low dose of pure GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid. It helps increase the production of alpha brain waves to create “a profound sense of physical relaxation while maintaining mental focus” and it really WORKS.)

Most readers of this blog know that  my relationship with my now deceased adoptive mother was an extremely abusive one. And even though she disowned me 7 years ago, she remained abusive right up until her obituary  was published in her local paper (online), a couple of days ago. (For instance, her 2 cats scored a loving mention in her obituary, but not a single word about her having had 2 children, both of us still alive…)

I do honestly believe she is in a better place, a more loving place, and even a joyful place. She is finally released from her own nightmares. I really do believe that, and for that, I rejoice with her in spirit.

However, wading through the garbage that was left behind — including stuff my brother is dealing with now — is mentally exhausting.  But CBD and Pharma GABA are helping me to remain a functioning human being!!


And I already know I will come through this period of grieving as a truly free human being. At last. It’s what I’ve been waiting a lifetime for.

In Cleveland, 1965. Photo taken by our Grandma.


Lots going on, gang. It is getting INTENSE. And the most important thing  to remember is that this is, for the most part, a “show.” Which doesn’t mean there aren’t still some really dangerous players in the game. But we have basically already won, so try to just let the show play out.

And ignore any false flag disinfo you might here about anything going on today in   D  C regarding followers of [17].

C  ir  s t en W will be speaking with G  e ne  D e Co  de in about an hour. I will post it here as soon as she uploads it to Bitchute.

Michael J  a  c  o will be speaking with J u an O  S a  v in later today. I will post the video as soon as the live stream  is  over. Meanwhile, you can see his update from yesterday. He is now back on Y  ** t * b* (until they ban him again) (16 mins):

Yesterday, S e  a n  S  t   o  ne talked with J u an O  S a  vin. Very sobering.  You can listen here (1 hr):

Cir st en W, the P* tri o t S t ree t f ighter, and Dave Sc a r l ett from Monday. Great intel, gang. Don’t miss it. (1 hr 28 mins):

P * tr  iot  S tr ee t f i ghter chats with Mel  K. Great intel (1 hr. 13 mins):

R* d  P * l l 7 8 News  (38 mins):

X * 2 R * port ( 46 mins):

Just A Quick Hello

Things are good, gang. I’m really in a good space. I felt my mom’s spirit visit me yesterday, and there was just so much love there, so much joy. It was quite affirming. She’s in a good place at last. And I do feel like emotionally I am heading out on a whole new path.

But I’m still kind of needing a ton of sleep to process everything.

I just wanted to quickly let you know this came in from R  o  b er t  D  a v id S t **le last night:

“..there is a little shareable news on the Tr** p front.

“All signs remain positive. His CPAC speech was in my view trolling.
“He will not run for President in 2024, he is President NOW and has work to do. 
“We are on the verge of what Ju  a  n  O. S a  vin has said is a necessary “Near Death Experience” at which point the public will demand the military do its duty and the military will do so. We are on the last lap.”
I wanted to share that with all of you in case something truly scary suddenly looms large for us and the military “needs to be called in.”  It will be part of the plan to wake any A m er i cans up who are still sleeping…. The m * li tary has actually been in control since around Jan.18th. (?)
So don’t be alarmed. Whatever it ends up being, sit back and let it play out.
Sc  o tt Mc Kay had great intel over the weekend. If you weren’t able to catch his P * tr iot  S t reet fighter roundtable on Friday, he shared the intel again in a very brief video with c ir st en w Sunday night.  Cirsten had internet problems throughout, but Sc ott’s feed was perfectly fine:

Okay. Below are the other videos of interest. Thanks for visiting, gang. I should be back to “normal” (whatever that is) sometime this week. Meanwhile, I love you guys. See ya.


Below: And We Know (38 mins):

Below: P * triot Street fighter Tipping Point on Revolution Ra dio (2 hrs. )

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 News ( 35 mins):

Below: the truth about human tr  a  f f  ic king with Ch * rlie W * rd and Mel K (38 mins):

Below: X 8* 2 R * port Financial (18 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (46 mins):

Stuff To Stay Caught Up On

I really want to thank everyone for their kind condolences. I really appreciate it.

I’m just stopping in to post some videos so that we don’t fall behind.

CPAC is happening in Florida this weekend, so there aren’t a ton of videos this weekend, anyway. And Tr ***p is set to speak at CPAC today.

Below: From Friday. Important information re:  w  h  o  and b  i  l  l g a tes, the U  N, and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s progress with the lawsuit in Germany. This is in German and English (42 mins):

Below: C h * r lie W * rd and Nicholas V e n i a min. Weekly update (19 mins):

Below: P * tr i ot S t reet fighter roundtable with Ian We nd t and David Nino  Ro d r igu ez. For the first 45 mins they talk ALOT about m*sks… but there is some great intel after the 45 minute-mark. (1hr. 42 mins):

Below: And We Know (40 mins). Some strong good news from CPAC:

Below: Important but extremely difficult to watch. The d  e  e  p  s  t a t e, A d r e no chrom e and the r itual sat  antic abuse, r*pe,  and mur  der of the c  h  i  l d r   en. Christian P* tr i ot News This is a pro- [17]-related channel.  (35 mins):

A Clear Blue Morning!

Spring is most definitely on its way around here, gang.

Yes, even though it’s still February, and they’re still expecting one or two nights this coming week to get down into the ‘teens Fahrenheit, the snow is 99% gone, I can turn the thermostat down a little bit,  that sky has that early “spring” blue color. The birds are singing in the mornings!! And it gets light out earlier and stays light out later — hey, that sounds like Spring to me!!

I finished the new short story yesterday, “Alter/Soldier” —  a gay-male erotic science fiction story. I am happy with it, although it kind of took me all day to tweak it into the shape I felt comfortable signing-off on. Then late last evening, I sent it off to the kind folks in Sweden. Hopefully, they’ll buy it. We shall soon see!!

And, wow, gang — Nick Cave & Warren Ellis dropped all the songs from the upcoming album CARNAGE onto You Tube yesterday.  What a beautiful album!! I love every single song on it. And when I started thinking, “Oh, this song is my favorite,” I’d play the next one and realize I liked it just as much. I simply love every song on it.

In my opinion, it is just a truly joyful album. Even though some of the songs could be considered sad, the imagery is just so beautiful and the music so stunning, that I just felt really really joyful from it all day long. Every moment that I wasn’t sitting at my desk, focusing on the short story, I was playing those songs, over and over and over.

Okay. So let me explain that the news is still “bad.” The fake c  on  g r e  ss  continues to do inexplicably deranged shit. And actual people are still dying — from fake  v  a  c  c  in  es, bombs, gunfire, suicide. But, people, I can absolutely see that brighter days are almost here.

I can see it.  And it’s exciting.

This week was a week I was really dreading, for a while now, because I knew that it would be the week that would absolutely break my bank completely; that there would be no way to stretch my money any further and that for the first time since the fake p an d emic began, I would not be able to pay all my bills.

Wednesday was a really rough day for me because I seriously do not react well to not being able to pay my bills (either on time or, in this case, at all).  And it was kind of terrifying, since I live alone now, but it finally came. Three days in a row – bing, bang, boom— I couldn’t pay the bills that came due. I had two bucks, and my credit cards were essentially tapped out.

And the car was just about out of gas, too.  And even though I debated and debated — don’t want to push that final credit card over its limit —  the facts are that I need gas in my car. I have a non-writing job right now that’s sort of keeping me afloat and it’s 25 miles away. And if I can’t get there, then I’m really fucked. So Wednesday evening, I broke down and filled the gas tank and, immediately, the credit card company alerted my cell phone that I was over my limit… that I needed to make a payment right away

Well, yes, I probably do need to do that, but I’ve got 2 dollars to last me until Saturday. So. Well.

So Wednesday was not fun. But you know that feeling when something you’re dreading finally comes, you hit bottom in some way, and then a sort of euphoria picks you back up and sets you on your feet and you start all over again?

One thing I know how to do pretty well is start all over from square one.

And sure enough, suddenly, yesterday I woke up in great spirits and it really just felt like everything had turned around — in a spiritual sense. I know that amazing days are on their way, gang, and all this current insanity is just about over.

And if some Americans are still steadfastly refusing to take the red pill —

Illustration of a Kid Boy Toddler with Closed Arms and Refusing to Eat  Stock Photo - Alamy

— there’s nothing more I can really say, right? I would rather focus on news that is tracking what’s coming. Because, even though we have all these atrocities that were done to the children that we will have to deal with somehow (and their families and the unbearable nightmares they’re enduring, and the soldiers who are suffering psychologically because of what they found when they found the children) — we have to find ways to repair all of that somehow.

Still, there are good things that have also been hidden from us, which are now being revealed — and it is mind-blowing and uplifting and empowering for all of us.

So I am trying to focus on that (and podcasts about that) whenever possible. For instance, NESARA/GESARA; the massive funding for humanitarian projects; the quantum Med Beds; Space Force and the truth about what’s really been happening in space all these years…

Quantum leap, indeed.

Okay. I actually overslept two hours last night (!!), I didn’t open my eyes until nearly 5am. So I’m gonna scoot and and get the day underway here.

Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world! I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning —

The awesome Dolly Parton from the days of my wee bonny teenage-girlhood, just before she went “Hollywood,” and was still just Dolly… I saw her at the Ohio State Fair the summer this album came out and I kid you not, it was just her and her guitar, sometimes a banjo; she played for about 90 minutes, it was a sold-out crowd and she blew everyone the fuck away. All right, enjoy, gang. Seriously. I love you guys. See ya.

Light of A Clear Blue Morning

It’s been a long dark night
And I’ve been a-waiting for the morning
It’s been a long hard fight
But I see a brand new day dawning
I’ve been looking for the sunshine
You know I ain’t seen it in so long
But everything’s gonna work out just fine
And everything’s gonna be all right
That’s been all wrong

‘Cause I can see the light of a clear blue morning
I can see the light of a brand new day
I can see the light of a clear blue morning
Oh and everything’s gonna be all right
It’s gonna be okay

It’s been a long long time
Since I’ve known the taste of freedom
And those clinging vines
That had me bound, well I don’t need ’em
I’ve been like a captured eagle
You know an eagle is born to fly
Now that I have won my freedom
Like an eagle, I am eager to fly

‘Cause I can see the light of a clear blue morning
I can see the light of a brand new day
I can see the light of a clear blue morning
Oh and everything’s gonna be all right
It’s gonna be okay

I can see the light of a clear blue morning
I can see the light of a brand new day
I can see the light of a clear blue morning
Oh and everything’s gonna be all right
Everything’s gonna be all right
Everything’s gonna be all right
It’s gonna be okay

© 1977 Dolly Parton


Below:  R* d P * ll 7  8 News (25 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port Financial (18 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * Port (39 mins):


Glory Hallelujah, Gang! Let’s Take A Moment to Praise the Plantation!!

Be a dot connector, gang…

This shit just never, ever stops. (See the video directly below with CW and BLG.) (Hey, who’s really driving your car?)

Botched… (for now)

Tiger Woods

Not botched… 

Kobe Bryant (1978-2020) •


Black Panther' star Chadwick Boseman dies at 43 | Entertainment |  readingeagle.com


Nipsey Hussle - IMDb


Sam Cooke | Biography, Music, & Facts | Britannica


The Ideology War Over Malcolm X-Civil Rights Icon or Revolutionary  Nationalist Leader? | iMWiL!

Watch out…you’re next:

Kanye West - Albums, Songs & Age - Biography

(If you aren’t familiar with BLG, he is the champion dot connector with great intel.)

Below: CW and BLG. At the 30-minute mark, the interview begins. Please listen. (1hr 25 mins)

And remember, people, bl ack li ves ACTUALLY DO matter…

As for some good news

The Fed er al R e s  e r ve had a blackout yesterday! Banks were shut down, coast to coast. Wow, what on Earth could be happening with that, gang?? Probably nothing whatsoever to do with all those bigwig m * l i tary aircraft landing in R  e  n  o  NV where the new U S  t r e a sury is allegedly located, and the alleged start of the N E S  A  R A  rollout… (see the P * tri o t S t r eet fi ghter video below.)

And speaking of the P * tri o t S t r eet fi ghter…

His video from yesterday also goes into great detail about his upcoming project involving the U S  N a  v  y  S E A L S.

This is a project dear to my heart, folks. As most of you know, my biological dad was a Navy  S E A L in Vietnam. He died in February 1999 from cancer related to his exposure to Agent Orange.

His death aside, he suffered from the same things  that the P * tri o t S t r eet fi ghter talks about in his video yesterday, even though my dad was involved in a totally different war.

But after they don’t need you anymore, what does a man do who was defined as a Special Forces killing machine? A man who was highly decorated with medals? In a war that the U S lost, so no one has any use for you at all?

My favorite photo of my dad, Midway Island, 1973 


Give all your medals away. Then copious amounts of drugs, booze, depression; then holding a pistol to your own head, under the stars in the desert of Fallon , NV.

Luckily, he was too drunk to hit his target (his brain); all he did was blew his glasses right off his face. But according to the P * tri o t S t r eet fi ghter, a whole lot of Navy S E A L S right now are succeeding in killing themselves. They are broken men. This has to stop, gang. It really does. We need them now, more than ever.

Below:  P * tri o t S t r eet fi ghter, The Fed shuts down; SE A LS on deck (56 mins):

Okay. So. Today I am finishing the new short story I’m working on and then  sending it off to the kind folks in Sweden!

I’m only a month late. Although I did write and alert them several weeks ago that we had a c o u p d ‘ e t at here that was taking up all my time. They were very understanding about it…

I’m feeling lots better than I felt yesterday. In fact, I’m feeling kinda on top of the world — energy-wise.  And I’ll tell you, when I get a day wherein I feel really happy and really hopeful, it is a blessing like no other.  So I’m gonna make the most of it.

I hope you guys are feeling hopeful, too, wherever you are in the world. The best is truly yet to come, people, and it is on the horizon now. It really is. Maybe a couple more months, but maybe not even that long. We have to simply wait and see.

But it is coming.

Okay. I’m gonna scoot and get back to the short story. Thanks for visiting, gang. I seriously love you guys. See ya!

Meanwhile– BRAND NEW from Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, “Shattered Ground,” from the upcoming CARNAGE album. So beautiful!! I’m speechless.


Below: Accordin’ To Jordan: News (28 mins):

Below: R * d P * ll 7 8 News: (32 mins)

Below: And We Know (33 mins):

Below: X * @ R * port: (41 mins):

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