Here We Go, Gang!

I’m going to try to be brief here today because I’m getting kind of a late start.

As predicted, yesterday was quite an intense news day, from start to finish. (And by “finish” I mean that, when I awoke at 3am, I had no less than 200 new news posts on my phone from W e t h e M e dia over on T e l e g r am.


So, I’m guessing we all know that the  f   b   i  has now arrested about 100 people who participated in the c  a  p  i  t  o  l riot, and the main two in the news are a  n  t  *  f  a / b   l   m  guys.  The paltry charges against j  s  yesterday make it seem like they will offer him a plea deal to sing about who was funding it.

We shall see.

Then the top m  s –  1  3 leaders were also arrested and charged with t*rror*sm.

An MIT professor was charged with working with the c  h   * n * s  e. Ditto,  a  top guy at NASA.

Tr** p pardoned more people yesterday, too. A ton of them.

It was announced that either today or Monday, he will declassify O b * m* gate and unleash that hideous truth on the world.

He signed a new E  O  re: anyone with assets in c  h   * n * s  e companies that benefit the c  *  p military, cannot sell any of it. This means that the B*  den crime family and likely Fancy-Nan and many other upstanding pillars of p*triot ism in our c*  n gr * ss, are seriously stuck, financially — to the tune of millions and millions of dollars, gang.

Another un der c over video yesterday from the kind folks at P  r  o  je c  t  V  er  *  tas exposes j* ack at tw * tt er.

Merkel stepping down.

Italy falling apart.

Belgium up in flames.

And yet  r  u  s  s  i  a announces it is following suit with the U S  exit from the open skies t  r  e  a  t  y, and establishing a program of unarmed surveillance flights over participating territory. (Sort of a follow-up to that very interesting stuff g  o  r  b  a  chev said in that short news video I posted the other day.)

The Mayor of c h  i c  a  g  o has also decided that l* ck d*wns should probably be done away with immediately.  Bars ands restaurants must open.  Are you keeping track of how fast this is turning? (Did you feel that rush of wind? That was the fake p* n d* m*c rushing past you and right out the door…)

Now, if only someone could tell the  u   k   & f  r  a  n  c  e that the plans have changed…

There might be a pardon of j  u  l  i   a n a  s  s  a n   g e this weekend. We shall see.

R   *  ger St * ne’s wife was horribly beaten up yesterday by lef t i st s while walking her dog in her own neighborhood. She’s in the hospital.

More armed t r ** ps arrive in D   C   and they’ve put miles of barbed wire atop that wall they’ve built around the c  a  p  i t  o l for that “virtual” in  a u gur a tion…

Are you keeping track of that one, too? A curfew; almost everyone in D  C   sent home from work now; 21,000 armed tr** ps so far, with more arriving; a wall (fence) around the c  a  p  i  t  o  l now and now barbed wire on top of that. All for a virtual in  a  u  g  u r  a  t  i  on for a p  r  e  s  * dent – el * ct who supposedly got more v* tes than JFK and O b * m * combined. The most popular guy, ever.  Why all this?

People seem to think 2 things: a.) B * den and everyone else who allegedly committed high  t  r  e  a  s  on will be ar r est ed on that day, at the c a  p  i t  o l, and all these tr** p s and walls and barbed wire are to keep them from getting away; or b.) Tr ** p will be in  a u gu r at ed that day  as the legal winner of the e l * c t *on and the tr ** ps , etc, are to keep paid ri o t ers from killing him… (Because, he actually is the most popular pr  e  s * d ent, ever.)

It is so weird to be an American right now, gang. The entire world now knows the e l * c t * on here was rigged, and that places like g e r  m a  n y, i  t  aly, s  p  a  in, i  r  * n, c  h  *  na , r   u  s  * a, had some sort of participation in watching the v* tes get switched. And yet, there is still this swath of Americans, some of whom I consider friends although I don’t think they think of me as a friend anymore, they are still under that p  r  o  j  e  c  t  m o  ck ing  b i  r d mind control of main strea m m* dia.

They are buying it, hook, line and sinker, as the saying goes. Which is where riots, outrage, anger are likely to come from (in addition to paid r *  o ters, that is).

Everyone quotes this nowadays, but I think it’s true:

It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." Mark Twain [1280x1024] : QuotesPorn

And…. v p – el * ct, k * m* l* h  a   r   r   i   s, still has yet to resign her s e na  t e seat. Weird, right? The deadline to do that was the 14th, although some have gone as long as the 16th to do it so I guess we shall see.  Still, for someone who has allegedly been the v p – el * ct  for well over 2 months now… hmmmm.

All right, well, God only knows what kind of news will spring up today. It just doesn’t quit now, folks. It is all coming fast and furious.

Now this is not news, just something I find curious and have been thinking about.  (Again, I stress this is not actual news; I saw it discussed on a web site yesterday, though.) How strange it was that B* den had that ankle boot recently, because of a hairline fracture in his foot (that he supposedly got while playing with his dog), and yet within a few days, he was walking just fine.

The ankle boot was on his right foot. And then the website showed  that, strangely, our beloved h  i  l ll a  r  y  had one of those, too, not all that long ago. Same ankle. And her beloved daughter had the very same thing… same ankle.

The website claimed these ankle boots are to hide those electronic ankle bracelets that keep track of criminals, and that once the ankle boots disappear, it means that the criminal has opted to get chipped instead of wearing the highly visible ankle bracelet indefinitely.

Just very odd, isn’t it?

We still have something like 222,000 sealed indictments waiting to be unsealed — and after o b * m* ga te gets declassified either today or Monday, all the shit will hit the fan over h  i  l  l  a  r  y ‘s em ail s and t  r  e  a  s  o  n  , and how the whole “get tr ** p” ball got rolling from there and simply never ever stopped. To this day. (She is now calling for all of us to be put in prison and deleted from the world, basically.) (Have you seen any of those videos she’s put out? She looks like a deranged little old lady now.)

New topic…

The great news is that Marianne Faithfull and Warren Ellis have announced a new album coming in April!! She Walks in Beauty. I can’t wait!! I really, really loved their last collaboration, Negative Capability.

Okay, I gotta scoot. I’m running late. Thanks of visiting, gang. For some reason, I can not imbed any of Keyboard Operators videos from last night — he had three. You can find him here on r u m b l e dot com. I love you guys. See ya!

Below: R * d P *l l 7 8 news update (30 mins):

Below: This interview will completely break your heart. “…we are seeing forced televised confessions, a mass surveillance state, the killing of F*  l * n G *  ng practitioners for their organs, and what many are calling a g e  n  o  c  i  d  e  of the u y g  h  u  r people. 83 global brands, including major U  S  companies, are tied to  u y g  h  u  r forced labor in  c  h  *  n *.  Over in  h  * n  g  k *  n  g, 53 pro-d *  moc rac  y ac tiv  ists, lawmakers, and lawyers were arr *  sted on Jan 6 under the draconian national security law. Despite all this, the  e  u   recently announced a major trade deal with  c  h  *  n *. “

Below:  ” […] The bribes, blackmail, treason and sedition are about to come out. The clock is now ticking down and Tr ** p will strike when the time is right. What happens at the end of a sting operation, arrest. During a sting op, those involved believe they are getting away with the crime, until the very end when they find out that is all over. ” (40 mins.)

Below:  Financial (short)

Wait, Did I Say That?

Put on your parkas, gang, and your wool hats and mittens!! Because we’re gonna go visit Hell today and see what it looks like when it’s frozen over!!

Yes, that’s right: Even that Tr**p-hating bastion of  the c  i  a  ‘s P  r  o  j  e  c  t  M  o ck in g B  ird — aka c  n  n  — says the rush to i  m  p  e  a  c  h Tr***p a second time was likely a little hasty since:

“Investigators believe the riot at the  C a  p  i  t  o  l  was planned and not inspired by P  r  e  s  i  d  e  n   t   D  o  n  a  l   d   Tr *** p.”

Oooh. How weird.

Also, according to the X * 2 R * p * rt from last evening, the N  Y   Times also stated yesterday that the C*  VID virus is likely to simply disappear and prove to be “just an infection, like the common cold.”

You know, aside from the very real fact that both of these outlets (and just about every single other mainstream outlet, except maybe the N  Y  P * st) have caused this country a lot of damage by knowingly feeding the country f  a  l  s  e information and refusing to report the actual n  e  w   s (for years now), I absolutely had to laugh when I saw that c  n  n  piece this morning.

Combine that with the dictator‘s backpedal on l * ck d* wns the other day (that they aren’t any good for N  Y’s economy, after 10 months of his relentlessly hammering N  Y’s small businesses), and now these new items today — well, clearly the winds of change are upon us.

And not all of it seems to be based on this idea that B *  den is going to actually get into the W  H. Something sort of resembling “rational thinking” seems to be going on, but how it got past the c* n sor s is a mystery. But I guarantee you — it was not by accident.

And to continue to maintain that nearly 20,000 armed tr ** ps will be occupying D   C  by Saturday (there are already about 10,000 of them there now, and curfews are in place), when B * d e n is having a virtual in a u g u r a t i o n,  is just super, super weird, gang. (They are saying the troops are there because they expect rioting re: B *  d  e  n’s in au gura   tion — personally, I don’t see that happening, unless the 20,000 armed tr ** ps are there to ensure that the 10 people who voted for B * den have the city to themselves…)

Anyway. Obviously, something is up.  (L*n W**d, unfortunately, is predicting we will be at war with c  h  *  n * by the weekend. I did see that some sort of huge explosion happened in c  h  *  n * last night ; one dead, many injured. But I have no clue if anything is related.)

Also —  b*g t*ch  is now going after ALL  s * c * i l m e  d  i  a hubs that attract Tr **p supporters: now g  a  b  is being threatened to be pulled; a  p p l * is set to pull the t  e l  e  gr  am app from phones (which I am new to but now I absolutely love it). Of course, p  a  r  l  e  r was already pulled ( lawsuits underway, though).   And podcasters are having their p a  t  r  e  on and p *y pal accounts  canceled, so that they can no longer accept donations or membership payments.

If you were raised during that version of America when they actually taught you stuff in school, you will recognize all this silencing and canceling and falsely accusing and freezing of income as something the S * c*a list total a t ar ian ist re gimes have always exceled at.

And for people who were raised in the newer version of American public education — well, I’m thinking we should make it mandatory for people who think that S * c * a lism is viable, to go live under a S * c * a lis t dictator for, like, 3 years, before they can come back to the U  S  and run for any public office on the  S * c * a lis t ticket.

If they live through that and still think that S * c * a lism is viable for Americans, well, at least we’ll be able to see clearly that they’re out of their minds and we won’t accidentally vote for them…

Okay. Anyway.  T  X  makes the first arrest in the e l * c t * on fr* u d.  It happened yesterday. The woman is now in jail and charged with four felonies.  Her arrest was made possible by the kind under cover videos brought to us by P  r  o  j  e  c  t  v* ri  t  as.

A J* dge in M  I  is demanding the Sec of S t a te there to “release all coomunications with D * m * n * * n, F  B, A  pp  ll  e, A m a z *n, and g ** gl*.” (In connection with the e l * c t * on fr*ud there.)

(Yes, there’s still this great big e l * c t * on fr * ud hanging over us, gang. Which makes me wonder if B* den’s virtual in augur a tion will require us to wear Virtual Reality goggles in order to actually “see” it…)

(Methinks that many high profile folks in M I could be decorating personal c  e  l  l  s  at G*tm * soon. I guess we’ll find out.) (BTW: Visit this web site on a vpn, gang. It is awesome. Use judgment, though.)

On a serious note — don’t forget to err on the side of caution this weekend: stay close to home; do NOT attend ANY ra ll ies in St * te Cap it *ls; have extra food and water on hand and fill up your gas tank; expect maybe a power outage if you’re in a bigger city. Have cash on hand in case ATMs have no power. Just be prepared.

All righty. Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File this morning! He eloquently explains how he knows when he has written something worthwhile and what his songwriting process is. He also quotes the Bible regarding Mary Magdalene and Jesus — 2 of my favorite people ( 3, if you count Nick Cave). (And btw — my birthday and the Feast of Mary Magdalene fall on the same day: July 22nd. Coincidence? I think not!!) You can read his Red Hand File from today here.

From the Red Hand File 1/14/21

All right. I’m gonna scoot. I’m expecting today to be another exhausting news day.  Plus I want to make another pot of soup!

Thanks for visiting, gang. Remember to resist the Kool-Aid at all costs.  I love you guys. See ya!

Below: Listen to this, please. It’s 1 minute. (He suggests what everyone else on Earth knows: that Fancy-nan was in on the ri *t at the C  a  p  i  t  o  l):

Okay, for some reason, I’m no longer allowed to link the actual video from R*d P*ll 7 8 news. I can link you to the page, but you will need to go there yourself.  They are always really informative, gang. They are on r  u  m  b  l  e dot com, if you can’t catch them live on Dlive (or a couple of other live streams). And they last 30 mins.

Below: K O, from last night — jam-packed with amazing politics and military, as always (short).

Below: K O also from last night (short).

Below: The P  r  e  s  i  d  e  n  t’s speech last evening, after the House im  p  e  a  ch  ment vote, and also warning about the upcoming violence expected nationwide this weekend.

Below: I loved this (40 mins.):

Below: “[…] people understand that the great re   set is not in their best interest. The next phase of the global economy will be decided.” (short)

Let’s Be Brief!!

First off — that news re: D* n B *n g*no and M * rk L * v*n and their podcasts possibly getting dropped — that was F  A  K  E news.  What a relief it was to hear that, gang. Honestly, that degree of potential c * n s * r sh *p was very distressing to me and I am truly relieved to know it is not true.

Okay. I’m hearing power outages now in W a  s  h  i  n g   t  o n  S tate and  P  o  r  t  l a  n  d   OR. Please stay close to home if you live there.

Also — PLEASE  DO NOT pay attention to the call-to- a  r  m  s  rallies at all 50 statehouse ca p i t a l s on Sunday Jan  1  7  th . Around noon.  this is a t  r a  p.  These are expected to be a n t * f * r  i  o  t s. Stay close to home on Sunday just to be safe.

A reminder: a  n t * fa are professional a n * r ch * sts. They are paid to fuck you up. And if you show up a  r  m  e  d , the f  b   i  will be on hand to arrest you, take your g u n s a w a y and classify you as a d o m e s t i c t * rr o r * st.  This is not a joke. This is a t  r   a   p.

I don’t own any g u n s but I believe in the C * n st * t * tion and it is the God- given right for all A  m e r i c a ns t o keep and bear a r m s to defend themselves. As long as A  m e r i c a n  s remain a r m e d it will always be that much harder to over  throw our C * n st * t * tion.

Also, just fyi if you are new here — I  am not a R*p u b l * can or a D e m * cr * t; I’m a C * n st * t * tion al ist.  Which means that everyone who is an A  m e r i c a n (and, frankly, everyone all over the world) has the God- given right to be f  r e   e.

A disturbing trend is bubbling up all over the east coast. And that is this idea of concentration c*  mp  s for followers of Tr **p.

First we saw it on N o v  4 th, when students at Harvard were calling for “enf * rced re-education c  * mp  s” for anyone who supported Tr *** p.

Then it was that insane bill proposed in the NYS Assembly the other day, calling for it to be legal for the State to decide if you were the potential carrier of a contagious disease so that they could essentially detain you as long as they wished and wherever they wished, and then force medical treatments on you, including potentially life- threatening  v * cc in e s.  It absolutely wreaked of r e l i g i o u s  and p o liti cal p  e  r  s  e  c  u  t  i on.

(And if you think “enlightenment c * mp s” and “enf * rced re-education c*  mp  s” are not concentration/ death c* mp s, ask the  u y g* r s and f  a  l  *  n  g  *  n   g , who are getting their or g* ns brutally harvested, among other atro  cities, how much they’re enjoying their enlightenment c * mp s…

And on that horrible topic: Yesterday, P  r  o  j  e  c  t  V * r * t as released another und * r cover video, this time of a mid-level attorney for p  b  s  (who got fired yesterday), saying that even if B * d e n wins the W  H, all Tr ***p supporters should have their children taken away from them and sent to re-education  c*  mp s.

He said many other horrific things. And even though I loved that show “Professor T” and even though “Endeavor” is my most  favorite TV show on Earth, I picked up the phone yesterday, after watching that video, and I cancelled my membership to p  b  s. I’ve been a supporter of p  b  s  since I was 18 years old — back in 1978.

That adds up to a lot of money given to a company that hires people who want to see us in con centration c* mp s.

And the reality is that many people are losing their jobs  right now — or their spouses and family members are losing their jobs — because they are known to support Tr ***p. Their b*  nk acc  ou  nts are being frozen. Their lives are being destroyed. Meanwhile, keeping to the c  i  a  m o ck in g bird plan, all of mainstream m* d * a is urging their Kool-Aid drinkers to believe that this is somehow a reasonable idea.

We’ve seen it all happen before.

If we don’t stay mindful, it all starts there. And leads here…

75 years after liberation, site of Auschwitz's concentration camps opens  doors to survivor families - Photos News , Firstpost
Gas chamber at A u s    c h    w i t z

All right, gang. Please just stay mindful for the next few days, stay aware of your surroundings if you live in a larger city that was involved in the r  * gg  ed e l * ec t * on in any way.  Keep in mind you could get a power outage. Stay close to home if at all possible. Avoid crowds!!

If you are feeling like panicking, hold the line. Distract yourself. The com man  der  of  the U  S  S p a  ce  F  o r  ce recommends watching the movie, Midway (2019 version), and take it to heart. By Saturday, they are estimating almost 20,000 ar  med tr  oo  ps in D  C . We will win this thing.

I’m gonna scoot now. Thanks for visiting, gang! I love you guys. See ya!

Below: K  O  update (short):

Below: K  O  update (short):

Below: R * d P * l l  7  8 daily news (30 mins):

Below: R * d P * ll 7  8   (1 hour):

Below: P a  n   i  c  in D   C:

Below: Small businesses are panicking:

Okay, Now THAT’S Funny!!

You know how C *  VID cases in Airstrip One are worse than ever, ever before;  it’s everywhere, everyone’s got it, stay away from each other, wear a m*sk, don’t talk, don’t take that v* cc ine until we tell you to or we will fine you $100,000; it’s just dire, dire, DIRE here, we must bankrupt you and your small business, it’s the ONLY way we will survive!!!

Oh My God, the Humanity!!!!

Hindenburg disaster - Wikipedia

Guess which dictator decided yesterday that l* ck d* wns are not really a good thing for the economy and no longer necessary…

And it seems that France is opening its borders again to the u  k  , even though all of the u  k and i r e l a nd have the worst outbreak imaginable of the most horribly contagious C * VID variant known to bats or to Man!! In fact, it’s more horribly contagious than anything we’ve simply ever, ever seen! ( And the only reason why you aren’t seeing mounds of horribly dead bodies everywhere in the streets is because we’re all dead inside our houses now and much too weak to kick any of the other dead bodies to the curb…)

(Or perhaps this is only an international attempt to make it easier for Nick Cave and Warren Ellis to be in the same studio together while finishing their new upcoming album, CARNAGE…)(We can only surmise because actual information is SUPER hard to get these days.)

Also, The Post Millennial is reporting this morning that Ontario will NOT have a curfew. Repeat. NOT. However, “stricter l* ck d* wn measures” and “more restrictions are coming…” (I guess Ontario is not as confident yet as the dictator is that B * den will actually be P r * s * d*nt and they are hedging their bets…)

I’m so serious, gang. Watch the whole fake p* n d* m*c simply fade away here in the next couple months.

On a more serious note, this was really horrifying, and this is what happens when Airstrip One defunds the p  d (and this is why I keep texting what few friends I have left in NYC to please stay close to home right now, yet some of them are now treating me like I’m out of my mind and giving me a wide berth. I guess they prefer to drink the Kool-Aid):

b  l  m -An t * fa Thugs Violently Attack Female Journalist in NYC – Police Stand by and Do Nothing

Since she’s Polish, they decided she was a N* zi… seriously. [full article here]

Oh — and here’s a REALLY funny one!!

New York State Bar Association Considers Expelling R* dy G  i u  l * ani For His Role in ‘Provoking Mob to St*rm U  S C  a   p  i   tol’

I’m curious what news they watch? Because everything I’ve been seeing shows the “riot” was staged by whoever is funding a n t * f a right now… But, oh wait!! No less than 70,000 people were purged from t w * tt er over the weekend! All those videos are getting harder and harder and HARDER to find, folks!!

[full article here]

And this video interview over at the Ep* ch T*mes was very interesting. Reminiscent of the videos that de-construct the staging of that woman who was shot or maybe not shot.. hmmm.

(Honestly people. If you  were hit in the neck with a bullet from a Glock .45 from not too far away, wouldn’t your throat sort of explode? At the very least, wouldn’t you start to bleed right away and not wait until your camera angle was ready?? Just wonderin’…)

Glock 45 1000 Round Review | 8541 TACTICAL

Okay, so. After going on and on and ON about the dire need to im  p e a ch Tr***p (articles did indeed get underway yesterday in c  * n gr * ss, that bastion of morality), and after going on and on and ON about #25 — why was Fancy- Nancy absent from work yesterday??? (Let’s not put on our party hats just yet, though; maybe she was simply at the hair salon…)

Also, in truly awful news — c * n gr * ss is now seeking to officially classify anyone who publicly supports Tr **p in any sort of march, gathering, peaceful protest, etc., as “domestic t e r r o r i s ts.”

I’m serious, gang.  Anyone out there construed as supporting Tr **p will be deemed a domestic t e r r o r i s t by the  f  b   i.  You will never be able to travel again.

In fact, many people have now lost their jobs, been ostracized by friends and family, and have been literally kicked off of airplanes — emergency landings were made to remove the people from the planes — if they were known to have  been in D   C   last Weds in support of Tr ***p.

ALSO– DO NOT attend any alleged “a r m e d rallies” for Tr **p at state house capitals.  This is an f  b   i  trap — they are looking to seize your g  u  n   A.

Gang, this is silencing at an extreme pace and at an extreme level. If you aren’t extremely outraged by all of this, you still have some Kool-Aid in your system. This is fucking A m e  r  i  c  a.

Okay. Watch the videos below to learn where we stand right now as far as the expectations for the coming week.

I have since learned that the in  s  u  r  r  e  c  t  i  o n  a  c  t might only be effecting D   C   right now, and it was also declared to be in a state of emergency yesterday by Tr ***P. 10,000 more troops are expected to be in D  C   by Saturday and the m *  y o  r is freaking the fuck out — trying to rescind all those permits she allowed for protesters. She’s walled herself  in. Could be a great big mess, right?

(Also, ch i e f of pd D  C  who just resigned, is now talking to reporters, saying that he asked c*  n  g  r  e  s  s for the N a t i o n al G u  a r d to be sent over when he saw that the protest at c a p i t o l was going to get v i o l e n t and they refused to call them in…) (The N a t i o n al G u a r d  didn’t show until 5 pm, long after everything was over.)

Okay.  I gotta scoot. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

Below:  things are in place for a D   C   take down (12 mins.)


Below: Gorbachev briefly was held captive during an attempted coup against him in the former Soviet Union. He knows who plotted the siege on the U  S   c  a   p   i   t  o  l. What he has to say about A  m  e  r  i  c  a  is good news.  (39 seconds, watch)

Below: K O update(12 mins)

Below: K O update. As predicted, other countries are coming out against s * c* al m * dia c * n sh * r ship occurring here in U  S (17 mins.) (Also: Ep* ch Times article here details world leader comments .)

Below: R * d P 8 LL 7  8 daily news update (30 mins.)

Below: “the biggest sting operation the world has ever seen. The D C  M *  yor is doing exactly what the p* triots want her to do. They are barricading D C and bringing in the N   G. Who controls the N  G? The clock is ticking down,  Fancy Nan pushes for i m  peach  ment, G O P shoots down #25. Hold the line p*  triots, false flag coming. No r* volution, no armed battle, clean and swift.” (30 mins)

Below (short): X * 2 R * p * rt financial update. [**] and D ** p  S t * t e  are not looking to improve the economy they are looking to destroy it.

Below: They are absolutely coming for you next. What D  B  went through over the weekend will absolutely chill you. This is at our door step.

Hallelujah & Hold On Tight, Gang!

Okay. All m* lit ary-related sources are indeed confirming that the  i  n  s   u  r   r  e c  t  i  o n a  c   t was indeed en  acted Saturday just after midnight. So I believe it’s true.

This means that the m i l i t a r y is now in control of America and that Tr ***p is c o m m a n d  e r in  c he if .

I’m hearing bl*ck  outs in Paris, Vatican, Berlin and P  a k  i s t a n — all confirmed.

I’m still hearing to expect bl *ck outs here in U  S  in coming week, including communications bl*ck outs.  Pay attention if you hear the e  m  er  g e n c en cy br  o a  d c  as  t s y st e m.

I’m hearing keep some cash on hand in case ATMs are affected by power outages. I’m hearing don’t travel too far from home in case you run out of gas and power outage affects the gas pump.

I’m also hearing this will be in key urban areas where the t  r  e  a  s  o  n  occurred, not necessarily nationwide.

Also, expect riots from ant *  f * and b  l  m. And please resist the temptation to drink the Kool-Aid. They are not fighting FOR you. They are professional, hired an* r chist ins ur gents. Their job is to totally f you up. Set fires, incite mobs, destroy buildings, and you, if you’re in the way. They are ARMED.

If you live in an area where the troops are armed and coming to town, they are on YOUR side.  This is not a take-over by an insane white supremacist dictator, as the m * d ia is trying to get you to believe.  Pass up the Kool-Aid for now and just drink water…

I know I overreact when it comes to people’s safety, but please stay closer to home right now.  Whether you live in U  S, e  u  , or u  k. I know that some of your g * v*r n ments are not on our side, but you as people, as readers, matter to me. You are likely also victims of rig ged e l * c t * ons and fake l * ck d * wns, as we are. Stay mindful. Stay away from open public spaces where crowds could quickly gather and riots could begin.

And remember, just to be safe: do NOT allow auto-software updates on your iPhones right now. And keep your alerts switched to the ON position.

Okay. The alternative s* cial m* dia hubs are insane now. P * r ler is indeed gone for now. Tens of thousands have been banned from tw *  tt * r (good news there, though, is that their stock is tanking and their employees are fleeing…)

But because of that mass exodus, trying to find people on the other hubs is getting tricky because the hubs are all getting overloaded and it can take forever to simply get on, let alone find anyone. I am on: g  a  b; clou t h u b; t e l e g r am;  b i t ch u t e; and I follow people on Dlive, and r  u m  b  l  e dot com. I am usually mjaye22 on all platforms. Sometimes, I’m marilynjayelewis, if I’m on there professionally. I’m not on any of these platforms to connect or to chat, though. I am always just looking to gather reliable news.

TONS of dis-info on all the hubs right now. So please keep that in mind. I do my best to get to the people who debunk stuff before posting here.

i.e. — I would resist the urge right now to believe anything you hear about the P  o  p  e. Whether it’s good or bad.  Just wait to see how it plays out.

Fancy-Nancy has apparently decided to postpone the im  pe a ch ment until next week but is now pushing hard for # 25. She is doing a top-notch job of acting like she is totally out of her fucking mind. (Of course, she’s had years to perfect it.)

Other than that, Tr **p has left the building in a big way. So we have to just sit tight, not get frightened by what we might see this week, keep the faith, stay close to home.


Last night, R *d P*ll 7 8 announced their own app. You can get it on your desktop at or in the app store as foxhole app.

If you’re a newsletter subscriber to Nick Cave’s Cave Things, they have a sale going on right now. Check your inbox for the special code. The truly sad news is that none of the Suck My Dick merchandise seems to be included in the sale… including this:

Load image into Gallery viewer, SUCK MY DICK HAND-KNITTED DOG JUMPER

And this:

Other than that, have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world.  I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from today! Thanks for visiting, gang!! I love you guys. See ya.

Below: From K O, more updates


Elvis has Left the Building!

I’m hearing that  Tr **p has left the W   H.

( Footage on we the me   d  i  a : Flag has been lowered there.)

Hearing that the i  n  s  u  r  r  e  c  t  i  o  n  a  c  t  has been signed. The military is now in charge. See Monkey Werx video.

I will keep you informed when I know more.

Also — Ant *  f * in full riot gear marching now in NYC. (Just a reason to stay home.)

Also, see newest K O video below this one.

Sunday Morning, 2.0

Okay, gang. The video from R*d P*ll 7  8 below is long (3 hours) but really informative. Listen to at least the first hour if you can.

Later tonight, there will be a new X *2 R* p*rt, which I’m guessing will be equally amazing, so go to r u m b l e d ot com and follow him directly and it won’t be delayed.. (Or: x  2  2  r  e  p  o  r  t  dot  c o m)

Since everything has dramatically shifted into some other phase — military intelligence, tribunals? What’s the best word?? I am now trying to focus only on what appears to be upcoming info.

And let me tell you, gang– it is full to the brim with DIS info, so please keep that in mind.

I am not focusing on the staged/rigged stuff that happened at the c  a  p  i t  o l, or the so c * a l m* dia blackouts that we knew were coming. I’m not focusing on the im p * a ch ment papers, because it’s a panic attack in action.

I am trying to focus on what’s coming that we need to keep an eye open for.

Potential blackout in main U S urban areas. Similar to P a k i st an and V a ti can, although I am hearing that those blackouts might not be confirmed. Also roads blocked in Rome while the V a  t i  c  an was blacked out. Don’t know if any of it was true. Anyway, prepare for a possible black out.  But it won’t last indefinitely.

(I’m almost thinking  — based on the wording of the warnings –that the blackouts will be caused here by us in order to cease communications temporarily and arrest people, but don’t quote me. I could be seriously wrong.)

What appears to indeed be true was the video I posted from Keyboard Operator a few days ago about R  o  m  e and L o n d on ( m i 6) and c  i  a   and Ob * m* using I t a l i an military satellite to switch the v  * tes here in US.

U   K  seems to not be our friend at all. Not in any way. However, I like them as people– and who didn’t love the Beatles?? — and hope this whole a c t of w a   r  on their part won’t be construed as a reason to go to any war. (I like Italians, too, for that matter.)

Also, at least 7K troops  appear to be patrolling D  C   right now…

Okay. The call is to join p  a  r  l  e  r dot c o m immediately — like, right now — before it gets blocked, which will happen later today. Sign up even on your web browser. Even though it will go dark for about one week. They need you!! It’s about freedom of sp  ee  ch and will help them in court. (?)

On p  a  r  l  e  r right now, L * n W** d is dropping more and more stuff:  “Shocking things will come to light in next 10-14 days.”

About a great deal of evidence coming to court involving government officials and elite wealthy people re: child sex t r a f f i c k ing and p* do ph * les, and also conclusive evidence of el * c t * on fraud, and tr e a s on against U  S.  Also, revelations about ” J* e B* den, Ob  *  m*, J* dg e R * berts, H* ll ary, P* losi, Ep S t * in, B*ll G  a  t  e  s, v  p  P * nc * and more”.


Pay attention to this because X *2 R * p* rt has been talking about this forever

L*n W **d is posting that Tr **p will be “ridding us of d eb tor-state status” and that there will be a bankruptcy and a fresh start with no income taxes.

This seems to be the main reason why all this chaos got underway in the first place — r * gg ed  el * ct * on, fake p* n d * m * c, get rid of Tr **p back in 2 0 1  6 no matter what, fake c  l  i  m  a  t  e accord, fake  w  h   o  , n  a  t  o  not pulling their financial share: e  u , u k,  s  o  r  o  s, ( and c h * n *) wanting to take down the  c  e  n  t  r  a  l  b  a  n  k  i  n  g system — crash the world’s economy — and put a fiat currency in place. Without the U S   participating, it can’t happen the way they want it to. Tr **p is determined to not allow it to happen here.

This is also why (I think)  it is suggested that you move your $ to a small local community bank or local credit union ASAP.

Okay. Have a good Sunday.  Play it LOUD and dance around! I love you guys. See ya.

Below: Try to listen to at least the first hour. It’s very important!

SOS, Baby! A Week from Hell is Coming!

This will be short but important.

Keyboard Operator posted again during the night that the laptop info from last evening was a false alarm. So let’s put our party hats away for now.

If you are on p  a  r  l  e  r  you no doubt already know that they are being attacked by the l  e  f  t  in a big way. Unbelievable c  *  n  s  *  r  s  h  *  p. You can no longer get the app on g  ** g  l  * and a  p  p  l  e is removing it next, if they haven’t already done so.

a  ma  z * n hosts their server and is preparing to remove them so good bye p  a  r  l  e  r  most likely. G  A  B  is overloaded but if you’re patient you can usually get on. C l o u t hub also an option.  I recently also joined we wake dot life but it’s conservative and Christian. Not everyone’s taste.

VERY important. From L * n W ** d:

a  p  p  l  e is allegedly planning to do an update to all i phones to turn off your emergency b  r  o  a  d  c  a s t system.

    • Immediately go into your settings
    • “general” 
    • software update
    • toggle automatic updates to OFF

Be prepared for a possible black out in U S. Already a Black out in P  a  k i st an. Black out at the V a t i can.

Also, here are some things I’ve done recently.  It could be helpful to you. I moved my $ to a very  small local bank. I got an encrypted email and got a vpn, Also switched to Brave as my browser and only use d*ck d*ck go to search. I c an ce led my f   b   and tw * t t * r accts.  I joined several alternative social m * dia hubs. And I only get my news from alternative outlets — about 7 different ones, with actual journalists, so that I can compare the news.

Latest from CDC btw — no known cases of that  virus” variant” here in the U  S… (I’m thinking it doesn’t really exist, regardless.)

Stay safe. Be prepared. Pray if you’re up for it… I will post more videos later once I get time to listen to all the podcasts.

Below: update from K O:

Here It Comes

All right. I’m flat-out exhausted, gang. I’ve been up since 3am, trying to get caught up with all the podcasts and postings.

P * r l e r was hard to get onto last evening, once Tr **p joined. the servers got overwhelmed. And now, of course, they’re threatening to take down P * r  ler completely.

Where Tr **p goes, extreme c * n sor sh * p follows.

G a b was overwhelmed, too. Millions of folks getting on there at once. Literally. G  a  b is scrambling to update their servers to handle the new traffic.

Why all this sudden influx at both places?

By now, you’ve heard that the s * c i al m * dia bl*ck out has begun. Yesterday,  tens of thousands of people got banned from  tw *  tter, t w * t ch,  Y * u T* b *,  f    b, in st * gr * m, sn * p c h * t. People’s monies are getting locked down at p * y p * l and str * pe. g  **  g l * is “fine-tuning” its search results. This way, you won’t have to worry about accidentally finding any sort of actual information that could upset you, assuming you are naive enough to search for the t  r  u  t  h.

Reichstag fire, Berlin 1933

A more sweeping c* mm uni ca tions bl*ck out is expected in the next 2 weeks. In the U  S   — On your cellphone, please keep all your g* vern ment a lerts switched to “ON”.

They are expecting that the emergency br  o  a d c a  s  t system could be the only way for  Tr **p to communicate. Expect mainstream m * d * a to continue to silence him.

Expect us to continue to find him.

They appear to be watching a really cool movie…

Which reminds me that national Popcorn Day ( Jan  19  th ) is expected to be a really exciting day. We’ll find out. Of course, we’ve already seen how the word ‘wild’ was off-the-charts wild. I’m guessing ‘exciting’ is going to bring, I don’t know, a fucking heart attack…

The better news is that many a n t * f * members have been arrested in D   C. And Cr*zy N * nc y’s lap t*p got stolen. (And I guess several other members of c* ngr * ss had theirs stolen, too.)

We can only guess which side stole them.  Two scenarios:

a.) a n t * f * did, which only means more pesky blackmail could be underway for those worn out c * ngr * ssi o nal pillars of d * m  o  c  r a  cy. How much blackmail can one person safely navigate without going completely bonkers and trying to take down an entire c   o   u   n   t   ry?


b.) we did, which probably means looking for p  r  o  o  f  of high tr  e  a   s  o  n…

Now there’s more (dis?) information that the cop didn’t really d i  e. Are you keeping score?

a.) woman wasn’t really s  h   o  t

b.) cop didn’t really  d  i  e

Yet, perhaps, they did? Still curious why the families of the slain are being s* lenc ed…

(This does not count the other people who apparently actually did die: one stroke (outside), one heart attack (outside), a woman trampled to death (inside building).)

Okay.  Please keep in mind that now the sources I use for gathering info, are now facing trouble getting info from their own sources. This is what a c* mm uni ca tions bl*ck out is all about.

But the good news is still that the good people of c * n gr * ss are panicking beyond believe and they still  want Tr**p and all of his supporters to be shot (and then im  p  e  a  c  h  e  d, for good measure). Why is this good news? Because they seem sort of g  u  i  l  t  y.  And Tr ** p is alive & well and apparently U  S  N a  v  a  l air cr*ft are allegedly off to Italy (I don’t think for a Roman Holiday. Something about a sworn a  f   f  i  d  a  v  i  t and interference in a U  S  e l * c t * on……)

Okay. Thanks for visiting. I need to collapse now. Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya.

“Genius of Love”

What you gonna do when you get out of jail?
I’m gonna have some fun
What do you consider fun?
Fun, natural fun

I’m in Heaven
With my boyfriend, my laughing boyfriend
There’s no beginning and there is no end
Time isn’t present in that dimension
You’ll take my arm
When we’re walkin’, rolling and rocking
It is one time I’m glad I’m not a man
Feels like I’m dreaming, but I’m not sleeping

I’m in Heaven
With the maven of funk mutation
Clinton’s musicians such as Bootsy Collins
Raise expectations to a new intention
No one can sing
Quite like Smokey, Smokey Robinson
Wailin’ and skankin’ to Bob Marley
Reggae’s expanding with Sly and Robbie

Oops! Your mama said uh
Oops! Your mama said uh
Oops! Your mama said uh
Oops! Your mama

All the weekend
Boyfriend was missing
I surely miss him
The way he’d hold me in his warm arms
We went insane when we took cocaine

Bohannon, Bohannon, Bohannon, Bohannon

Stepping in a rhythm to a Kurtis Blow
Who needs to think when your feet just go
With a hippie-the-hip and a hippie-the-hop
Who needs to think when your feet just go
“Bohannon, Bohannon, Bohannon, Bohannon”
Who needs to think when your feet just go
“Bohannon, Bohannon, Bohannon, Bohannon”
James Brown, James Brown
James Brown, James Brown

If you see him
Please remind him, unhappy boyfriend
Well he’s the genius of love
He’s got a greater depth of feeling
Well he’s the genius of love
He’s so deep

© 1981  Tina Weymouth, Steven Stanley, Adrian Belew, Chris Frantz


Below: “They’re coming for you next.”

“The crackdown on America’s civil liberties is here now.”


Below: Space Force Command Joins I  C  (short):

Below: New national s* c*al m* dia platforms coming (short):

Below: Imp* a ch m* nt narrative hits a snag (short) (please note: People in the photo below are not rioting… but how did so many people get so close to that building on such an important day?)

Below:  “Panic in D   C, G  i  a   n   t  V  o  i c  e, the purge has begun”:

Below: “The destruction of the economy has now moved forward.”

Below: More eye-witness accounts re: c  a  p  i  t  o  l:

P  a   r   l  e   r  being singled-out:

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire???

Okay. It’s just too much.

If you are not following l  l  i  n  w  o  o  d, on p a r l e r you must. He’s dropping all kinds of stuff now. You can’t even keep up with it.

    • v p P * nc *’s private email exchanges
    • A whole series of videos about blackmail and how and why it’s done and the history of it and how technology can now create absolutely fake people, etc.

You have to invest time in it, though. The video I recommend is over an hour long. The one about “Victoria’s Secret” and was Queen Victoria a lewd selfie-taker and did she get blackmailed over pornography? It leads to stuff about W * x n * r and Ep st * in’s island.

When you read all the posts together, one after another after another, a pattern emerges. And then he just dropped this one:

The shooting in the capitol was fake. The woman is alive and well. A false flag shooting

That link takes you to a video, where they deconstruct the actual video of her shooting and they explain why they believe it was all staged. Watch it and decide for yourself.

Actually, it is a little odd that no one was scrambling, screaming, panicking when the woman was shot and fell to the ground… they were basically all just filming it.

Actually, it is also even odder that her husband, child, parents, siblings, BFF’s, co-workers, former Air Force pals aren’t all over the news outlets everywhere demanding justice…

I’ve only seen one homemade flier taped to a telephone pole in DC saying the cops killed her…

Oh, and hey — how come the whole city isn’t up in arms, rioting, and demanding justice and smashing windows and torching stuff since “a cop” shot her, as they similarly did back in 2020 in a Midwestern state…

And it’s super odd that now b  l   m wants to publicly take credit for the riot. What’s that gonna do to the D *** P St * te ‘s narrative to pin all the chaos on Tr ***p?

And now, the police chief resigns!! (Funny, he didn’t resign when the whole city was burning last summer… to be fair, though: maybe he was on a lunch break, having sandwiches with the rest of the pd as the city went up in flames so he wasn’t aware of what was happening. He probably would’ve gotten right on it had he only known…)

(But to be serious — a police officer seems to have died from wounds he sustained in the riot. I’m unclear on the details, though. Maybe it was wounds he sustained when he wanted to say something that he knew about the riot. I have absolutely no idea.)

But too many Tr***p supporters immediately posted videos of how easy it was to get through those police “barricades” on the capital grounds… (I personally have already seen the videos too many times to count.)

The ease with which they gained access to what should have been the most tightest lockdowned-est building in the world on Wednesday,  made it look like the police actually wanted the Tr**p supporters  there… that’s odd.

Videos of police chatting out on the lawn with a n t * f * before the “riot”… not too odd, all things considered.

Jesus, gang.

I told you things were going to get off-the-charts insane the closer we get to Jan 2 0 th. And indeed, it is.

    • Out of control virus in c h * n* again.
    • Simultaneous l*ckd*wns and vaccine roll-outs, the world over. (Have you ever seen anything like that in history?  “Here, this will save you! Now, don’t leave your house and don’t talk to anyone!”)
    • And  perhaps more deaths looming now from the vaccine itself than we ever actually had from the virus since all sorts of other co-morbidities (including gun shot wounds and poisoning) came along with those virus deaths.

I really wonder if, some day, when the e u ‘s c e n t r a l b an k i n g system actually does completely implode and the world goes off onto some other god awful system — will we then find out just how many people actually did die from just the virus itself, with no co-morbidities?

Just curious — although, by then it won’t matter. But I digress.

So now the mainstream me*dia wars are just fucking insane here in the U S. About the riot, I mean. And their need to froth at the mouth about Tr ***p, when, all summer long, they mainly wanted to convince the entire population that those riots weren’t even happening. (And don’t go after those folks you see on video actually destroying stuff, because we need to make some real estate investments as soon as we can get those fires put out…)

You know, of course, that the weirdest thing of all is that, allegedly, Tr**p will step down in about 12 days… So why on Earth are the Dems scrambling, and I mean scrambling, to impeach him before then?

(They’re also demanding that Tr **p and all his supporters be shot. No joke. They want to shoot all of us. That’s something like 85 million rounds of ammunition, assuming we all sit still…)

Okay. I digress again!!

Why are they in such a panic to impeach him, if he’s stepping down in 12 days? They got their little c o u p d ‘ e t a t. They completed their crime — they held a f a k e e l* ct *on and got a f a k e Pr * s* dent  El * ct instated, what more could they need to be able to sleep better at night, and not need impeachments and mass shootings of something like 85 million people?

They are acting like they are fucking scared. Of something.

Like, something that could drop in the unceasing posts from L * n W ** d…

OR — perhaps the DNI report came out????? (See Keyboard Operator videos below!! Don’t miss them. Please. )

You know, gang. Last night, as I was lying in my unbelievably comfortable bed, little tea lights and my new incredibly awesome pink Himalayan salt lamp casting a soothing glow all over my room, and while I was listening to podcasts from Christian Patriot News and X *2 R* port, and Keyboard Operator, I was wondering about two things. 1.) How long am I gonna be in an empty bed while the man I love is sort of permanently unavailable; and 2.) just why did Tr **p tell everyone to come to D C on Wednesday?  (The day after another rigged el * ct * on, btw.)

Over and over, he insisted we come, that it was gonna be ‘wild,’ that things would be shown to us. (I didn’t go.)

Millions of supporters showed up, knowing full well that something violent would likely happen involving ant * f * and b   l   m, and everyone was told to document everything with their phones, their cameras, etc. (and they did).

He even releases an E O the day before, specifically about an t* f*  and terrorists not being allowed into the country. (I’m paraphrasing.)

But millions of supporters showed up and Tr **p spoke for a little over an hour, behind bullet proof glass. Then he told them to go with him to the capitol. (He didn’t go — he was evacuated out on a plane — but millions faithfully marched to the capitol, singing and praying together and in really great spirits.  Only to be the pawns in some rigged riot, where three actual people died from medical issues caused by the commotion, and one woman was either shot or faked herself getting shot.) And chaos took over.

And I mean, chaos. Absolute chaos.  This is within, like, one hour of Tr **p’s speech.  Then he issues a video speech, that is blocked by all mainstream social m * dia, telling everyone to remain peaceful and to just go home. All the millions of them. Go home now. We love you.

Honestly. I lay in my bed, in the peace of my glowing room, and I wondered what the hell was all that? Millions of people showed up to hear him speak for an hour and then he sends them into a rigged riot while he’s evacuated out and he tells them all to be peaceful and go back home.

(I know q theory — the declaration  to tell the insurgents to disperse, or however that actually goes.)

It seems clear that all these things combined are indeed the very things causing absolute panic on capitol hill…

Methinks that everything imaginable is all part of the trap.

Okay, gang. Thanks for visiting!! Have a terrific Friday, wherever you are in the world. I leave you with this, just because I love it so much!! Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, “Do You Love Me?” Yes, I do!! And I love you guys too. See ya!

Holy shit. It’s on.

It’s happening.

Impeach him now, otherwise we have to endure 12 more hellish days… (or 288 hours, whichever makes you feel more panicked)

Always inspiring and awesome!!

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