R.I.P. My Dear Freind

Long-time readers of this blog might recall that last year, my long-time friend who worked at NASA developed stomach cancer. We had been friends since we were 13. He decided to go the chemotherapy/radiation route, even though he was pretty certain it would end up killing him.

It did. Last night.

So I want to take it kind of easy here this morning before I have to head in to work.

It is a truly lovely morning here, so it is a perfect morning to just sit in peace for a while and remember him.

(As an aside, anyone who knows me from my girlhood, knows that I was absolutely in love with the Rolling Stones from the time I was 11. I think it’s curious that my mom died earlier this year, on Brian Jones’s birthday, and my friend died last night, on Mick Jagger’s birthday. Just interesting.)

Kent was so smart, so funny. So well-read. He was the one who first introduced me to writers like Ray Bradbury, Hunter S. Thompson, Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Robbins, Richard Brautigan — all when I was 14. In fact, he gave me this now legendary book of poems by Brautigan, which I never actually liked:


He was the first one to alert me to this weird new songwriter, Tom Waits, whom I ended up adoring.

We got along so well, even though we were so different from each other — he was an atheist, a pessimist, a scientist with a PhD in geology.

He was gay, lived alone in Houston, had cats, grew flowers, traveled the world in search of ancient rocks. He studied moon rocks at NASA.

He was fascinated by the process of radiation and chemotherapy, and liked to talk about it in detail, even though it made me sick to my stomach just to hear about it. He knew it was going to kill him, but the science of it still fascinated him.

They attempted to put him into hospice last night, but he only lived a couple hours after they transferred him there from the hospital.

I hesitate to tell him to Rest In Peace, because I would rather he just have a really great and wild time, wherever it is he’s gone to.

I will miss him. The last time he and I hung out together was a couple summers ago at the Granville Inn. He was in Ohio, visiting his family, before he knew he had cancer. We had a splendid evening.

And now I never even go to the inn anymore because they have absolutely ruined that place. After almost 100 years, the Leftists came in and are eviscerating its history. I wish I were kidding, or exaggerating.

Anyway. As you know, the news is extremely intense all over the world right now. Tarot by Janine had an encouraging take on it. Her video is below. St e w P e t ers had some very alarming news for Americans and that is also below, along with x 2 2 r e port and ch * rlie w * rd and mel k.

Have a beautiful day, gang, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

(I leave you with my all-time favorite Tom Waits song, “Jockey Full of Bourbon,” from his legendary album, Rain Dogs, 1984. Enjoy.)


Just Some Bits & Pieces

Not a whole lot has changed since yesterday, so this will be a short one.

The bad weather continues to rage in many parts of the world — and some of it is H A A R Ped, some of it is real.

Sad news out of Bad Neuen/ Ahtweiler, Germany. The corpses of 600 babies and children have washed up on to the shore there. They are all unidentified and will be laid out in a local gymnasium.

Sounds like they were washed out of a c a b a l tunnel, or dumped from a child tr a f f i ck ing cargo container? No one knows. But this is just so sad. If they were from a tunnel, then those babies had probably never seen the light of day and had been bred and born down there for the most horrific reasons.

Well, S i m on p * rkes announced this morning that all credit card interest rates will revert to 1% beginning on October 15th. Wish I had a credit card left that hadn’t already turned me over to collections… But still, it’s good news.

J * co discusses the upturn in the crypto market over the weekend and thinks d * ge is going to be the primary crypto when all this is finally over. He also says to just ignore all the conservatives now saying to get the v a x. It’s optics to ease the the impossible division between libs and cons over the fake v a x. “Just because cigarettes & drugs are available, doesn’t mean you need to smoke and take drugs…” (31 mins):

C D C is threatening more m* sk mandates for the v a xed… I guess to try to get them all angry enough to kill those of us who are refusing to get the jab….

Ni ch o las v en i amin thinks tr **p won’t be back until right after Christmas and that all this shit will basically just get worse and worse all through the Fall. I hope he’s totally wrong about that, but I guess we can only wait and see.

All the hardcore [17] post-ers are still saying to expect some sort of nuke scare here really soon. Maybe in connection with the A Z audits showing massive v * t er f r* ud and now all these other States moving forward with forensic a * dits… We’ll see.

Good Lion TV releases Selling Your Soul (16 mins). Disturbing as heck. Free for now on Y T:

Nick Cave sent out a sort of urgent Red Hand File this morning, to help a fan get through rehab. You can read it here.

And the X *2 R * port was very uplifting, encouraging. “M * li t ary only way for ward” (48 mins):

Okay, that’s it for this sunny & hot Monday morning. I leave you with the breakfast-listening music from today. The mega hit by the Traveling Wilburys, “Handle Me With Care”. Have a good one out there today, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

What is that Effing P*ng??!!

All righty. Happy Sunday!

I’m posting a little late because I posted so late yesterday that I was waiting for some new news…

The best news, of course, is that Tr **p’s speech in A Z last evening was off the charts. There is simply no way that this guy is not still the pre s of the U S. If you missed it, you can still see it on r u m ble here (2 hrs 28 mins):

Okay, so. There are two areas of alarming news that I want to just mention. In addition to the expected break in the food supply here in the U S and in c an a d a, that I posted about yesterday.

The first is this weird thing coming out of the U K. The p in g demic. How “pings” are coming through on people’s cell phones, saying that they’ve been exposed to the fake c * vid and need to go home immediately and self-quarantine for 10 days, and then go get a c * vid test (which is chock full of graphene oxide, ethylene oxide, and na no bots, by the way. You’d be INSANE to allow a c * vid test at this point, folks. It is just a mini- v a x.)

The ping is robotic. Think of it as a robo call, or as spam. It is not a human being. It is meaningless. Try to leave your phones at home and not let them track you around. Unfortunately, there could be legal repercussions to ignoring it, like an arrest or jail. I just don’t know. But try to ignore the p i ng. And try to leave your phone at home.

I saw a couple things about this p in g d e mic this morning, but here is a clip about it from S t ew P et er s (15 mins):

And I also saw this, from the U K, another good reason to get rid of your fucking phone. Wow. (Mirrored from Hugo Talks, 8 mins):

This is all really scary stuff, gang. I’m not sure if you want to watch it or not. I guess, watch it if you want to stay informed.

From the many protests yesterday… in London, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich spoke from Germany via satellite to protesters. He was received by the enormous crowd like the absolute hero that he is (10 mins):

All totaled, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people were out, worldwide, protesting yesterday. (And I think there were, like, maybe four people, worldwide, still wearing a m * sk….) (I wish it were that small a number….)

The other alarming news comes from m o n key w *r x, who is tracking that illegals coming over the U S border are being separated into groups: man, woman, child; and then shipped out to d **p st * t e places accordingly. Women are absolutely disappearing. So here’s hoping they are not being r aped, tor t ur ed, sex tra ff icked, but I’m guessing you know that’s not likely.

And the children are also disappearing, being r aped, tor t ur ed, sex tra ff icked.

What’s becoming even more alarming, according to mo n k ey w er x, is that the illegal men are mostly soldiers, being transported to d **p st * t e mi li tary compounds and allegedly being trained as a d**p st * t e army. (mo n k ey w e r x, 33 mins):

Between that scary idea, and the presence of U N/ N A T O armored vehicles… I think we have cause for unbelievable concern.

When J * co said yesterday that we all need to have g * n s now, he was so not kidding, gang. But, obviously, I leave that choice up to you.


This is an overall look of the news from [17] The Storm Rider‘s te le g ram page:

News Quick reads:

_Power outage in many areas of Spain
_London floods the streets with protests
_Sydney Australia declares national emergency over delta variant/demonstration erupt and clash with police
_Large protests breakout in Australia France Italy England vaccines mandates vaccine passports and C* vid restrictions
_Arizona senate calls to decertify the election
_Henan P c h * n a .. reports heaviest rainfall in 1000 years, 100 missing 70 dead and rising
_JUST IN – Austria’s Interior Minister and Defense Minister announced in a joint press conference that the country will tighten its border protection as the “European asylum system has failed.”
Austria will deploy hundreds of additional soldiers to the borders. “The situation is serious,”

_French hospital goes on INDEFINITE strike to protest C*vid vax mandate
_200 million people in c h * n a braces for typhoon
_For the ninth day in Iran protesters violently demonstrate and riot, due to no water and no internet
_Over 179 cities and protest sites Erupt in France
_Mass protests in Greece taking place as mainstream Media blackouts the demos
_Israel protesters start marching through the night”


In case you didn’t know, gang, all these illegal immigrants being pushed into everyone’s countries, everywhere, is a d **p st* te tactic to cause unbelievable chaos. So far, it is working. Crime, r a p e, m ur der — everywhere.

All right.

I’m going to close with two really cool videos from last evening.

Have a peaceful Sunday, wherever you are in the world, okay, gang? Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Coast to Coast AM: Clifford Stone talks about very meaningful experiences with non-terrestrials while working with U S government (13 mins):

Below: UFO Man Saturday night livestream. Interview with Matthew Roberts. Really cool!! (1 hr 36 mins):

Where Are The Supplies?

Sorry for the delay in posting today, gang.

I was home from work and all ready to sit down and post a couple of hours ago, until I heard a quick video from J * co, warning that there is ALREADY a problem with the f o o d supply chain in the U S and c a n a d a.

So I turned around and drove back to town, to get more groceries. And now, here I am at last. (J * co; 33 mins):

If you are in the US or c a n a d a, please go get supplies to last a couple of weeks. Trains and trucks are being purposely delayed, food is spoiling. Shelves might get a little bare very soon.


Today, all over the world, it is protest day! (Or was, since the day is over almost everywhere!)

Here’s a live stream, covering London, Paris, Ireland, Italy and Melbourne. So far, the only place that seems to have had major clashes with the police has been Melbourne. But that could be outdated news.

Tr ***p’ s Y T channel posted 28 mins of Paris:

Speaking of Tr ***p, he’s speaking today in A Z, in about an hour (6pm EST). His r u m b le channel might carry it:


Also, Richard c i t i zen j ourna list is in attendance and has been posting all day on t e l e g ra m, showing an astoundingly huge crowd there waiting to see Tr ***p.

Okay, this has nothing to do with politics, but remember the other day, when I mentioned that many, many years ago, I had read an investigative report about c our t ney love having a hand in murdering k ur t co bain? Wow. Well, here’s an article, claiming the f b i has declassed some info on the co bain case. and apparently cour tney was se x tr aff icked herself, as a teenager, and she allegedly then helped the c i a to get politically-minded musicians fucked up on heroin.

And it seems pretty certain now that she hired a musician in Seattle to murder k u rt co bain.

[full article is here] I have absolutely always despised that woman, even before the rumors started about her. But I thought she ki ll ed him, or had him k ill ed, because he was divorcing her and she didn’t want to give up the fame and $$. (He was actually in the process of divorcing her when he died; I’m not speculating on that part of it.)

That could still be what motivated all this, and not her ties to the c i a. Who knows?

But I think that, during this time of Great Awakening, we will find out that many musicians who allegedly “hanged” themselves, or killed themselves in some manner, were actually mur d er ed for political reasons. Or for knowing too much about the wrong things.

Okay, this is way too fucking weird!! In the U K, even if it turns out that you got the placebo and not the actual va x, you are still considered v a x ed:

The UK government views people who were given placebos during C* vid ^^ 19 va x trials as fully inoculated, Britain’s va x minister has said, adding that they would enjoy all the privileges granted by the NHS C* vid Pass.

[full article is here] So what are they saying? That it is the attempt to follow orders that actually matters, not your physical condition?

All right, so what is up with certain key Re p u bl ic ans suddenly saying go get the va x??

Can it be that what’s left of the d **p st * te at the f d a is getting ready to claim it is no longer “experimental” and forcing a va x mandate on all of us? And so Re p ub li cans want people to freely choose the v a x to avoid this? (I’m hearing that but it doesn’t make a lot of sense.)

Ge n f ly nn does not re cc omend the v a x AT ALL, for any reason, but also says, you are free to choose, gang.

Here is what S t e w P eter s and M ar jo rie Taylor Gre een e have to say about it, it’s trying to TAKE THE EYES off of WALL STREET tanking! (9 mins):

I do not actually know what is going on but please don’t get the v a x, people.

And perfectly timed for Tr **p being in AZ, a UFO spotted in m a ri cop a cou nty! (2 mins):

Wow! And this just in : a UFO was spotted at Area 51 (1 min):

And Tarot by Janine took an interesting look at the dark side of artists and mystics today! (14 mins):

And now I am really tired and super hungry and I need to go make some dinner. Thanks for visiting, gang. Enjoy whatever is left of your Saturday!! I love you guys. See ya!

Below: X * 2 R * port (43 mins):

Boots On The Ground, Gang!

First, let me say that I had the best birthday, ever. I really did. I got quite a number of texts from wonderful friends and family, and a few phone calls, and a couple of actual cards that came in the mail, the old-fashioned way.

My Mexican Sundance sunflower had it’s first bloom, with a couple more ready to blossom any moment now. The hydrangea began blooming. Even the little tabby cat with the little white paws, who occasionally comes by, came by while I was out on my porch and she hung out with me for quite a while, letting me pet her and even cuddle with her. She is such a cutie. Even that really cute young blonde guy from a few doors down who has that motorcycle — he rode by and smiled.

I just felt like the whole world was stopping by to wish me a happy birthday. And the perfect weather held for the entire day and night.

Here is a photo I took while sitting on the kitchen porch, midday:

And as I had said yesterday, as soon as I finished the blog post, I took the rest of the day off. I played music instead of podcasts & videos. I didn’t want any bad news.

I did see a couple quick things on te l e g ram — either a cyber attack, or a cyber “test” for some sort of later attack, occurred yesterday. Something like 45,000 sites, worldwide went down. And it seemed to be mostly banks. Then there was also footage of just horrible flooding, all over the world. In c h * n a , especially. Terrifying stuff.

But that was all I saw and then I stopped looking for news.

(I do want to add, though, that over the weekend, Gen fl y n n warned everyone to get their money out of any banks or financial institutions connected to rot h s child. Do your homework and see who really controls your bank. I left Chase late last year and switched everything over to my small local bank. It is a headache, for sure — going from state of the art, worldwide banking, to a bank from yesteryear, but all signs indicate it’s a safer move right now.)

Anyway. Other than that stuff, I had really just a beautiful birthday. (And I had texted that selfie I took very early Sunday morning, right out of bed, uncombed hair, etc., to one of my ex-husbands. He called at 8am yesterday morning, to sing “Happy Birthday” to me and he said, “You look beautiful in that photo, you really do.” So I will regale you with my 61-year-old self again!!!)

Okay. So.


When it came time to do yoga last night, I searched for the X 2 2 R e p o rt. I love listening to him while I do yoga. I immediately saw that last night’s video was over an hour. He never does that. For him, a really long video is 52 minutes. And I thought, uh-oh.

I would recommend listening to it, gang. I am only posting 3 videos today, and 2 of them are very long.

The x 2 2 r e p ort has a lot of information that we need to focus on now. Financial, military, a u d its, and a bunch of [17] drops, to refresh our memory about where this is all heading.

Watch out for the real estate bubble, stock market volatility, and consider transferring your assets to precious metals and certain cryptos.

The other thing to watch out for is what is up with those U N/N A T O armored vehicles. They are creeping into the States already.

And what is up with the alleged man da tory va x es that are coming? (And btw, it already looks like the pushback against U K vax passport is well underway. I believe that is not going to happen.)

And why, all of the sudden, is De Santis in F L saying the va xes are good and saving people’s lives???

What the fuck is up?

Something is. You can be sure. Someone like De S an tis doesn’t throw words around lightly.

So we have to be cautious, gang, and really study all this stuff. Meaning, with our eyes and ears, and our intuition, out in the world. What is happening? What are we sensing, seeing, hearing?

Something is up.

Then, J * co had a very long chat with ju an o sa v in, which is also below. So fucking frustrating.

I tend to listen to ju an when he is on j* co’s show, but none of the others anymore. Because he talks in riddles, won’t get to the actual point, won’t come right out and say something when you know darn well he knows everything. (He does insist that tr **p will not be back in August, but will be back this year.)

Please feel free to listen to the whole video, but I’ll tell you that, in the entire 1 hour and 38 minute video, the only thing he said that I didn’t already know is that we need to be on guard for another bio weapon, folks. Right now.

And I believe this could be the thing that will trigger those who have gotten the fake vax to get really, really sick and possibly die.

We know from p a trio t str eet fighter and sa cha stone, that they are getting hit with bio weapons at some of their larger events, getting targeted by some sort of intense virus that is taking them, and most of their entourage, out for a few days at a time. This has happened to them all, twice already.

So we know this is real. It’s happening. The M S M will likely call it a var iant of C*VID, but that is bullshit, gang. This is something new, something that’s flying under the radar of “C* vid” and aiming for the respiratory system yet again.

The best I can advise everyone is to stay vigilant with all your immunity-boosting supplements and superfoods. And get NAC. (Or if you’re already filled to the brim with spike proteins, get L-Glutathione, too, and don’t forget zinc!!)

I am not compensated or endorsing anyone, but this is simply my favorite brand for N A C. There are lots of good ones out there. But get 600 mgs (500 is pictured below):

Keep in mind that the F D A has been trying to make N A C a prescription-only substance, so get it ASAP.

Also, keep in mind that a shortage of elderberries is predicted for this coming fall, so stock up on them if you can (but don’t hoard!!). Get organic elderberries, propolis, organic echinacea, local raw honey.

Then the usual D3, vitamin C, L-Lysine, and, of course, zinc.

And if you can, keep hy dro x y chl or o quine on hand, drink a shot of that, once a week. (Below: how to make it at home, 59 secs)

That’s the main thing I’m hearing right now that is starting to concern me — that a newer, stronger bio weapon is likely going to be released, or is already targeting people.

Do not get the va x. I don’t know what’s up with De S an tis, but don’t do it. That is not going to help anyone, and there is no guarantee whatsoever that you’re going to get some sort of placebo.

Okay, gang. That’s really it for today. Shit is happening, Shit is coming. And I think it’s going to get incredibly evil for a few weeks. Or at least it’s going to look that way — try to stay close to home.

Thanks for visiting. Stay alert. I love you guys. See ya.


S t e w P e t ers: Cringe-worthy market! Free online class to navigate the upcoming panic (5 mins):

J* co and ju an o sa v in (1 hr 38 mins):

X * 2 R * po r t : Unity is strength. Must listen! (1 hr 10 mins):

Just Go AheAd and Try!

Yes, that’s right. I’m gonna try to have a happy birthday today, despite the fact that the world resembles nothing I have ever seen before.

And I don’t mean that in a good way…


There are still really kind people in the world. There are still plenty of people in the world who care, and who are trying hard to keep their boots on the ground every day, going out into the world to try to help.

Don’t ever feel isolated, or as if you are fighting alone. That’s how they want you to feel — so that you feel powerless — but that is never how it is.

There are still really, really good people and they probably live right next door to you.

Okay. First, let me say that it is the most beautiful day here today!! It’s cool and really sunny. A blue sky with just a couple of puffy clouds. A splendid birthday, for someone born in July. Normally, my birthdays are hotter than heck and really humid. But not today. Today is glorious.

So, I’m doing some laundry and after I post this, I’m going to take the rest of the day to just relax and chill out and try not to think. The job has steadily been getting harder and harder, as more and more va x ed people are getting sick and they are coming into the store, looking for help.

Most are starting to realize that the v a x was a bad idea; they are having unsolvable health problems and their blood has actually changed. And their doctors are not helping them, and they are scared.

A rare few are still in lah-lah land, unwilling to believe it’s the va x that is causing their problems. A case in point (and I’m not making fun of her)– a very well dressed and obviously educated, older woman came in yesterday, wanting help with a sudden rash she’d gotten. She told us that she is perfectly healthy because she got the v a x so she knows she is fine, still, she has a terrible rash down her back and what can we do to help her?

As soon as I heard she was v a xed, I instinctively stood behind one of my co-workers, in an effort to shield my ovaries from the woman who was likely shedding spike proteins all over the place (and we all know now that I am a spike protein magnet, so even my co-workers start shielding me from va x ed people). Anyway, my other co-worker suggested to the woman that she might have the v a x side- effect known as the C* vid rash.

The woman insisted that it was impossible, and that she thought she was getting the rash from eating spirulina, even though she admitted that she’s been eating spirulina for 4 or 5 years and it never gave her a rash before…

Obviously, she is unwilling to believe what could really be happening, so it’s very sad. But still, it’s so frustrating to see how hypnotized some people still are.

But the ones who are waking up to what was done to them, or what they agreed to have done to themselves. Wow, that is just so emotionally exhausting, gang. I can’t even tell you. To try to help people, in any way we can, without going so far as to tell them the really bad news — that they could be dead within a few years.

So what I say instead is that I’m certain the m*li tary is working on something that will fix all this and don’t worry, we’re all in this together. You’ll get through this.

And then we send them home with NAC and encourage them to try to get a prescription to i v er me c tin.

What else can we do? It will at least help a little bit.

And the ones who are suffering, like I am, from spike proteins shed by others — wow, we get a lot of those people now. And it’s kind of awesome how well informed most of them now are. Alternative news sources are really making headway over M S M, thank god.

And that is something to really celebrate, gang. It really is.

Okay. Nick Cave sent out an RHF this morning that was a little ironic, wherein he tells a very strange story about meeting Nico, a hero of his, and how she did not disappoint! You can read it here. (And I still really, really want to believe that this v a x passport nightmare in the U K simply will not come to fruition and that it’s just some terrible, regrettable coincidence that Nick Cave & Warren Ellis announced an upcoming U K tour that requires people to adhere to C * vid restrictions.)

All things aside today, though, since it is my birthday, I laid in bed for a little bit, after reading that RHF, wondering if I had any heroes left at all that did not disappoint.

One by one, I ticked off the list of the many who have disappointed me — some of them, posthumously but hugely, like Bowie (for shamelessly ripping off Marc Boland and Iggy Pop) and John Lennon (for allegedly having a very violent temper that caused him to be abusive to women and possibly even to have caused the fatal head injury to Stu Suttcliffe).

But I realized that, even though Tom Petty had a couple of iffy years, when he was involved with Dave Stewart and made those awful videos (“Don’t Come Around Here No More” and “Last Dance With Mary Jane”), overall, I think he was a man with integrity, who fought really, really hard for the rights of the average people in the world. He went up against the Machine several times, put it all on the line, and won.

Toward the end there, he was one of the many entertainers who was invited to the White House and seems to have fallen under O b * m a’s very fake spell (I think the only one who was also invited to the White House but didn’t seem to fall for that fake O b *m a shit was Johnny Depp, but I could be wrong…)

Anyway. I think Tom Petty will remain a bona fide hero forever. I hope.

Okay. I’m gonna close this and try to enjoy my birthday!! The videos & info are below. Apparently, I am no longer allowed to embed any more binaural beats videos, so I’ll try to find some other high frequency videos for you, so that this blog isn’t just about what’s horrible in the world. Meanwhile, thanks for visiting! I love you guys. See ya.

[A few awesome men serenade me on my birthday: Harrison, Petty, Dylan, Orbison, etc.: “The End of the Line.” Enjoy!)


Below: A warning passed along by Ch * rlie W*rd:


orcs & Uruk hai army invading europe through communist spain!




Below: According to [17] the Storm Rider:

⚡️Madagascar President A n dry Ra joe lin a survives ASSASSINATION attempt, two French nationals reportedly detained.

Also, he reports on all the earthquakes. Watch out for fake climate change!!

Recent Earthquake & Today

_Magnitude 4.2 earthquake strikes near Iquique, Provincia de Iquique, Tarapaca, Chile
_Breaking: Earthquake of Magnitude 5.3 Felt in Rajasthan’s Bikaner
_Magnitude 4.3 earthquake strikes off coast near Eureka
_Kokopo, 5.4. Earthquake Papua new guinea
_Papua earthquake 5.8 felt 140 km from New Guinea
_6.1 earthquake in Panama
_Khesht, Iran 5.4 earthquake
_Nuku”alofa Tonga 5.4 Earthquake
_South Sandwich islands 5.7 Earthquake
_Tokyo Japan. 5.5 Earthquake
_Furtuna California 5.1 Earthquake
_Tristan da Cunha region 5.0 Earthquake
_191 km NE of Lospalos, Timor Leste 5.1 Earthquake
_47 km NNE of Otra Banda, Dominican 3.8 Earthquake
_28 km SSW of Mina, Nevada 4.0 Earthquake
_88 km W of Adak, Alaska 4.3 earthquake
_12km WSW of Petrolia, CA 4.3 earthquake
_south of the Kermadec Islands 4.7 Earthquake
_2 km WSW of Choco, Peru 4.1 Earthquake
_Kuril Islands 4.2 earthquakes
_7 km ENE of Asímion, Greece 4.2 earthquakes
_106 km SE of Pondaguitan, Philippines 5.2 earthquake
_141 Earthquake rattles Yellowstone National Park Over 35 Earthquakes around the world in the last hours<<<

CABLES:;;[They] are going to TRIGGER LARGE QUAKES…>>>


Below: Richard Ci ti z en Jour nal ist:

“I’ve been driving since 7 am. Since leaving Ohio weeks ago I’ve been looking at the fruited plain. Crops are everywhere. Today in California passing through Fresno I saw apples harvesting, Almonds, corn, and crops being irrigated. I’ve stopped at many stores and grocery stores. Plenty plenty of food everywhere across this nation.

“There will be people eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage all the way until the end”

Luke 17:27 “


Below: V a x victims speaking out — genocide agenda (2 mins):

Below: C D C is blatantly changing the death numbers (1 min):

Below: In case you still don’t know!! D i s n ey is all about c i a mind con tr ol ra pe tor ture of child stars! Spread the word!! (5 mins):

Below: Mirrored from Mark St e e le: Resistance is growing!! (6 mins):

Below: J * co: Tribulation times are HERE (1 hr):

Below: S t e w P e ters and Dr. McC ull ough tell it like it is: over 50K deaths in US from poison jabs (25 mnins):

Below: R * d P*l l 78 news update (27 mins):

Below: Mac All I ster TV tells it like she sees it: transhumanism (47 mins):

Below: UFO Man: Sightings in Austria (2 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at Oak Island (16 mins):

Below: “Nancy Drew” saw something weird at the White House last night (4 mins):

Below: N*no expects power moves on both sides; stay alert! (23 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Ran d P aul bringing justice(42 mins):

Hanging In There But I’m Not Sure How!!

Happy, Wednesday, folks!

The news is grim. And it is relentless. (As usual, though, Tr ***p and everyone in his family and everyone on is Admin team is looking good, rested, happy….I want some of what they’re having. Thanks!!)

Okay. I slept good last night. I had some interesting dreams. Although I’m still trying to come to terms with Nick Cave & Warren Ellis announcing a U K Tour, complete with C* vid compliance disclaimers, literally moments after the fake b * r i s J * hn son announces the vax passport mandate for all of U K’s pubs, events, group gathering type things… I would like to tell myself that they didn’t know. I’m not sure if I’m listening to myself yet or not… (mirrored from WAM, 15 mins):

Uh-oh, looks like I completely missed the government-sponsored training course! Surely, this entire course is aimed at people like me! “Homeland Security is training people to round up and quarantine unv a x ed rural Americans” (56 sec):

Meanwhile, I get closer and closer to buying a gun… My [17]-follower friend at work (a grandmother, no less) has 8 — eight!!— AR 15 rifles. I’m just saying, gang… Rural America. Ain’t it grand??!!

Yes! She owns 6 more than are pictured here!!

Over in Australia, they want you to believe that there is a C* VID outbreak. We know better, but is this still not horrific? Don’t converse with people, don’t be friendly, now is not the time to talk to your neighbor. And I’m fucking quoting her, gang!(BTW, they are in l*ck d* wn again, for no reason whatsoever.) (41 seconds):

In New Zealand, another spiffy gal who gives you more reasons to want to tear your hair out (1 min):

(You know, I think the de pop u lation agenda is actually a white hat op: once they shoot every single one of these fuckers in M S M and worldwide governments, the population all over the world is seriously gonna go down.) (What is that I smell? Fresh air??)

Speaking of which!! Another alleged reason to say, “Yay!!”

S u s an Ri ce — guilty, gets death penalty! (4 mins):

(Even if this tr * bunal coverage is a white hat op, it sure feels good to watch them for 4 mins. I always rejoice whenever I see another one of them pop up into my bitchute feed.)

Continuing protests in I r an over severe drinking water shortages due to worst drought n 50 years (videos are here at [17] the Storm Rider, from yesterday):

“WATER shortage protests in Iran continue for FOUR nights now amid record drought!

At least one person has reportedly DIED during protests in Iran’s oil rich Khuzestan province – as about 100 cities suffer severe drinking water shortages amidst south-west Iran’s reported WORST drought in 50yrs.

The country has been also suffering in the last fortnight from widespread electricity blackouts, blamed on the heat.”

And some more good news — this time from India (also from [17] the Storm Rider, from yesterday):

“POPULATION CONTROL: India proposes 2-CHILD POLICY with CASH INCENTIVES for sterilization (Report)

Indian states, Uttar Pradesh and Assam, have announced draft legislation for the controversial 2-child policy – rewarding those who stick to having two kids and PUNISHING those who have more.

Uttar Pradesh, with a population larger than Brazil, will offer benefits for voluntary sterilization and would BAR couples with more than 2 children from govt subsidies, state benefits, running for political office, and applying for jobs with the govt. (Times of India)

Assam, where 36MN people live, announced on Sunday that a ‘population stabilization’ roadmap will be developed by the state govt – withholding subsidies and benefits for those who choose to have more than 2 kids.

India is currently expected to overtake China as the world’s most populous country by 2027, per a 2019 UN report – UNICEF estimates India accounts for a fifth of the world’s annual births.”

Remember, gang: trusting the U N with anything whatsoever is insanity. They are part of the de pop u l a tion agenda.

Good Lion TV and Red Pill Cinema announce the release of Part One of The Murder of Isaac Kappy. You can watch it on their web site, but you have to join (small fee):

And just when you thought the world couldn’t get any more convoluted, strange, insane, unfathomable, evil, or just plain horrific — code monkey z put out a link to the brand new (and posting like crazy) t e le g ram site for j o h n m c a fee:

“The Mc A fee stuff coming out right now is curious and could be an OP, a marketing campaign, or anything else.

It is unfolding in real time and i am not sure what will come of it.

For now, i recommend staying cautious and observing from afar.”

OfficialMc A f ee already has nearly 23,000 subscribers. The posts are mainly [17]-oriented, with plenty of personal photos, and rabbit-hole type stuff. Very interesting.

In other good news…

THANK YOU to everyone who is buying 1954 Powder Blue Pickup, Half-Moon Bride, and even — YES!! — The Guitar Hero Goes Home!!!! I really, really appreciate it, gang. I seriously do. (And I also still really appreciate all of those folks who are downloading Freak Parade for free over at Smashwords this month!! It’s still happening…)

And don’t forget, tomorrow, July 22nd, is the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene!! Also — my birthday!! Yay.

Okay, gang. Gotta scoot! Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!


Below: Mel K and Ni ch o las Ven ia min — great chat!! (1 hr 14 mins):

Below: J*co update (37 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at some pretty vicious “cli mat e cha nge” (18 mins):

Below: Meditation to free your body from infections; binaural beats (ongoing):

Below: N * no, down to the wire (34 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Year of the boomerang (48 mins):

People, Just Get Ready

The news is a bit disturbing today. So I’ll just jump right in.

Remember those United Nations armored vehicles in Canada that I posted about yesterday? How I said “that can’t be good”?

According to J * co’s intel in a conversation he had with ni ch o l as v en ia min yesterday, those U N vehicles are meant for the U S and we need to expect war, gang.

That doesn’t mean we need to engage. What it seems to mean is that what’s left of the D **p S t * te here in the U S, is still aiming to create a “race war” here, with heavy A n t i f a rioting in the key cities. These forced riots will “prove” that America has a terrible “race problem” and that the U N must call in its N A T O forces and stomp it out the old fashioned way, with guns and tanks. Conveniently, they are already waiting at the Canadian border.

Please, gang. Tell everyone you know — family, co-workers, friends– that if a n t i f a is starting to riot in your area of the country, STAY HOME. This is a trap. This won’t end well for p a tr io t s who engage, especially with guns. So stay home. It’s a trap.

(Remember how I told you back in December that Jan 6 was a set up and to stay away from D C?? Sadly, there are now truly peaceful attendees of Jan 6 who are still in jail, without any real charges brought against them, no trial, and they are being beaten by guards, and the safety of their wives at home is being threatened, etc. )

Please stay home,

J*co also says that conversations among U S congressmen (I thought they were all on g i t mo by now….) Anyway, leaked conversations indicate that even if/when A Z and G A and P A de-certify their el ec tion results due to proof of massive v* t er fr * ud, they will not allow a vote or a formal ruling on any of it.

Which means we are fucked.


It also means that the m * litary and Tr **p (the rightful winner of the pr e si d ential e l * c tion) will finally have to go public and take over.

So that’s the good news. Even though it is going to bring all this above-mentioned violence.

This is supposed to start coming down soon — as in, August.

So we can choose to maybe look on all of this as “good news.”

On another topic, D on a ld Rum s feld allegedly committed suicide during his tr* bu nal at Di e go Ga rcia U S mili tary base in the Indian Ocean. He was charged with the deaths of countless U S soldiers in ir a q and af g an i stan who were seeking imaginary weapons of mass destruction, as well as his involvement in 9 1 1 and trillions of dollars of misappropriated money. He did not die from “cancer” but by his own hand. (3 mins):

On yet another topic…

This morning, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis announced their UK tour in support of their latest album, Carnage, It will take place in September and October. Tour dates and ticket info is here.

Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya.

(Oh, and PS: Indeed, Amazon has banned the eBook sale of 1954 Powder Blue Pickup for “offensive content.” Please consider buying the print book here (on Amazon, oddly enough) for $7.99 plus shipping, or the non-kindle eBook here, on lulu.com, for $3.98. Thanks.)


Below: J*co explains it all to ni ch ol as (35 mins):

Below: N* no chats with Richard Citizen Journalist: D C is a ghost town (20 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 at the shooting range (15 mins):

Below: R *d P * ll 7 8 news update: Sharpiegate unravels the whole lie! (25 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las chats with ge n e de cod e (45 mins):

Below: A news update about horrible life in jail for innocent Jan 6 protestors (13 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las chats with Tarot by Janine (38 mins):

I keep forgetting to post this one. It’s from several days ago, but it was really good. Ni ch o las chats with Al an Fount ain about S R A and child s e x t r aff i cking (25 mins):

Below Ch * r lie W *rd and Mel K Monday intel chat (38 mins):

Below: Sheriff Mack and the Constitution at work (2 mins):

Below: Canadian doctor: 62% of va xed have permanent heart damage (8 mins):

Below: Jessie Cze bo tar (who I’m not 100% convinced isn’t a white hat plant at this point, gang) discloses upcoming reveal of M a c a fee’s dead man switch ( 2 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: All assets deployed (43 mins):

Let the Rains begin!

Wow, gang. As predicted: weather warfare all over the place.

Forest fires in Canada. Droughts in California.

And now, it’s time for Noah’s Ark.

Serious flooding in Yemen, India, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan, UAE, unbelievable flooding in Austria (hmm, that’s also the country where dozens of U S diplomats have gotten really sick from apparent microwave or radio wave poisoning and brain damage…)

In France over the weekend, floods of PEOPLE. Yes, more massive protests going on there against M ac ron (who is allegedly fake, at this point). And there are calls out for a massive protest in London this coming Saturday (July 24):

And a Roth sc h ild bank went up in flames in France, too! (I hope your money wasn’t in there, but I’m super happy to see stuff like that!):

And for some unknown reason, UN armored trucks are parked outside a pharmaceutical company in Toronto. This can’t be good, gang. There is serious talk on te l e g ram that they are going to try to force Canadians to get the vax, even though t r u d e au is long gone. So who is forcing this???

National lawyer, Thomas Renz, has been instrumental in getting C* vid-related laws and bills put forth in the Ohio Assembly. Now he has filed a federal lawsuit. Based on whistleblower intel: 45K Americans died within 3 days of getting the v a x. This is only based on info from one government-reporting system, and there are about 12 systems reporting. And this is only counting Americans. (This is equal to my small village times 45, dead in 3 days. And this doesn’t come close to the real number, worldwide. De po p u l a tion, anyone??):

And, at the same gathering over the weekend — Awaken America — G en f l y n also spoke. Watch this and see what two fed-up moms did to protect all children in Iowa from the heath horrors of wearing m*sks! (Children in m*sks is child abuse, gang! Mental, physical, emotional. Crimes against Humanity.)(29 mins):

I can’t find the video now, but I also saw some footage from the Ohio Assembly back from late June, where some Democrat Representatives (elected officials representing Ohio!), being unbelievably immature and “unruly” as they tried to drown out GOP Rep. Jena Powell from introducing a bill to ban transgender “girls” from participating in girls sports.

This type of behavior in a General Assembly is so wildly unbelievable to me. Have they even seen the videos of what happens to biological teenage girls who go up against transgender girls in a wrestling match? In any other scenario, it would be called assault & battery and cause for immediate arrest.

Why not put them both in the boxing ring and watch the biological girl get pulverized? An utter disrespect, disregard, and desire to wipe females off the face of the planet is what lurks beneath this current barrage of “transgender” insanity. Don’t kid yourselves, gang. This has nothing to do with any kind of “equality.” This is an unbelievable disregard for the rights of the female of the species.

Dr. V* rnon c o l e man puts forth that open, public debate with politicians is what will win this war; they have no sustainable facts, no science. (11 mins):

Here are some very interesting facts, protest footage, & memes re: va x es and the de pop u lation agenda, shown to the Tr ***p theme song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. A very informative 3 mins!! Watch it!

Be sure to share the video above, gang, because this stuff is not being shown in the M S M or press. People all over the world need to know this stuff! Especially about the people in C U B A, who are being isolated without internet or phone access. They are being beaten and terrorized there and cut off from the world.

Here is the easy link to share it: https://www.bitchute.com/video/mRMXz0CcsbEA/

Gemma O’Doherty is still fighting for her freedom — literally — to expose the v a x injuries and deaths, and for everyone’s lives in Ireland (23 mins):

Meanwhile, J * co thinks everything is lining up now for Tr ***p’s return! (1 hr 33 mins):

This was awesome! UFOs respond to laser pointers! UFO Man. Watch!! You will literally say, WOW!!!! (5 mins):

This was too creepy. John Lear explains all about what our moon really is. It sorta sucks, actually. (11 mins):

This was cool. Tarot by Janine takes a look at what might have been going on the other day at the U S Capitol building. Remember that intense 9 minute video? I posted it here on Saturday. (FYI, Janine is Canadian. She refers to the white house but she means the Capitol building.) (16 mins):

Just when you need it! Another binaural beats meditation. Remove all doubts, strengthen courage, remove negative energy! (ongoing):

And last but definitely not least– The Enormity of What is Coming. It’s intense, gang. X *2 special R* port (57 mins):

Thanks for visiting, gang. Hang in there. Make it a good day. It’s truly getting intense but signs everywhere are showing that it could be coming to a crescendo really soon. I love you guys. See ya!


From my favorite Nick Cave Instagram page bright & early this morning: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “I Feel So Good” !!

And, as always!!

People, Get Ready!!!!!!!

Another Sunday Morning in Spike Pr*tein paradise!

Yes, I’ve still got the little fuckers. I am loaded with them. And even though they appear to be dead, how can they be dead, when I always still have so many of them??

I have no idea.

But Sunday is i v er me c tin day, so I happily had my little dose first thing this morning and on we go. I won’t say that I’ve “given up,” because I am still doing everything possible, 24/7, to keep them from taking over my brain, my ovaries, etc. But I have indeed sort of acquiesced to the idea that they will simply be a part of me for the rest of my time on the lovely blue/green Earth.

And so on we go.

First things first, today.

Amazon is now blocking the publication of the eBook version of 1954 Powder Blue Pickup. I am trying to find out why. In the meantime, it is still available in print on Amazon. And as an eBook on lulu.com.

I am not going to give them an argument if they insist on blocking the eBook, because I’m done with all that censorship nonsense. I am hoping it’s just some weird glitch, but who knows.

It’s my “job,” while here on Earth, to write the books & stories. Whether or not they can be sold is not my job anymore. I am just so over so many things now.

Okay! Here I am this morning, gang!! 86 more hours until I turn 61!!

Oui! C’est moi!! No make-up, uncombed hair, summer PJs, chock full of spike proteins and so happy it’s Sunday morning!!

And in other good news!! Guess what??!! My Mexican Sundance Sunflowers are getting ready to bloom! I am astounded by this!! I thought they wouldn’t bloom until late summer. I will keep you posted. (And the hydrangea began blooming on Friday!)


I think we are still in that very unsettling arena where white hats are blasting us, worldwide, with the most insane stuff to try to get everyone, the world over, to fight back against the black hats. And some straggling black hats are still in the game, making life really fucking awful for a lot of people.

Trying to determine what is white hat insanity, and what is actual black hat stuff that we should be sort of alarmed by — that is the really tricky part, gang. Sometimes your guess is simply as good as mine.

L A is allegedly back under a m* sk mandate. But, according to J * co, L A County Sheriffs are refusing to enforce it. (36 mins):

And by the way: since they completely overhauled how you can use w or d p re s s, I have not been able to edit my “About” page. I am going to have to rebuild it from scratch and I don’t have time for that right now. However, Abstract Absurdity Productions is no longer based out of L A; it is now based out of Quebec City in Canada. We are nowhere near “back to work” with any of the film production stuff, but it has officially left L A and I don’t really care if I ever see L A again. But we’ll see…


There is some sort of weird quarantine involving people from Britain going to France (?), because the fully v a x ed are keeping the alleged C * vid cases really high. (This is either people sick & dying from the v a x and not from c* vid, or just plain bullshit on all fronts. Most likely, a whole lot of both.) (3 mins):

Truckers are protesting new l*ck d*wn mandates in Sydney, Australia (26 seconds):

And Ca na dians are also still having it really rough, even though restrictions there were struck down by the court, and a Crimes Against Humanity case has also been filed there (5 mins):

Dublin, Ireland protests (and some other intense stuff) (32 mins):

McAllister TV and Sarge take another look at e x ec utions, starlink, and all those go ver nors who were called to D C (was the much-detested rino Ohio gov one of the ones called? Allegedly 5 govs did not make a return trip home. Word is that the key 5 have been sent to some place like g it mo) (Think: worst States in e * ec t ion fr *ud and those are the govs alleged to be gone now.) (47 mins):


You’ve got to watch these two witnesses give testimony to Dr. Fuellmich for the upcoming Nuremburg 2.0 Crimes Against Humanity trials. One video is from back in March. Still, these people giving testimony are always riveting. The things they are experts at and the things they are doing to fight this tyranny is jaw-dropping:

First, German Concentration Camp survivor and medical activist, Vera Sharav (43 mins):

Next, American Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the few doctors telling it like it is on American TV: “At least 50K dead from fake v a x ” (48 mins):

And just a simple reminder from WWII:

This special X *2 R*port chat has gone viral. Only one weapon can bring down the whole corrupt system (41 mins):

Denise. Mel K, and Madyson chat (1 hr 17 mins):

Meanwhile, N*no is still uncommitted to Madyson’s intel, as well as to cir sten w’s. But he did do another chat with ju an o s av in yesterday (1 hr 20 mins ):

Tarot by Janine took a look at food shortages and Judges & Generals (15 mins):

UFO Man: Someone in Chile had a cool sighting (2 mins 22 secs):

And oddly enough, during last night’s UFO Man livestream, suddenly my Internet went out and I got a text from Spectrum (my carrier) saying that it was “estimated” to be out in my area until 12:02 am. Don’t you think the precise time estimate is really, really weird?? I thought so. (White hat satellite power outages, anyone??)

But I turned off the phone and just sort of laid there in bed in the dark. It was a cool and lovely, peaceful night, after a really rough day yesterday. (However! Today is the 3rd anniversary of when I met a man I really loved who changed my life completely and then died 2 months later… But he does still communicate with me from wherever he is now, so that’s comforting. And last night was no different. He was just suddenly “there,” and he was the one who reminded me — telepathically, in spirit — that we had met 3 years ago today. So I drifted off to sleep, listening to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ Nobody’s Children, an album that he had once made me promise I would never listen to with anybody else…)

Anyway. UFO Man’s livestream from last night: Near death experiences, UFOs, ET contact with Barbara Jean Lindsey (1 hr):

And this was cool. Linked from code mon key z’s te le gr am channel. Hayo Pira Pyramid in Japan. Close encounters. I really want to see more footage from this! (8 mins):

And last but by no means least…

You know, sometimes when I’m doing my Inner Being Journaling in the very early morning at my kitchen table, some of the “Founding Fathers” come through, along with men who fought in the Revolutionary War. I do not get specific names, or even faces. It is just the telepathic voices, in a group, that start to fill my little notebook with encouraging words. They come through when I am feeling extremely exhausted (from this last year and a half specifically). (Not counting my years of hating the b * shes and despising o b a ma…)

When I am feeling at my lowest, both energy-wise and along with that feeling of despair, these voices come through and remind me that they had had it worse than I do and that they didn’t give up. Even though a lot of them were left with absolutely nothing by the end of the war. No family– children disbursed, wives dead; no money, fortunes ransacked; houses burned to the ground — nothing left. But they won, and we got our Independence and our Constitution.

Most of you know that my dedication to the [17] movement, and to this information gathering/chronicling, and to the fight to preserve the Constitution has cost me relationships with most of my family, and most of my professional colleagues, and most of my extremely Liberal friends. And the C * vid scam has left me, for now, in almost complete poverty. It has been an exhausting challenge, but the Constitution is, in my opinion, indescribably important. I could not have had the career I had if it weren’t for the Constitution, specifically that First Amendment.

Even though that career is sort of nebulous now and sort of “over,” the Constitution is still imperative for future generations. And I don’t really mind spending what’s left of my time on the blue/green Earth, winning this fight. (Although I hope this war is over before my actual life is…)

But, here is a cool book! From Coast to Coast AM, Suzanne Munson talks about channeling Thomas Jefferson for her popular new book, The Metaphysical Thomas Jefferson. It was a really cool chat. (35 mins):

And with that, I am going to try to enjoy this beautiful Sunday!!

Thanks for visiting, gang. Enjoy your Sunday, too — wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya.

(From Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ Nobody’s Children, “Waiting for Tonight.”)

Waiting for Tonight

I went walking down the Boulevard
Past the skateboards and the beggars
I was out looking in the windows
Just out walking, letting my mind roam
If she hung around too much I might take her for granted
But when I was away, she seemed an angel
The only one who really cared about me
The only one without an angle
For so long I’ve been lonely
Now I’m too weak to fight

I’ve been waiting for tonight
I’ve been waiting for tonight

(Good night my love, sleep tight my love)

Yes and I had a little time to kill
As I crossed the parking lot
And I was feeling lucky to have a place to go
Yeah my nerves were feeling shot
For so long I’ve been weary
There was no end in sight

I’ve been waiting for tonight
I’ve been waiting for tonight

(Good night my love, sleep tight my love)

Oh I’ve been waiting ’round
For a night like this
Yeah I felt it coming down
Since her first kiss

(Good night my love)

Yeah and I’m wrestling with my overcoat
Yeah I’m fighting with my thoughts
I’m gonna trust my intuition
I’m gonna hope I don’t get lost
For some time I’ve been lonely
I’ve been too weak to fight

I’ve been waiting for tonight
I’ve been waiting for tonight

(Good night my love, sleep tight my love)

c – Tom Petty 1988

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