Half-Moon Bride

By Marilyn Jaye Lewis

A young woman discovers that she is a half-moon futanari –that she takes on the genitals of a man at every full moon, becoming a hermaphrodite for 24 hours. On the same day, she also learns she is intended to be the bride of the mysterious Oracle who lives in the palace in the mountains. The Oracle is a full-package futanari of astonishing proportions. Together, as they are both half-man, half-woman while the moon is full, they experience a wedding night of extreme sex that stretches the little half-moon bride to her limits when her virginity is repeatedly taken by the Oracle in more ways than she could have ever imagined. A love story of erotic extremes; “Half-Moon Bride” will make you squirm and leave you breathless.


Half-Moon Bride is a long short story and depicts graphic sexual scenarios of futanari erotica, often of questionable consent. It is intended for adults only.

Available now in eBook only.

LULU.com and all international outlets: $2.99 and up, depending on geographic region.

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