So that’s what they meant by ‘live long & prosper’…

Oh, people.

It does seem like they reserve late Saturday into early Sunday for just tons and tons of declas docs and videos to hit the hubs.

I have been at it for over 6 hours already and it is only 9:30 in the morning now! (I even accidentally texted a video link to a friend at 5am, without realizing how fucking early it was for most people in my time zone and she texted back with a smiley face and said: “did you make a note of what time it is right now?” Ach. Point-taken. It’s fun to know me.) (I’m guessing that if you do know me, it’s better to just keep your ringer off.)

I’m not really that interested in the g  a  m  e  s  t  op upheaval, even though it is truly clogging the hubs, because none of that surprises me at all — even though it serves as a really good “awakening” tool for people, in general.  And what the “e   l  it   e ” of W street did reflects so perfectly what they also did during the fake e l * c t * on. So that’s a good thing for folks to see if they are teetering on that fence of wanting to maybe, just maybe, take that fucking red pill already…

Anyway, I have been watching/reading more declas stuff about [D] e  e  p [U] n  d  e  r  g  r  o u nd [M] i  l i  t  a r  y [B] a  s  e  s; UFO’s; the always delightful r  o  c k  e  f  e  ll ers; the Mandelbrot Set; more atrocities around  s  * x  t r a  fff * cking of the way under-aged and (heart-breaking) children…

And, just fyi, there are still people out there claiming without a doubt that fancy-nan was indeed a  r  * sted back after the fake ca pi t al bldg at t ack, as she was frantically trying to escape the U  S after her laptop had gotten apprehended. And that this deranged one we sometimes see now is fake. So, I don’t know, gang — I say we just go ahead and put those party hats on and keep them on.

(And, FYI, she — or someone just like her — was indeed referring to Tr ***p just this past Monday in the hallowed halls of c  o  n g  r e ss as “the Pr  *  s  * d ent” , and our fake B * den did the very same thing this past week.) (I don’t know — if you were P  r  * s * den t, would you accidentally refer to someone else as the P  r  * s * den t? Seems weird, right?)


Last but not least, however, tons more stuff about the truly repugnant crap surrounding a  d  r * n*   c  ^^ h r * m* is getting declassed.  Some of the truly sickening docs are basically “menus” from companies in the  u    k , with lists of the c  a  p  ti  ve children’s names, their ages, how likely they are to commit suicide, and if you want to place an order of “a-c” to be extracted from any of them for the weekend.

The horror of all this is not only unbearable, but almost impossible for a loving and humane mind to process.

A long-time friend of mine who has worked at NASA forever — a brilliant man with a PhD in geology — convinced me decades ago that “a -c” was not real; that it was a myth. Eventually, I shifted into believing him. Now it is almost impossible to un-believe it because my mind simply can’t fucking imagine it could ever be that important to anyone on Earth (or its surrounding planets, both near & far) to remain in the Physical.

WTF, right? You know, potential aliens aside, what is it about people needing to be so rich and stay so young that the t* rt  ure and m*r  der of defenseless children becomes a viable pathway?


But the sheer volume and wide variety of docs and videos being declassed now, along with the utter outrageous ridiculousness of the current “ad min  istr  a  tion,”  just makes it feel undeniable that we are on the road to the revelation of full-on m * l i tary control and that eventually everyone we can possibly imagine will be under a  r  * st. If they aren’t already. And then the unveiling of the genuine R e  p  u b li c will be close at hand.

Today is actually a big day for [17] followers. “Done in 30.” And also tomorrow — “Freedom Day” here in the U  S. We shall see.

Whatever happens or doesn’t happen this weekend, it is clearly just a matter of time. Because the only thing that makes sense right now is that this is being done on purpose.

So I would suggest, sit back, get the broad view, take in the big picture, and don’t focus so intently on the tiny details of what’s being so obviously shoved in front of you.  Because the bigger picture brings the utter insanity into focus. It becomes easier to step aside and just witness.

(And is it just me, or do those weird people who keep acting as if life right now is simply “normal” and will just continue on this way for the rest of the year seem incredibly strange? Man. Like, what universe are they actually living in? What some people won’t do to just avoid that red pill at all costs…)


Okay. If I’m not mistaken, today at 1pm EST, cir st en w and the p* tr iot stree  t f ighter will be on a live stream here. I’m guessing that you won’t want to miss it, gang. And then p* tr iot stree  t f ighter will be on his usual Y  * t * b* live stream this evening, as well. (After taking the weekend off for the first time in, like, forever.)

And, also if I’m not mistaken, my friend and partner in Abstract Absurdity Productions, out in West Hollywood, is supposed to be calling me later today, for the first time in about 6 months. We’ll see if it happens and, if it does, how it goes.

I am starting to feel as if I can finally make some brain-space to tackle writing those new erotic short stories that were targeted to be delivered to the kind folks in Sweden in January. (You might note that today is January 31st…) Oh well. Just very strange times. But I do feel as if that light at the end of the tunnel is shining so brightly now that it is completely overtaking the tunnel. I truly feel that, gang. So hang in there. Keep the faith. Hold the line.

And please note, that the h * sh tag: b* den lied is already trending on tw *  t t *r, veritable home base of the mind-controlled. So we’re making progress.

I am not able to get the r  u  m  b  l  e  videos to play right now on the laptop (!!), so I encourage you to visit the various podcasters on your phones and see if that works today. Hopefully, it will get straightened out as the day goes on.

Okay. I’m gonna scoot. Have a great Sunday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I leave you with a medley from a huge album from my wee bonny girlhood: David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs (1974):  “We are The Dead/1984/Big Brother/Chant,”  which feel alarmingly fitting all these decades later. (Lyrics included in video.) Listen, reflect, ponder. I love you guys. See ya.

It Looks Real, Feels Real, But…??!!

Okay, gang. The best I can say is that it is ALL still in play. Try to remain calm, pull back, get the big picture.

If things are not making sense, pay attention to that feeling of doubt, give it credence, and don’t jump through hoops, trying to convince yourself that what you’re seeing is “real.” It’s mostly optics, even though job loss, money loss, arr * sts of the innocent, v *ol ations of rights are still going on. The movie will be over soon.

A very interesting legal doc has resurfaced at this link (through K O — see video below). This is re: the many upstanding American politicians who were involved in orchestrating nine one one. You can download it as a pdf.  It is a 13-page legal document and it details the involvement of, among pothers,  our beloved h  i  l  l a r y and even our  worst p r  e s i d ent ever, O  b * m*.

One nice thing — A  sh  c r of t, while apparently still alive as of right now but facing charges of high t  r  e  a s   o n, was also involved in nine one one and it was under his admin as U S a  t t y gen e r a l that I found myself in federal court, with many other high-profile “pornographers”, looking at prison time and hefty fines for my online publishing company, The Erotic Authors Association Signature Series. (I am grateful to the U S C o n s t i t u tion and the A  C  L  U  every single day, folks.)

Anyway. That document will make you sick, however, I suggest your read it.

Some good news:

Here in Ohio, SB 175 was signed into law yesterday, making Ohio one of the growing number of States that is a Stand Your Ground State. (Which means you have the right to stand and defend yourself if you are being attacked, including the use of legal firearms. In most States, you are required to run away, otherwise, if you hurt or kill your attacker, you are liable for criminal prosecution, fines, and jail time. There are still areas of Ohio infiltrated by L *  ftist thinking, but most of Ohio, especially the wide expanses of rural areas, is definitely gun country and not for “pussies”.)

Cats Are Making Australia's Bushfire Tragedy Even Worse | WIRED

Important: Okay. If you have children and notice anything similar to this written on your car, mailbox, etc: G1 B 3–  and it matches the sex (girl/boy) and number of children you have, you are being stalked for possible kidnapping of your children. Stay alert.

In the United States alone, between 400,000 to 800,000 children go missing every year.  This does not include the children born underground without a birth certificate. And, very, very sadly– we know what has been happening to all of them.

Which brings me to P   a  t  r  i  ot  S t reet  f ighter’s video from last night: An interview with ci  r  st en w and  g ene  d e code regarding the [D] e  e p [U] ner g r oun d [M] i lit  ar y [B] a s es that are now being destroyed worldwide.

If you recall, about 3 weeks ago, I posted that video about all the many earthquakes going on that were not being covered in the news and how these were likely the destruction of DUMBs.  (The video interview below goes into the details of all of that; and the stuff about all the children who are being rescued is good news but still really, really sad.)

Of note: Visit this link to see the jaw-dropping list of notable people who have already died this month. World wide. Lots of political /military figures peppered throughout. (This doesn’t count the many people who have likely been liquidated by m* l * tary tr i b* nals and we don’t know about it yet. But it is happening, folks, so sit tight. The m * l i t  ar  y is in control. The fake B * den is fake. The fake W  H  is fake. Don’t panic. Resist the urge to convince yourself that any of  this is going to go on for much longer.)

More good news!!

Nick Cave’s announces a new cashmere sweater designed by Bella Freud with the famous saying from his mum! It’s only £450 (plus shipping) so, you know, hurry and get yourself one!

Okay. That’s it for now, gang. I gotta scoot. The videos below should be watchable on your phones again. Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys.


Link to Cr. Ch* r l*e W * rd and Nich o l a s  V e  n  i a min video update. Another suicide weekend upon us? (In English, from Spain)

Below: K O update 1-29-21: “Everything is crazy and it’s difficult to tell what’s true. I’m trying to vet information as best I can but realistically I’m hearing conflicting reports about most things so it’s pretty hard.” Plus Q &A. (43 mins)

Below: P 8 t r * ot  street fighter: 1.29.21 PSF Sc * tt Mc Kay & G* ne De C*de Discuss Deep Underground Military Bases… With Cirs ten W – (when this is deleted from Y** t * b*, I will post the r  u  m  b  le  link here.)

Below: Ep. 2391b – Marker [KC] 11.3, The Elite’s System Is In The Process Of Being Exposed – “[**] had his sentencing today, no ja  il time for changing an email to get a F * S  A warrant, instead he received probation, market 11.3. Is this just the beginning. The people are waking up to system that the [**] created, it is being exposed for all to see.” (20 mins)

Formosa, Mon Amour!

I believe it’s coming, gang. The storm of all storms. Buckle up and stay safe.

First of all, if you’re on a computer  — go to desk top.te  le  gr am.   org and download the app to your desktop right now.

You can also try to download the app to your phone but a   ppp  l   e   and g  ** gl * pl  ay are banning the t e l e g r am app. It might not be there anymore

If you already have the app on your phone, immediately go to:

    1. settings
    2. screen time
    3. content & privacy restrictions (toggle to ON)
    4. iTunes & app store purchases
    5. deleting apps (toggle to don’t allow)

Remember to follow:   w  e  t  h  e  m e  d   i  a ,   and then go from there.

Also,  a   ppp  l   e   and g  ** gl * are making it impossible to watch certain r u m b l e  videos on your phones! If you have trouble loading them: get the d  u  c  k  d  u  c  k  g o browser app on your phone. Then visit  r u m b l e dot c om dire ctly  on your d *ck d*ck go phone app and search for the podcaster’s name in r  u m  bl e and then select the titles listed below. You can watch everything on your phone that way.

All right.

Astounding d i pl o ma  t  i c  in tel drop last night on P ^ tr * o t S ttreet f i gh   t   er. You have to watch it, directly below and give it some serious thought. At least watch the first 20 minutes or so. You will know when you are hearing it!

(also, join: https://www.   inkd    soc   ial.    net/ on phone or desktop, and keep an eye on the c  i r  s t  en  w  page.)

I have been essentially speechless since hearing this intel last night.  Some reasons why I think it is credible:

    1. Lt. G*n Fl * nn’s brother, Charles, was just made the head of U  S  A rmy Pacific
    2. N* val fleets/carriers are already out there  protecting  t  a * w  *n and j*  p * n, i n  d  * a, etc.
    3.  tens of thousands of c  h  *  n *  s * tr **ps are on our borders in c  *  n *  d  a, and m * x  * co — they won’t get back home in time
    4. P * t in and G * r b  a ch* v have been making pro- p^  tr  i ot statements publicly.
    5. P * tin had N   a  v a l ny brought back to m *  sc  * w and “a  r  * sted” — but was that just optics for perhaps a new gov  ern ment? Is he being hidden somewhere besides ja  il?

If this is accurate intel, gang, this is the most astounding thing that could happen in my life time.

Below:  P  a  t   r  i   o  t   S  t r  e e t f igh  ter: Watch this immediately: 1.28.21 #38: “MASSIVE INTEL DROP: C* P takedown operation on mainland  c  h  *  n *, Arrest in D  C, G* m* stop short s*ll debacle”

All right, folks. That is it for now. Much to think about.  And try hard to not lose hope over the outright insanity going on here in the U  S .  Think “optics.”  It is ALL in play.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys See ya.

Again, if you have trouble viewing any of these embedded videos, visit r u m b l e dot c om dire ctly  on your d *ck d*ck go phone app and search for the podcaster’s name and then select the title listed below.


Below: Keyboard Operator January 29 : Additional Data Points About Various Strange Happenings  “This video is loaded with content links to hopefully assist in digging into matters I’ve been talking about. Primarily regarding weirdness in the B * den Ad min istra  tion.” (16 mins)

Below: Keyboard Operator: January 29  Viewer Submitted Content Q&A Part 2 — “Pay special note of the 2 corrections. I hope I got this out quickly enough to stop the spread. ” (26 mins)

Below: R  e  d  p i ll 7  8 : January 28: AZ Vote Audit Led By D*m* n  io  n Tied Sh*ll Companies, Red  d  it An  * ns Strike Back – “Today we hear about the direct impact of B* den policy changes on an American K* ystone X  L employee, the most likely fr* ud  ul  ent upcoming audit of Mar * copa County’s 20 20 el * ct * on by D* mi n  * on tied shell companies, changes to Virginia v*  ting laws and an update on r/W  * llSt  ree t  B * ts, h  * dg  e f * nds are going to lose tomorrow.” (34 mins)

Link to X * 2 R * port. January 28 :  Ep. 2390b – The World Is Watching, “We Haven’t Finished Yet” Tr*** p, Think Mirror — “The people are now watching the B * den admin istra  tion, everything that was promised the people see the opposite happening. Think mirror, everything the [**] threw at Tr*** p is coming back to them. C* vid is mysteriously disappearing, cases are dropping like a rock. Tr ** p was seen a golf course and he said we are not finished yet.” (23 mins)

Just Let Me Say This About That!

All right, gang.

First off,  for whatever reason, videos from r u  m  b  l e  dot c om are getting harder to embed. (Meaning, the podcasters are not offering the “embed” link anymore, or are very sporadic about offering it.)

S  c  o  t  t  M  c  K  a  y, who is the P *  t  r  i o t S tree t fighter, is sometimes on r u mb l e right now, and sometimes on YT — he is battling their constant attempts to ban him from Y T. Even though he offers his videos to be embedded, he also asks that people follow him at s c o t t m c k a y d ot us. You can sign up for his email alerts in the event of a full-on communications blackout.

Ditto with x 2 2  r e p or t dot c om. (He did not offer an embed option last night, either.)

I’ve also alerted you to get the f o x h o le dot app, for r*d p*l l 7 8 news and podcasts, in addition to a ton of other really cool podcasters located there. (RP 78 didn’t offer the embed option last night, either.)

For whatever reason, my data shows consistently that you guys prefer to watch embedded videos and you almost never follow direct links to anything, anywhere!! And that’s fine with me, but the information these guys give out every night is usually amazing stuff and I don’t want you to miss it. So if they won’t let me embed, I can’t get the video to you. You have to go get it.

And FYI, tonight’s P * t r  * ot S treet Fighter should be incredible, gang. He will have a guest on and they are going to be going over who has allegedly already been a  r  * ste d in D  C , H ollywood, and elsewhere. This will be on Y  *  u  T  * b *, but I don’t know what time — either 6 or 7 pm tonight. (It’ll be pre-recorded so you can access it anytime after that.) (Or if it gets banned, it will be uploaded to r  u  m b  l e and I will post it here.)

Also, just as a personal note: I highly recommend the t e l e g r am app, gang, if you want news.  I find that g  a  b  and c  l o u t hub, also bi t  c  h  u t e,  have way too many posts that are just personal comments or memes, and not enough actual links to news. Whereas t e le g ram is nonstop links to news all the time. I just love it. For me, it is a true “hub” of information ( and occasional funny memes). It was hard to learn how to use it at first, but once I figured it out, now it flows like crazy.

(For instance, I just now got an alert from t e le g r am  that the fake B * den admin has ended Tr **p’s policy to help fight opioid addiction. Okay, gang, to me, this is just proof that the B * den admin is fake and that he is somehow being instructed/forced to just literally dump indescribably awful policies and E  O’s onto the U S, in order to get more and more Dems to wake up as quickly as possible, because the m * l * tary needs to close in and end this fr*u d u l en t admin, but they need popular support in order for it not to become a bloodbath.)

That said — L * n W ** d released the link to all the new declas, unsealed docs in the Max  w e l l – E p s t **n case. You can access it here and it is a HUGE list of downloadable pdf files. (In add tion, there is a private pilot from the l  o  l  i  t  a  e xpress who is talking openly now and p  r  i  n  c  e  a n dr * w of   u   k   is once again implicated.)

Not related (!!)

— while I’m thinking of it. I have forgotten to mention that my newest erotic novella, 1954 Powder Blue Pickup came out in print last week and is now available in bookstores, nationwide, in addition to being an eBook on the publishers website. “Half-Moon Bride” is a very long short story, but not long enough to be released in print, so that will remain only an eBook for now, although the publisher has plans to include it in a multi-author short story print collection down the road.

Anyway, I have neglected to thank all of you who are buying the new stories. I really, really appreciate it, gang. (And for readers who are new to this blog, those new books are for adults only, and could be found very  offensive even to some adults!! I have had a 30-year career in the literary erotica market, internationally. And I have a well earned reputation for pushing the boundaries with my writing. So please be forewarned.)

Okay, back to the news!!

There was a N* tional T * rro ri sm Advisory System Bulletin released from Home  land Sec  urity yesterday, stating that there is a heightened threat of t  e  r  r  or  ism across the U  S  that they expect to last for several weeks.

Okay, gang. To me? That is really good news. Because, for some reason, I believe this is  a way to get tr  **ps out across the nation, as the m * l i t ary finally becomes public about being in control of the U  S   right now. So we can only hope.

Some less exciting news is that the fake B * den admin has some countries in the mi d  e  as  t  seemingly on the verge of war again. And while there seems to be cause for alarm in the f  a  r  e  as  t because of c  h  *  n *, the U  S   m * l i t ar y seems to be on the alert there to defend allies.

I am not a m * l * tary strategist by any stretch of the imagination, folks, this is just what I am gleaning from various reports.

Also, as mentioned in a Keyboard Operator video below, whoever is inside the W H, seems to be paying attention to s o ci al m* d  ia, because every time we start posting about the lack of lights there, the lack of family pets (dogs), those phone app-based announcements that the W H is permanently (or temporarily) closed — well, the next day, those things change.  Well, sort of. For instance, I think there’s a dog there at the W H now, and someone will now answer the phone if you call but will tell you that you have to call back, and the phone apps now say the W  H is open.

But, I seriously do not believe anyone is living there…

All righty. The only other thing of interest, is a micro-short video going viral this morning of Tr ***p on the golf course in F L and he tells someone he “isn’t done yet.”

Hmmm…. wonder who posted that, really? Frankly I don’t care, it’s just cool to have the occasional good word.

Okay. Nick Cave sent out a really interesting Red Hand File today. He discusses the emotional spectrum of what it felt like to write/record his incredible album The Boatman’s Call, how it felt after it was released, and how he feels about it now. This was/is a truly beautiful if often painful album of a relationship gone bad. To me, it only gets better and better with time.  So read how he feels about it at this link here.

I’m gonna close and get the laundry finished. Have a good Thursday, gang. Thanks for visiting. I leave you with the specific song Nick Cave speaks about in his letter today, the stunning love song, “Into My Arms”. Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: K O update with Q & A. “Table set. We haven’t finished yet.” (18 mins)

Below: K O update, pt. 1. “Details of the stock event and Q & A. (34 mins.)

Below: P * tr * ot Street fighter:  “Strange activities at the WH, AF-1 is now a C-17 Transport for the B*  den Team. WTH is going on??? All YT Livestreams will be downloaded from here, uploaded to Rumble, then deleted from here.” (1 hr)

Remember Who Your Friends Were? They’re Strangers Now

It’s getting pretty horrific, folks.

I’m not even going to try to list here the insane E O’s continuing to come from the fake B * den.  In the fake ov  a  l  o f  f  ic e. (Btw, the E   Os are starting to show up on the federal registration, but they don’t go into effect for 30 days.) An interesting thing, though, that went viral yesterday: the W  H  is  apparently closed. If you access the “contact” page on the  official site on an android, it says “temporarily closed.” On an iPhone it says, “permanently closed.” And, when you call the main number for the W  H  ,  a recorded message says that they are closed…

Hence, the blackouts every night, and the drapes drawn all day, no lights on. Nobody’s home, gang. Hmmmm….

However, that said. Our c ongr e s  s  ion al sa t a ni st s are hard at work, trying to literally ban our existence.

Now they are trying to go hard af t er t e l e g r am, because it allegedly incites and promotes violence.

They are proposing a bill to ban tr **p supporters from being able to join the m * l * tary, or to have federal jobs.

This is in addition to their general calls to fire anyone who is a known supporter of Tr **p if they are already employed somewhere. And then of course the constant call to have their children taken away from them, and have them placed in detention c* mps.

This is no joke, people — these things are coming from people who actually believe that they are in power. They believe that these things they are saying are real and will be enacted upon.

Also, a new proposed bill to force white teachers in the public school system into Anti-Racist Therapy programs.

Also, c   i   a   and f   b   i  monitoring everyone who shows up in the live chats of podcast/videos promoting p  * tr iot i sm. Even visiting their homes.

And often anyone who garners a large following on t  e  l  e  g  r  am will get their “comments” hacked by porn so that their chats will get de-activated and so no one can communicate.

Letting known an t * f * and b l m r * oters walk free, while ar  * sting known p * tr i ot s or [17] supporters who are famous for promoting nonviolent groups.

Arr * sting them. At the federal level. Creating huge and expensive legal problems. Removing their access to funding, and to communicating.

This is REAL.

The thing I am most alarmed by, though, is that even while none of my “friends” agree with my need to fight to save the C *  n st  * tu tion, none of them will even shoot me a text, or god forbid call me on the phone  in alarm over all of this and say, “I stand by you, even though I don’t agree with you. I won’t let them take you away.” (Which used to be what America was all about.)

So I guess it will be okay with them when I’m dragged off to the c* mps.

I know that the light is coming. I hope it won’t be too much longer now. Because it is getting very dark here, indeed.


This is someone you should say a prayer for, if you haven’t already. They tried to destroy her life, her family, her career, because she testified. And if you saw her testimony (it went viral) you know that she has guts and integrity and honor. I think she is an amazing person. Now she is running for the State Senate in M  I.

Melissa C   a   r  o  ne, Famous For D* min  *on Fr * ud Testimony, Announces Campaign For Michigan Senate.

Here’s something interesting:

Visionary startups. Experienced VCs. Dedicated government professionals. In**^^ Q **^% Tel leads from the center of this matrix, connecting cutting-edge technology, strategic investments, and purpose: to enhance and advance national security for the U S and its allies…

This is run by the c   i  a  up in the lovely environs of s  i l  i  c  o   n  v  a  lll e y, so I’m wondering: which U  S?  And which “allies”?? We’ve got two versions running simultaneously right now.

Anyway, they want to invest in you and in your secret s p y  i n  g  te c h  no  lo gy. You could go a long way with them, I’m guessing.  Look how successful they’ve been in helping run a world wide ch il  d s   *  x tra  f  f  i ck ing ring…

Okay, gang. There are now literally thousands of pdf pages of declassified docs out there on the Internet.  Every night, something of interest drops that usually stands out from the rest.  I awoke at 3am this morning to be regaled by an enormous pdf file of B* den’s daughter, A   s   h  l  e  y’s, handwritten diary.

It’s a huge pdf because each page is a photo file.  The saddest page I’ve read so far, though, is about her struggles to understand her hyper-sexualized childhood, and her early fears over the  inappropriate sexualized contact from adults — oh, yeah, including her dad, in the shower…

I can see why you’d want to put a Tr **p supporter into a concentration c * mp. They don’t seem to be into r  a   p  ing and/or murdering c   h^^  i  l  d  ** r  e n.

Although, to be fair, someone on B * den’s staff yesterday, made an alarming announcement that B *  den seems to be operating at 50% of his mental capacity  since being in  a  u  g  u r a ted (which was fake, but still; point taken).

And now tons of federal judges and Republican s   e  n  a  to  r s and c on gress m  e  mbers are being coerced into stepping down.

Okay. That’s real too. But I have no idea why. honestly. Are they good or bad?? Which side is forcing them down?

There seem to be more secret a  r  r * sts being made, and mentions of secret e  x e  c u  tions already accomplished through m * l * tary tri bu na   ls. I guess we just have to pay close attention to who is or who isn’t appearing in public anymore. And/or who suddenly looks really different from how they used to look…

Every waking hour is a fucking rabbit hole right now.

There is seemingly no end to this stuff, gang. Every night, something else drops that there is no way for your mind to be prepared for at 3am.

All righty. Thanks for visiting, I love you, guys. Pray.


Below: K O update: “We keep seeing clear signs that things are not normal but it’s difficult to pin down exactly what’s happening. The W H is closed. A p  p    le map of the oval office says it is permanently closed. Motorcade does not include the beast. We now have documentation that Tr  **p filed for bankruptcy on behalf the United States Corporation while he was P O T U S.” (short)

Below: ” The [**]/MSM are now pushing forward with the im  peach  ment. They did not get the votes for the conviction. Tr** p sent some messages and Fl * nn is confirming that their is a plan in place. Tr** p was given the decision on timing and he made the decision during the rally. Buckle up because we are about to see fireworks.” (37 mins.)

Below: “Censoring Machine Overdrive, Y**  t*  b * ran from the battlefield and took their platform with them.” ( 1 hr)

Let It Rain, Gang

Do not lose hope, people. Absolutely nothing is at it seems right now.  The m * l i t * ry is in control of this country.  Do not fear what you think you are seeing that indicates otherwise; it is a charade for the remaining Americans who simply refuse to take the red pill.

Please do visit sites and links that I’ve posted over the last few days that list all the declassified docs. The mains tr* am news is reporting none of these atrocities. More docs are on their way, too, including docs that substantiate the claim that the former Pres B * sh, S r was executed and confessed to everything before dying. Those docs are said to be dropping any day now.

If you are not already convinced of the guilt of so many of these elite D   C   p o li t i c ians by the declassed docs we already have (read them!!), supposedly the B  * sh confessions are going to be seriously hard to stomach ( ie: his in volvement in 9  1   1 , in hu m an tr a f  f ic king, etc.)

Please do not ignore these declassed docs, folks. Yes, they can be really, really hard to take, but information is power, especially right now. And then share what you learn with the people you know. It is crucial that this all comes to light.

This just in:  It turns out that D r F *^ u c* is insane. Please disregard anything he says from now on (unless or until he starts talking about all his bio-engineering research on a certain virus — research he then gave to a certain lab in w *  h ^^n…). (Or perhaps he’d like to discuss what he did to help create AIDS. Hmmm.)

No, not this lab…

Cute Photos of Labrador Retriever Puppies | POPSUGAR Family

This also just in:  Apparently “the c  d  c changed C * VID criteria that inflated fatalities 10-fold” Wow!! Who knew??!! (Besides all of us.) [link to article is here]

This also also just in:  Many folks posting to t w * tt * r that they now wish they hadn’t v oted for B * den!! (If they would only take the red pill, they would see that the el * c t * on was r * gged anyway and that their v ote doesn’t even really count.)

Of interest:  Lt. G e n e r a l Fl*nn’s brother, Charles, has been nominated to lead the U  S  A r my Pa cific. Hmmm…. How’d that happen? Just who is in charge here??!! (HINT: the m * l * t ar y…)

Tr **p released a statement that he is not affiliated with establishing the P * triot Party. Any money you donate goes to that organization and not to him in any way.

However, yesterday, he did formally establish the Office of the Former Pr * s * dent, down in Palm Beach F L, where Tr **p is going to continue managing his pertinent affairs… [Short quiz:  L*ft/Dems — a.) love this idea; or b.) are freaking the fuck out.] [i.e., “Im pea ch that fucker, NOW!”]

And there is no more M a g A slogan. It is now: SAVE America. (We will.)

Of keen interest: Our lovely k * m * l * is not actually living in the regal  v p house yet. She has not moved in.  They’re saying, like, there’s an issue with the inside of the chimney. Maybe the P e  n  c  e s are just really hard on the insides of chimneys.  [Other more interesting reasons include but are not limited to: That gal is under arr * st somewhere and only allowed out for fake-official occasions. We can only hope, gang.]

T  w  *  tt  *r,  f  b, y **t *b *, I  G  ,  g ** g l */ g m* il are all still banning people with a vengeance. What are they afraid of this time? I thought that the fake  B* den was safely in the fake W  H? (Signing many, many, MANY fake E Os…)

This is an empowering video. It is from a few months back, but what the guy says about being black in America will encourage & inspire you. (2 mins.)

This is another harrowing video about the horrors of the experimental chemicals being passed off as ” v a c   c  in es”. This video has been banned just about everywhere, folks. (2 mins)

(And just FYI, people are dying worldwide from this current “v  a  c  c  i  ne  “.  Do not take it. It can literally turn your cells into gmo’s for the rest of your life, if you don’t die from it first.)

The Black Vault has all the c  i a  ‘s declassified files on UFOs in one easy place. Check it out.

Okay, gang. please watch the videos below. They go into lots of details about what is actually happening right now, and what lies ahead for our new C*  ns tit  ut io  nal R* public and it’s final break from the c  *  n t r a  l  ba  n  k  in g  system. It’s all good, gang. It’s exciting. Get yourself informed and spread the good news.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys, see ya.


HINT: It’s coming, gang….

Below: K O updates on the B * den movie set and more documented weirdness on the fake in a u g ur a tion day. (short)

Below: P * tr i ot S treet  fighter now banned from y **  T ** be.  He is on r  u  m  b  l e for now, but live streams will return ASAP on new platform. (45 mins.)

This link is to the R * d P *l l 7 8 News from last night:  “The Mirror world we’re living in continues to deliver entertaining news – B*  den confused about what he’s signing, POTUS wins some major court battles while he prepares to fight off others, dog comms, new OIG investigations and evidence of  f  b  i  leadership KNOWINGLY abusing its power, a new legal play for POTUS, Military occupation in D   C   and H*  n ter advises his dad on what he knows best – c  h  *  n *. (30 mins.)

Below:  Me l K and D r Ch * r lie W &rd discuss the current political charade going on before your eyes: (50 mins)

Below: Epic roundtable!! “JUST WAIT until you hear the entire interview, P * tri ots, you are going to be happier than you have been in a while! What is all the hype about?! WATCH and you will find out! w*    w ^   g   1  w  *^ g ** a!”  (52 mins.)

And last night’s X * 2 R * port is linked here. I can’t embed it today, for some reason.

For Godsake’s, Take the Red Pill Already!!

My goodness. The drops just keep on dropping, gang! And if you are among the few remaining A m e r i c a ns who think that anything you’re looking at right now is real, I urge you to take the red pill already. You’re seriously holding the rest of us up.

We are 'almost definitely' living in a Matrix-style simulation, claims Elon Musk

Okay, gang, below is the final page of a 132-page legal document from the Judiciary of England and Wales, dated 4 January 2021:

District Judge (Magis trate s’ Court) Vanessa Baraitser
In the We s tmins te r Magistrate s’ Court
Requesting State
Requested Person

And below is the final page in that document. This whole legal document was made available very late last night on t  e l  e  g  r  am, as a downloadable PDF.  ( I downloaded it at 2am.) It’s 132 pages that look extremely legit. I guess we shall see. Please pay attention to the end, especially.

406. In Osunta v. Germany [2008] 3 W.LR 26 at §22, per Treacy J:

“…It seems to me that the argument that effect should be given to extradition arrangements and that the court should seek to avoid discharging a warrant where serious offences are alleged is a powerful one, as is the need to trust the judicial arrangements in other jurisdictions. If excision is necessary to achieve justice in those circumstances then I find it hard to understand how an excision relating to temporal matters should be acceptable whereas one relating to matters of geography should be unacceptable”.

407. The defence complains that the late service of the second superseding indictment has resulted in unfairness in the preparation of its case. Mindful of any potential unfairness flowing from the late service of this amended indictment, on Friday 14 August 2020, I invited the defence to consider applying to adjourn the evidential hearing which was due to commence on 7 September 2020. I gave them the opportunity to consider this invitation over the course of a week but, on 21 August 2020, the defence confirmed that it would not be seeking to adjourn proceedings. No further applications were made between that date and 7 September 2020.

408. In my judgment the appropriate remedy for any unfairness arising from the late indictment would have been to allow the defence sufficient time prepare its case and advance any relevant arguments. That time was offered in August 2020 and declined.

409. I reject the defence submissions concerning staying extradition as an abuse of the process of this court.

410. I order the discharge of Julian Paul Assange, pursuant to section 91(3) of the EA 2003.
4 January 2021

I’m guessing we have him safe somewhere since a r  k  a  n  c  i  d  e  is the real pandemic, but that is only my opinion…

Okay! Awesome news. This was all over the hubs yesterday. This happened on Friday, Jan. 22 nd, while the fake B * den was in a flurry,  signing E O’s with his left hand (photos show the new fake B * den in his fake o  v  a l  o  f  f  ic  e  signing E O’s with his left hand, while years and years worth of previous photos show an actual B * den signing docs with his right hand… Hmmm.) Anyway. this happened:

A request for a new federal political party was submitted to the FEC: The Patriot Party. The filing was submitted by Donald J. Tr  ***p for P r * s * dent, Inc.

That means Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and now the Patriot Party.

Are you keeping score?

(a) New Party + (b) our gang in the fake o v  a l  off ic e + (c)  sealed indictments + (d) corporation of the U S A now bankrupt + (e) m* li tary is now in control + (f) 7000 tr **ps remaining in D C until March + (g) in a u g u ra tion day used to be March 4th  = New and this time fair el * c t * on???

Your guess is as good as mine, folks!!

From Blaze reporter Eli  ja  h Sch * f fer’s t  w *  t  t  * r account. D  C  was dark last night….


It’s funny how, after all these places go dark for awhile, someone or other ends up arrested and/or dies from C * VID…

And there was another report that the v a t  i c  a  n was once again dark last night, too. I saw a photo but I can’t confirm it was from last night. However, the p  o  p  e  is still suffering from a sciatica problem and this makes three public events in a row he could not (or won’t) appear at.

Okay, I encourage you to watch this video/podcast below. It gives a really thorough explanation of the original Constitution; the fraudulent Constitution/corporate document that we had from 1871 until 12:01am Wednesday morning; and it also explains in detail the expected new currency during the upcoming monetary transition here in the US and how it will work. (And why.) It is extremely educational. You need to watch it. (HINT: It’s all good, gang! It’s all good…)

If you aren’t on the t e  l e  g  r  am app, you are missing a ton of easily accessible declassified docs and wh* stle blo w  er videos. A lot of them are a little hard to take — some are nearly impossible to take — but it’s still best to know what is at stake now (world wide) and what is likely to be in all these many sealed indictments.

And when you read all this stuff and watch these videos (some are over an hour long and will make you cry), it convinces you that the current fake admin is absolutely that: Fake. These folks are already getting taken out in some way. The rest of them will follow soon.  Some are guilty of high t  r  e a  s on, but others are true monsters and do seem to be guilty of atrocious c r  im  e  s  ag  ain st h u ma n ity. So educate yourselves, even if it’s hard to stomach.

Re: the ever-popular virus scam- de m i c: Guess who has finally decided that all the l* d * wns are over, state-wide???? Yes, one of our favorite dictators of all time , second only to the dick-ta t or in Airstrip One: Gov. G * ry N * wsom.

Yeah, that’s right.  C *VID deaths are plummeting everywhere. Hospitals are emptying out. New infections are also plummeting rapidly. C* VID is in full  retreat. Why? Because a fake B * den is starring in the fake movie of the W H… (It’s at a theater near you, but here’s hoping it won’t stick around for long!)

Who the FUCK is that in the W h i t e H o u se ???!!!

All righty, gang. I leave you with this photo of Nick Cave from yesteryear just because I love it!! Have a blessed day, everybody. And thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

Nick Cave - The Red Hand Files - Issue #37 - It's Wednesday, 21.49 and it starts to rain. I light a cigarette and smoke on my balcony and listen to a


This link is to a really cool K O video from yesterday, but I can’t imbed it. It’s about 20 mins. It includes: “…it looks like B*  den is not in control. His signature doesn’t even match B*  den’s signature. It’s looking like everything done under his administration will be rolled back. Remain calm. Hang in there. I think everything is under control.”

Below: M * n k * y W * rx mi * l i tary flight patterns.  Where is  p  o  t  u  s? N G leaving but request for 26,000 more. Army this time? (14 mins)

Below: P* tri  ot Streetfighter.  “D C   Swamp Creatures still fill the threat of the Maestro. Motives becoming more evident every day. ‘Never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying itself.’ “(1 hr.)

Below: X *@ R * port: ” … we are  still in the great awakening and people are now starting to notice the difference. People are now seeing the 16 year plan continue, jobs being lost and rights being violated. The [**] are now making a push for war. Optics are very important, how do you make the [**] push out all the evidence of their crimes? Im  peach  ment. Durham is waiting for the right moment to strike. El * ct  * on fr * ud evidence and every legally counted vote is on deck. ” (32 mins)

Below: R  * d P * ll 7 8 Comfy Sunday ( 2 hrs.)


Let’s Breathe & Regroup!

First, we’ll start with the good news — and there is some.

This was posted by D *n S c * v * n * late last night, on both f b and I G. If you are a follower of [17], you know that this is very, very good news.

Will it happen today? Well, that we don’t know. But it does seem as if things will be coming to light very soon.

The other good news is that more and more and more docs keep getting declassified. In fact, some records on Fancy-Nan’s  alcoholism were dropped during the night. And in case you didn’t see it — several days back, the  f  b  i  file on her dad, also a congressman, revealed that her brother was a serial child- r *  p * st.

What is it with all this p* d o stuff, gang? Some of these docs that are getting dropped are really just beyond sickening. They truly are. They are impossible to process. It is  just horrific what they have done to children. (And to animals — and to what they did to small animals while making very young children watch, then turning and doing it to the children.) They honestly make the Nazi’s seem unimaginative. Who survives something like this? It is almost a blessing that so many of these children were murdered afterwards.


Anyway. An arrest was made yesterday regarding a p* do -trafficking ring in L  A  . 33 children were rescued.  And 3 days ago, there was  a big arrest made in Ghana. And, also yesterday,  two women in the Philippines were arrested for tr affi ck  ing their own children online.

It’s not enough, but it’s something.  And even though I believe that O b  * ^^^ m &*^ is a horrible, malicious human being, our beloved h i  l l a r y is an absolute monster.  (And the c  i  a  is complicit in so much of this. All that m  k  –  u l t  r a shit.)

If you followed thetruegreatawakening on  t  e  l e  g  r  am yesterday, you saw a lot of the videos of Is ** c  k  * pp  *’s livestreams from back before he was murdered.  I posted a short composite video here of him yesterday, but if you haven’t watched them, or didn’t see the original streams from when he was alive, you should go watch them.  Scroll back to yesterday on their feed.

This is apparently new. I’m not on f  b  so I don’t know for sure, but if you are on f  b, you need to know this:


Again, just to be safe, check into it if you’re on f b.

If you live in the U S , by now you know that we are at huge cross-purposes re: the virus.  B* den is declaring weird m* sk rules while immediately breaking the rule himself. And the lovely dictators of some of our worst-hit  criminal areas — c  h  i c   g  o, m  i c  h i g a  n, n  y  — are suddenly in a rush to bring everyone out of l * ck d * wn.

And of course, the w  h  o  is declaring they might have accidentally declared you positive for C * VID  (whoops!!) when you didn’t actually have it, so they’re gonna tweak how they do those tests from now on…

Expect C * VID to disappear soon, gang.

Meanwhile, please watch these 2 short videos re: how incredibly scary the “v  a  c  c  in  es” actually are.  And they are not actually v a c  c in e s. They basically turn your entire body into a gmo. Please do not take them. All they seem to do is give people life-long illnesses, if they don’t actually die first, and they help the monsters who invested in them get rich.

There is still violence erupting here — a  n t  * f  a are extremely anti-Dems now; anti- B * den, too.  The fed st *rm tr **pers are now fighting back, though, so it will be interesting to see where it goes.

But the r*ot in M*scow is also being blamed on B * den…

Labor unions that supported B * den are turning on him, too, because he just slashed something like 70,000 union jobs with some of those E O’s of his.

I think everyone just wants B * den to completely fall apart from all this pressure. I really do. It almost feels like elder abuse to me, to watch it in action, since the man is so clearly suffering from some sort of mental infirmity.

Based on all sorts of emails, phone calls, etc., that are declassed now,  not to mention a completely r *  gg  ed e l * c t * on, I do believe he’s guilty of many serious crimes including high t  r  e  a  s  o  n, so I’m not saying to just let the guy off. However, the way they seemingly have him propped up to do the dirty work in this fake movie, makes it look as if he’s really falling apart.

But, I’m still not so sure that he hasn’t already been ar  *  s  t e  d and is just going through this as some weird plea deal to get life instead exe c u ted when the charade is over.

You are probably aware by now that the 1871 Act is on everyone’s minds (I posted about it here a few days ago).  I can’t seem to copy the docs but you can see them today on: 2021 Updates (#WeThePeople) on t  e l e  gr am — the Corporation of the U  S filed for bank r u pt cy last May, and it was apparently completely dissolved at 12:01 am this past Wednesday.  (And k  a r  e  n p *  n  c  e apparently filed for Chapter 11 a few days ago, too, but I have no idea if it’s connected.) (She is ex- v p p * nce’s wife.)

Anyway, based on the completely staged, pre-recorded video of the fake and unconstitutional  in a u  g u r a tion the other day, B* den does indeed seem to be the pr  e s* dent of an empty,  bankrupt corporation and nothing more.  (And, subsequently, there is no need to worry about these new E Os that have everyone so upset.)

The “true” un it ed s t a t e s of a m e r i c a is currently being reformed behind the scenes, and for now, we seem to be under the control of the m * li tary.  Which helps to explain the thousands of tr **ps still stationed in D  C  (now considered a territory occupied by a foreign entity) with orders to stay there until at least early March (which, oddly enough, was the original in au g u ra tion time for legal p r e s * d ents of the U  S — March 4th, in fact).

There is still much talk going on all over about the o v a l of  f i c e being a movie set.  And considering that  Tr **p never did concede, and he left D  C  in Airforce 1 (a plane only used by p  r * s * dents), and he received a 21-gun salute — used for when a p r * s id ent takes office and not when he’s leaving it… Well, gang, I feel pretty confident that Tr ** p is the new p r * s * dent of a new un it ed s t ates,  even right now, and that all these criminals/actors  kn o w that it is just a question of time and they will be ar  r e s ted and the movie will be over. I’m guessing they are only going along with the weirdest charade in history as a plea deal to escape the firing squad.

Obviously I don’t know this for certain, gang. It’s just what I think about and it feels like the only thing  that possibly makes sense right now. Everything is so convoluted.  Neither the fake pres nor the fake v p, have any meetings on their calendars, for one thing. Just takin’ the weekend off…. Weird, right?

Oh well.

Let’s get this Sunday started, folks. Thanks for visiting. Hang in there and hold the line!! The videos below will help explain things and also help encourage you! The best is truly yet to come. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: “U  S Corp is dead, M* litary is in control. B* den has no power. Operations continue.” (1 hr.)

Below: K O update (short)

Below: X * 2 R * port interview with L  i or   G * ntz. “…the economy will not be able to move forward with J  B. The elite believe they have the green light for the great re  set. They are moving forward with their plan and their plan will fail.”   (39 mins.)

Below: R * d P*l l 7  8 from Friday night.  More on the U  S  c o r p o r a tion ban k r u ptc y.  (2 hrs.)

Brave New Worlds

Okay, what’s with the missing s e  c  r  e t  s  er v ic  e emergency callbox and the added abacus??

Yes, we’re talking about that strangely odd desk in the fake o  v a  l  of  f ic e. It’s missing the s e  c  r  e t  s  er v ic  e emergency callbox  that every  real p  r  e  s * d ent has had. And front & center on B * d  en’s desk is: an abacus!

Not this one, but one just like it!

All right, gang. There is simply too much news today, so I am going to try to give it to you as briefly as I can and I suggest watching the videos below to get a lot of it in detail. It’s coming fast & furious.

First, I’m just going to say that there seems to be nothing but constant signs that the L  *  f t is panicking and doesn’t really believe that Tr **p is really gone (neither do I, frankly). They also are really afraid of [17] and the followers — wanting us all in de ten tion c * mps. (If I avoid a de ten tion c * mp in this lifetime, it is starting to look as if it will be a miracle.)

Obviously, this e l * c t * on is far from over.

Here are some repeated themes that keep coming up:

    • Underground tunnels, underground bases: A parallel underground world seems to be all over this country. A lot, though not all, of it seems to be used for holding people, especially children, against their will.
    • So much p  e d o ph * le stuff that it is  staggering.
    • De ten tion c * mps, re- edu ca tion c * mps — the answer to everything!
    • Everyone’s getting killed (and they’re calling it something else)
    • Everyone who’s not getting killed is focusing on politics — they are forgetting the bigger picture, which is the advent of a brave new world in the making. (Technology that actually helps people move away from b*g M*d, b*g t* ch, and b* g Ph* rma. Everything is changing, gang, and some of it is really exciting — assuming we can manage to not get killed.)

Of interest: Just as Tr **p[ was leaving the  W H for his 21-gun salute sendoff at 8 am jan 2 0 th, SpaceX launched  60 new Starlink satellites.

Of interest: add the death this week of  c  r  * s  c r *  m ^^r of c  n  n  international to list of interesting people who are “dying”…

Of interest: why did [17] seem to know last year that L  *  rr y  K * ng would d ie today?

Of interest: In their first few weeks in office the number of E O’s signed:

    • Tr**p: 4
    • O  b * m* : 8
    • Bush: 2
    • C  l * n t* n: 2
    • In first 2 days:  B * den signs 17 and is still going. Although, to be fair, a viral video captures him saying: “I don’t know what I’m signing”…

Of interest: Within first 24 hours, B * den invaded s * r i a with U S  tr **ps and choppers carrying 200 more s o ld iers…

Just who is in B  * den’s basement giving all the orders?  HINT: Rhymes with Banana-rama if you pronounce it differently…

Of interest: the more you watch the pre-recorded  video of B * den’s in a u g ur ation cere money the faker it gets. What’s with that??

Of interest: One month after  j ^^^ an r   *  v  e r ^^8s casually told a reporter in NYC that O  b * ^^ & m  * was gay and that m  **^^^ c h *  l l e was a “tr  * n   ^^n y”, she died during a simple procedure of  elective plastic surgery…

HINT: in case you didn’t already know, everyone on the hubs refers to m. o. as m  *  c  ^^^ h a ^% l r ** b &^ n son.

Of interest: the truegreatawakening on t  e  l e  g ram has all the H* n ter B* den declas files and photos.

Please note: I’m not sure why M*n k* y W * rx thinks 43 bishops died from C * vid, in addition to the 9. Other reports are still holding at 9 — but “9” is the official total from the Catholic Church and, well, my faith in them? Not so much…

Text: TRUTH to 918-552-5142 and receive links to more declass files, including downloadable pdfs of  e  p s * * in  ‘s little black book and73 pages of  private flight logs for the l  * l * t a ex pre ss.

Link to everything you need to know about c * vid and tons of other things they don’t want you to know! (Caution: Your brain will explode if you read/watch all of this. I’m serious. If you once thought that people are evil, they are beginning to surpass even themselves.)

Okay, gang. Watch the videos.  There is a ton of info there. (There was a great R * d P* l l 7 8 last night, too, but it’s not on r  u  m  b  le yet.  You can watch it at the foxhole dot app).

I leave you with this idea:

 And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth.  And he that was dead came forth…” John 11:44-45, KJV

Trump to depart White House hours before Biden inauguration for Mar-a-Lago

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. Hold the line and hang in there. The evil is palpable now. And I’m not one who usually says a thing like that.

Below: M*nkey W *rx, military flight tracking, Tr *** p left F  L  early yesterday morning. (11 mins)

Below: K  O debates:  is the O  v  a  l  o  f  f  i c e real? (23 mins.)

Below: P* tr i ot Streetfighter.  “17” plus m * l * tary info (1 hour)

Below: Don’t worry about this guy, gang!! He’s already been m  * ^  r  d ^^ r * ed… Problem solved. (6 harrowing mins.)

Below: “…Tr ** p declassified the cross fire h * rri  cane investigation, information is being dripped out, to prepare the public for what is coming. The memo is just the beginning, more is on its way. This will set the narrative and make the [**] players feel pain at each step of the way. B*  den and his ad min istr  a tion have a SC lurking in the background, im  peach  m* nt papers have been filed and Durham will most likely begin to unseal indictments to make arr  * sts..” (38 mins.)

Below:  S c * tt Mc   K^ *y & Dr. Michael S * ll *: Secret Space Programs, Hidden Technology, Coming Disclosure (1 hr 38 mins)

Below: B * d en fake pr * s * d e n c  y is a “movie”. All the alarming differences between Tr ***p’s sendoff and the  fake in  a  u  g u r a tion. ( 40 mins)

The Light is Breaking & the Earth Will Crack

Today is my 80th day in a row posting about the r * gg ed e l * ct *on. And this doesn’t count the months I posted about trying to understand what the fuck the C * VID “virus” really was.

And all the corruption that has come to the surface — more and more of it every damn fucking day — and this morning was the first morning I actually broke down and cried. The amount of declassified documents, emails, photos now of the horrific abuse of children by D  C  (and world) elites is just beyond  my ability to process.

I will point you in the direction of things you can look at yourself, rather than post them here because some of it, I can hardly stomach. But I believe you need the t e l e g r am app to access them.

Primarily, search for The True Great Awakening — he has posted all the declas info as easily viewed docs. You do not need to follow any links to read the docs. However, it will likely take you weeks to read it all.

Also, of course, follow for everything else: w e t h e m e d ia

Also search for: 2021 updates (#wethepeople): horrific stuff re: our beloved  h  i  l  l a  r y and true p  e   d  o nightmares. There is a pdf doc you can download and read, if you have the stomach for it.  But beware — once this stuff gets in your head, you can’t get it out.

I’m only posting about it because these people, who are back in “fake” power here in the U  S  need to be brought to public justice. Not just arr * s t ed behind closed doors.

There are reports on various podcasts that our beloved h  i  l  l  a  r  y has already been a  r  * s  t  ed (maybe even ex e c u t  ed, I don’t know) and that the strange woman we are seeing out & about is only a body double for her (also called “clones.”).

And I posted here about 10 days ago, about how shocking it was to see her in a video, bashing Tr**p as always, because she looked entirely different, like some strange angry old lady.  How did she age so quickly, I wondered — and lose so much weight? So there could very well be some real truth to all this — that she is now, in some way, gone. But these people need to be publicly held accountable for this trail of tears. (Using fast-food code words when ordering children for p e d o parties, where the children were not only r  a   p   e   d  but sometimes ritually and horrifically tortured, and sometimes even k   i  ll  ed.)

And now t  w  *  t   * r  is being sued by the U  S  g ov er n ment on behalf of a boy who, at 13, had been taped having s  *  x with s *  x tra  ff ickers and the  video was viewed on t  w  *  t  t  * r nearly 200,000 times, and shared 2,000 times. But when the boy asked t w  *  t  t  * r to remove the video, he was told that it didn’t violate their policies… (But Tr **p being p  r  e  s * d e nt does.)

When I think of all the friends and family who no longer speak to me (or barely speak to me) because they voted for B * den and think I am loony-tunes for leaving the Dem Party back during O b * m *’s regime — all these friends in the Arts, especially — even though they are ignorant of all this stuff and voting with their eyes closed because they are  brainwashed by p  r  o  j  e c  t  m o c  k i n g bird, and also too lazy to turn off the fucking TV — I get so fucking heartbroken, and angry, that they are supporting this shit. They are complicit in it, sort of by proxy, by  keeping their heads in the sand and/or listening to the constant bleating of the main stream m* dia.

On a related note — the S t a n d a r d Hotel in Hollywood is now closing. This is the hotel where, allegedly a ^^  d * m   s    c h * f  f was filmed having s  e     x  with a 10 yr old black boy, who’d been abducted and drugged, but died from an o v   e   r    d  o  s   e   during the r^ a^** p  e . And the ensuing cover   up commotion was heard by the man in the room next door. The man called the  l  a   p   d    to come to the hotel and find out what was going on.

The little boy’s body di s a pp e a r ed.  Oddly, the S t a   n  d  a r d Hotel is also being investigated for having acid on hand that is used for “shocking” a swimming pool but having enough on hand to shock the pool for about ten years, and  trying to dump all that acid…

Within a couple months, the man in the room next door who had complained — a  n  t  h  *  n  y  b  ^  * r  d   a  in — “committed suicide” in France, immediately after a visit from two members of the  m   * s l * m b  *  ys  — who were caught on video leaving his home.

The most important thing going all over the hubs right now is that something is decidedly amiss in everything we are “seeing” re: the o  v  a  l  o  f  f ice. As if it is a movie set of some kind. The room does not match the room Tr **p was ever in , or O  b *  m *, and there hasn’t been enough time to redecorate it. The room is simply a different room altogether.

Also, the view outside the windows of the office do not match, either.  There are many photos and videos out there now attesting to this. You can easily find them. As if they are being purposely leaked. They are on t  e l  e   g  r  am and  c l  o  u t hub. t  w  *  t   t  *  r, too, but I don’t have that app.

And the marines and soldiers are not saluting B * den. He is clearly a  f r  a  d* l e  nt  p r  * si  d e nt. This all looks like some weird version of the h un  g  e  r  g  am  e  s  movie. Also all those E   O’s   B  *  den has been signing are not being filed with the federal r e g  i s tr a tion  of f  ic e that files all  E  Os. You can look for yourself. B  *  d  e n  has “zero” E  Os. So what is he signing?

It’s all fake somehow. Seriously, people.

Also, there is a video circulating of B  *  den talking in the ov  a  l  o f  f  i c  e about X * vi er B* ce rra , when suddenly a voice-over starts speaking at the very same time and a man is stating that he (the voice) took a plea bargain to save his life — and audio techs are stating it is X * vi er B* ce  rra ‘s voice.

All this shit is so fucking creepy and weird, gang. And combine that with people in other countries who are stating that they saw the in a  u  g  u r a tion 10 & 11 hours before it showed here in the U  S; and  it came on here 10 minutes earlier than any in  a u  r  u  r a  tion ever before. (It is always held at noon.) That b  * den’s oath was a shortened version of any other oath a p  r  e  s i dent has ever taken. Then our l o v  e  l y  k  *  m*  l * is not swearing directly on the bible, but on her purse. She has placed what looks like her purse on top of the bible and is swearing her oath of office on that. You can see it in the photos, gang.

Plus everyone wearing all that purple… the c  o  l  o  r  g  u  a  r  d  r  e  v  o  l  u  t  i  on.

Some promising signs that the  m i li t a r y actually is in control of the U  S  right now (in addition to those gold fringes on the flags now): fed s t o r m tr **p ers were on hand in p o r t land to blast a n t * f * and  b  l  m  r * o ters with tear gas and pepper spray and actually really had those r * oters kind of upset. Go figure….

Some declas emails showing that Fancy-Nan seems to have had up to 2 weeks prior notice of the mob r * ot at c a p it ol bldg.

Former head of the V  a  t  i  c a  n bank is found guilty of embezzlement and $$ laundering.

And one really nice note to end on…

Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File this morning, addressing a fan’s concerns that the “world is shit” and another wondering if “shitty art is worth making”.

His reply was quite beautiful. In summation, he says:

“I’m just walking back from work, thinking about your questions. It is late and the night is dark and wet and the deserted streets shimmer in the rain. Saint Mary Abbots rises up before me, empty and eerie, its floodlit spire reaching into the sky. There is an insistent and loving space between all things and it is suddenly a perfect moment — a perfect moment nested in a shared human catastrophe — but perfect all the same.”  Love, Nick

Okay, thanks for visiting, gang. Go out and make it a profound day; find a way to add to the hopes of people and don’t just add to the misery, okay? Faith is in high demand right now. When others experience our faith it emboldens them. Just like choosing to not wear a m * sk sometimes gives others courage to do the same.

I love you guys. See ya.

Below: From 1961. A short speech. He could have said the very same things today.

Below: U  S  off icially declares that c  h  *  n* has committed g e no  c  i  d e:

Below: K O update (short):

Below: “The p* tri ots have set a plan in motion to take back this country, but before that happens the [**] system needs to be brought down — the entire system. Tr** p needed to sacrifice himself for optic reasons. He needs to be completely out of the picture, which means he is not Pr * s * de nt. Tr** p and the p* tri ots planned this from the beginning, the [**] players believe they won, they used their ammunition, they believe they can’t be stopped. With all the distractions there is one man who was left behind. Think mirror. (42 mins.)


Below: r * d P * ll 7 8  news, “B* b Ku dl  a returns after a holiday absence to go over the after shocks of yesterday’s “in au gur a tion”, the influence of C * P food consumption creating inflationary pressures on our supplies and Bitcoin brushing past all expectations.” (28 mins.)