Farewell to March!

Fittingly, it is a chilly rainy day here in the Hinterlands as we say goodbye to March!

I slept in again this morning, trying to get rid of the final vestiges of that cold that’s been coming and going since last week.

There is, of course, tons of bad news still percolating all over the place. And while I’m trying not to focus too much on that anymore and turn our attention instead to the events that keep our frequencies high, I do want to bring this headline to your attention because it seems there are tons of younger people in the U K (and of course, here in the entirely mind-controlled youth of the U S) who are still not hearing that clarion call that if you’re pregnant, you should not be getting the fucking experimental gene therapy, aka: the vax:

Miscarriages skyrocket 366% in six weeks due to C* vid va cc  ines

(Natural NewsOfficial data released by the British government shows that W* han co ro na  virus (C*vid ^^ 19) injections are killing unborn babies at an astounding rate.

The latest Medicines and Healthcare produce Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) Yellow Card Scheme report, dated Dec. 9, 2020, through March 7, 2021, reveals a whopping 366 percent increase in the rate of miscarriage thanks to c h * n ese virus jabs.[…]

[full article is here]

I also wanted to post here, in case you haven’t already seen this, that Tr*** p has a new website. You can write to him here:


The Office of D* nal d J. Tr*** p is committed to preserving the magnificent legacy of the Tr*** p Administration, while at the same time advancing the America First agenda. Through civic engagement and public activism, the Office of D* nal d J. Tr ***p will strive to inform, educate, and inspire Americans from all walks of life as we seek to build a truly great American Future. Through this office, Pre sid ent Tr*** p will remain a tireless champion for the hardworking men and women of our great country – and for their right to live in safety, dignity, prosperity, and peace.

Other than that, even with all the bad news still all over the place, there is plenty of great stuff out there that should give us a lot of hope that we are indeed moving in a positive direction here. (More and more States getting rid of m* sk mandates (21 total now); more and more States taking a stand about all the e l e t ion fr* ud; the QFS in place, the heads of the D **p St* te have been taken out, leaving the evil minions scrambling for a foothold somewhere/anywhere, etc.)

Because of this, I am finding that more and more of the podcasters I listen to are also feeling very positive about where things stand right now, in spite of all the optics drawing attention to child s *x tr a f f i ck ing (i.e., the border problem; the clin ton “ever green” problem), which, of course, are horrible.

So, below, are a few that I really enjoyed. If you take the time to listen, you can easily stay informed!

On the personal front, my new gay male erotica short story, “Alter/Soldier” has been sold to the kind folks in Sweden! Yay.

Okay, I’m gonna scoot, gang. I’m running behind here. Have a great Wednesday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Ni ch o las V en ia min chats with Anthony Churchill. (Wonderful chat!) (45 mins):

Below: Nich o las Ven ia min chats with Mel K — always great insights from Mel!! (45 mins):

Below: R * d P * ll  7 8 News (31 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port Finance: Economic transition (18 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port : “A lot of things are happening” (44 mins):

A Happy Tuesday iN the Hinterlands!

Well, I finally woke up today feeling as if my mind were intact again. Yay. It was gone for quite a few mornings in a row…

Well, the good news (as we suspected, based on the [17] drop) is that the “ever green”  S u e z C an al thing was a white hat op — with r  u  s s ian ships blocking one end of the canal and  U S ships blocking the other end. Hostile M  o  ss  a d sa te llites were taken out. And according to the P * trio t str  eet fighter (video below), the white hats managed to  divert a ton of vaxes from ever reaching their destinations. Along with a ton of illegal arms, that were to be used in the ongoing war against the U  S , U  K, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

And the bad/good news is that abducted children were in some of those containers, as we feared, and many of them were already dead. So, that’s a little too much heartbreak to think about. But at least they are free.

This is the most confounding war ever. Not just in the covert way that it’s being fought, but also the fact that most of America, at any rate, doesn’t even seem to know that we are at war. That soldiers are dying. That  children are dying — but also being rescued from a kind of horror that we can’t even really imagine. That we are all narrowly escaping being bombed to oblivion on any given day. That the most unexpected people are being ar r est ed and/or ex e cu ted for crimes against humanity. That thousands of people are walking happily into gen o c ide by willingly getting v ax ed. And blindly walking around wearing the fucking m* sks, compromising their immune systems for no valid reason at all. Often forcing their children to wear them (and to social distance for no reason whatsoever), which is a really sinister form of child abuse that we have no clue how these children will recover from.

The idiot boxes blaring nothing but propaganda, with most people too addicted to turn it off.  Bankrupt and extinct corporate nations continuing to pump more and more and more  meaningless money into a broken system that everyone is still scrambling after.

While just around the corner, unbeknown to most Americans,  are all these quantum changes awaiting us: quantum financial systems, quantum healing, quantum energy, quantum transportation. And all we have to do is take off the fucking m* sks and say that the scam demic doesn’t exist; and that those are all just actors in the fake D C.

It is the most insane thing I have ever witnessed in my life.  I find it just staggering that so many people truly are oblivious to all of it, simply because they won’t turn off their TVs.

It is like being alive in a science fiction movie from the 1950s. And some days, I absolutely cannot take it.

However, take it we must because lives are at stake and people have to wake the fuck up.

Okay. Cave Things is having a Spring sale!! Sign up for their newsletter to get a special 20% off code. You can buy cool things like this!!

Load image into Gallery viewer, AMAZING T-SHIRT (WHITE)

Or even this!! (The two together imply a happy morning, indeed!)

Load image into Gallery viewer, SUCK MY DICK T-SHIRT

All righty. Well, as always. There is plenty of really really terrible news out there that I’m not going to post about because you can find out about it yourself. Here, we are focusing on the good guys and on what is coming. 

Staying focused raises our frequencies en masse, gang, and that is what is needed now more than ever. The power of our minds, united, is an unstoppable force in this war. 

Okay, I’m gonna close now and get this terrific Tuesday underway here. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys, see ya!!


Below: And We Know: What the enemy wants (38 mins):

Below: R *d P * l l 78 News (32 mins):

Below: Mel  K and Ch * r lie W * rd weekly Monday chat, with Su  e z C an a l intel (36 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (38 mins):

Below: P * trio t str  eet fighter Su e z C an al Intel (49 mins):

Below: P * trio t str  eet fighter on the Tipping Point chatting with Chris Sky (2 hrs):

Okay. Happy Monday!

I’m having a rough morning here, gang, so I won’t tarry. But I wanted to at least say that we are getting closer and closer to “all systems go” on the QFS. It’s very exciting.

If you hold ZIM or dinar or dong, and you want the best possible exchange rates, you will have a 30-day window only. So make sure you are talking to your banker and getting a contract in place.

The video below will be very helpful.

Now, I guess we still just have to wait for the fake B* den to be removed , the stolen e  l * c tion to be proven, and Tr*** p to return without the loss of too many more lives. But at least the QFS is in place now.

Okay. Have a good Monday. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Many Happy Holidays!

Okay, well, at least two: Happy Pesach and Happy Palm Sunday!

I’m celebrating my Palm Sunday by sort of halfway doing more Spring cleaning (which I hope will actually be finished by Easter). And also by waiting for the repairman to stop by and give me an estimate on fixing all that wind damage done to two of the soffits along my roof, and some siding that also came loose.

It was this very time last year, wherein I not only caught the co ro na virus, but I also stood at the kitchen window and watched a different wind storm blow the roof right off of my barn.

And the Spring before that, I stood at my kitchen window and watched yet another wind storm come through and blow most of my neighbor’s wooden fence into my backyard.

So, now that I’ve lived here in the Hinterlands for a few years, I’m starting to see a pattern…  And I don’t think it’s caused by me standing at my kitchen window, but I’m not 100% positive. It could be the winds of Spring…

So. I’m good. I hope you are, too. If you listened to the podcast yesterday between Ni ch o las  Ve n ia min and Ge ne De co de, it’s probably really, really hard to feel truly “good” about anything, but it certainly is interesting, being alive right now.

And, below, I have another one of those chats with Bi sh op L arry G ai ters, wherein he connects the dots between the murder of Ko b e Br y ant and the C O shooting from last Monday.

Both of these chats (Gene and Larry), are so filled with the kinds of facts that rewrite history before your very eyes, that it can get emotionally exhausting. But at the same time, I still find it stimulating; it sends my mind off into so many unusual directions. And I would rather be challenged to think about startling new things, then just get complacent. But sometimes…. Man, I miss the old days.


Probably the two  things trending most on t e el e gr am have been:

1.) will they open any of those containers on the “ever g iven” and if they do, will it reveal human cargo? Allegedly, there are animals on there, starving to death. And there could be humans (maybe children) locked up in there, already dead.

And 2.) those horrific new Nike Satan Sneakers — 666 pairs — that allegedly contain human blood. Why anyone at all would even think that this was an idea worth having, let alone pursuing is, well, you know, one of the reasons that make being alive on Earth not my favorite thing.

Also, in news that doesn’t seem to make it on to M S M in the U S : deaths in the e u from the many vaxes is nearing 4000, with injuries related to the vaxes at 162,000. (This doesn’t seem to include the U K, apparently, where deaths from that virulent “new” C* V ID are getting super mixed up with deaths from the A  Z  vaX.)

[however, full article is here]

Honestly, are there any people left on Earth who believe these are actually vaxes and not weapons of mass destruction?? You bet there are! Tons of them.

And there are still people here in Ohio, steadfastly refusing to allow any laws to pass the General Assembly that give us the freedom to ban m* sk-wearing or curfews or l*ck d*wns based on accurate science…

If you’d like to donate to Ohio Stands Up! to help fight against the State and Federal gov ern ments and all things fake scam dem ic, you can visit this link. And/or attend the event below.

And, here’s a happy thought! If, like me, most of your friends, and perhaps even your closest friends on Earth, died from AIDS back in the 80s & 90s, you’ll want to be sure to watch the P * tr iot Str ee t fighter chat with Dr. J u d y M i k o vi tz, and hear all about the specific cures they had for HIV/AIDS by 1986, that were blocked by f  a  u ci. And then, of course, hope that (as rumor has it) f au c i has indeed already been hanged for crimes ag ainst human ity.

One nice thing, though: currently, in Austria, in an anti-l* ck d own protest, the police have taken off their helmets and joined the march.

Please — let’s multiply that occurrence by every other place on Earth and start getting the world back to the people. 

Little by little. We shall see.

All righty, gang. I gotta scoot and get back to cleaning around here! I hope you are having a really nice Sunday, wherever you are in the world, holiday or not!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys, See ya.


Below: Mi chael  J * co and Pastor D ra gon fly chat with Bi sh op Larry Ga i ters (2 hrs):

Below: P * tr iot Str ee t fighter chats with Dr. J u d y M i k o vi tz (1 hr. 16 mins):


Nothing We Know Is True

It’s just that kind of morning, gang.  At what point do we stop going down the rabbit holes and just resign ourselves to this new version of Earth; this new version of the past? Knowing that at least it’s finally leading to a much more interesting future, even though everything we thought we knew, up until about 2 seconds ago, was a lie?

It just goes on and on, doesn’t it?

Actually, I’m of the opinion that this new timeline the Earth jumped onto — taking all of us with it — does indeed have a completely different past from the one we had on the old timeline.

If we want a new future, one that doesn’t involve us having been nuked out of existence by our beloved (and thankfully departed) h  i  l  l a r y, and if it comes along with a different past that makes all of us right here, right now, feel like we’re losing our minds… well, then it still seems like a really good trade-off.

Okay. If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a disturbing video that originated on t  i  k  t  ok, that indicates if you turn over a can of P r in g l e s potato chips and enter the code stamped on the bottom of  the can, into an a l i ba ba search engine, it brings up pages and pages and pages of where to purchase a d r e no c h r ome.

I’m not going to waste my money on a can of potato chips only to then do something on the Internet that will make me want to throw up, but please feel free to try it and see what happens.

Even if it’s not true, I’m glad to see a video like that going viral because it is just getting more and more people to realize the atrocity of a d  r e no chr o  me. That it isn’t just some sick weirdness on a South Park  cartoon episode. (And if you saw that episode and didn’t want to gouge your eyes out, you might want to check and see if you have a pulse or not.)

And much speculation about “Ever  given” being loaded with tra  ffi  cked children, which is why it’s being held up in the S uez Canal at the start of Passover… Well, I guess we’re going to eventually find out.

But even if the kids — or even older human beings — are not on that particular run, that shipping line is alleged to be owned by the c l in ton foundation and Wal mart, and has been used for tra  f  f icking humans all over the world.

I am not a Walmart shopper because I have never been able to stomach what it stood for– and now, less than ever.

Word has it that in the U K, where they are relentlessly trying to kill everyone imaginable who lives there, young and old alike, through the very, very fake scam dem ic and the mind-numbingly dangerous v a x es, along with indescribably hard to fathom boatloads of really violent,  illegal im mi grants — allegedly their TVs will be taken over by an e mer gen cy broadcast system on march 30 th, but there is no way to know for sure if this is rumor or if it is true. They will find out, I guess.

But 8,500 doctors, nurses, and medical professionals from the U K and Ireland and the Netherlands are suing  the n h s and the w h o for all the many l o ck downs and falsehoods of the fake scam demic and very real vax.  So, even while they don’t allow us the joy of celebrating these brave people because they do their best to keep them far away from publicity, know that these things are indeed happening all over the world. People are indeed speaking out on behalf of all of us.

So the wind here yesterday was just unreal.  More damage done to the various soffits around my roof. I have a repairman coming tomorrow to give me an estimate.  Just in time for the stimulus check to arrive… but I was just going to pay bills with that money, anyway.

Little by little, it’s all gonna work out. I’m just not gonna let it get to me.

There have been some great podcasts over the last couple days that I wasn’t able to post for you. I’m posting some down below for today, though.

As I mentioned here recently, I’m focusing now on the people who are [17]-related, but who also are focused in an empowering direction. And also not pandering to the fake B* den thing.

It is such a waste of time at this point. If someone is going to present the “news” (for instance, the fake B* den press conference the other day, which we knew was going to present him as a loon because they are on the verge of taking him out) (and I’ve been hearing that the actor portraying the fake B* den this whole time has been James Woods but I don’t know if that’s true or not). Anyway, if you’re going to pretend, even for a moment that these people are real, or are in the W  H, or are making any sorts of “laws” that aren’t solely intended to upset the fuck out of everyone who voted for B* den… Well, then I have really no time for it. I just don’t.

I actually like sheep way, way better than I like sh-eople, at this point.

And of course, if you haven’t heard, more mass sh oo t ings are underway all over the U S.  And if podcasters want to report those without mentioning that these are psy-ops, being done on purpose, intended to force A mer i cans to give up their g u n rights, then who has time to listen to news about more and more people dying? More and more lives being destroyed and wasted?

I don’t. I’m just over it. Because there is a lot of amazing stuff coming, for all of us, and that is where I want to focus my energy, gang. Because the more moments out of each day that we can be focused at those higher frequencies, attracting the really joyful stuff — that’s what is going to arrive for us. Not just more and more and more of the same awfulness.

Okay. So. I’m still stuck in this truly weird editor here on the blog. I can’t tell you how annoying it is. It’s like you’re just blogging away into a huge white space. On your end, it still looks normal. But on my end, it’s like the Twilight Zone. Like everything else right now. But the amount of free time I have these days is zero. So for now, I just keep trying to adjust. To everything.

The other day, Nick Cave sent out a great Red Hand File, wherein he discussed the making of the new album Carnage.  Which was very interesting, in and of itself. But he also announced that there will be a documentary film of some sort,  where he and Warren Ellis will perform both Carnage and Ghosteen.  I don’t really understand what this means — if it will be just the two of them, or if there will be some sort of audience. But it sounds like it will be beautiful, whatever they do. So that’s exciting. You can read about it here.

Oh, and don’t forget that Warren Ellis and Marianne Faithfull have another new album coming out April 30th — She Walks In Beauty. You can pre-order it in the US here.

She Walks in Beauty (with Warren Ellis)

All righty.

It’s a beautiful Saturday here in Crazeysburg! I hope that you’re having a really nice day, wherever you are in the world.  Keep in mind, as you go about your lives today, that nothing you know is true and nothing you ever thought was true is true anymore. Then let it all just flow away from you like some river that’s going wherever it’s gonna go.

That should keep the decks clear for little bursts of unexpected happiness.  And don’t forget to be choosing foods that decalcify your pineal gland and detox you from those heavy metals, okay? The dreams you’ll start having  at night, and the pictures that will flow into you during the day will blow you away. I mean it, gang.

Let’s enjoy life on a whole new level. (Oh, and PS: I love Pepe the Frog! If you’re on t e l e  g ram, be sure to follow pepe lives matter for the best pepe memes around. He will always send you off to bed for the night with a kek and a smile.)

Okay!! Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!!


Below: Nich o las  V en ia min and Ge ene De code (1 hr):

Below: Ch a r lie W * rd and Jason [17] (38 mins):

Below: Ch * r lie W * rd and Nicholas V en iam in (34 mins):

Below: Nicholas V en iam in and Alan Fountain (38 mins):

Below: P * tri ot Street figher and Dr J udy Mi k o vi tz (1 hr 16 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (38 mins):

Let’s See How Long This Lasts

For now, I’m going to try creating the blog post from my phone, save it as a draft, and then go on to the laptop to add the things I can’t do from my phone. We’ll see how long they’ll let me do that before they realize it saves me $252 a year…

And I’m also looking into relocating the whole blog somewhere else as soon as I have time to actually do all that work.

So far, so good.

Okay, things to be on the lookout for:

They are saying that B * den is being taken out soon. As in, any day now. Either by Amend 2 5 , or something more sinister. However, keep in mind this is a  fake B* den, regardless. The actual one was taken out already.

They’re also saying it won’t be our beloved ka ma la who replaces him. Hmmmm……

And there is a page from Ancestry.com circulating on t e le g ram,  indicating that not only was b  * ll g a  t  e s  exe cuted at Git mo on Jan 9 of this year, he was also allegedly married to a trans gen der? Is this correct?

Not that it matters, but it just adds to the never-ending weirdness of everything right now.  As in:  Everyone you thought was nice was actually a pizza-eating pedo, and everyone else is married to a trans woman.

That’s, like, life in a nutshell, these days.

Oh, and all the good guys who are left are ETs.

(And btw, any day now, the Executive Order to reveal all we know about UFOs and ETs will allegedly go into effect…) (I’m following King John Smarty, just to sort of “see”.)

It is all very challenging, to say the least.

While I try daily to wrap my mind around things like j en a ni ston, and ree s e whi ther spoon being part of the ell en  O prah cabal of pedo s at a nic ca  n i bals — oh, and that horrible  w a y f air ca t al ogue where you can order your s  e  x  t  r  a f  f  ick ed children as if they are furniture….

Anyway, as I daily wrap my mind around all that, I was “happy” to see that the U  K court denied Johnny Depp’s appeal in the libel case today, wherein he claimed that the rag that referred to him as a “wife beater” did in fact damage his career and reputation but the U K court disagreed — well, you know what? If they’re denying his motion to appeal, it likely means he’s not been ar r ested and exe c uted for being a p e do s a t a nic c a  n ni b al, because I don’t think ex e cu ted people are allowed to file motions of appeal for anything.

And at this stage of the game, I’d rather he get all his motions to appeal denied, because it means he’s still alive.

Oh, this just in!! From Cave Things. However, it only ships in Europe.  If you visit the link, be sure to check out “Random Notes” for the really sweet story behind these chocolates.

All righty.  The IRS assures me that my much sought after stimulus check will be mailed out to me tomorrow, gang!! You know what this means!! I finally get to pay my fucking bills.

What a relief. Get that weight off of me.

And if there’s any money left over after paying bills, buy a g  u  n. Oops, I mean, invest in Bitcoin. Yes.

So I had a happy thing happen! Someone I’m just crazy about from the Granville Inn days popped into the health food store on Monday.  I had not seen him in a year — since the initial lockdown got underway. It was so nice to know he was, at the very least, still alive.  Wow.  And what a feeling it was — to hear somebody call me by name, and to recognize that voice.  To be known. To exist again.

I am so rarely known by anyone, anymore. It made my day (even though I was fighting that awful cold. Which, thanks to folks foisting colloidal silver onto me, I have managed to overcome in record time!)

Other good news — a C * VID death audit is underway in the U  K. Wherein a group of doctors and scientists are examining all the alleged C * VID deaths in the U K to determine what the causes of death actually were. Should prove exceedingly interesting.

Imagine if they did a thing like that in NYC?? It would likely be too heartbreaking to have to confront.  And I’m not really talking about those nursing home deaths, either. I’m talking about every single death in every NYC hospital during the peak months of the fake scam dem ic.  Wherein they had a 100% death rate for every single patient admitted to a hospital, and they recouped untold thousands of dollars on every death, especially if the patient died on a ven tila tor (100% did), with no autopsies required…

And I’m one of those people who is not 100% convinced that c  u  o mo is guilty of all that sex u al impro pr iety. It sure does give him a handy reason to resign before the details of the actual atrocities hit the fan, right?? Classic noose evasion strategy if I ever saw it.

All righty. I’m gonna leave it at that, gang, and go finish up the laundry around here.  Here’s hoping I can post the videos below today, within the strange confines of this weird new editor.

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning. Tom Jones, singing his hit from 1967, “Green Green Grass of Home.” Enjoy. And thanks for visiting. Have a good Thursday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: P  * tr iot  S t r ee t fighter, cirs ten  w, dave sn e d ecker (1 hr 50 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las  v e n ia min and  ja son [17] (44 mins):

Below: This was awesome!! I tried to post it yesterday, to no avail. Ch * r lie W * rd, Ron G   i l e s, L e ana  discuss QFS (36 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7  8 News ( 25 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (40 mins):

Off to A Rocky Start

I am feeling a lot better today, gang. However, Word  press  is back to forcing us to use the new editor in order to create a post — which doesn’t work well with my blog layout, so I’m looking into moving my blog yet again.  (I can continue to use the classic editor if I want to pay $252 a year…)

Which means you will lose access to any older posts, any of my music links (meaning to my own demos), my stories and book excerpts, and any photos. So, I guess, gather them while you may…

I will keep you updated. For now, I can only post from my phone.

First, I wanted to talk about our newest mass sh**ting, gang. Please look closely at these things, gang.  Enough is enough.

Even the first responders to the scene in C O felt there was something staged about it. The p o l i c e  and fire would not talk to reporters right away. Because they weren’t sure what had really gone on.

Prayers are needed at this time, gang. Prayers and deep empathy. And I’m not talking primarily about the victims. I’m talking more about these poor young men, targeted by the c  i. a — one after another, after another, year after year — to be the next mind c* n tr ol led patsy; the lone sh  ** ter fall guy. These young men do not know what is happening to them, what they are allegedly doing or why. Their minds are destroyed along with all the lives of the victims and their families.

Also, be aware of totally false stories being reported. For instance, a headline yesterday addressed a mass sh  ** ting in a small town here in Ohio. No such event occurred. Not even close. Perhaps it’s on its way?

Remember, this is all to get A m e r i cans to support anti- gun legislation. As soon as A mer i cans lose their gun rights, the jig is up for the entire world.

Okay. Below is the only video from last night that I am able to embed from my phone. R u m b l e does not work here.  I will keep you posted re: the blog. Wherever it lands, it will always be called Marilyn’s Room, and the url will always be marilynjayelewis dot  com.

Thanks. I love you guys. See ya.

Below: P   a trio Str  ee t fi gh ter:

The Journey Continues

I’m having a little bit of a rough morning here, gang. Just information overload, I guess.

First and foremost, Nich o las  V en ia min is not dead. He did not commit suicide last night. That is fake and really cruel news. So ignore it.

Before I forget,  that gay male erotic short story I wrote last summer, “Score,” that won the Volonte writing contest in Sweden,  was published four months ago.  I had no idea. I’ve been seriously on some other Universe.

You can read it here, if you’d like. It’s free and in English. I love the illustration from it:

score gay erotica story
“Score” by Marilyn Jaye Lewis at Lelo.com blog, Sweden.

And then 3 months ago, they published my gay male erotic short story, “Code.”  You can read it here for free, and in English. And here is their cool illustration for that one:

code gay erotic story
“Code” by Marilyn Jaye Lewis, at the Lelo.com blog, Sweden.

I stress that these stories are for adults and not suitable for children.

Btw in case you are living in a cave, a couple of the huge free porn video sites are now under prosecution for allegedly “allowing” c h i l d s * x tr a f f   icking to happen on their sites.

I’m thinking that “allowing” is a really dangerous and loaded word.  But regardless, I have no affiliation with any of those kinds of sites, but there is still a huge pushback against all porn right now because of the c a b a l  ch il  d R S A.

The hugest pushback is from p* t riot-Christians.

I find this really alarming. And very witchhunt-y-ish. To lump all “porn” under one umbrella, insisting that all of it is a weapon of the Left to  destroy chil d ren and to annihilate our culture.

A similar thing is happening to gays and lesbians. Since the t  r  a  ns  issue has become weaponized by both the Lef t and the Right, p * triot s are coming dangerously close to going back to the Dark Ages regarding human sexuality among adults.

It’s extremely disturbing to me.

Also, this horrific practice of aborting living fetuses to harvest their organs for money, is being used as a way to eradicate women’s rights to have sovereignty over their own bodies.

Apparently, women can now have legal abortions up to 8 and half months these days, which I hope is obviously barbaric to everyone. But to focus solely on making all abortions illegal (Texas even has a bill out there which would mandate the death penalty to any woman who has an abortion.) There is something really extreme underway here.

But there is no talk anywhere about safe birth control, or actual sexual education that helps young people understand how their bodies work and how they procreate. That is really different than teaching them “how to have sex.”

I’m even seeing plenty of p * tr iot  C hristians online wasting their time taking serious issue with words like “fuck”.

It gets fucking ridiculous.

And the hardcore conservatism of some of the well-respected podcasters out there, in my opinion, pushes the lines of extremism in the other direction.

For instance, a podcaster I really admire, mentioned yesterday what the laws were like in the country where this podcaster grew up. Well, my first husband grew up in that same country, and it was repressive and sometimes all-out anti-human there. So my knee-jerk reaction to that podcaster wanting the laws in America to reflect the repressive laws in that other country is: If it was so great there, why are you living here?

Surely, after all this awful s a t a n ic, p e d o, a d ren o c hr o me culture is finally eradicated from the world, America will still be striving for tolerance, correct?

Sometimes I’m not so sure…

In fact, it kind of keeps me up nights — wondering where we are ultimately heading here.

And then, someone I really care about out in LA … I don’t know, gang.  They make remarks that he’s been arrested. They make remarks that his a d r e no c h r ome supply dried up. That he’s on Gi t mo.

I’m willing to believe that I’m in denial, that maybe he is a  body double now, too. I don’t speak to him anymore because his behavior became very erratic — several years ago. But I am finding this so hard to believe.  In spite of his emotional difficulties, he loved animals, he loved children, he fought the established order of things. He was not on the arrest list for E p st  e in’s  I sla nd. He was not on the flight logs for the L  o l i t a E x press. He was not in E p st ein’s private address book. (Although, sadly, I found the names of a few people I thought that I knew and respected on those lists.)

However, a lot of the people he was friends with and that his career was surrounded by, were apparently deeply in that c a ba l – sat a ni c – pe do cult. They’ve been ar r es ted. Some of them ex ec uted already for c r im es ag ainst h u m an ity. So was he really drinking a d re no chr ome?

I have no way of knowing what’s really going on. Is he some sort of body double now? These types of questions are inching me in the direction of madness.

And then add to it the mere fact that this s a t a n ic -c a b al actually does exist.

And p o p e s wear those horrific red shoes… human skin. Sometimes, I cannot get my mind around all this evil.

And the F o ur th R e i ch, alive and well for decades and decades.

That, and the evil of the s e c r et s p ace p r og ram coming to light now, too.  And finding out a few weeks ago that they actually murdered someone I really, really cared about.

Fuck, you know? This is all too intense sometimes. It gets so hard to find my footing in this world.

And don’t tell me Jesus would have an issue with my saying the word “fuck.” Jesus is just glad I’m still keeping myself alive.

Personally, I still think he has more of an issue with people not trying to do the research on what he actually taught and believed, and finding out that it’s nearly impossible to know.  And why is that?  That’s more important than using the word “fuck.” Although it’s super easy to know what Paul taught and believed, although he never even knew Jesus.  In fact the men who did know Jesus, and knew what he taught and believed — meaning Jesus’ own brothers: James, Joses, Jude, and Simon — were systematically eradicated, one by one, by the Herodians, of whom Paul was affiliated his whole life…. Well, hmmm. (See my post from yesterday.)

Yes, I’m sorry, gang. I am in a mood here today.

The good news is that there were anti-lock d  o w n demonstrations all over the world yesterday.  In England, the Netherlands, Japan, Serbia, Finland, Denmark, Italy, and Germany. As far as I can tell, the only one that didn’t go well was the one in Germany.

[UPDATE: I’m now hearing that over 40 countries participated in the peaceful protests.}

The bad news, of course, is that M a g u f u li appears to have been assassinated — in a sort of repeat of why they took out G a  d  d  a  f  i. Primarily: thinking for oneself. Making sound decisions for his own people. Giving them actual lives.

And in other bad news —  the University of Mar se ille, in France,  is also calling what’s going on in I s r a  el regarding the p f *  z er v ax the “new holo c a us t.”  (Or perhaps they’re just quoting me. You never really know.) Allegedly, though, 53% of all I s  r a eli’s have now been vaxed. With death rates from C * VID a hundred times higher after than the vax than before it.

These are some interesting figures, too. UK: 26.9% va x  ed, U  S 13.5%,  Germany 4.1%, and  Australia only 0.1%.

All right. On that cheery note, gang. I’m sorry but I guess I will close this.

P * triot stree t fighter (who does use the f-word on occasion, thank you very much) and c ir st en w will have their Sunday morning chat at 1 pm EST, and the link is here:


Get on early, though, because sometimes the start time is not accurate and the server often seems to crash from too much traffic getting on at once.

Okay.  Thanks for visiting, gang. It is another lovely spring day here today, so here’s hoping I can pull myself out of this unwieldy frame of mind. I love you guys. See ya.


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