Let’s Just Pray

Okay, gang. Another short one.

If you missed Phil’s livestream last night –another Rapid Fire Q&A — he said (among many other things) that Nord Stream is not what it seems. As we had suspected here on the blog the other day, those photos of what we’re seeing in the water is not the pipeline being sabotaged.

Here is the REPLAY (1 hr 50 mins):


He also agreed with other intel that Hurricane Ian was a black hat HAARP attack on Florida.

Please pray, gang, because I have still not heard anything more from my older brother and his family. The last I heard anything was late Wednesday afternoon and things were very, very bad. So please pray.


From Chris Sky — apparently he’s been arrested twice since he’s been in Europe (and 23 times in the last 25 months!!) (video at link):

“Just got out of custody in the netherlands. 2 arrests in 2 different nations in 1 week. Funny… ive been to europe over 20 times and never had an issue before. Lol i wonder why? But dont worry. I am FREE 😀 and Amsterdam is only 8.1km away!”


From Q the Storm:

“JUST IN: Putin signs decrees recognizing the occupied Ukrainian regions of Kherson and Zaporizhia as “independent territories.”

Putin’s decree is the last step before Russia’s annexation of four regions in eastern Ukraine.”


And that is it for now, gang.

Things on the surface, of course, are looking very bad — stock market crashing, a complete mess.

But the RV has happened. QFS is behind the scenes. Don’t panic but try to keep your cash out of the bank for now.

Putin has achieved what he needed to do in Ukraine.

Xi is safe.

SCOTUS will announce the decertification of 2020.

Hurricane Ian was de-activated by Space Force.

Oh, and I did finally join Phil’s PSI yesterday! I’m excited about that.

Have a safe Friday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya.

The Morning After

To everyone — including some of my family and dear friends — who survived that Cabal horror show called “Hurricane Ian” yesterday, I am truly grateful that you survived.

According to SGAnon, Space Force was able to combat the HAARP, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot of real damage didn’t get done.

I am going to keep it very brief today. HUGE stuff is just on the horizon now, gang, so we need to get everything in order. Be prepared. Stay alert. Pray. When we get through this next part, it is going to be a glorious day.

Don’t forget Phil will be doing a livestream tonight at 7PM Eastern time. (Oh! And I am finally joining Phil’s PSI today!! Yay.)

Meanwhile, he posted this (if you’re new to Q, this means Oct. 2nd):

“Ya’ll forgot about this?

I haven’t.”


“Bank of England is falling down!!!”

“Hmm. Imagine that.

A world bank has fallen.”


Please take time out to listen to last night’s update from SGAnon. He explains the sabotage of Nord Stream; Hurricane Ian; the worldwide banking collapse beginning September 30th; Xi’s counter-coup underway in China; and what’s coming next.

Cabal-System Economic Collapse in Progress | Xi and Putin | RED October Next Month (39 mins):


Yesterday, from President Trump on Truth Social:

BREAKING: Trump calls for peace, offers to broker deal between US, Russia, and Ukraine to end war

[…] “Do not make matters worse with the pipeline blowup. Be strategic, be smart (brilliant!), get a negotiated deal done NOW,” he added. “Both sides need and want it. The entire World is at stake. I will head up group???””

[Post Millennial covered it here]


I’m going to stop there, for now.

Stay alert, gang. Keep as much cash on hand as you can right now. Expect outages and Internet blackouts this coming week.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya.

The Blame Game In Full Swing!

First, an important update from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. Please watch!



From Chris Sky:

“For the ignorant who claimed China cbdc “expiring currency” was an “old article” heres an update from may 2022. Not only expiring money but “limits on your wallet” like i also told you.”


From Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺❗️Intermediate results of the count of votes in referendums on joining Russia at 21:20

Donetsk People’s Republic – 31.74% of votes counted, 93.95% for Russia

Lugansk People’s Republic – 82% of votes counted, 98.5% for Russia

Zaporozhye region – 94.92% of votes counted, 92.58% for Russia

Kherson region – 76% of votes counted, 86% for Russia”

“🇷🇺⚡️The heads of all four territories where referendums were held – the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions appealed to Putin about accepting the regions as subjects of the Russian Federation.

The Kremlin’s response is expected in the near future.”


Other than that….

It’s all about Nord Stream.

Talk about Fog of War, optics, confusion–

Russia is being blamed.

The US is being blamed

The British and the US together are being blamed.

Russia and the US together are being blamed.

Allegedly the CIA (???) warned Germany this would happen.

Allegedly the CIA found a Russian passport (!!!) floating in the water by the ruptured pipeline (Best fake story, ever.)

Russia is blaming the US.

This one, so far, seems to sum it up best:

From Q the Storm:

“BREAKING: Ukraine says Nord Stream gas leaks a ‘terrorist attack by Russia.

False Flag Attack by The Deep State.”


“The US Embassy in Moscow is calling on its citizens to leave Russia immediately – no explanation”


It’s impossible to tell what is really going on here. We can’t even know for certain that the photos we are seeing of the leak are real, since everyone is lying about everything.

If it’s not a Deep State attack, then my next best guess is that this could be the Scare Event that appears to bring us to the brink of WWIII, as forewarned by Q.

I think it’s safest at this stage to trust Phil:

“Things are going to get ugly.

Remember what I’ve taught you.

We are in control 100%.”


And I’ll close with this:


Other than that, Florida and Gov. DeSantis are on deck. Hurricane Ian (allegedly a weaponized weather attack) is heading there as I type. Prayers going out to Florida!

Stay safe, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys, See ya!

Alive & Well & Living in Russia?

Welcome to Tuesday, gang.

If you still have access to your bank account, you are among the lucky ones! (I still do. But then my bank is a tiny local, rural bank. So we’ll see!)

Yesterday, Russia gave permanent resident status to “Edward Snowden.”

This is optics. Most people believe that “Edward Snowden” is/was the alias of someone more commonly known now as Phil Godlewski (we also believe he is “Mr Poole”, and also the prototype of the Anonymous Hacker)…

From Phil yesterday:

“Thanks for all the well wishes!



“I wonder what Mark Poole would think of all this Snowden talk.

I think he might find it interesting.”


I also want to share this, just becuase I think it’s great. A follower of Phil’s drew this:

And Phil is planning to do a livestream on Thursday, 9/29, at 7PM. Check his channel for updates. (Ignore the “FAKE” warning.) (In a perfect irony, the one that says “FAKE” is acutally is real channel…)


Talk about Fog of War, optics, and wake-up time–

From Chris Sky:

“WORLD WIDE RED ALERT. China announces that their new Central Bank digital currency will EXPIRE if not used. IMAGINE a world where you cant even save 1 dollar for your or your familya future because the governmemt FORCES you to spend EVERY DOLLAR. Thats the world where you will OWN NOTHING, but definitely wont be happy. Are you understanding why people like me are “still fighting”, now?”


More irony/optics/Fog of War here—

From Aquila:


Russian media channels confirmed gas supplies to Europe via Nord Stream 1 has been completely stopped.

Both strings of the pipeline “Nord Stream 1” and one of the strings of the non-launched “Nord Stream 2” recorded a sharp drop in pressure. Pipeline repair equipment is unavailable due to sanctions.”


A couple from Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺🇺🇦 On September 27, referendums on the accession of the Liberated territories of Ukraine to the Russian Federation end. And the procedure for their admission to the Russian Federation may take place on September 29. We analyze what Ukraine is losing:
▪️regions in which referendums are held have rich black soil, mineral deposits, developed industry, large economic, industrial and human potential, developed mining industry, transport and industrial infrastructure;
▪️until 2014, only Donetsk and Lugansk regions together accounted for 16% of Ukraine’s GDP;
▪️integration of agricultural regions (Zaporozhye and Kherson regions) will turn the Russian Federation into the largest player in the grain market;
▪️Odessa actually remains the only access point of Ukraine to the sea (at the same time, Odessa remains in the sphere of interests of the Russian Federation);
▪️Ukraine is losing about 9 million people, and taxpayers in uncontrolled territories will move into the Russian legal field.

As you can see, the situation is amazing, but at the same time, no one is talking about the future arrival of winter, when the lack of energy resources and other economic difficulties will force European countries to radically reconsider their policy of supporting Ukraine.”


“🇷🇺❗️The current results of the referendum indicate that the residents of the Kherson region see their future and the future of their children within the framework of a single state – as part of the Russian Federation, – Head of the Electoral Committee Marina Zakharova”


“🇷🇺 The turnout in the referendum in the LPR by the middle of the 5th day is 90.64%, according to the republican CEC”


“🇷🇺❗️Vladimir Putin: Saving people in the Donbass and in the liberated territories of Ukraine is at the forefront for the entire Russian society.”


“🇨🇳🇷🇺 The Chinese authorities do not intend to curtail the policy of openness and will continue to actively purchase goods from other countries, including oil and gas from Russia, said Vice Minister of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China Wang Shouwen.”


A snippet from Restored Republic via LightDancing (14 mins):


This is so sad, gang. These people were all doctos or medical students in Canada. Their only crime was being utterly brainwashed by Big Pharma. Now they are dead.

A 2-minute slide show.





Last but not least, gang.

Weird situation around the Netflix show Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

I don’t have Netflix so I haven’t seen it. But in my opinon, Dahmer was a very tragic human being. Not only that, he was born & raised right here in Ohio. (Lots of serial killers were, as it turns out, including Charles Manson.)

Anyway, while, in general, the show is getting really great reviews, many in the LGBTQ+ community — of which I am a part and always have been and I am now 62 — are upset that the Dahmer show is categorized as LGBTQ+.

I guess because it gives the community a bad name…

Also, it is “re-traumatizing” any surviving victims.

Gotta love that last one, gang. Doesn’t every single solitary TV or film about an actual killer, or any true tragic event, re-traumatize anyone that survived it? That’s entertaingment, gang!!

Anyway, if more of the community were less indoctrinated and more educated these days, more compassionately literate, then they would stand a better chance of seeing why Dahmer was tragic and why what happened to him, along with the atrocities he eventually committed against other unsuspecting gays, is a vertiable testimony of what can happen when gays (or anyone, for that matter) is taught to believe that everything inherent in him is an abomination…

It costs lives. Each life, sacred. Every last one.

Anyway. Long story, short,,,,

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis composed the soundtrack for the show.


And that’s it for today.

I have SO MUCH going on in my life right now, gang, that it is truly making my head spin. I can’t go into it on the blog yet. All of it is good, and all of it is kind of overwhelming.


If you live in FLORIDA, or anywhere in Hurricane Ian’s path, or anywhere in the world where bad stuff is happening — stay safe.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys.

See ya!


We are approaching the 5th anniversary of Tom Petty’s death….

This song is in my head a lot these days. So many changes, changes, and more changes, and so few friends left. (Although, finally, the changes in my life are good ones and freinds are returning.)

From Tom Petty’s bazillion-selling 1994 Wildflowers album, “To Find A Friend.” Enjoy.

On Schedule!

Hang on, gang. The week is only begininng!

From Phil’s channel:

And from Simon ParkesWOW. Check this out:

Big thing no one is talking about. The British Army is released from its oath of allegiance to the Queen and Monarchy!!”


And from Charlie Ward — 30 hotels in London booked solid with UN soldiers… why? (2 mins):


And posted on Phil’s channel & elsewhere — a massive number of UN soldiers in London:


From Ultra Pepe Lives Matter:

“You’re going to be so glad that you held the line through this entire precipice.
You’re going to be able to look yourself in the mirror and be proud that you refused to give up the promise of a better future.
These are remarkable days.
And you looked through the darkness and found God guiding you through this hour.
You didn’t lose sight of what’s precious, unassailable hope.
Joy is so much sweeter to the taste now that you’ve known so deeply the anguish of the battle.
And believe me, joy is coming.
I can see feel it so clearly.
God is winning. He won.”


In Italy — (beautiful speech!):



From “Nancy Drew” — some questions:

“What REALLY happened with Xi? What happened on the 24th? 😉🤔 Why were over 9,000 flights cancelled across the mainland on the 23-24, and bus/train service cancelled surrounding Beijing, which has yet to be explained? Why was there an 80km long line of military vehicles outside of Beijing as well?🤔”


From Q the Storm:

“Ukrainian Armed Forces ammunition Warehouses in the Belenky / Zatoka area of Odessa just got hit by Russian kamikaze drones. Huge explosions being reported”

“Ukrainian sources say that the warehouses in Odessa were packed with so much ammunition that they expect the explosions to last for at least 1 to 2 more hours”


From Alan Sweeney :

“Teenager speaks out against schools forcing far left ideologies on students. He raise the fact that far-left ideologies are in fact discriminatory against certain races. He also states that schools are now more focused on teaching students about activism versus actual education which is creating a polarized society. He also claims that students are too scared to speak out in case they’re punished by the schools administration or getting their grades reduced for simply having a different opinion.”


A great Scavino comm:




From Simon Parkes:

Connecting Consciousness Meetup Las Vegas, Nevada October 1st…

Connecting Consciousness – Spiritual and Wellness Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. October 1st

We have a 1 day in-person CC Spiritual and Wellness Conference in Las Vegas on the 1st October with a line up of special guest speakers (including Simon and Becky who will be attending virtually).

If you are a CC member and are interested in attending, please reach out to your local Coordinator as soon as possible for more information.”


2022 09 25- CONNECTING CONSCIOUSNESS Update (2 hrs):


A psy op on SO MANY levels, gang!

From Bannon’s War Room:

Things Go Really Bad After Biden Publicly Blames Elton John For AIDS At WH ShowPopulist Press ©2022
Music Legend Elton John is on a lengthy “farewell tour” traveling the world.

[…]He also has collaborated with other musical giants and written scores for musicals such as “The Lion King”. [Disney = pedos, gang]

[…] founded the Elton John AIDS Foundation […] [How come they didn’t “discover” that Fauci created AIDS through vaccines? Hmmmm]

[…] He also worked to raise money for the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, which helped “track and understand the spread of the virus…[…]

[…]“The President of the United States awards this National Humanities Medal to Sir Elton John for moving our souls with his powerful voice, one of the defining songbooks of all time….” [Fake president, fake award]

[…] He also thanked George W. Bush, who was not in attendance, for his “astonishing” work to expedite the fight against HIV and AIDS. He addressed the former president’s wife, saying, “President Bush accelerated the whole thing with his PEPFAR bill. We would have never gotten as far without President Bush — please tell him for me, give him a big hug. [WTF???!!! Well, since GWB was excuted for High Treason and Crimes Against Humanity, we’ll have to hold a seance to give him our deepest thanks.]

BEST part of the evening, I guess:

“Unfortunately Biden, speaking to an audience at the White House at the end of a performance by pop music legend Sir Elton John, appeared to blame the singer for the AIDS epidemic, or wasteful taxpayer spending, or… something.

“By the way, it’s all his fault that we’re spending $6 billion in taxpayer money this month to help fight HIV/AIDS,” Biden said[…]” [again, fake president, fake speech]

[full article here]


Another great one from Tony Lin — Lancet Myocarditis Study: Over 90 Days After Onset In Vaccinated Adolescents And Young Adults (10 mins):


An invitation from James Tabor– (online event)

Don’t Miss This Event: The October Bible & Archaeology Fest (14 mins):


And I’ll close with a couple of posts from Phil’s channel:

[This is regarding his livestream on Saturday night]

From Terri Christie:

“Am I the only one who saw the reference to V for Vandetta? In the end, this anon with this mask blows up all the governments buildings and icons with fireworks and plays a symphony while doing it. He does that conducting motion while it all burns. I feel like that’s what Phil was alluding too. It’s all burning down, the final act is in play.”

From Phil:

“is that the “Phantom of the Opera” I hear in Scavino’s latest video?

What are the chances of Dan Scavino posting this, and this masked dude using “conductor” hand motions 1 night before?



And Chris Sky arrives in Paris today….. you can message him through telegram


And I’m going to close there for now, gang.

Stay alert! Please keep cash on hand!! ATMs and banks are experiencing closings and outages.

Enjoy your Monday, as this massive End Game gets under way.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

Don’t Panic

I’m not really posting today, I am exhausted and just need to find some balance here today.

Also need to work on the play with Sandra. We need the final working draft of Act One by the end of this coming week and we are almost there!

Okay. Rough times ahead, folks.

Remember — don’t panic. In fact, try to rejoice. This war is almost over, gang. The next week or two will allegedly be intense, all over the world, as the banks go into extreme crisis. But it has a very good ending. We have worked really hard to maintain our equilibrium this far. Not much farther to go, but I’m guessing that what lies just ahead will be the most crucial.

Btw, I had been keeping my former husband (in Seattle) in the loop these last couple weeks regarding possible ATM closings/outages. Telling him (and everyone I know) to keep cash at home, just to be safe.

He emailed me late last night, thanking me. He said he passed people on the street last evening, outside the grocery store, holding signs that said: “Need money to buy food. ATM is down.”

Wow. All right. Hold on tight, gang.

Here is Phil’s replay from last night (1 hr 39 mins):

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!

Isaiah 40:3-4, KJV

The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.

Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain


Go to your ATM and take out as much as you feel comfortable having.

From Phil:

Saturday- Banks and online payment systems will suffer an outage in Europe and the United States spreading worldwide. Talks of a Liquidity and credit crisis happening will spread rapidly.

Sunday- Customers will try to get money from banks but will be turned away. Talks of bank runs on twitter and facebook will be promptly banned. Late-Sunday night Euro-zone banks will suffer a liquidity issue and fail critical margin levels.

Monday 26th- Liquidity crisis contagion will spread to the United States. Financial instruments much like those used by Archegos will blow up across the entire financial sector. Bank of America, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs are rumoured to be insolvent along with others. The Super Rich will attempt to pull their money out of the banks only to be denied. Stock market will drop 20% and is closed for the day. Tether and other stable coins will fail causing crypto currencies to crash as they become illiquid. Short-Mid term is that crypto currencies will become worthless.

Tuesday- Eurozone total melt down. Bank deposits are bailed and most people will lose all their money. Social protests erupt. U.S. stock market will drop another 20% before being halted for the day again. Hedge funds will collapse and banks are stuck with meme stock shorts which will be revealed to be in the trillions. Banks fail critical margin levels and the DTCC will be forced to cover the shorts. DTCC insurance policy will fail as the insurers never had money to begin with and the Federal Reserve is stuck with the bag.

Wednesday- Stock market will drop another 20% before getting stopped. Subprime finally hits and housing prices crash by 50% and more. Meme stock, silver, gold, commodity trading is frozen and halted but this will only make the problem worse. Dollar insolvency is all over international news, while silver and gold skyrocket. U.S bonds will be dumped sending interest rates into the stratosphere. Mainstream media will now blare the Great Depression 2.0 and the collapse is here.

Thursday- U.S. government will begin to collapse and pressure on the current Admin to resign. Stock market will drop even more for a total of 85-96% since the crash on Monday. Grocery stores will now be empty as supply chains completely break down. Rumours of a coup against the U.S. government will begin to pick up on social media and gain public approval. Massive protests against the government, wallstreet, and the banks will erupt. Police will be deployed and attempt to brutally suppress the protests but they will be unsuccessful.

Friday- Voter fraud data is going to be dumped on the internet and this will add fuel to the fire. Reveals stolen elections going back 40 years. Government figures will go into hiding. Meme stock and silver/commodities shorts issue reaches international media and heads of state will demand answers from the U.S. because they too are
exposed through weird financial instruments. BRICS will pick up steam to replace the dollar then and now. Dollar is declared non-grata in many countries in the world with legislation fast tracked to convert dollar denominated debt to other fiat to prevent a total credit freeze.

The storm is allegedly upon us.

He will go live tonight but I don’t know what time.

Ominous Little Morning!

Big things were definitely happening yesterday — I don’t know specifically what. But if you follow Phil, you know he posted quite a flurry of comms yesterday. And he is currently tucked away in the Trump International hotel in NYC…

Major hacking in Iran yesterday.

Also, something very serious is up with Xi and the CCP. Very mixed signals coming from China. They say Xi could be under arrest… Perhaps the “first arrest” Q warned us about??

We will have to wait and see, but my guess is that Xi is finally cleaning it all up.

Posted to Phil’s channel:

“Something big is going on in China. Allegedly 6,000 flights have been canceled — or %60 of flights according to the Epoch Times. Major military movements toward Beijing. Rumors coming out of Asia of either house arrest / coup against Xi Jinping OR consolidation of power.

Let’s see what happens.

“PLA military vehicles heading to Beijing on Sep 22. Starting from Huanlai County near Beijing & ending in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, entire procession as long as 80 KM. Meanwhile, rumor has it that Xi Jinping was under arrest after CCP seniors removed him as head of PLA””


Trump was late to the rally last night. His plane flew in to the stadium at around 7:20PM. However, the crowd was just unbelievably huge. I kind of couldn’t really believe the size of it. I’ll post a photo when I can find one that does it justice.

If you missed the rally, it was extremely boisterous and upbeat. Here is the replay (2 hrs 50 mins):


I think they are very close to taking out the (fake) Biden. Starting to publicly show that he was a pedophile. (The real one was a pedophile, that is.) Here, he is saying that his “girlfriend was 12 and he was 30.” (42 seconds):


Chris Sky posted an interview he did with Tommy Robinson in the UK. It is on GTTR. THIS IS THE LINK You don’t need to join GTTR to watch the video. (1 hr 29 mins)


If you want to learn more about LumensPay–

Mel Carmine — LUMENSPAY a Peer-to-Peer Web-App That Allows Small Businesses Collect Payments in #XLM (31 mins):


Setting the tone for the ominous weekend….(also, remember: Q told us there would be threat of nuclear war but that it would be a scare event.)

From Shadow of Ezra:


From Phil — (he was at a Yankees baseball game in NYC last night):

“Probably just a coincidence.






Before Phil left for Yankee Stadium, he posted this:

“2 down

2 to go”


Stuff is definitely happening, gang. Huge stuff. But I don’t know what. It’s just the vibe coming from all the channels. I’ll check in later if something concrete gets posted.

Meanwhile, I have to scoot off to the new job.

Oh! Nick Cave’s “In Conversation” in London last night, regarding his new book, looks like it was incredible!

Today is the final day of the book signing tour. Brighton, then Bristol, and then done!


Okay. Enjoy your Saturday!!

STAY ALERT!! Don’t panic!

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!

Get Out and Vote!

Or should I say: Выходи и голосуй!!

First, from ASB Military:

“We have spoken with 2 individuals from Russia who have undergone military training but are currently students at universities — they contacted the enlistment offices and asked if they should sign up for mobilization, as you saw on a few videos from Russia people calling the offices and being told “no, if you haven’t received a written invitation, you are not being drafted.”
— they had the same experience.

The mobilization is orderly. European countries themselves confirm no activity at Russian borders. The “masses of people fleeing Russia from mobilization” narrative is fake.


From Aquila, very early this morning:


The Referendum voting to join the Russian Federation in the LPR, DPR, Zaporizhzhya & Kherson has officially begun.”


From ASB Military:

“I specialize in elections. From what I’m seeing in this referendum, with IDs, paper ballots, & a clear chain of custody, the DPR, LPR, Kherson, Zaporozhye regions have far more fair & transparent elections than the U.S., in SPITE of attempted shelling by Ukraine. Yet the U.S media-politic calls it a sham.

Meanwhile in the US, black box voting means your vote is done on a machine owned by the subsidiary of a ghost corporation, no paper ballots, no audits, easily hacked, no ID, can vote by mail with no ballot tracking or chain of custody & you’re a terrorist for questioning this.

I was on the ground in Nicaragua when the New York Times lied, saying they were closing polling locations (false) & that their elections were a sham, but along with other journalists, we destroyed that narrative. It seems like what the US calls a “sham” is actual sovereignty.”


From Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺Mobile polling stations operate in the LPR

This decision was made for security reasons: air defense worked in the city at night, local authorities fear that large crowds of people in ordinary, stationary areas will become the target of terrorist attacks”

“🇷🇺 Donetsk. A lot of people came to vote in the referendum, queues are lining up

“🇷🇺 Thousands of people have already voted in Kherson – in just a few hours.

“🇷🇺⚡️How long have we been waiting for this. The head of the DPR Denis Pushilin voted in a referendum on the region’s joining Russia

“🇷🇺 Mass rallies are held throughout Russia in support of referendums in the liberated territories – people came out to support the decision of the regions to join the Russian Federation


A timely reminder from “Nancy Drew“:


And in light of the above– here’s one of the trickle-down effects of our deplorable educational system in the US: ignorant juries! Probably our worst nightmare.

From Project Veritas:

Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe issued the following statement following the decision:

The jury effectively ruled investigative journalists owe a fiduciary duty to the subjects they are investigating and that investigative journalists may not deceive the subjects they are investigating. Journalism is on trial, and Project Veritas will continue to fight for every journalist’s right to news gather, investigate, and expose wrongdoing – regardless of how powerful the investigated party may be. Project Veritas will not be intimidated.”


From JFK TV:

Gov. DeSantis: ‘I reject socialism outright. I reject Marxism, Leninism, communism, any of these -isms that have come out of a political theory that denies the worth of each and every individual.'”


From Secret History:

Another irrelevant “energy for all, cheap, reliable, long-lasting” invention.

The Draftsman magazine preserved an article about the invention of a 19th-century black American inventor. Charles Baker created a friction radiator that used friction to create heat. The innovation is patented, the type of energy used to create friction does not matter (water, wind, any other natural source), the system allowed stable and free lighting and heating of the house.

What happens to any invention that allows energy for free? Right, forgotten, erased, scrubbed from history, anathema. It is becoming a tradition.”


The always great Tony Lin: Unexpected Passing: 28 Years Old Pulmonary Embolism(Blood Clots In Lung) – Saron Berhe – Student (9 mins):


And a couple of ominous posts from Phil:

“When it happens

Just know that we are in control

Do not panic

Justice will prevail

Jesus will prevail

Do not panic





“1 down

3 to go”


And that’s it.

Don’t forget— tonight, at Waterstones in London!! Nick Cave will be “In Conversation”, promoting his new memoir, Faith, Hope & Carnage:

‘An extraordinary, uplifting book’
The Telegraph

‘An all-time literary masterpiece’
The Australian

‘Heartfelt, wise and fearlessly frank’

‘Tackle[s] life’s saddest and most uplifting moments with humour, candour and wisdom’
Evening Standard


Enjoy your Friday, wherever you are in the world.

Please stay alert. A lot of stuff is going on out there! Keep cash on hand, in case ATMs or banks have outages. Stay calm.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!

No deals . NCSWIC

Close to the Vest

Okay, gang. Information is going to be super slim from now until September 28th (?) .

First and foremost– from yesterday. SG Anon:

SGAnon discusses recent comms from <45> referring to the treason, and nuclear terrorism, committed by POTUS44, Hussein Obama, and how it will tie into Election Fraud of 2020, the coming war in Europe, and the coming conflict in the Middle East.

The future is Golden. Hang in there Patriots, we are almost at the public conclusion for Phase 1.


Hussein Obama’s Treason | “World War” Coming | New Alliances | Future is Silver & Gold (42 mins):

Also, this was actually from Sunday, when Putin was putting out all those Ukraine comms. It was unverified footage, so I didn’t post it, but I’ll post it now, in case it’s valid:

After Xi and Putin held recent talks, Chinese military asset movement into Ukraine leads us to believe that coordination is now integrated at LEVEL-2.

What if Russia and China are coordinating with POTUS to eliminate the NWO?”-Q

It’s also from SG Anon — allegedly “Chinese Military Patriots Arrive in Ukraine | The Unveiling of New Alliances” (1 minute):


From Aquila — (There’s a lot of footage coming out from various places in Russia, of young people protesting the mobilization into Ukraine, and also trying to flee the country.

You have to wonder what these people will tell their children and grandchildren if they are ever asked about the part they played when Russia literally saved the world…)

Here’s just one sample of people trying to flee across one of the borders last night:

“🇷🇺⚡️Men at Moscow’s Vnukovo International Airport are waiting to leave Russia after mobilization drive kicks off.”

However, plenty of people are in a hurry to sign up.

Again, from Aquila:

“🇷🇺⚡️Russian men reaching a local commisars office in Yakutia for enlisting following Mobilization in Russia.”

“🇷🇺⚡️Another video of Chechen men accumulating in Chechnya’s military Commissar’s office.”

Then this, from this morning:


New Document’s were leaked showing Russian Mobilization includes 3 Waves reaching 1 million men instead of the earlier announced 300 thousand men.

List of 305,925 names comprising the 1st of presumably 3 waves of Putin’s draft has been leaked.

Pieces fiting together to further corroborate that 1 million people are intended for the draft, not 300,000.”


Last evening, Phil posted this:

“Yep. Totally normal to have a gun ship flying over Luzerne County PA.

Nothing to see here.

Joe Biden is President.

Carry on.”

“Circled 6 times now.”


This is disturbing. I’d read a ton of stuff last year regarding Elton John’s alleged pedo status.

The fact that he’s giving a concert on the WH lawn when there is a fake president (and a shadow President) is cause for a great deal of pondering, gang.

From “Nancy Drew“:

“I just wanna know what this enormous structure is, going up on the South Lawn! What in the world?🤔”

Elton John to Perform at White House for ‘A Night When Hope and History Rhyme’ Event
Elton John will be entertaining the audience at an event held on the South Lawn on Friday called, ‘A Night When Hope and History Rhyme,'”


Very intensely WEIRD, gang!! You have to watch this short video.

(If you’re new to this — the royal family were arrested/executed a couple of years ago for some horrific crimes against humanity. They were all replaced by actors/body doubles. Hence, the new “King Charles III” is fake.)

Posted on Charlie Ward’s channel.


In the House of Commons – Parliament have sworn allegiance to King Charles I, NOT Charles lll.

Enjoy watching the continued shit show🔥

Interesting 🧐🤪🤪🤪🤪 they need the media to pump it, and gullible souls to suck it up” (4 mins):


Good news from Project Veritas:

“BREAKING: Jennifer Norris “No longer employed with Trinity School” Following Project Veritas Undercover Video Revealing Classroom Indoctrination”


From Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺Military registration and enlistment offices around the country are crowded”


And something beautiful from Yellow Vest Ireland:

Tau & the Drones of Praise – Ceol ón Chré (official video):


And a new one posted by James Tabor yesterday–

A Virgin Shall Concieve (18 mins):


And don’t forget!! The book-signing tour reaches Scotland today!

And a very happy birthday to Nick Cave. 65 years young today!


And that is it, gang.

Stay safe, wherever you are in the world. We are deep in the End Game now. Expect EVERYTHING — but remember that this movie has a great ending.

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