Lots of Interesting Stuff Today

From Real Raw News:

GITMO Suspends Tribunals Amid Security Concerns; Massive Mobilization Sends Detainees to Guam

Citing security concerns, The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and the Office of Military Commissions have decided to temporarily suspend tribunals at Guantanamo Bay and transfer all Camp Delta detainees to USMC Camp Blaz, Guam, which is under White Hat control and has facilities for tribunals and incarcerating or executing high-value prisoners, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

The unannounced shuffle began Monday afternoon following the executions of Liz Cheney, who was convicted and sentenced to death on April 21, and two corrupt FBI agents who had unsuccessfully tried to sabotage an ordnance depot at USMC Air Station Cherry Point. JAG summarily executed the feds, sans a formal tribunal.

Our source said the hangings played no part in the decision to move, though the timing is assuredly suspicious.[…]

[full article hereinteresting article, you might want to read the whole thing]


If you follow Phil, who proclaimed recently that Scott Peterson was innocent, then you’ll find this very interesting indeed!


An interesting question —

From Yellow Vest Ireland:


Some questions about the health of President Erdogan–

From Aquila:

“🚨BREAKING – Turkish Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca will soon make a press statement in Konya regarding the health status of Turkish President Erdogan.”


“UPDATE: Reports suggesting that the president had a heart attack were denied by Erdogan’s Administration’s Center for Combating Disinformation.”



LIVE: President Trump in Manchester, NH (4PM Eastern Time). You can watch it here:


From Stew Peters — 8-minute video at link:

“The FEDS have categorized the Covid-19 Death Shots as Electromagnetic Devices, in which the nanotech can be ACTIVATED by electromagnetic fields.

This technology was patented for use as a BIOWEAPON.

It’s time to FIGHT for ourselves.

It’s time to INDICT, TRY, & FRY.”


Watch out for tons of upcoming misinformation about Tucker —

Dan Bongino — Be Careful In The Coming Days (Ep. 1999)  (55 mins):


I don’t know, gang — is it just me, or does it feel like they are once again signaling us? Maybe a bunch of human-trafficking tunnels are underneath the Sydney Opera House?

Anyway, this is from the new X-Men trailer — bye-bye Sydney Opera House:





This reminds me of what happened to me, a year and a half ago– except that it took 2 months for a Naturopath to finally figure out exactly what had happened to me. After he pinpointed it, I got well in about 3 days… however, we still have no clue how I got exposed to 5 different forms of deadly bacteria, all at once…

From Phil:

“I have been diagnosed with Campylobacteriosis, caused by the ingestion of Campylobacter, most likely from food that I ate a couple days ago. Doctor says this case is rather severe, presenting abdominal pain, dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea, and high fever. He said traveling could also be the cause, especially this time of the year. Usually it’s international travel, but I was just in Havasu last week for an event that was attended by many people. He said it’s also likely I could have picked it up there.

It’s a bacteria that’s in my stomach. It’s not found in food very often, unless the food is undercooked. He also said my symptoms are more severe than a food born illness. He thinks it came from Havasu.

There are no COMMS here. I am quite ill from this bastard bacteria and I will need few days to recover.”

He also posted this:

“Regarding my recorded Live from last night, it will not upload to any platform. Something is wrong with the file, as I keep getting a “corrupt encoding” message from Rumble and Locals.

When I feel better, I’ll figure it out and post.”







Patrick Moore is a Founding Member of Greenpeace–





This update from Phil just now:


I feel slightly better today. The stomach ache and dehydration still exist. I have multiple IV’s coming over the next 2 days. I slept better last night, thankfully.

I appreciate all of your prayers and well wishes. I plan to rest away the day today, and hopefully will be back to semi-normal tomorrow.

Love you all!”


And that is it for now, gang!

I have to work the next three days, which means it will be really difficult for me to post to the blog unless it is important news. I’ll be back here as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, enjoy Thursday, wherever you are in the world!!

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I know!! I listen to a heck of a lot of Tom Petty songs, especially while out there driving around the winding backroads of Muskingum County!!

But here’s my driving-home-from-work-music from yesterday! It was a really gorgeous day, and a really beautiful winding country backroad! If you’re out driving around on a beautiful day, why not play this song?? (Really loud!!)

Tom Petty, “Runnin’ Down A Dream” the legendary smash hit from Full Moon Fever. Enjoy!!

Lots of Stuff Today

Well, I was so disappointed that Phil was not able to do his livestream last night because I have today off. He is supposed to do it tonight, instead, at 9PM Eastern. I will have to listen in the morning, though, because I have to be up at 4AM tomorrow.

Reminder — on days when I don’t post here, it is because I have to be gone very early in the mornings now and then work all day.


From Shadow of Ezra — the war in Sudan is starting to make sense now:

“Why is there a bio lab in Sudan?

Gain-of-Function research in Sudan.”


Posted to Charlie Ward’s channel:


This is amusing — more people care about Tucker leaving Fox News than about the fake Biden pretending he’s running in 2024.

From Aquila:

JUST IN – Biden (80) announces 2024 reelection bid despite concerns over his health and age and his propensity to misspeak on the world stage.”


Here in Ohio– (this Bill was co-sponsored by my Representative out here in the Hinterlands; the first time he’s done anything that I actually agree with. Hopefully, this is now because our beloved Governor, who was up to his eyeballs in child sex trafficking, is wearing a boot now and/or already at Gitmo):

House Bill 68: Enact Ohio Saving Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act

Sec. 3109.054. When allocating parental rights and
responsibilities or parenting time, a court shall not consider a
parent’s decision to do any of the following:
(A) Refer to and raise the child in a manner consistent
with the child’s biological sex;
(B) Decline to consent to the child receiving gender transition services as defined in section 3129.01 of the Revised
(C) Decline to consent to the child receiving counseling
or other mental health services for the purpose of affirming the
child’s perception of the child’s gender or sex, if the child’s
perception is inconsistent with the child’s biological sex.


From Yellow Vest Ireland:


Is Gucci on the chopping block now? We saw this coming when (1) Alessandro Michele stepped down last fall, (2) right when that inter-family lawsuit was filed, charging child-rape and torture in the Gucci family, (3) just as Balenciaga ads were featuring kids in bondage.

From Yellow Vest Ireland — tiktok video HERE:

“Now Gucci is following Balenciaga, but they are owned by the same people. Cancel Gucci!”


Warning from a follower of Charlie Ward’s channel:

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, I got my first experience with the Scam med bed team be aware and stay away”


From Quantum Stellar Initiative — (what Phil has also been saying for a couple of years now):

“Thanks for the pic Gabriel!

How many years have we been saying that silver is going to topdog gold? 😁🙈

Utility utility utility ‼️‼️

Silver is also in much shorter supply than gold

Double whammy 💥⚡️🔥

Some people might need to replace their sunglasses with spectacles 👓 and reread this 😂” [article here but with a paywall]


From Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺 Bloomberg writes that already 19 states want to join the BRICS. At the same time, 13 of them applied officially, and the remaining 6 – unofficially.

Which countries are in question is not reported. Right before our eyes, the largest association is being formed, which may well act as a real counterbalance to the traditional G7 coalition. In any case, China will remain the leader there, because the economy determines everything.

Obviously, the US, EU and UK will pretend that BRICS+ has absolutely no weight, so they will continue their usual policy due to high inertia, but this is not important. It is important to have an association that can form a collective agenda and implement it in its own interests.

However, there is no need to flatter yourself either, the process will not be fast. In addition, the presence of such a large number of member countries will require reform of the organization.”




From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

The Truth About COVID-19 Death Certificates | Dr. Scott Jensen

In the beginning days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Scott Jensen recalls an email he received from the Department of Health with a link to the CDC that advised him they were going to adjust the way death certificates were completed. (9 mins):


New music video from Mr. Goode:

‘Biblical’ by Mr Goode


Dan Bongino — 60 Minutes Goes Full Pravda (Ep. 1997) (55 mins):


AmericanEveryman – WITH AUNT BB: TALKING 9/11, TUCKER & DON, BOSTON BOMBING AND MORE (1 hr 28 mins):


In other news–

SUCCESS! Johnny Depp’s ‘Jeanne du Barry’ Gets RAVES As Cannes Film Festival DEFENDS Depp & Maiwenn (10 mins):


A spring sale is going on NOW at Cave Things!! (Shop Here)

And Nick Cave sent out a really moving Red Hand File yesterday, about the death of musician, Mark Stewart.

When The Birthday Party moved from Australia to the UK in 1989, it was partly because of The Pop Group. We truly loved them, were mystified by them, playing their strange, utterly unique music non-stop, barely able to comprehend what it was we were actually listening to. For us, cut off from the world in Australia, The Pop Group embodied the wild and creative promise of the UK. If we could only get there, we thought, everything would be all right, because that’s where The Pop Group came from.” [Read more here]


On a personal note —

An upcoming anniversary!

In May, my first book, the award-winning Neptune & Surf, will have officially remained in print (or in digital print) for 24 uninterrupted years! Yay!

You can find all sorts of print editions for sale online, in English and French. For instance, here, here, here, and even here! Just to name a few…

The eBook edition is here. Or here in non-Kindle options.

A couple of reader reviews of the original edition (1999):

“…Lewis’ work is characterized by hope; sexual instinct fuses with the life force, driving the characters, in an affirmation of life itself. Her message is ultimately positive, speaking to the human spirit…and the human flesh.”

“I adored this book. Marilyn Jaye Lewis is a first rate erotic writer. I read it more than once, bought copies to give to friends. Her characters are so human, their stories so well developed, and the eroticism is…well, truly erotic…”

A very brief excerpt suitable for all readers:

The love theme swelled and Nat felt a little caught up in the sexual
undertones of the film, as corny as they were. He found himself wanting to kiss that skinny white girl on the Ferris wheel, up there on the screen; it reminded him of Coney Island, of being in love with Rosalie.

When the movie was over, Nat stepped back into the neon-lit crowd. There were many more people now, taking on the usual temperament of Times Square. The streets were crammed with cars and impatient taxis; amphetamine-riddled hustlers darted in and out among the boisterous, rum-soaked Puerto Rican men, while sailors clustered on street corners and whores slinked closer to unsuspecting tourists, trapped in the lure of the neon.

Nat bought himself another beer and slid it into his paper bag. He was
frugal with money and kept clear of the bars, unless it had been a particularly trying ship he was leaving and he needed to go rutting. Even then, Nat had never spent fifty bucks on a whore in his life, and he was nearly twenty-five. Rosalie, or Gina—or whoever she was—was different; she was the proverbial rainy day for which he had always saved.”

from Neptune & Surf

c-1999, Marilyn Jaye Lewis


And I think that is it for today! We shall see…

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!



Yes! The incredible classic from Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers!! “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”!! Enjoy!

Something Is Up

This is just a quick update, gang, to alert you that something is up.

We know that Dan Bongino left Fox News the other day. And now Tucker Carlson is gone.

I believe these are both good guys, regardless of their (former) connections to MSM, with no overt connections to Q (which doesn’t mean anything).

So let’s see what is underway here. Something big, I think.

Also, right when the news about Tucker Carlson broke, this new telegram channel finally went live. I requested to join it a week ago. I find the “coincidence” interesting:

Trump Explicit

“TRUMP EXPLICIT ⛔️, [4/24/2023 10:47 AM]

Ladies and Gentleman,

Donald J. Trump LIVE ON THIS CHANNEL 🔴 27th of April…. 19:00 PM EST ⏰


• WW3
• Ron DeSantis
• Kim Jong Un

Share it with your friends and family. You don’t want to miss this opportunity ❗️

Join: https://t.me/TrumpExplicit

There is also a link posted there to join The Red Folder. It allegedly shows Hillary’s military arrest. I’ve requested to join, so we’ll see.

I do not know if these sites are legit yet. But they are just now popping up in my feed, today.

I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, you should probably watch Phil tonight at 9PM Eastern time.

You can watch him on Rumble, DLive, or Locals (membership required for Locals).

“You heard that, right?”

Well, my brain is almost working… Lordy, am I tired.

Okay, for the foreseeable future, I’ll be working early morning shifts about 3-4 days a week. This means, I have to leave the house around 6:15am, so on those days, I likely will not be posting to the blog at all.

I’m just really tired, gang. But at least I am no longer in excruciating pain…

I think I posted this photo here several months ago, but in case you missed it — here is the old train station where I now work (again). It’s now a sandwich shop and it’s really cute:



And an inside view — notice in the far right corner, a tiny glimpse of those incredibly kind old wood floors! (See my post from Friday, about why I’m working here again.)




And go to Dan Scavino’s Truth Social account to watch a great little video of Trump visiting a pizzeria in Lee County.


Some good news from Real Raw News:

Military Sentences Liz Cheney to Hang to Death

[…] Adler told the panel that Cheney, ahead of the 2020 presidential election, orchestrated a “ballot harvesting ring” by which she had hired “Trump haters” to complete and submit multiple ballots favoring the criminal Joseph R. Biden. Adler said Cheney was determined to turn Wyoming Blue to spite President Trump. Cheney, he added, lost her mind when Trump, despite her efforts to eviscerate him, routed Biden in Wyoming with 70 percent of the vote. […]

[…] “Mr. Adler, did the defendant tell you why she has such hatred for President Trump?” Admiral Crandall asked.

“Yes, she holds him and this place responsible for her father’s death,” Mr. Adler said.

In January 2022, a Guantanamo Bay military tribunal convicted Dick Cheney of treason for having profited from his role in the 9/11 tragedy. He was hanged to death on January 29, 2022, with then-Rear Admiral Darse E. Crandall overseeing the execution. […]

[…] The panel said Cheney should hang to death.

And Vice Adm. Crandall set a date of execution for Monday, April 24.

Gone, baby, gone


Phil will be live tonight at 9PM Eastern:

He also posted a very interesting 1hr video yesterday, but you have to watch it at this link.

Level with Me (April 22, 2023)

Key highlights:

(0:00) Intro
(2:30) Challenger explosion
(17:29) Fake ISS footage
(28:03) Sattelites/satteloons
(33:42) Rocket launches
(34:59) Operation Dominic
(40:48) What’s beneath Earth?
(46:29) Gravity
(50:25) Fake alien invasion
(58:00) Project Bluebeam


From Aquila (but I’m not 100% sure on this, obviously):

“🚨BREAKING – Former Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir wanted by the ICC for war crimes and genocide has escaped the Kober prison following a tense fight at the prison between the Sudanese Army & the RSF.”

Aside from that item, every country imaginable is evacuating from Sudan.


A few from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

3-minute video by Dr. Fuellmich HERE.

“Kia Ora! Today we post this important message from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich regarding the importance of He Wakaputanga, acknowledging sovereignty was NEVER ceded to the Crown, Tikanga is law, and the KEY to stopping the onslaught of tyranny throughout the world.”

[Full announcement from the Maori, NZ Government HERE]


Hang on! We knew about Covid WHEN???
A new report shows that the U.S. was hiring Covid-19 researchers three months before the pandemic began. And where were they hiring for these positions. Ukraine. Of course.” (8 mins):








And I believe that is it for today, gang.

Have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visting.

I love you guys. See ya!


A Little Update!

The new print issue of GEORGE Magazine that features the interview with Phil is on sale now.

The site is running a little slow, but it is working. I got my order confirmation, but it took a while, considering online purchasing is usually really fast these days.

Anyway! A couple curious things that I noticed while I was waiting for the order to process — there is an article by Pastor Bob Joyce!! (Hmmmm…)

Also, the GEORGE News offices seem to be located in Hot Springs, Arkansas!! I find this extremely amusing. (Hot Springs, AK was home to the Clintons — the estimable founders of Arkancide, the originators of the bounty on JFK Jr’s death, and also now extremely dead…)


I just got my shift schedule to start back at the old train station and I will be working both this Saturday and Sunday, beginning very early in the morning, so I might not be posting to the blog this weekend. We’ll have to see.

And yes, I will be back at the old 200-year-old train station working part-time, but it was recently renovated into an incredibly cool sandwich shop, so, no, I don’t really work in an active train station. But it is a really cool little place, with very old wooden floors…


I love you guys! See ya!!

Okay, Back Again!

So I did, indeed, quit my “new job” on Wednesday night and really it was just in the nick of time. I think that if I tried to work one more night on that concrete slab of a floor, I would have wound up in a wheelchair…

Saturday, I go back to the 200-year-old, no-longer-deserted train station, with its kind, old 200-year-old wooden plank floors.

I don’t usually like to go back to anything; I prefer to keep moving forward. But for heavens sake, I just need some money coming in so that I can focus again on my writing. I can’t believe how complicated it has gotten to do that seemingly simple thing.

Anyway, I took yesterday off from the blog because I needed to just recover from 9 weeks of skeletal agony. And there wasn’t anything “new” that didn’t seem like optics or psyops.

And, currently, I think it’s safe to say that the optics and psyops are coming at us from all sides, especially from the good guys. So, since the weather was unbelievably gorgeous yesterday, I hung around outside a lot and even took a drive on the backroads, to just look at stuff and think.



I found it interesting that General Flynn is quoting the NY Post! (And who would have ever guessed that the NY Post would end up being the only credible newspaper in New York?? Back when I lived there, we always thought of it as a tabloid…)

Anyway. From General Flynn:

“Former deputy director of CIA Mike Morrell and all the others that signed this letter will go down in history as having been participants in the overthrow of the United States of America. Signing of this letter (w/ the support of the MSM) caused a massive shift in the electorate of our country just prior to the 2020 presidential election and was a total lie. All 51 put our democracy in danger & all was done for their own selfish self interests.

Ex-CIA chief spills on how he got spies to write false Hunter Biden…
Joe Biden’s presidential campaign prompted former acting CIA director Mike Morell to “help Biden” by organizing 50 colleagues to sign a letter in October 2020 falsely claiming that damning emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop published by The Post were Russian disinformation.[…]”

[full article here]


I found this interesting.

It was posted to Phil’s channel, it’s from the Daily Mail UK. It confirms that Vikings were visiting Canada a lot, starting in 985 A.D.

[full article here]

Anyway, what I find really, really fascinating to think about —

As loyal readers of this lofty blog know, around this area of Ohio, there are many, many ancient burial mounds that contained the skeletal remains of giants. They were estimated to be at least 2000 years old. They appeared to be highly religious people, and one burial mound not far from my village, contained a stone tablet with Ancient Hebrew writing on it. (Ancient Hebrew is older than Biblical Hebrew, fyi.)

It is in a museum in the next county.

Since “around 2000 years ago” puts us in Jesus’ lifetime over in Nazareth, I just find it indescribably interesting to think about. Giants over here in “Ohio” were speaking and writing Ancient Hebrew at the same time that all that same stuff was going on in Jesus’ world, across, you know, a massive ocean and a bunch of land. Africa and stuff.

And how come the giants are all gone, even though there were still quite a number of giants walking around when photography was invented? (And circuses, for that matter.)

And how come the Smithsonian conveniently lost all those skeletal remains, well over 100 years ago?

And how come DNA-testing on the remains that the Smithsonian didn’t get their hands on, revealed that these giants are not Native Americans, even though around here, we still call them Hopewell Indians. Early Native American DNA indicates that Native tribes originally came from Asia…(it’s probably safe to ignore the videos that claim the giants have DNA that match “star people” or aliens…)

Anyway, so many questions. Who were the giants and why were they wiped out and who wiped them out and where did they learn Ancient Hebrew?

So interesting to think about. Especially when you consider that modern-day maps are full of geographical lies. Hmmmm…..


Okay! That’s why I like to get in the car and drive along the backroads on sunny days. I think a lot.


If you listened to Phil the other night, he clued us in on his opinion about the current pandemonium surrounding AI.

Another psyop. More chaos. More fear. And while it looks like it’s coming from the bad guys, it looks more to me like it’s being promulgated by the good guys…to create more chaos.

So, with that in mind….

From jeff.pro (he’s the LINUX guy — read this post carefully):

“Reflecting on yesterday’s poll results, a PRO TIP: when discussing artificial intelligence, learn to use the term “stochastic parrot.” 🤣

As correctly determined by the majority who answered yesterday’s poll, recent excitement in the press about “artificial inteligence” is focused on a technology known as “large language models” (“LLM”)’s such as ChatGPT.

Large Language Models use math such as statistics and averages with big data sets to generate outputs that attempt to follow user input prompts based on probabilities. A highly publicized 2021 research paper referred to LLM’s as “stochastic parrots” while observing the technology amounts to “systems for haphazardly stitching together sequences of linguistic forms it has observed in its vast training data, according to probabilistic information about how they combine, but without any reference to meaning.” Therefore, LLM’s do not “think” for theselves. They are probability engines trained on big (huge) dictionaries of data.

Next time you get in to a debate with a liberal about “artificial intelligence”, now you can confidently wield the terms “Large Language Models” and “stochastic parrots” to quickly bring them back to reality by shining truth on where the “AI” industry stands in its first moment of evolution. They are not expecting most conservatives to understand these concepts, but we should, as we should continue to cautiously study and map out developments in this evolving industry, being mindful of the implications. -JP 🦜”


Also, if you follow Phil, we are being repeatedly told that there will be no Presidential Election, no Trump or anyone else running for 2024, that Dominion and their rigged voting machines have “already been dealt with”, and that, because of all that, Phil had no specific comment on RFK JR running for President on the Democrat ticket.

All that considered…

My own comment on “RFK JR running for President on the Democrat ticket” is that he is an incredible individual, and that he is part of a plan to re-awaken Old Dems (such as I used to be) to what has actually happened to the Party of the Democrats. Regardless of any actual election.

That said, Richard Citizen Journalist has some great notes on RFK Jr’s speech. It is very lengthy, so I won’t repost all of it, but you can read it here. The speech really was incredible.


Dan Bongino is leaving FOX News after 10 years. Hmmm….

Dan Bongino — Some Important Personal News (59 mins):


Fantastic! Listen!! [Oops! I should have mentioned that this is not Q-related, yet in the vein of Bongino and X22, you can still learn a lot, but you have to filter it through the Q stuffbody doubles, etc.]







And that is it for today.

Have a terrific Friday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


My driving-around-on-the-backroads-on-a-gorgeous-day listening music!!

From Tom Petty’s staggeringly successful first solo album, Full Moon Fever — “Feel A Whole Lot Better”. Enjoy!!

A Curious Day…

Yesterday was a curious day, gang.

Simon Parkes’ update was very interesting and so was Phil’s livestream.

They had similar takes on how we should be approaching what’s going to be happening soon (or perhaps is already happening, in some instances).

If you aren’t a member of Connecting Consciousness in your region, you can no longer access Simon Parkes’ updates. You can join CC here but it can take a few weeks for the process to complete, plus, not everyone is accepted. But you can apply at the link.

The primary thing Simon said yesterday is regarding the worldwide banks. Some, of course, have already collapsed. But he differentiates between QFS banks and the [DS] banks, saying that all the banks will “go dark” at the same time (the upcoming crash), but then only the Quantum-connected banks will come back up within a couple of days of the crash.

That’s kind of it in my own words.

But Simon stressed something that Phil also stressed — that the “news”, whether it’s generated by White Hats or Black Hats, is not the news that Truthers should be paying attention to. Again: optics, distraction, chaos on one hand; and then what’s actually in play is on the other.

And on that note —

From Shadow of Ezra on Monday:

“Major CIA False Flag Warning.”

This coincides 100% with Phil’s livestream last night. If you didn’t watch it, here is the replay:

False Flag (1hr 51 mins):

Expect a MAJOR Black Hat false flag soon, gang. But White Hats are still in control… (so, you know — what that really means about Black Hats is anyone’s guess at this point. Some clues from Phil: A big Texan hat, the word “honey,” the NIKE logo, a bell ringing about 4 times while holding your breath, “it’s getting harder to breathe”…)

Also, if you don’t know what Project Sandman is:

“‘Project Sandman’ describes a 100+ nation agreement that, when triggered, will see those nations simultaneously dump the dollar and abandon the “petrodollar” .. When this decision is triggered, the dollar and all dollar-denominated assets will plunge to near-ZERO literally overnight.”

As we know, Project Sandman is already in play, and more and more countries are joining BRICS.

Phil also had some really interesting stuff to say in the Q&A part, so make sure to listen all the way through. (He also gave a really interesting hint — when someone asked if Phil’s rapidly upcoming wedding was happening after the EBS, Phil answered, “What do you think?”)




On another topic entirely–

Jesse Watters and his wife just had a baby girl!

“Georgina (“Gigi”) Post Watters born 6lbs 3oz…welcome to the world!”


You know, that is really it, gang. There is of course, other news, as always. But all of it can easily be found everywhere. These days, I’m just focusing on the financial collapse/transition, and when oh when will all this stuff start to become public?

(I don’t want to say that I’m tired of it, but you know, I’m sort of getting really tired of it…)

That’s it. The rest is optics, in my opinion.

On a personal note…

I think I might be going back to one of my part-time jobs and leaving the new “full-time” night job I’ve had since February. The new job has suddenly become part-time, but the main problem is that the establishment I work in has cement floors throughout and it is crippling me with pain, every single shift. I’m up to 40 mgs of CBD per shift, and then another 30 mgs at night in order to sleep through the pain.

So, before I become permanently disabled, I’m talking to my old manager this morning about going back to work for her. Both places are owned by the same man, and are right across the road from each other, so it’s not a huge transition. But I’m really disappointed that the new place is not working out.

But on we go!

Okay. Enjoy your Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. Expect some sort of huge awful disaster to occur soon, but sit tight and don’t panic. And buy as much silver as you can, gang. Just to be prepared.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!

It’s All About the Money!!

Wow, the re-writes on the opening scenes of the play are coming fast & furious here this morning, so I’m getting to this blog post with a bit of a crazy brain.

However, our play goes into pre-production meetings at Soulpepper Theatre in Toronto, beginning at 11 AM this morning!!!

So, yay!!

Okay, gang. As far as the Q stuff goes, and the war — it all seems to be about the money now. The RV, precious metals. And a little bit of drips and drops about tribunals and executions.

On that particular note —

From Real Raw News this morning, as promised — gone, baby, gone:

Lori Lightfoot Executed at GITMO

[…] “Let’s get this over with,” Adm. Crandall said. “Carry out the execution.”

“You can suck my d***,” Lightfoot barked.

The soldier standing beside Lightfoot pushed a button, and the pivoting door beneath Lightfoot’s feet swung open, causing him to drop.

Lightfoot’s neck snapped, his mouth agape. A Navy physician marked the time of death: 10:45 a.m., Friday, April 14, 2023.”

[full article here]

[ALSO, from yesterday, here are all the details, including an insanity of pronouns: JAG Sentences Lori Lightfoot to Death!]


Phil will be going live tomorrow night but he hasn’t said, yet, what time.

Meanwhile, he is basically all about money now, too. Precious metals. The markets and banks crashing, and COMEX.

He just posted this short video. Watch it here.

“3 most important words of your lifetime”

[COMEX is the primary futures and options market for trading metals such as gold, silver, copper, and aluminum. COMEX is an abbreviation of the exchange’s full name: The Commodity Exchange Inc. COMEX merged with the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) in 1994 and became the platform responsible for its metals trading.]

Also From Phil:


What happens if the prices COMEX reports (for precious metals) are based on known, fraudulent information?

COMEX knows the prices aren’t real, because the reporting is not real.

What happens when that gets exposed?”

[HINT: Silver’s value goes to the moon!]


All this stuff can be stressful, gang, if you — like me — can only invest in very small ways in the silver market. But I think it’s also imperative to keep cash at home, in the event your bank completely fails. Because the actual “old dollars” we tangibly have will be switched out for the new US Treasury Note. That’s why it’s imperative to be holding the actual money, even if you cannot invest in much silver.

And look at this!! (Try it yourself, it’s absolutely TRUE! It’s coming, gang. The new US Treasury Notes, and Google is letting you see it.)

From XRP NESARA-GESARA QFS 3.0 yesterday:

“Punch in ” The New US dollar ” on Google, This is exactly what comes up.”


Okay, a couple of interesting posts from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

“Did you know?”



I loved this–





And in other news…

Nick Cave announces a series of readings in Europe this summer to promote the paperback release of his book, Faith, Hope & Carnage.

He also sent out a new Red Hand File this morning, wherein he talks about the meaning and the emotional value of the Red Hand Files. You can read it here.


And that is it for now, gang.

Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world!! (And “Happy Birthday” Jesus of Nazareth!! — Oh, btw — the other day, I posted his birthday as April 17th 6AD, but it should have said 6BCE. Yes, that is correct: Jesus was born 6 years before Jesus was born…)


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I keep meaning to post this photo and now the photo above from Nick Cave’s Red Hand Files has at last reminded me!

Tom Petty posted this to fans on his Facebook page, at the close of one of his last tours. I just love this:

Another Gorgeous Day in the Hinterlands!!

Happy Sunday, gang.


It is just so beautiful here today –again. It’s hard to believe that we’re supposed to go back down to freezing temperatures in a few days, but I guess that’s just April for you. The cruellest month

Not much to report here. It feels so strange – suddenly having so much free room in my brain to start focusing on my writing again. It’s like going up into an attic and discovering a trunk full of personal papers written by one of your ancestors, because you can’t remember writing all this stuff yourself. It feels so long ago.

3 years.

I’m also getting slowly back to keeping a journal — a thing that fell by the wayside when I started to keep online journals back in the late 90s (eventually it was called “blogging”). Up until then, though, I wrote daily in a journal. I have 47 of them — hardbound journals — just documenting my life & mind through the early 1980s up to the late 1990s.

That’s a lot of documenting.

My journals were notorious. Everyone knew I kept them. “You better not be writing about this in your journal,” people would warn me.

“Too late,” I’d assure them. “But I didn’t use your full name. Just your initial.”

Anyway. A lot of amazing stuff happened last Saturday, when I took my “day trip.” And I want to make sure everything that revolves around it gets put into a journal. I don’t want to forget this stuff. Ever.

Okay. So.

This was heartbreaking. In the old days (40 years ago, when I was young), the LGBT community was the most supportive community you could imagine. It truly was. Now the loudest majority of it is mostly militant and toxic and “programmed.” These stories just broke my heart. Not just the stories themselves, but the fact that these people — human beings, I might add — have nowhere to go, accept to places like tiktok, to get support if they want to de-transition.



I have always supported James O’Keefe and his amazing efforts to get the truth into the light, but I was not sure what he thought he could accomplish by going after Dylan Mulvaney in the Four Seasons Hotel the other day in Los Angeles.

What does Dylan Mulvaney have to do with allegedly trans women (convicted rapists) being put into women’s prisons and raping them? She did a Bud Light commercial…

And I have to say, in all honesty, I was really impressed with Dylan’s outfit. I really was. It was straight out of a “That Girl” TV episode from, like, 1967 or something. Especially the hairstyle.








Very informative, if you enjoy gardening!!

Sanity4Sweden – TOMATO – THIS IS HOW I DO IT NOW (5 mins):


Neutral Swiss – BREAKING: Dr. Robert Young & klanmother :karenann – Pfizer Genocide? (45 mins):


And that’s kind of it for today, gang.

Enjoy your beautiful Sunday, wherever you are in the world.

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Some just-hanging-out-in-my-room-late-at-night music!! Such a gem. I understand this song better, year by year, folks. I really do.

CSN&Y – “Teach Your Children” — their monster hit from 1970. Enjoy!!

Teach Your Children

You, who are on the road
Must have a code
That you can live by
And so become yourself
Because the past is just a goodbye

Teach your children well
Their father’s hell
Did slowly go by
And feed them on your dreams
The one they pick’s
The one you’ll know by

Don’t you ever ask them, “Why?”
If they told you, you would cry
So, just look at them and sigh
And know they love you

And you of tender years (Can you hear and do you care)
Can’t know the fears (And can you see)
That your elders grew by (We must be free)
And so please help (To teach your children)
Them with your youth (What you believe in)
They seek the truth (Make a world)
Before they can die (That we can live in)

Teach your parents well
Their children’s hell
Will slowly go by
And feed them on your dreams
The one they pick’s
The one you’ll know by

Don’t you ever ask them, “Why?”
If they told you, you would cry
So, just look at them and sigh
And know they love you

c -1968, Graham Nash