And Away We Go!!

Wow. Great morning, here.

Phil’s livestream last night was really exciting. If you missed it, here is the replay:

Phil drops ANOTHER new piece of intel tonight, along with taking some questions from my followers in a brief Q&A.” (1 hr 30 mins):

Phil wouldn’t come out and say who the actual traitor was, only that it was a female in the miliraty, but he did also say that Real Raw News had a good source in the Pentagon…

So here’s this:

Military Arrests General Conspiring Against Trump

“[…] At approximately 10:30 a.m., U.S. Marines under Gen. Berger’s authority stormed a Fort Gordon—home to U.S. Cyber Command—conference room where the installation’s commanding officer, Gen. Maria B. Barrett, and cadre were ironically discussing ways of shielding President Donald J. Trump from unlawful persecution. The armed Marines held the attendees at bay while the platoon’s commander, a second lieutenant (O-1) handed Gen. Barrett a military arrest warrant charging her with sedition, conduct unbecoming of an officer, and treason. She was slapped in handcuffs and escorted off base. Marines also took into custody Ronald W. Pontius, civilian Deputy to the Commanding General of U.S. Army Cyber Command.[…]”

And the video (4 mins):


Okay Project Veritas has a new series: The Secret Cirriculum. All about American public schools and their agenda to program children. It will probably make you ill — but here is Part One (12 mins):


This was very good. It is similar to the video Charlie and Jason Q did by themselves over the weekend, but it is from Charlie’s private Insider’s Club, and has Jason Q and Dave Mahoney. Everything they say lines up with Phil’s intel (1 hr):


Sadly, this comes way too late for a lot of young women. Breastfeeding women who got the true mRNA vax, and not the placebo, made their babies really, really ill and some of the newborns even died from it. Inexcusable tragedy. I’ve been hollering about these dangerous vaxes since late autumn 2020. All those brainwashed young women — it makes me so angry, so sad. Around here, it was usually women around my age who were begging their pregnant daughters not to get the vax. But they got it anyway and then the tragedy was unbelievable. And totally preventable.


From Bannon’s War Room:

UK Govt Denies ‘Safe Use’ Recommendation for Pfizer Vaccine In Pregnant Women, Says Those Breastfeeding Should NOT Be Vaccinated.” [full article here]

And, similarly, from Chris Sky:

“World exvlusive to blow the lid off! UK GOVERNMENT APRIL 2022. “All pregnant and breastfeeeding women MUST TAKE THE COVID JAB.” … UK government AUG 2022: ” preganant and breastfeesding women SHOULD NOT BE JABBED as its been proven unsafe.” FUNNY things happen when you “follow the science”…. or just listen to Chris Sky!”


And speaking of things I’ve been hollering about since even before 2020….

For the past couple days, Presdient Trump has been posting a ton of intersting memes on Truth Social. Here is one that went viral:


And if you missed Trump’s Q post that everyone was talking about, this is it — from Q the Storm (long):

“TRUMP Retruths Q Post #11

MSM NEWS on SEVERAL stations have meltdown as Trump Retruths over a dozen Q followers and then ReTruths Q Post directly to his page.

Very important post


_this post is connected to Military take over of FBI CIA NSA

Laws of WAR chapter 11

The REAL POTUS is letting you know what’s happening behind the scenes. And letting you know >Q is REAL<

The military operations are REAL

How the Storm works/>
There is a beginning of a STORM ( The start of the journey through the storm)

The Middle of the Storm ( the calm in the middle of the eye of the Storm)

Then the second part of the STORM

Last year was the calm in the middle of Storm when it felt like Trump was gone in February and March ( when ANONS lost hope.. But I was active letting you know what was going to happen)

We have now past the eye of the STORM into the Second part of the Storm

_Oct 28, 2017 <was Q’s first post
_December 8, 2020 was Q’s last post ( official for a long time)
(Days between these two dates is 1,137 days)

When you mirror the days 1,137
You come up with 2,274 days

If you add 2,274 days to Q’s first post on October 28, 2017 .. This brings you to January 19, 2024
Just hours before the Next President ( PRESIDENT Q) is sworn in.


The Q Military OPERATIONS taking place is a 2,274 day EVENT(S)


During the time of the largest open INTEL drops in the world through Q ….. The deep state CABAL released the bioterrorism bio-weapons.
Vaccine bio-weapons. Began mass civilization extermination event. World LOCKDOWNS. Systematic destruction of food growth and istribution. Supply chain disruption. The DEEP STATE CABAL using weather weapons caused CHAOS in floods and droughts through the world and through this systematic CABAL destruction they try to bring in climate change AGENDA CONNECTED to FULL control of humans and society……. ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ect ect ect ECT ECT ECT..
So much things has happened since Q began DECLAS and drops…>WORLD EVENTS

_Patriots, ANONS, FREEDOM FIGHTERS finally see how deep the War goes… And the STORM WE ARE IN!..

EVERYTHING HAPPENING NOW by the deep state Will connect to WORLD MILITARY TRIBUNALS. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY……/// This military Alliance OPERATIONS had to let things happen and document all the crimes in each country… It was the only way to EXPOSE THE DARKNESS ….. The CABAL. The Deep state …
TRUMP TODAY PUBLICLY CONFIRMED Q and reposted a very telling post connected to Military take over… LAWS OF WAR CHAPTER 11.



There will be a rally in Wilkes Barrie PA on Saturday night. it should be a huge one. You can watch it here on rumble.


Posted on Phil’s channel by way of Rattle Trap 1776 (late last night):

“RIGHT NOW! If you have the Flight App I showed you! Get on, apply your Military Filter, and locate this aircraft. Left corner shows the app.

This is the Doomsday Plane that just flew by the White House through the 33 mile NO FLY ZONE radius around D.C.

Look at that beautiful Call Sign 😎” [DRAGN45] [45 = Trump]


From Yellow Vest Ireland:

“And so it begins with the lifting of the entire scam enacted on peoples worldwide. Just following orders will be their defence. There will be accountability and they will be made answerable for their crimes against humanity.”


Two from Mel Carmine, explaining NESARA-GESARA, if you are brand new to this! One is short (10 mins) — watch this link. Very informative and simple.

The other is from the awesome James Rink of Super Soldier Talk, 2 years ago (3 hrs):


And that is going to be it for now, gang. The news is coming fast & furious, and strangley enough, most of it is oddly GOOD!


Don’t forget that tomorrow, Spetember 1st, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds play Malaga, Spain, and then on the 3rd, they will be in Lisbon, Portugal, and then the summer festival tour is DONE!! Buy tickets HERE!!

Have a great Wednesday, wherever you are in the world.

I love you guys. See ya!!

I leave you with my fantastic driving-through-Muskingum County-music from last evening– and what a lovely evening it was!! Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ “My Life/Your World.” Enjoy!!

All Aboard

It is coming, gang.

I’m not going to post much right now because things seem to really be coming to a head. I think maybe we all need to sit back and watch what is now happening and just wait.

Phil is supposed to do a livestream again tonight, but check his channel later to find out for sure. In the meantime, he says this (among many other things):

“You’ll need one of these ☝️very soon.”

“Make sure you keep track of all the things I’ve said over the past 12 months, as they all come true over the next 4 months.

Wait until you find out who you’ve been talking to here.”

“What were the phases again?

Were you confused for a while?

Have things become more clear recently?

What was the final phase?



From “Nancy Drew” yesterday:

“The fact that Sleepy, is still not on the Presidents Wall in the White House Visitor Center, says EVERYTHING. While things are incredibly quiet right now in every way, and we are are tired and frustrated, we need to remember this, and what weve watched take place throughout that city. It is only a matter of time now. I trust the plan whole heartedly, and have never for one second doubted it. My eyes have seen way too much for doubt. Hang in there guys, our moment is coming. 🙏❤️”

She also lost a necklace:

“On Mon. Aug 22,2022 I lost this necklace somewhere between Glen Burnie, MD and the White House in DC. It was given to me on Mothers Day, many years ago from my children, in memory of my son who passed away. I am heartbroken, to say the least. If anyone finds it, I would be so grateful if you would please mail it to PO Box 561 Severna Park, Md. 21146. I will be happy to send shipping cost, and a small reward back to you. I would do more if I could. Please share. 🙏❤️”

And just now:

“Oh boy…. Things are about to get juicy I believe. Nothing can stop whats coming. Nothing.”

“Tick tick B💥💥M!”


From Simon Parkes:

The Art Of War
In the art of war, not everything is as it appears. In Iraq Muqtada al-Sadr says he will walk away from Iraq politics…….But will he…? And is the RV strengthened rather than weakened by this move..? Remember….”


Deep State in Danger

There are now 20 or so countries that have burnt through their emergency allocation of fiat monies.

The Deep State could be realistically described as being in the danger area as their once never ending money supply is fast being exhausted.”


Several from Aquila just now:

“🚨BREAKING – A US State Department plane has just taken off from the Baghdad international Airport”

“🇺🇸⚡️US Air Force RC-135W Rivet Joint [R135] active from the outskirts of Baghdad, Iraq.”

“🚨BREAKING – Muqtada Al Sadr calls on his supporters to withdraw from the Green Zone within 60 mins”

“🚨BREAKING – Militants have now begun to withdraw from the Green Zone.”

“🚨BREAKING – Iraq to lift the Nationwide Curfew.”

“❗️🇮🇶 Sadr militants continue to leave from the Green Zone.”


From Donald J Trump:

“So now it comes out, conclusively, that the FBI BURIED THE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP STORY BEFORE THE ELECTION knowing that, if they didn’t, “Trump would have easily won the 2020 Presidential Election.” This is massive FRAUD & ELECTION INTERFERENCE at a level never seen before in our Country. REMEDY: Declare the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!”



And Chris Sky has yet another account on Instagram: @ichrissky2


And I’m going to stop there for now, gang, because everything is feeling very intense out there this morning.

BTW — It’s curious how many key truthers are now lining up with Phil’s intel. And I mean almost like exactly: SCOTUS already decertified 2020. No elections in November. Etc.


Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world, but stay alert!!

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!

Digging the End Game, Gang!


Okay. I had the most beautiful weekend. But I didn’t get to make a trip to the cemetery as I was hoping to do, because the guy who is coming to clean out my gutters — in preparation for the estimate to get a new roof!– had to keep delaying when he would get here. Until, finally, late yesterday afternoon, he said he was coming “next Saturday”….

Ah well. It wasn’t so bad, though. I just hung out here in the beautful weather and relaxed for two straight days. And I’m guessing that the cemetery will still be there when I finally get a chance to get out there.

All righty.

Phil’s livestream was very interesting last night, gang. If you missed it, the replay is below.

He had some really interesting comments to make about other “truthers” — a topic I try to stay away from on the blog. But, as we are in the end game now, you might find his comments of interest to you (I have a few related comments posted below from Q the Storm, too).

Phil also has an account set up at, if you want to begin investing in precious metals. Since, with my retirement checks beginning soon, I will finally have a little money leftover at the end of each month, I’m eager to see if I will have enough to turn it into precious metals. I have an appointment this week, so we shall see!

Phil’s main intel, though, is about Big Pharma finally being taken down for real. This will be over the course of the next couple months, before the year is out. (And don’t forget what I posted about RFK Jr’s recent court victory against vaccines!!)

You can listen to Phil’s replay here–

Phil drops another huge piece of intel, coming directly from his mysterious source. We also talk about the next few months, and what we should expect in order to be prepared. (1 hr 35 mins):


This next post was sort of harrowing, gang. I tell you — if you are fighting against them, the [DS] will get you, wherever you may roam! (I can speak with absolute experience on that, even way out here in the Hinterlands.)

From Alan Sweeney Uncensored:

“First of all, I want to thank everyone over the past 2 months for the phenomenal support I received on the 1000km Walk from Galway to Brussels. The success of the walk was a result of your support and on the toughest days, I never felt alone.

I want to use this opportunity to explain what happened at the end of the walk. On the 15th of August, I arrived in Ninove, Belgium (25kms from Brussels) where I had a choice of either continuing on the N8 or bypassing the N8 via Liedekerke. I decided to depart Ninove and entered Liedekerke where I remained for a few hours as it was considerably hot and humid day in Belgium which was causing me to sweat excessively.

I departed Liedekerke at approximately 8pm to arrive in Anderlecht as early as possible the following morning with the ambition of getting my phone repaired. This was due to damage it sustained while walking along the Grand Union Canal in England, where the screen was cracked, and the phone received further damage while I was in Roeselare, Belgium.

I continued walking during the night, where I repeatedly heard the sounds of a bike in the darkness behind me over a 2 hour time period. I was naturally expecting a bike to pass me, however it never passed. I arrived at Plankenveld on Jan de Trochstraat, where I was 14km away from the EU Commission in Brussels. I took a rest on the side of the building and fell asleep. I awoke for a brief period and noticed a bike parked near me with a pair of shoes attached to the handlebars, however I was unaware that I was being robbed.

I woke a short while afterwards only to discover that my phone and bag had been stolen in my sleep. The bag contained, my passport, bank card, mobile phone, 7 power banks, charger leads, baseball cap, sunglasses, water and sports drinks. I immediately crossed the road to a house and rang the doorbell to ask the woman to call the police. A police van arrived and 3 police scouted the area however didn’t find any traces of the thief.

I travelled to Dilbeek Police Station and provided details of the theft and they advised me that the best course of action was to go the Irish Embassy. I requested the police to return me to the place I was robbed so I could continue and complete the remaining 14km of the walk. The police then provided me with printout maps containing directions to the Irish Embassy and returned me to the site of the robbery.

I immediately departed Plankenveld, reentering the N8 which led me directly into Brussels, arriving at approximately 1pm on 16th of August. While walking towards the Irish Embassy I passed the EU Commission which marked the end of the 1000km walk from Galway to Brussels. The overall walk took 50 days to complete which a final completed distance of over 1,050km.

When I arrived at the Embassy, I explained the theft that occurred and my personal circumstances. I called AIB Bank, who confirmed that 2 purchases were made on my card following the theft. A purchase was made for Indigo Anderlecht Carpark and another purchase was made at Erasmus Metro Station.

I have every reason to suspect at this point that the theft was pre-meditated and planned in advance to disrupt and prevent me from completing the walk. I also understand that the situation could have led to me being seriously assaulted or killed in my sleep and I’m taking the matter very seriously.

Tomorrow I’ll be creating a livestream to discuss the walk and to answer any questions you may have. Thank you once again for the support, I simply can’t thank you enough”


Rick Green’s Front Porch (front car seat) session from last night–

Lots of revelations this week as the truth keeps coming out in so many areas. As Churchill said, “Never, Never, Never Give Up!” (25 mins):


An amusing redacted meme!

From il donaldo trumpo:


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich — this is going on right now, but you can catch the replay later at the same link:

Corona Investigative Committee ISRAEL
Session 2 “MoH Coverup”
in English and Hebrew 🇺🇸/🇮🇱

“Topic excerpt:
▫️ Leaked videos from an internal Israeli Ministry of Health meeting: cover up of data and deliberate misleading of the public
▫️intentional confusion within Israel’s Corona advisory committees, their revolving door and failure to disclose vested interests
… and more!”

[Watch HERE]


Here are those comments related to the things Phil was commenting on last night…

From Q the Storm:

Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Greg Reese and co. have zero credibility moving forward when it comes to their perspective Re Trump.”

“FACT – Diet Truthers – who ignored the Q drops for the past 5 years and listen to Infowars etc – struggle to understand the 30,000 ft view perspective of the ‘Operation Warp Speed’ move by President Trump.

Alex Jones is a liar who pretended he spoke to Q for anyone who still listens to Infowars.

‘…Hey everyone look at us, we got Q on the phone…..’ 😂

Bill Cooper warned us about Alex Jones the Stratfor shill.

‘…..oh look…he must be reals because he exposed Bohemian Grove by “breaking” in…’ 😁

Any so called ’truther’ in the alt media who still choses to ignore and dismiss the Q movement have exposed themselves as being diet truth.

They are either compromised or they cannot escape their ignorant two party system or anarchist biases – whatever it is we do need to call it out.

We don’t just ignore such information in the alt media.

That is what the sheeple do.

So Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Greg Reese and co. have zero credibility moving forward when it comes to their perspective Re Trump.

Ask them why they ignored the Q drops???

Diet Truthers are black pillers who actually hold back the truth movement due to their cowardice (…but but but Q is kooky), ignorance or being an infiltrator.

David Icke and Alex Jones deliberately ignored the Q drops for 5 years…

It is super weird guys – lets not pretend its not.

An honest truther would have done a deep dive to figure out for themselves why people call Q a military operation.

Nah….they didn’t. Why?

Well it is just easier to not do any research, be weak and dismiss the subject as Operation Trust 2.0 to try to sound clever.

If they try to say they did look into it but all they took away from it was ‘..sure it was just a larp…derp.’ – then this means they have terrible discernment, are not logical thinkers as they do not have the pattern recognition abilities ANONs have.

Infowars are the pied piper of the truth movement, taking people away from the hardcore issues that are not already out there.

They cover what everyone else does to fit in as a reliable news outlet in the movement.

Infowars do not really break stories that shake the truth movement with new info…but they do lie about Sandy Hook and PIZZAGATE when the Deep State get exposed.

They are controlled opposition.

Ignoring the entire Q movement for 5 years after the media banned anyone talking about it, speaks volumes about who they are and whether or not you should be listening to theirs or anyone else in the alt media who could ignore the Q drops so called geo-political “expertise”.

Just say no to diet truth.”


Also– watch out for someone posing as MEL CARMINE on twitter!! He is scamming people, big-time re: bitcoin!




New to Q? This will help you!



Last night in London! Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds — plus shoe!!! (Don’t forget. the tour ends at the end of the week. Buy tickets for Spain and Portugal shows HERE.)


That’s it for now!

Enjoy your Monday, wherever it takes you!!

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!!

For Greg — the last record we listened to together. (Greg, who had long blond hair and blue eyes, is 48 years gone now. How I miss you, baby!) David Bowie’s “Sorrow”, from Pinups, 1973.

Another Blessed Sunday in the Hinterlands!

Gang, it is just unbelievable — how beautiful it is here this morning, once again.

And not just beautiful, but so peaceful. As much as I loved living in Manhattan for almost 30 years, my soul is so happy to be living like this. for now. (I now live in a tiny, 200-year-old village, in a valley in the extended foothills of Appalachia.)



Don’t forget that Phil will do a livestream tonight at 7PM Eastern time. You can catch him on DLive, Rumble or his members-only Locals channel.


There are a few videos from Charlie Ward —





Mel Carmine: Only 2 Words Can Solve the Water Battle | NESARA GESARA (29 mins):


From General PattonQ — a history lesson:

“🔴🔴In 1918 the so called Spanish flu.
The Rockefeller’s
Working with DR Gates.
103 years later
And again a Gates involved
But this time it was not a doctor
But a creep related to the Rockefeller.”


From Q the Storm:

“just in-
Putin orders benefit payments for people arriving in Russia from Ukraine”


Unbelievably stupid climate hoax shit. Don’t fall for it.

From Q the Storm:

“Look at the bottom of this order it tells you how much of a carbon footprint your purchase will leave?

If you thought the Covid-19 propaganda was bad, just wait til they accelerate the climate change hoax in full gear.

Be ready for massive superstorms, earthquakes, tornadoes and other disasters.”


Okay, so this means that 266,550,940 Americans are vaccinated??? (or paid for a fake vax card)

From General Patton Q:

“The U.S. population as of 2022 is 337,550,940.

71,000,000 people have declined vaccination against Covid-19 (don’t forget the people who have not been vaccinated but have purchased certificates of vaccination)

Unfortunately, there is no similar information for the other large countries”


From Stew Peters — includes 8-minute video:

“Anyone – ANYONE can file this form when your kid(s) are terrorized at school with mask or jab mandates, indoctrination or other forms of radical abuse.

It has worked for close friends of mine. Teachers were fired, and the abuse IMMEDIATELY stopped.

Remember: there is NO SUCH THING as a lawful ‘mandate’.”


You might have to be a subscriber to the Epoch Times to read this whole article, but in short, it points out that LOW cholesterol leads to death (and also things like dementia).

From Mike Pompeo:

Higher Cholesterol Is Associated With Longer Life” [full article here]


From Yellow Vest Ireland:

“Mistakes all the above were not, they were deliberate plannings in place to devastate, violate and separate people’s worldwide through the weakening of relations that tore families apart into those for the vaccination process and those who’s God given right it was to say no. Through fear and propaganda their aim to create the divide needed to eliminate those who refused to adhere to these awful draconian dictates and the injection of their poison. A casting out of those who refused their new society through discriminative measures that would have allowed for the unvaccinated to be treated as second class citizens with the inability to enter any premises to buy food, clothes or whatever for survival. This was not about a virus this was about control and the stripping away of humanity’s rights, freedoms and liberties. This was about the elimination of the free world in its entirety and the dawning of their own orwellian nightmare.”


And Chris Sky has started a “clubhouse“. You need to download the app to join in.

“Clubhouse is a new type of social network based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time.”






All I’m saying, gang, is that it works like a charm. Everyone here in the Hinterlands is using it for colds & flu….


Don’t forget!! Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds are in London tonight!! And they will be in Malaga, Spain on September 2nd, and then Lisbon, Portugal on September 3rd — and then the tour is OVER!! So buy tickets while you can, gang.

Nick Cave in Paris


And that is it for now, folks.

Enjoy your beautiful Sunday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!!

“Beautiful Sunday”- Daniel Boone- 1972:

Unbelievably Beautiful Saturday in the Hinterlands

Sorry I’m late. It’s an incredibly beautiful morning and I wanted to go out and run some errands.

The news is slim, as usual.

From AFLDs yesterday–

An announcement that “the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Calvary Chapel, a church in San Jose, California, that refused to close during the pandemic will not be required to pay more than $200,000 in fines that were imputed against them. “

This is considered a “massive victory” because:

…”other public places such as grocery stores were not held to the same restrictions in California as places of worship. “

Since the pandemic was a scam from start to finish, I find this to be kind of a “small victory” overall. But I guess we need even the tiny victories these days.


From Q the Storm yesterday — a rather large victory, in my opinion:

Supreme Court ruling hardly anyone noticed that Robert F. Kennedy Jnr won the case against all the pharmaceutical lobbyists.

In the ruling, the supreme court confirms that the damage caused by Covid mRNA gene therapies is irreparable. As the Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States there are no further appeals and the appeals have been exhausted.

Nuremburg Code is now Valid.
Well Done Robert F. Kennedy Jnr
Once again the truth prevails.”


Get ready for the next MSM narrative!

From DC Clothesline:

TRUMP TRAP SPRUNG: Media FLIPS, sets stage to blame Trump for widespread vaccine injuries and deaths

[…] Now that hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead from the vaccines — with millions injured — the “Trump trap” is being sprung. Under the direction of the intelligence script writers, of course, the left-wing media is now reporting that Trump pressured the FDA into authorizing the deadly vaccines as part of a political ploy to win the 2020 election. […]”

[full article here]


On a similar note —

From Q the Storm:

“Theres a feeling in the air like many top right wing Influencers/Pundits/Journalists/Politicians etc, are gearing up to Turn on President Trump. Alex Jones was the indicator.

They will use the Pandemic as their “in” while conviently forgetting that Trump didnt thrust this upon us, his enemies did (see Event201)
And sometimes during crisis there are no right answers, only mitigating damage…

Whoever turns on Trump will reveal themselves as a deep state plant.

We’ve watched them reveal themselves in waves. Each year there’s a new group who’ve clearly gotten their orders to blow their cover and try and sway as many of their followers as possible.

The final wave is coming. With some of the biggest names in the business. They have no choice. The fact that they held Alex Jones back for this long means they didn’t want to burn these assets. But we’ve grown regardless. It’s their only hope. Don’t fall for it.”


“You only know what HCQ is BECAUSE of Trump. You only were skeptical of the mRNA shot BECAUSE of the Truth movement his Q Team spawned. If not for these things we would’ve all gotten it like we get a tetanus shot.

Think Logically.”


Several from Phil:

“Time is running out for [them].

The day of reckoning is within sight.

Don’t give up. The best is yet to come.”

“So many people are going to apologize to me, or be forced to disappear from their previously anonymous usernames.

So many people are going to have to apoligize to YOU, both online as well as within your families.

You will forever be looked at as the “smart, awake” Aunt, Uncle, Dad, Mom, Cousin, Brother, or Sister.

All of your insults will be vindicated. All of the whispers will be silenced.

Do NOT miss my Live on Sunday.”


“The We The Media folks are about to have a very, very rude awakening.

Stay tuned.”


A reminder from SecretHistory:

By discovering wireless electricity, any scientist would rob the world oligarchy of money. No need for oil, wood, coal, gas, expensive hydro and power plants – a single receiver can infinitely create energy virtually out of thin air.

Financial magnate Morgan instantly stopped funding Nikola Tesla’s experiments when he came up with wireless power transmission and extraction of energy “out of nowhere” – from the world’s ether. After that, no one helped Tesla financially.”


Days of AIDS returning! This type of propoganda really makes me sick, gang.

From Q the Storm:


From Mark Steele UK — this happened yesterday:

“💥💥Newcastle Rebels on Roundabouts💥💥 are out again with the yellow boards this Friday 26th August. Meet 4pm St James Boulevard Newcastle. outside holiday Inn opposite powerhouse. we will stand 4-6pm We will be standing up for freedom, giving out Light Papers and raising awareness of technoratic totalitarian adgena. All welome 🙋‍♀🙋 come in person or drive by support too📣📣 good chance of drinks after in pub or park 💥💥💥”


Check out this GREAT video. It’s from a couple weeks ago. I love it, but you gotta watch the whole thing: “Drank the Kool Aid, went to Heaven”

Tony Lin: Shocking Data From UK – Office For National Statistics ( 8 mins):


Tomorrow on Sound Health Radio:


An interesting question from Q the Storm:

“What kind of government tells farmers NOT to farm? Who tells cops NOT to arrest criminals, and district attorneys NOT to prosecute them? We have a border, but we’re NOT allowed to protect it.

We have 535 members of Congress, but most of them are NOT patriotic. We even have a President who was NOT elected. The saddest part? We have citizens who are NOT interested in doing anything about it.”


From Yellow Vest Ireland:


“The responsibility for the state to do the job they were elected in to do rests entirely upon the shoulders of the We The People. Despite the steady decline of our society as a whole the many continued on regardless without statement or protest. The many blindly focused on their own affairs and desires superceding the plight of all and any other and their desolate existence. Those that simply put did not care unless it was a happening to them personally, with compassion for all other diminishing over time. The burying of their heads in the sand as the suffering of a nation continued to spiral out of control preferring ignorance over having to take responsibility.
Due to the people’s lack of intervention into the affairs of a corrupted state the state itself having no opposition was able to take advantage and do to Ireland what it has done to date. Not content in stripping every natural resource from under our noses, robbing the Irish people of 64 billion to bail out the banks in 2008 (The same banks that evicted and are continuing to evict vunerable from their homes nationwide), refusing to accept and fight for the 16 plus billion owed by apple in back taxes, the squandering of the tax payers trough for the most expensive building in the world in the form of a hospital that’s still not completed after so many years and so on and so on and so on. Too much to write which says a lot about the corruption that’s rife in Dail Eireann and still the many do nothing with the refusal to take responsibility. So many equally responsible for Irelands decay as they sit on the fence and do absolutely nothing. Their silence in part the reason for what could become a tyrannical existence for the people of Ireland. Their silence consensual for all and any legislative dictates Government wishes to dream up in the future. A silence that will ultimately lead to the demise of Ireland and its people.
It’s at this critical point in our history were silence is a non option with Ireland in desperate need of the will of its people. The will to remain a sovereign state free to choose our own destiny. The will to attend to the needs of so many suffering nationwide. The will to eliminate all and any corruption across all governing sectors including the puppeteers and their hidden hands. The will to be free of tyrannical dictatorship with our rights God given never to be taken. The will to have an Ireland that benefits the lives of every man, woman and child.
This by no means is an impossibility quite the opposite In fact one just needs to get off the fence and rise from their silence.”


And from Chris Sky in Canada:



Don’t forget! Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds will be in London tomorrow!! Then in Spain on September 2nd! Buy tickets here!

Nick Cave in Paris last night!


And that is it for now, gang.

Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world!!

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Friday Again!! And So Quickly!!

I can’t believe another week has flown by, gang.

There is not much to report this morning, so I will once again be brief!

Phil will be doing a livestream on Sunday evening, August 28th at 7PM Eastern time.

From Shadow of Ezra yesterday:

Steven Hoffenberg, who worked with Jeffrey Epstein, found deadBNO News
Businessman Steven Hoffenberg, who became close friends with Jeffrey Epstein and who pled guilty in one of the largest Ponzi schemes in U.S. history, has been found dead at his Connecticut apartment, officials say. He was 77.” [full article here]

From the Gateway Pundit— sad:

CNN Medical Analyst Who Wanted To Ban The Unvaccinated From Society And Force Children To Mask Now Reveals How Masking Has Severely Harmed Her Son” [full article here]


Some great news from Chris Sky:

“@students4agency will #Justsayno thousands of students FINALLY STANDING UP IN UNITED NON COMPLIANCE against the mandates. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. we stop them HERE. Congratulations to our young Freedom Fighters led by Kendra Hendrick. God bless”


And that’s it for now!

Don’t forget that Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Paris tonight!!! And then in London on Sunday, August 28th! Buy tickets here!

Enjoy your Friday, wherever you are in the world!

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More great driving-to-town music from Tom Petty’s Highway Companion: “Saving Grace”. Enjoy!!!!!

Information Overload?

What the heck, right??!!

The amount of “information” being dumped on us right now is truly astronomical.

Whether it’s factual information, or misinformation, or disinformation — it is going beyond what most human beings can tolerate. It’s probably a good thing right now to just turn everything off.

With that in mind….

I have about 9 things to post this morning:

Simon Parkes had an update yesterday on the Biomedis Trinity device. This is that device that a customer at the store gave to me to try (for free– just gave it to me) — indefinitely. He doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to get it back!

The video is not on bitchute yet but you can watch it HERE (24 mins).


I’m guessing those Ukraine terrorists are re-thinking murdering Daria…

From Shadow of Ezra:

“Z has fully mobilized.

No turning back now.”

From ASB Military:

“❗️The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signs a decree to increase the number of Russian military personnel by 137,000 — to 1.15 million.”

From Q the Storm:

“JUST IN: Putin signs a decree to increase the Russian armed forces by 137,000 to 1.15 million.

‘”‘To establish the staff strength of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the amount of 2,039,758 units, including 1,150,628 military personnel,'”‘ the new decree says.”

From Intel Slava Z:

“🇺🇦 Ukronazis from 53 separate mechanized brigades of Ukraine realized that denazification is inevitable

Appeal of Ukrainian militants who were driven into a “meat grinder” in the Donetsk direction, where they suffered heavy losses. For many of them, the command did not even issue uniforms and bulletproof vests. Those who refused to go to certain death were taken away in an unknown direction, their weapons were taken away and they were left without food and water.”

Also, on a similar topic:

“🇩🇪 The Ukrainian command forced foreign mercenaries to rob stores and sent them to “meat grinders”

The German publication Spiegel conducted an investigation during which mercenaries who fought in Ukraine were interviewed, during which they learned that Ukrainian terrorists forced them to rob shopping centers, take out furniture and other valuables. They were abandoned at the forefront without reinforcements and treated like “cannon fodder”. In addition, some foreign mercenaries were subjected to sexual harassment by the commander of the international legionnaires, Piotr Kapuscinski, who now calls himself Sasha Kuczynski.”


Also from Intel Slava Z, on a different topic–

“🇰🇪🇬🇧 A Kenya community group has demanded $200 billion from Britain for colonial crimes and looting.

The lawsuit was filed with the European Court of Human Rights, writes The Times.

The lawsuit alleges that in the late 19th century, the British drove the Kenyans off their land and gave the area to tea growing companies. At the same time, local residents were expelled to hard-to-reach areas of the country, many members of the communities died.

The ECtHR has not yet made a decision on whether to accept this case for consideration or not.”


Yesterday, from Phil (and “Nancy Drew”):

“Sometime since Monday, they removed the 4ft fencing from in front of the FBI building.”

“☝️they removed the fencing because no one is in the building 😉”

And here’s an interesting question!!


A reminder from Dr Reiner Fuellmich that BOTS are not human beings, gang. Please don’t fall for it:

“Vaccine propaganda BOT FARM propelling Big Pharma lies across social media”


Unbelievably sad– vaccinated children are 82 times more likely to “suddenly die” than unvaccinated children.

From General Patton17 — includes short video:

“This drug is hurting children to the point of death; The numbers don’t lie

Dr. Chris Shoemaker;
Children are dying in the first 6 months after the shots of ‘unrelated conditions’

Vaccinated children are 82X more likely to die

This drug is hurting children to the point of long term fertility issues, cancer risk issues which are probably 20X or 30X higher”


From Chris Sky in Canada:

“From the WHO! Heres a list of the over 4 MILLION adverse reaction report tothe covid jab. More than all other vax in history combined. Take special note to notice that mrna gene therapy injections are proven to cause GENETIC DISORDERS, NERVOUS SYSTEM DISORDERS, METABOLIC DISORDERS. You know like the syndromes affecting children while parents deny the connection ;)”


From Mark Steele UK:


From Yellow Vest Ireland:

“war against doctors isn’t over, but thanks to those brave enough to stand up for what they know is right—I have faith that we will win.

If you haven’t read Dr. McCulloughs new book yet, you should. Also, this is a great way to support one of the doctors on the front lines fighting for medical freedoms.”

“[…] In spite of their success, their early treatment protocol was not welcomed by public health officials. On the contrary, the news of their promising results was dismissed as soon as it was reported. At first this seemed like conventional skepticism, but then fraudulent papers maligning the protocol’s repurposed drugs were published in academic medical journals. This and other acts of fraud revealed that a coordinated smear campaign against early treatment was being waged. […]”


And in other news–

Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File, wherein he explained why he wasn’t sending out any Red Hand Files!!

“…A Red Hand File requires not so much an emotional resilience as a certain amount of energy and the capacity to think….”

Nick Cave has been on tour with the Bad Seeds for 3 months now, but promises more Red Hand Files will resume once the tour is finished!! You can read his reply in full here.


And that is it for now, gang.

Emjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world!!

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Sunset in Muskingum County:

Sunset, August 19th 2022

I leave you with my Driving-through-Muskingum-County- music from yesterday evening! A great driving home from work song! From Tom Petty’s aptly-titled Highway Companion, 2006: “Down South.” Enjoy!!

A Terrific Tuesday!

Well, gang, I got the official letter that the SavetheDream Foundation is going to save my house!!!! Yay!!

What a relief. What an incredibly great thing.

And as soon as my retirement checks begin (in about 30 days), I can pay off those tax penalties, which were caused by someone else— and then start saving my car!!


And the insurance company is sending someone out in about 2 weeks to assess the additional wind damage done to my roof over this past weekend AND– yes!!– my house will be getting a new roof. (It only sprang 3 new leaks on Sunday…)

Honestly, gang. it’s been a REALLY long 2 years, through this fake COVID nightmare, but it is almost over for me and a new beginning is in sight.

I am incredibly grateful to all the powers that be for helping all of this come together.


Okay. Not much news again today.

Simon Parkes posted this video from DinarChronicles re: BRICS– you should listen to it; very interesting:

“Xi Jinping is making his first visit outside of China to Saudi Arabia. This is major news and has the potential to change the future of our global economy. Let’s break it down in today’s important video. (9 mins):


And this is something popping up everywhere now — Democrats, including on MSM, proclaiming that the Democrat Party has caused a lot of damage.

From il donaldo trumpo, a case in point:

“So it begins…😎”


A timely reminder from Q the Storm — includes a brief video that you should watch if you, too, were tricked into thinking that the Democrats ever did anything good:









And we’ll close by at least mentioning that “Faux-chi” is resigning….

It’s curious how many of these criminals resign while under arrest at Gitmo… some even resign from beyond the grave….

And don’t forget!!

Tonight, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Israel, and then on August 26th, they will be in Paris! Buy tickets here!

That’s it.

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world.

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Green Acres clips – Oliver Wendell Ofer (2 mins):

Slow Monday…

Except, of course, if you live in Ukraine.

From Intel Slava Z — includes 2-minute video:

“🇺🇦 The militants of the 93rd brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to publicize the gravity of their situation in the area of the city of Soledar

The Armed Forces constantly suffer losses. When they asked for fire support, their own artillery hit them.

They refused to take their positions. For this, their commanders gave the order to disarm them and leave them in the trenches, and to shoot them if they left, adding that they would come out of there only dead”

Also this alarming announcement:

“🇺🇦⚡️Ukraine is clearly preparing some kind of large-scale anti-Russian provocation: employees of institutions located in the government quarter of Kiev (President’s Office, Verkhovna Rada, Cabinet of Ministers, National Bank) are recommended to work remotely from home from August 22 to 26.

Kiev media say the authorities are preparing for Russian strikes on Independence Day.

At the same time, Ukraine introduced new alarms for chemical, radiation hazards and evacuation from the city.”


But rather than “work from home” it looks like people are fleeing, instead. Also from Intel Slava Z:

“🇺🇦 Huge traffic jam on the exit from Kiev.

Many are simply afraid of what could happen from August 22 to 26.”


From ASB Military:

“Spotted in Odessa — Russian flags reading ‘“’Odessa is a Russian city'”


This was awesome– if you aren’t aware, the Dutch farmers have been creating really impressive “art work” as part of their protest.

From Q the Storm — click the link to see the short video, it’s really cool:

“Another spectacular scene making it onto TV screens across the world at the La vuelta cycle race as Dutch farmers create a huge bike out of tractors and hay bales with a simple yet effective message: ‘”‘We hope to keep feeding you'”


Very interesting article from DC Clothesline:

MK ULTRA NATION: Over 37 million Americans – that’s over 13% – are taking dangerous, psychotropic antidepressant medication right now

(Natural News) Did you know there is no such thing as “clinical depression?” It was made up. Fake. Recently, the University College of London studied “clinical depression” and the researchers concluded that “there remains no clear evidence that serotonin levels or serotonin activity are responsible for depression.” That means that up to 37 million Americans are not really suffering from a “chemical imbalance” in the brain and may be getting dosed with dangerous payloads of prescription-drug-induced serotonin.

One in every ten Americans, including teens and children, are taking dangerous psychotropic drugs right now that are entirely based on a diagnosis that’s bunk, and that means the prescription drugs don’t even work. So, the real question is, what will be the impact of EXTRA serotonin in people’s brains?”

[full article HERE]


The Sovereign Project UK announces that its Merch Store is open!! You can SHOP HERE.

Also, don’t forget– this weekend:


From Aquila:

“JUST IN – Russia’s FSB blames Ukraine for the murder of Alexander Dugin’s daughter.

FSB claims a Ukrainian woman rented a flat in Darya Dugina’s building, trailed her, planted the car bomb, then escaped to Estonia.

Ukraine has denied any involvement.”

Also this from Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡️Netizens have found a car that was used to track the murdered Daria Dugina, it is being sold on a Ukrainian website.

The seller has the same last name as the alleged murderer’s daughter.”


From Yellow Vest Ireland:

“Saturday the 20th of August marked the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg trials.”


RT: IMRAN KHAN CHARGED WITH TERRORISM: Hundreds of Imran Khan supporters gather outside his house in Islamabad as he’s being charged with terrorism over vow to sue police officers and judge after a close aid was allegedly tortured following arrest (48 seconds):


Restored Republic — DESANTIS TOURS GITMO (5 mins):


Simon Parkes had a great update yesterday! (47 mins):


From Chris Sky:

“The vaccine claims another legend.”


And on Phil’s channel yesterday, more proof that MSM will soon be changing their tune (we hope)?

‘Might Not’ Like What’s Coming: New CNN Boss Drops Major News

[…] According to sources who were on the call, Licht warned CNN staffers that they “might not” like decisions that are coming down the pipe, another indication that the flagging legacy cable news outlet is about to experience significant upheaval.

“I want to acknowledge that this is a time of significant change, and I know that many of you are unsettled,” Licht said, according to several who attended Friday’s editorial call, The Hollywood Reporter noted. “There will be more changes, and you might not understand it or like it.” […]

[full article is here]


And in other news–

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds played Istanbul last night and the show looked like it was just incredible! They will be in Rishon Lezion, Israel, tomorrow– Aug. 23rd! Buy tickets here!

Here are 2 photos from last night that I really loved!

Nick Cave in Istanbul


And that is it for now, gang.

Make it a great Monday, wherever you are in the world!!

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Lisa Douglas Makes Jam From Scratch | Green Acres (5 mins):