The Guitar Hero Goes Home

Experimental fiction.

205 pages
Published by Marilyn’s Room Books
September 1, 2020

This book is for sale in trade paperback $9.95
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Lulu eBooks 2.99

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The Guitar Hero Goes Home
by Marilyn Jaye Lewis

An American rock & roll legend, in the final year of his life, finally comes clean about sex, drugs & rock & roll.

From the book:

…learning how to play a guitar. Then playing it for people who liked to hear me play. Hell, even smoking a cigarette back then – it was a thrill, because I was just a kid, getting away with something I knew I wasn’t supposed to do.

Then standing back in all my shyness, watching the girls go by; that thrill turned into something mighty, I can tell you. It propelled me out into the world and gave me something to strive for. To leave home for. My girl and my guitar – out into the world we went.

It was almost all about the sex then. The music and the sex. Music first; sex a very, very close second. You almost couldn’t see the difference, some nights. We were just so young.

“As arousing as it is heartfelt, as lyrical as it is penetrating, as meaningful as it is wild and untamed … I can give no greater praise for Marilyn Jaye Lewis’s The Guitar Hero Goes Home than to say this is a book written by a wonderful writer at the height of her powers.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!” – M. Christian,  Extensively published author of fiction & nonfiction

“Romantic, wild, naughty, poignant…this is what Marilyn Jaye Lewis’s brand new The Guitar Hero Goes Home delivers for readers who dare.” – Ralph Greco Jr. Co-Host, Licking Non-Vanilla Podcast

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