Get Ready, Gang!

For what, I’m not really sure.

However, last night, Phil posted this ominous warning:

“Tonight is the Eve of May 31st, 2022

For reasons related to the safety and security of our Nation, I will not be Live tonight.

Please be safe both tonight, and tomorrow.

There is far more going on (and about to happen) than you can possibly realize.”

This could perhaps (?) be pertaining to SCOTUS — allegedly, they are reversing Roe vs. Wade, also, allegedly, making a new ruling on the 2nd Amendment…

However, Phil has said they might also just be getting ready to overturn that rigged 2020 election. We shall see.

And in case you missed it–

From “Nancy Drew” on Saturday:

“Drove by just as they were “chaining” the fence at the Supreme Court bldg. Why on earth would they need to add chains for security? Whats coming our way? 🤔🧐”


This also happened yesterday:

JUST IN – 30 Chinese warplanes entered Taiwan’s southwest air defense identification zone today: Ministry of National Defense.”


And Ultra Pepe Lives Matter posted this:

“Devin Nunes just retruthed a post that says calm before the storm. 👀
Trump retruthed exactly 17 times again.
Why is truth social so spicy right now?”

Pepe also posted this yesterday:

“Does Sussmann get convincted tomorrow [today]? That is the question of the hour.”


And I don’t know what this has to with anything, but for the first time in about two years, I had to sign in to gmail, Protonmail, Rumble and WordPress this morning. And WordPress is doing all kinds of new (irritating) things, but appears to be working faster! Hmmmm. Something up with the Internet??


And just a reminder from Phil:


Apparently, the fake Trudeau is trying harder than heck to get Canda to wake up.

On the X22 Report channel:

“Dictator Trudeau announces a national freeze on handgun ownership. It is now illegal to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns in Canada.”

And how Chris Sky manages to not lose his effing mind as he continues his fight to wake-up Canadians….

“‘THEY ARENT COMING FOR YOUR GUNS.’ As Trudeau unilaterally bans your favorite rifles and now handguns… bec “nobody needs a gun in Canada” why? Hmm lets see. You think your government wants you FREE like the USA OR mandates for your third booster to live, like Australia. FREEDOM FROM MANDATES AND TYRANNY is what gun ownership provides. And you “smart” people are cheering to give them up. And we wonder why Canada is one of the worst places in the world to live?”


“More PROOF you will never VOTE your freedoms back. 2/3rd of “your” government voted to keep Canada a prison nation banning their own citizens from being able to leave. But tell me again who your “favorite politician” is!”

But he ends with:

“Fitness is essential for body, mind and soul. Never let them break you… and ALWAYS get STRONGER.”


Just in, literally, from Phil’s channel:

[Forwarded from Katty]
Over 7000 flights cancelled!

[WTF is going on, right??!!]


From ABS Military — includes video footage:

“Our report from 3 days ago is now fully confirmed — Ukrops are hiding in the industrial zone of Severodonetsk. The city centre and frequent areas are liberated. Russia’s CHR Spec Ops Rosgvardia troops are making sure the locals are fine. Soldier says people are sitting in benches and are all thanking them on the video for liberating their city”


Some good news from Whiplash347:

Tennessee Governor signs full repeal of sales taxes on gold and silver
Nashville, Tennessee
(May 29, 2022) – With Governor Bill Lee’s signature on Friday, Tennessee has officially become the 42nd state in the U.S. to remove sales taxes from constitutional sound money (i.e., gold and silver).

[…] The victory puts a capstone on long-running efforts by the Sound Money Defense League, Money Metals Exchange, Campaign for Liberty, and grassroots activists and coin dealers in Tennessee. Tennessee investors, savers, and small businesses can now acquire gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion and coins without being slapped with taxes as high as 10%, depending on the purchaser’s specific location.”

[full article here]

[Hmmm…. getting ready for all that asset-backed currency?]


Gila Jed shared this on her channel:

“My video today is all about this woman: Dr. Sandra Rose Michael.

Using frequency to let the body heal itself.

‘The power that made the body, heals the body.’🙌🙌

Absolutely a planetary paradigm shift in medicine”

Dr Sandra Rose Michael and EESystem on Discovery Channel (5 mins):

Along with this:

THE REVOLUTION OF HEALING | Advancing Beyond MedBed Technology | SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE!!! (1 hr):

And FYI, this is something I absolutely 100% believe — in fact, when I was finishing Divinity School and training for the ministry with the ministers at my (previous) church (I have since moved away), neither of them could believe that I actually believed that God heals us. Without pharmaceuticals. And I couldn’t believe they were practising ministers! I mean, how could you be a minister and not believe in the absolute power of God?

Okay. Anyway. Me and the church… that story goes on indefinitely.

Here’s something else to get ready for!!! Get ready for LOVE!!

Photo by Warren Ellis, posted on Instagram this morning!!

That’s right! The Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds European Summer Festival Tour begins in 2 days, in Aarhus, Denmark!!

Buy tickets HERE!


All right. That’s it, gang. Stay safe out there. Stay alert. Let’s see what happens next.

I leave you with my late-night listening music from yesterday: the live version of “Square One”, by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. A stunning song, in general, but when they played it live, it was just so intimate. What a great song!! And so perfect for such a peaceful evening.

Okay, enjoy. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!!


From the Ancient Hebrew Research Center: Each letter in the Hebrew alphabet was originally a picture with meaning. In this video we will examine the letters in the Hebrew word שבת (shabbat) to uncover the meaning of this word based on its letters.

(I love this stuff!!)

Sabbath in Ancient Hebrew (33 seconds):

Restored Republic news updates (26 mins):

RedPill 78 nes update: PROOF DOD & DTRA Funded Covid-19 Bio Weapon In Ukraine Nov. 2019 (14 mins):

X22 Report: Military Intelligence, People’s Intelligence, All Systems Go, The Best Is Yet To Come (50 mins):

A Happy Holiday Update!

I did it! I made my first XLM purchase with coinbase and transferred one whole dollar to my Lobstr wallet!! Yay!!

I won’t tell you how many hours it took me to get everything connected and verified. But it is done!!

And then I decided to take advantage of all the crypto I’ve been earning through using the Brave browser, now that I know how to set-up a crypto wallet.

And guess what I discovered? i’ve been earning plenty of crypto every month by watching all those lectures on Ancient Christianity on YouTube!! Plus!!! I’m also earning crypto by visiting my favorite porn site!!! Who knew??? 😂😂😂

I think that describes me perfectly…

Okay. Hope you’re enjoying your beautiful day, wherever you are in the world!❤️

The Holiday Weekend is Upon Us!

Wow, what a gorgeous morning here in the Hinterlands. So far, the holiday weekend has been just splendid.

And today, would have been JFK’s 105th birthday! (Although they say he actually survived to be over 103 years old…)

Trump’s rally in Wyoming last night was off the charts. What a crowd. Overall, the whole thing seemed relaxed, empowered and really upbeat.

From il donaldo trumpo’s rumble channel–


And on a personal note– if you have never visited Wyoming, gang, you MUST. What an amazing place. Just breathtaking.

Random photo of Wyoming!


On all fronts, we are hearing that the RV is very, very close, gang, and that the QFS is well underway. Simon Parkes did an update last night, indicating that this is true and that this positive situation has also freed up Russia to really go in and finish the cabal in Ukraine. Finally.

Similarly –from Ultra Pepe Lives Matter (includes news footage):

“Well would you look at that.
Zelensky is showing signs of defeat as he says that the situation is very difficult and the Russians are continuing to move forward.
He’s now emphasizing the importance of actually meeting with Putin. A change of tune? Sounds like he’s seeing the writing on the wall. Even Sky News (sheep publication) admits that the situation is bleak for Ukraine. If you had listened to the mainstream media you would be absolutely stunned at hearing this. They told everyone how badly Russia was losing but now all of a sudden the situation is bleak?
Everything the mainstream media seems to push is proven wrong in the end.
Anons were right again.
We are literally the news.”


From Whiplash347:

“Russian Government Has Taken over Google’s Bank Accounts” [full article here]

“I told you Russia was taking over.
And the complete Crypto Sphere.”

And here’s Simon’s update (sadly, he says that most of Europe is still not awake; he indicates that 75% of France is still asleep, hence we have to deal with the fake Macron indefinitely…). (1 hr 39 mins):


An interesting post on Phil’s channel:

“Fuel was free once. Rothschild and BlackRock blamed miners strike on fuel shortages to scam people into paying for it.”


Okay, regarding the ongoing endeavor to try to learn all the ins & outs of digital assets….

If you never watched this, you must: Chosen One: The Level Playing Field (32 mins):

And also this–

How TRUMP toured the world seizing all the worlds assets (1 hr 44 mins):


BASICS– reposted by Crypto Brownie:

QSI Money Mastery # 1 with Annie Kolatkar & Emily (2 hrs):

QSI Money Mastery # 2 with Annie Kolatkar & Emily (2 hrs):


On a different topic altogether–

James Tabor: How Does the Apostle Paul Use–or Perhaps Abuse–Texts of the Hebrew Bible? (33 mins):

And some great books to read, if you haven’t already:

Paul and Jesus: How the Apostle Transformed Christianity by James Tabor

Paul’s Ascent to Paradise: The Apostolic Message and Mission of Paul in the Light of His Mystical Experiences by James Tabor


And not connected at all, but just because I’m thinking about it–

Available for pre-order, coming July 1st to the US:

Seven Psalms— spoken word by Nick Cave (vinyl only):

And don’t forget that the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds European Summer Festival tour begins on Thursday, June 2nd, in Denmark!!

Buy tickets here!!


Okay, gang.

Phil will be going live tonight at 9PM Eastern. You can watch it here on Rumble, or at Phil Godlewski on DLive.

And that is it for this fine Sunday morning. Enjoy your holiday weekend if you live State-side!! Otherwise, just enjoy your morning!!

Thanks for visiting, wherever you are in the world!

I love you guys. See ya!

Indeed, the Plot Thickens!

Okay, gang. I guess “get ready” for that confusion phase Phil spoke about, as it gets well under way.

Phil suddenly posted yesterday (and you always have to stand back and question what’s really going on when he posts stuff like this):

“Something is very wrong with the Uvalde situation.

Very wrong.

It might be worse than I mentioned last night.”

And not only did we have a viral video on tik tok, showing the fake Biden (aka “President of the United States”) getting into an Uber at the airport, with no secret service protection, carrying his own luggage… (view it here if you haven’t seen it already)– smiling amiably and seemingly not even aware about anything horrible going on in TX, or anywhere else for that matter…

We also have every Liberal imaginable, screaming out for more gun control (and, sadly, their hearts seem to really be into that horribly misguided idea), just as more and more horrific “details” about the TX school shooting are released, basically exposing how helpless all the un-armed parents, teachers, and children were…

“Uvalde massacre was a PLANNED STAND DOWN operation – law enforcement saved their own children while parents were pepper-sprayed and handcuffed

It’s now 100% clear [is it???]that the Uvalde mass shooting was a “stand down operation,” meaning law enforcement was deliberately ordered to stand down so that the massacre could take place. The goal? Gun control, of course.

‘Uvalde police stood outside school while parents urged them to go inside during shooting,'”

…while we also have Trump (the actual President of the United States), speaking at the NRA convention in TX yesterday, saying that teachers need to be armed in order to better protect our school children. (36 seconds, below)

(Yes, it should remain legal for Americans to own a gun, but I’m not sure that arming everyone imaginable is where we need to go with this.)

And let’s not forget this:

Oh, and how about this?

From the Epoch Times:

Teacher Propped Open Door to Texas School Before Shooter Entered: Official” [full article here]

And another from Phil — includes strange news video footage:

“I’d love to hear the fake news explanation for this one. Same victim, two networks, different fathers. CNN & NBC. Anderson Cooper and Savannah Gutherie. Shocker…. Something is very, very wrong in Uvalde.”


So, I think it’s safe to say the “confusion” phase is well under way.


If you have any interest left in what is going on in Ukraine–

From ABS Military News:

“When you realize that the entire success of Ukrainian forces thus far has been solely based on Ukrop authorities brainwashing the world via Western media about “liberating all Kiev regions” — failing to mention Russia withdrew from them before negotiations and Ukrops just walked into empty villages— the western propaganda becomes even more funny as it falls apart.

Ukraine has not captured/retaken any strategic territory from Russian troops. This comes at a cost of nearly half of USA’s stock of anti tank missiles and billions of dollars worth of financial aid, mercenaries, 24/7 Intel from NATO and support by literally the entire EU and NATO.. reality is starting to kick in.”


This appears to be actual news, however it is no less confusing–

From Uncover DC:

Military Email Reveals Alleged Deceit Regarding Pfizer Jab

[…] Despite government agencies repeatedly blurring the lines between Pfizer’s two experimental mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines,” the military’s MTF guidance in the email suggests that the Gray Cap is indeed the COMIRNATY “vaccine.” As previously reported by UncoverDC related to the lawsuit Church v. Biden, the legal distinction between the two jabs—the EUA administered Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and FDA Approved COMIRNATY—is significant.  

Yet, remarkably, both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) make no apparent effort to properly differentiate between the two “vaccines,” nor do they explain which one has a Gray Cap and which one has a Purple Cap. Still, as represented in the two screenshots below, labeling data from Pfizer for the two different “vaccines” plainly indicates that its COMIRNATY jab has a Gray Cap and its Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 jab has a Purple Cap. […]”

[full article here]


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich — (includes brief video footage):

Covid has been one of the most profitable products ever

A World Economic Forum panel on “Profiting from Pain” notes that an extraordinary increase in billionaires in the pharma sector is due to the most profitable product of all time: Covid-19″

And this:

Ad-hoc 23 – In conversation with Prof. Dr. Karl Hecht

Prof. Dr. Karl Hecht is a German physiologist and space physician and is professor of experimental and clinical pathological physiology.

In this interview, Prof. Hecht explains, among other things, harmful and little-noticed effects of mobile phone radiation on biological systems.

Karl Hecht has long argued that the technologization of humans must have limits. In particular, he warns against the fusion of the advancing technical possibilities with the neurological systems of man.

But he (98 years old) also rejects the use of medicines because they represent a chemical intervention in a person’s biological system. As alternatives, Hecht relies on minerals and vitamins, which would have helped him even in difficult situations.” [full interview here]

And also, here’s this from the other night:

CC CA North Interview with Patrick Wood, Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, 5/25/2022 (1 hr 33 mins). Watch Here on rumble.


From Amazing Polly — Remember This When You Watch The News – shootings, poxes, war stories & more (39 mins):



I am still attempting to make progress understanding the whole digital assets/wallet thing, and sending links out to my closest friends, hoping they will make some progress, too.

So far, my ex-husband in NYC, is the only one getting back to me with any progress — but that’s exciting!! At least it’s input! Since I have absolutely zero disposable income right now, I can only listen to all the podcasts, and sort of walk-through all the demos, without actually making any kind of transaction. So it is still like a foreign language. But I’m hanging in there.

From Gila Jed yesterday — How To Avoid Scammers On Lobstr And Telegram | A Tribute to Mel and Amber (16 mins):

From Mel Carmine: Pilgrim Warrior ❤️ XRP QFS & We Delivered it in SOUL Hoodlum Style! I MEAN WE GET DOWN U Feeling Me (1 hr):

From Quantum Stellar Initiative– QSI Weekly Crypto Q&A 27th May 2022 (1 hr 30 mins):

And X22 Report snagged a Spotlight Interview with Kash Patel (but don’t expect any Q intel drops — this is safe for all audiences) —

Convictions Coming, More Indictments Coming, We Caught Them All (31 mins):

And then the regular X22 Report from last night — Durham Has The [DS] Players, Elite’s Panic, Nobody Escapes This (46 mins):


Also, yesterday, we had the closing arguments for both the Durham/Sussman trial AND the Johnny Depp Defamation trial…. awaiting a ruling now on both! (hmmm… the odd co-inky-dinks — oops!– coincidences, continue.)


And just in case you’re interested…. this stuff is AMAZING, gang!!! My latest Master Mushroom favorite. One teaspoon in my cup of coffee. Talk about clarity and focus — it is effing AWESOME:

And don’t forget!!!!!!!

Starts Thursday in Denmark!! Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds European Summer Tour !!

Buy tickets here!!

And that is it, gang!!! Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world!!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

The Genocide Continues

Once again, a musician (or actor, artist, athlete) dies suddenly with no cause of death given.

Andy Fletcher, keyboardist for Depeche mode, dies at 60…[…]

The cause of his death has not been identified at this time […]

Andy has a vaccination card from Ontario which suggests he was vaccinated in 2021 when the first batch of vaccines was rolled out.”

Gang, I’m just sayin’….. it’s genocide and it fucking sucks.


FYI: Now that both duckduckgo and google are thoroughly compromised, I use for searching. If you use a VPN, it will ask you to prove you are human.


Okay. I actually got ALL my paperwork together yesterday for the bankruptcy case. It only took almost all day!! Yay! But we are one step closer.

All I have left to do is take a mandatory online credit counseling course (for free), which I’m happy to do. However, I’m guessing it will provide no advice for how best to manage your money when a fake plan-demic completely eviscerates ALL your earnings on ALL fronts at the same time, for going on two years…. but we’ll see. Maybe I’m wrong.

So, Phil did his livestream last night and it was very interesting indeed. Nearly 4 million viewers, btw. He makes a good proposition for the TX school shooting being not only a false flag but one that could maybe have been done by white hats. We shall see if the whole storyline continues to fall apart.

REPLAY: Phil talks about the recent school shooting in Texas, as well as his “roadways” warning a couple nights ago. (1 hr 20 mins):

And from Ultra Pepe Lives Matter:

“More things that don’t add up.
The door was unlocked.
They just let him walk right in.
No resistance at all.
Who gave the order to stand down?
Is it normal for swat to take this long to arrive on the scene?
Another question. Did this shooter have a “therapist?”
Who paid for the expensive weapons he had?
Anons will get to the bottom of this.
It’s what we do.
We expose false flags like no one else.
Drop what you find in the chat if you find anything new.

(Added information:
Wow. So they changed the story 3 times. At first they said there was a resource officer who confronted the shooter with gunfire then they said that he didnt fire at the shooter and now they are saying there was no security guard at all and the shooter just walked right in.
Kind of a big detail to miss don’t you think?)”


Also, allegedly, Kyle Rittenhouse WON his defamation lawsuit against The View, for $22 million…

And the fact that EVERY SINGLE KNOWN COMPROMISED LEFTIST MSM outlet is claiming this is false, only makes me believe it more. We shall see.


A couple of images to take with you as you journey through your day, both having to do with TX…

From General Flynn:

From QTSR:


Once again, Americans: DON’T give up your guns!


An incredible post from Fighting Monarch about various CIA mind control techniques– from a couple years ago, but was posted on QTSR yesterday:


I grew up in Westfield, New Jersey, a satanic cesspool masquerading as a cute little town. […]” [full article here]


Also from QTSR:


Also — (long):

“U.S. faces off against CHINA & RUSSIA in what (seems 🎥) like a world war _EVENT…
( This EVENT _WILL trigger NUCLEAR clear STANDOFF///
I have WARNED of this EVENT for a year and half now coming)//

_It’s confirmed Israel has over 40 NUCLEAR warheads …
_IRAN has several from Black markets

A Majority of major Nations has thousands….

We head into the brink of NUCLEAR Annihilation… ////But I’m the END everything will be fine…..

There is a reason.. TRUMP, PUTIN, XI, MODI, BIN SALMAN are working together…
They have INSURED nothing MAJOR will happen in the NUCLEAR fronts/)))

There is a reason…. For the Scare_ EVENT…

We are inside the WAR already. WAR on food shortage, gas shortage, free speech, first amendment rights, war on misinformation, .. Many are fighting to expose vaccines, the false pandemic… The Globalists WHO unleashed the bioweapons….. Those who created the pathogens….
There are so many wars being fought now globally.. From middle east to Russia to China African military coups…
☝️ all these EVENTS Will transpire into RIOTS as markets collapse, antifa gets ready to burn cities for the summer, electric grids go down.. banks close, food shelves become empty,. ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT see ECT ECT ect ect ect…

Be strong Patriots/ANONS/ freedom FIGHTERS.. You were Warned of all these EVENTS fairly far before they happened.. You had and still have prompt time to prepare food, goods and self safety to put in place////..

We have come to the point where the DEEP STATE CABAL across the world are trying desperately to play thirty last cards..>Create War, create new pandemic, create world laws…..

The civil unrest we are in..WILL continue to grow….. As The sheep continue to sleep and become a militia for the deep state OPERATIONS lost inside MOCKINGBIRD operation dreams.

In the end



When everything is done…. humans will learn to grow fresh clean food again….. Right now Trump and white HATS in the Senate, congress and U.S. corporations are putting plans together to bring out tens of thousands of tons of fertilizer under the U.S grounds. >> Poisoning of foods by major U.S. deep state companies ( Monsanto ECT ECT)WILL exposed [ EXPOSED]>>>>

THE FOOD INDUSTRY WILL BE [EXPOSED] and connected to the CABAL/DEEP STATE SHADOW GOVERNMENT ( Trump has spoken about several times )….

) WIRES;: THREE of the destroyed Food warehouses and companies that burned down were white HAT operations…

the food contained several poisoning agents/graphene OXIDE/batches of nano tech connected to biotechnology<<<

The cloud of WAR”


Just FYI, gang — this monster has been under arrest for a really long time now, if not actually already gone, baby, gone for Crimes Against Humanity.


From Phil:


More from Ultra Pepe Lives Matter:

“So you’re telling me that the Monkey pox disease appeared right before the WHO convened to gain more power and now all of the deep state players are working overtime to take away our guns right as their great reset meeting goes on and free masons were spotted on the scene of the shooting?
We. Are. Awake.”


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

“Corona Investigative Committee Session 106: “Mapping the Elephant”

May 27 from approx. (timezone calculator (
08:00 a.m. CDT
3:00 p.m. CEST (Berlin Time)
11:00 p.m. AEST

Topic excerpt:
▫️Reenacting early childhood trauma using infection control measures.
▫️Understanding the perpetrator-victim relationship, for a transformation of society.
▫️Results of toxicological investigation of mRNA “vaccinations”.
▫️Professional athlete in American politics: for freedom and independence
▫️Perspective of an Archbishop and former diplomat of the Catholic Church on the measures, the war and current politics (1st part)

Streaming on DLive, Gettr, and here on Odyssey.


Gila Jed made a correction yesterday:

“Hey guys.

Earlier, I posted a tutorial video for opening a coinbase wallet.

This is NOT what you need..I made a mistake.

If you need to purchase XLM through coinbase. You want regular coinbase, not coinbase wallet.

I’m sorry for the confusion.

I’m gonna post the correct Coinbase app below to download to purchase your XLM.

The coinbase wallet is for crypto storage. Regular coinbase is for purchasing and trading.

So sorry for the confusion. 😌”

{She is now posting info way too fast and furious for me to keep up, so we will see how long it takes me to actually learn this stuff…but on we go}


And finally, some good news out of AZ:

From Lt. Col Wendy Rogers’ newsletter:

“I have fought relentlessly for election integrity and auditing every election. We found the fraud; now time to punish the guilty!

The film “2000 Mules” showed how a conspiracy to throw the election was executed. 

Now, the mules in Arizona have been outed- and arrests are finally happening!”

And from Ultra Pepe Lives Matter:

“UPDATE: AZ Mules and Mulerunners

We have learned that the Arizona AG has established an outpost in San Luis.

The team has interviewed two dozen people about ballot trafficking and other election perversions.”

A caged bird giving up the name of her accomplices?
We might actually get some habbenings here. 🍿”


Okay, that’s it for today, gang.

Have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world. And if you live State-side, get ready for a lovely Memorial Day weekend!!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


David Straight, Mel Carmine Takes TiK-ToK By Storm! Powerful UBI Gesara Nesara Piece Going Viral NOW (3 mins):

TrumpTastic “2 Collect UBI Gesara Nesara QFS U Must be in your country of origin!” or No $ 4U B***H! (33 mins):

Restored Republic news updates (18 mins):

LoBstr class # 5, Brownie SAID “IT WILL ALL GO 0” The New QFS SYSTEM TO REBOOT INTO THE NEW ECONOMY. (1 hr 20 mins):

X22 Report: The [DS] Lost Narrative & Power, Patriots Ready To Move The Next Chess Piece (49 mins):

An Auspicious Day!

Well, I’m not really sure how auspicious it is, but today, I have to spend the day getting a ton of paperwork together for my bankruptcy case. But at least it is moving forward, and I am so appreciative of the Legal Aid Society, that’s for certain.

Okay. Not a whole lot I want to focus on today, as more and more and MORE truthers are focusing on Sovereignty and learning the QFS, LOBSTR wallet, etc.

Honestly, those 2 topics and overturning the 2020 election are the primary focus now.

From the UK:

The Sovereign Project with Peter Stone. Some upcoming online courses, including:

Learn directly from Pete Stone:

– how you’ve given your rights away

– how to reclaim your freedom

Register your interest for our upcoming

22 Week LIVE Online Course

Also — (Register HERE):


Gila Jed has uploaded some great resource videos today for learning the LOBSTR wallet, etc.

Crypto For Beginners On LOBSTR | How To Set Up A LOBSTR App on your phone (2 mins):

How to open a Lobstr account to take advantage of the wealth transference (39 mins):

How to buy XLM on Coinbase and transfer XLM to LOBSTR (1 min):

Tutorial: Getting started with Coinbase Wallet (4 mins):

And Gila’s YouTube update for this morning–




I’m only going to say a very little bit about the Texas shooting. First up — here’s that teacher who “died”.

From Phil:

“You see how easy it is to fool people?

3rd time this dude died in 2022″

“Before we were awakened to the MSM bullshit, we would have actually believed these lies.

Do you see how far we’ve come?”

And Phil will be going live tonight at 9PM Eastern time. Check his channel later for details.


From Lin Wood yesterday:

“The Deep State Mockingbird Propaganda media is not the voice of We The People.

Ignore its lies and propaganda.

Think for yourself.

Do the research.
Connect the dots.
Draw your own conclusions.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸”


From Ezra A Cohen:

What happened today in Texas?

Then he referenced his post from May 14th: “Warning: White liberals being portrayed as conservatives for false flag shooting attacks.

Several dark operations are already underway.

Use extra caution everywhere.”

Then yesterday: “Several FBI dark operations still ongoing.

Insurgency year
False Flags
All Assets Deployed”

Then this morning:


Bottom line, Americans: Do NOT give up your gun rights.


From DC Clothesline:

Child trafficking in America is REAL, and this teen was kidnapped from a basketball game crowd and sex trafficked for 11 days before being rescued

A 15-year-old girl from Texas disappeared after going to the washroom during a Dallas Mavericks game at the American Airlines Center on April 8. It turns out that she was kidnapped and sold into sex slavery for 11 days before authorities caught up with the culprits.

According to reports, the child was with her father at a basketball game when the incident occurred. She innocently went to relieve herself, only to be apprehended by the culprits. (Related: Facebook and Twitter are both hubs for child trafficking and pedophilia.)

“My heart breaks for the unimaginable things my daughter had to endure for the 11 days she was taken, and I am so glad she is safe as we work towards her recovery,” said the girl’s mother in a statement. […]”

[full article here]


From the Epoch Times:

“18 Major Airlines, FAA, and DOT to Be Sued Over COVID Vaccine Mandates

First lawsuit against Atlas Air has been filed

John Pierce Law has filed a lawsuit against Atlas Air, on behalf of US Freedom Flyers (USFF) and Atlas employees, and plans to sue all major airlines, 18 altogether, plus the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT), contending that the vaccine mandates imposed by these agencies on the airlines’ employees infringed on their constitutional, religious, and medical liberties.”

[full article here]


“Sally Fallon Morell, Founding President of the Weston A. Price Foundation joins ‘Good Morning CHD’ on Children’s Health Defense TV to discuss toxicity of current baby formula + solutions for making your own formula amidst the escalating national shortage.”

From childrenshealthdefense:

“There’s a Lot of Money in Sick Babies” Toxic Baby Formula + Shortage Solutions With Founding President of Weston A. Price (7 mins):


Okay, that’s it for now, gang.

Have a good Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

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An awesome lecture, I’ve listened to it 3 times over the last few years -James Tabor: A Jesus Hideout in Jordan: Mapping Ancient Textual Traditions (1 hr):



Amazing Polly: Big Tech & Big Pharma Conspire to Hide A Cure! (28 mins):

Restored Republic news updates (22 mins):

X22 Report: Spotlight interview: Bob Kudla- The Economic Crisis Will Bring Down The [CB] System, Watch Alternative Currencies (26 mins):

X22 Report: The Lanterns Have Been Lit, Signal Sent, Shot Heard Around The World (55 mins):

Quite Curious, Indeed…

So what the heck was that last night?

I never got the alert for Phil’s livestream from DLive, however, it got underway on rumble, right on time. But then the opening music went on and an and on, and Phil never came on, never posted to his telegram channel to say where he was.

After about half an hour, I turned off the phone and just laid in bed, enjoying the really peaceful evening.

Then it turned out that Phil was out driving in his car and he posted a rather ominous 3-minute livestream to his telegram channel around 9pm:

“My Live is postponed until further notice.




Stay off the fucking roadways

I’ll explain more later, but for now just stay OFF THE ROADWAYS

Sirens reported at Fort Bragg”

And then someone from his chat group posted a google alert, showing that the entire New Jersey Turnpike was shut down:

I think it’s kind of interesting that many thousands of people were waiting for him on rumble — and staying off the roadways because of it. (Hmm….)

Anyway, this morning, he posted:

Logic won.

Prayer worked.”

Oddly enough, though, last night Dan Scavino posted an ominous image on Instagram — a single candle burning in the dark.

And il donaldo trumpo posted this scary thing at 8pm:



Yesterday afternoon, catturd posted:

“I’ve noticed Elon Musk has been suspiciously low key lately.

Something big is about to happen.”


From Charlie Ward’s newsletter. This happens TODAY:

“If you’ve been finding it a challenge to make sense out of all the common law/sovereignty information out there, this is for you…

Jon Little and Greg Paul, the creators of the “Law For Mankind” are putting on their first ever open-to-all free 2-hour live Q&A – it’s a one-off opportunity to get your biggest questions about law and sovereignty answered…

It’s happening on Wednesday 25 May at 7pm UK time (11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern)

…and it’s FREE!

=> Click to reserve your spot or find out more

I’ve been through Greg & Jon’s content myself and am bowled over by the refreshing simplicity of how they present the law, and the simple path to get truly free by expressing and upholding your own law
This really is the no nonsense approach that’s going to dispel any confusion you have about law

=> Here’s the link if you’d like to join


Meanwhile, Gila Jed continues here new podcast explaining things about Q, NESARA GESARA and QFS, from the bottom up (8 mins):


And one of my favorites, King Smarty (Source Directives), joined the XRPQFS team podcast (1 hr):


Also tonight, the North Carolina chapter of Connecting Consciousness is hosting a live webinar/chat with Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. It is free to watch. This will be 10pm Eastern time tonight:


A bit of very good news from the Gateway Pundit:

We have wonderful news. After a year in DC Gitmo, prisoner Brian Mock has been released on bail to await trial at home! […]” [full article here]


Also from QTSR:

“The EXPOSURE of Twitter on a world stage and it’s fake bots, lies to share holders and BILLIONS advertisers lost due to fake bots and contract breach< is taking stage////..

The WELL placed PLAN by white HATS to bring down TWITTER or take over the deep state sight is in the KILL BOX 🎯////

The RIPPLE EFFECT is hitting YouTube, Facebook and Instagram…../// Behind the scenes investors are selling their stock….a great MASS confusion and fear is hitting the share holders.

Many who own shares in Twitter, also hold shares in Facebook and other major social media platforms…. And they are on PANIC and watching the MARKETS Tumble [ collapse]>>>> and at the same time Twitter is expected to go BANKRUPT if MUSK doesn’t buy////…

(He has near a hundred million followers and his tweets are hitting major news networks in the U.S. and across the world media stations and people are turning into his TWITTER page///.. As he EXPOSEs [DS] TWITTER….. RUSSIA collision ( DURHAM investigation)….. FBI involvement in TWITTER… Ghislaine Maxwell, touching on this subject….

Word in the WIRES; is BILLIONAIRE’S across the world know top tech companies( Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) are falling and headed into coming investigation and indictments connected to foreign interference> military penalties/




I told you many times . Even last year…BIN SALMAN is connected deeply to TRUMP and bin SALMAN has vast CONTROL inside social MEDIA NETWORKS and has hundreds of investors he controls across the world who bid for him and his subsidiary companies////….


Also hearing that Putin recently survived an assassination attempt.


And that’s it for today, gang. Sounds like we avoided something pretty awful last night, here in the US.

Have a good Wednesday, wherever you are in the world.

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This morning’s breakfast-listening music: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “The Train Song,” B-Side to “the Ship Song.” 1990. Enjoy.


Restored Republic news update(20 mins):

RedPill 78 news update: THE FBI LIED! It Was Always HRC, Sussman Day 7 (26 mins):

X22 Report: Message Received, Scare Necessary Event, You Are Safe, Good Guys Are Winning (50 mins):

Hallelujah, It’s Tuesday!

Okay, gang. The shift continues and it does, indeed, feel like a permanent shift. Yay.

Next to no “real” news this morning, once again. And everything is moving us toward learning about those digital assets and about Sovereignty.

Re: Sovereignty: If you live in the US, you can go to the link below, and then click on your state and it will give you a good place to at least begin (I’ve posted in the past about groups in the UK that help with this, also. There are likely groups underway in every country):

The States of the American States Assemblies

And if you visit this site, you can find a ton of resources about the QFS and switching over to the world of digital assets:

Here in my world, I now have to figure out how to divide my time between learning the stuff above — which is considerable, but if you’re smart, you will get started ASAP if you haven’t already — and getting back to my life, pre-COVID, as a fulltime writer. (For instance, I now have three plays on the front burner. As the Q stuff has begun to basically be winnowed down to one topic: overturning the 2020 election — the free time I now have leftover has created a veritable stampede of projects from the back burner to the front burner!)

Anyway. Not enough time and way too much stuff to do! But that is how I like it.


Brand new channel to start following — a great place to start learning about QFS, the wealth transfer, how it relates to Q, and NESARA GESARA.

Gila Jed (10 mins):


Follow up from Chris Sky’s post yesterday:

“CONFIRMED all 15 in hospital and 1 dead at nyc marathon ‘fully vaccinated'”


From DC Clothesline:

Mass die-off: Close to 180,000 died within 60 days of COVID-19 vaccination ­– England statistics office makes stunning admission

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) in England revealed that a total of 69,466 people died within 28 days and 178,874 people died within 60 days of getting injected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine between January 2021 and March 2022. […]” [full article here]


Threat of nuclear war got you down? (Hint: DON’T buy into it, gang!)

From Ultra Pepe Lives Matter:

“Trump says that nuclear war is possible.
Q posts a lightning storm shortly after.
Buckle your seatbelts.
We are in the fourth quarter. The precipice is starting to come in sight. You’d think this would cause panic yet I feel exhilarated.
Anons should be comfy af while everyone else panics because we know how this movie ends.”


Good news from GEORGE News:

“Some good news. Expect more.”


Fake Hunter soon to be indicted (honestly, gang, this guy has been under arrest — if not already executed — for a really long time but it’s still good news for waking up normies).

From Whiplash347:


Also from Whiplash347:

Trump just said China Next.
China – Taiwan brings BLACK SWAN EVENT. ChongQing, 2 Northern Dams, 3GD & Wuhan Big Pharma Labs.
Overturn of Rowe vs Wade +++
Evergrande report – Evergrande, Tether, USD, Bitcoin & Ethereum all Default.
Evergrande Audit Report will show they paid for Election Rigging Worldwide for a very long time.

  • Other Reports.
    Queen Death
    Stock Markets Precision Cyber Attacked 11.4
    STELLAR CORONA – EMP – DSTOQ Technology.
    No Stock without Source.
    The Stock Markets will be empty so that they can be blown up 11.5
    Like i said NYSE has been seized by Trump E.O’s
    Global Targets to be hit.



Why is CTGX being listed on BINANCE on the Wednesday night in the 11th hour Eastern Time?
I think the time is 11.31 or 11.32

The STORM Is upon us.
They just said the ECONOMIC STORM.
MOAB incoming
Global Economic Security And Reformation Security Act.”



“XRP End GAme

If you’re new and know nothing about XRP (Ripple) Quantum Financial System (QFS) or Cryptocurrencies.
This is the first video you should watch, it’s extremely well produced, and the average person will understand instinctively that XRP was designed to be well over $10,000 per coin. Most of these videos are short and sweet, and right to the point. Most importantly not boring.”

(15 mins):


And in other news.

Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File today, regarding the recent death of his son Jethro. In it, he also states he will be taking a break from the Red Hand Files for a few weeks. Read it here.

Jethro Cave

Also, don’t forget!

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds finally begin their much-delayed European tour next week . Buy tickets HERE.


Okay, that’s it gang.

Phil should be going live tonight at 8PM Eastern time. Check his channel later for details, or follow Phil Godlewski on Rumble or DLIVE.

Enjoy your day, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting, gang.

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Amazing Polly: MIND BLOWN! Gain Of Function on Pox Viruses Confirmed. (35 mins):

RT: Anti-police-brutality protest hits streets of Sudan’s Omdurman (41 seconds):

RT: Worlds Apart | Bridge too far? – Muhammad Athar Javed (28 mins):

RedPill 78 news update: Sussman Trial Day 6 – Wuhan MonkeyPox Connection Revealed! (25 mins):

Restored Republic news update (14 mins):

X22 Report: [DS] Deploys All Assets, ILS Approach Looks Good, Countermeasures Are In Place (54 mins):

A Brief Return!

There is a small amount of news coming in, so I thought I would post it.

I have really enjoyed my regular life during this little break. I hope you all did, too.

Most importantly, from Phil:

“National Guard deployed under the guise of riot control.

SCOTUS decision (R v. W)

FF for Election reversal.

Buckle the F up.”

(this means that the Supreme Court is not only overturning Roe vs. Wade, but also the 2020 election. National Guard has been deployed. Stay safe, everybody.)


Catturd had this advice — catturd is a sidekick to il donaldo trumpo, some people say it is actually Dan Scavino:

Stop. Participating. In. Their. Fear. Mongering.”


And in a similar vein, from Chris Sky in Canada:

“MONKYPOX? NO. Its called SHINGLES and its a known “adverse reaction” to the covid jab. LOOK. They even tried to use a picture of SHINGLES and call it MONKEYPOX”


“The Monkeypox Plandemic brought to you by Bill Gates from march 2021 starting on may 15 2022… and just in case you still dont get it… last month canada ordered 500 000 small pox vaccines to be injected into people with compromised immune systems from the covid jab.”


“VAERS calls the covid jab ‘the most disasterous vaccine campaign in US history'”


“1 dead 15 hospitalized at half marathon in Brooklyn… they are trying to blame the WEATHER when it was 60s to low 70s by the time it was all over. VACCINE DEATHS AND INJURIES WORLD WIDE”


Okay. remember, if you are like me and are trying to learn the QFS XRP digital assets stuff, and also how to become a Sovereign National, this web site has all sorts of resources;

Also from Mel Carmine in 2 parts, part one was on YouTube and part two was on Rumble– “Sovereign State National Workshop: Gesara-Nesara is ours – The People. Hell Raiser Community is BORN”. Cheryl Corbett is a former CPA and now a State National. She follows guidelines of David Straight and Anna Von Reitz.”

Part One of the Sovereign State National Workshop (47 mins):

Part Two: Sovereign State Nationals Workshop #1, PART 2 Nesara-Gesara is Ours- The People (1 hr 55 mins):


“Quantum Financial System is coming, XRP and XLM – digital assets are here to stay whether you like it or not. The XRPQFS Manual is intended for the new user who knows nothing about Nesara-Gesara, XRP and digital assets”

Lobstr Grandmothers Club Keeps Growing & Educating – XRP, QFS, XLM (51 mins):


Also, just in case you share my interest in the Master Medicinal Mushrooms–

From North Spore’s Myco Culture Roundup:

Growing Edible Mushrooms on Used Coffee Grounds: In our latest video, Bre from North Spore visits Nãm Mushrooms in Lisbon, Portugal – Nãm is a circular economy mushroom farm using spent coffee grounds from local sources as a substrate. They are the primary mushroom producer for Lisbon! (9 mins):


From the age of 5, I studied Ancient Biblical Hebrew, and a few years ago, I added studying Ancient Aramaic to that (that’s the language Jesus of Nazareth spoke). The Ancient Hebrew Research Center has taught me a lot. It is fascinating.

A demonstration of how Textual Criticism works using the Hebrew word יחידך (yehhid’kha/your only) in Genesis 22:2. (6 mins):


Okay, I’m going to include this, but I caution you to use your judgment, as always. For instance, whenever you hear things like “Newsom and Biden” being behind anything, your little radar should pop up. The real Newsom committed suicide a while ago, and Biden was executed in 2019.

Restored Republic news updates (38 mins):

No X22 Report. He will be back tonight.

Phil might be back tonight, too. Check his channel later to be sure. Or follow Phil Godlewski on rumble or DLive for automatic alerts whenever he goes live.


And that is it, gang. Remember: Don’t let the fear-mongering get to you. It is in overdrive, worldwide right now. Use your judgment about what you are willing to believe and just turn off the MSM news whenever possible.

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world.

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I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning! This goes out to the one I love!! (And he knows who he is!!) The Ronettes, “Be My Baby” — their smash hit from 1963!! Get ready for a fun summer!! And enjoy, gang!