That Beloved house of White

That’s how the W H has come to look in 2021. In days of old, it was a wee bit more stately:

White House, front & back, when US Presidents used to live there

Okay, so M i ch ael J * co is claiming right now that the W H is being used for tr i bun als of alleged p e do ph ile s.

Remember my post yesterday, about how Tiera Del Fuego and Git mo could only be used for trying cases of tre a son and high trea son, and not for crimes ag ainst humanity?

Well, according to J *co’s new video (which I cannot link yet because it is only on t e le g ram), the W H is being used for the other type of non-treason tr i bun als.

If the video pops up on bitchute, I will embed it here, posthaste. Otherwise, I can’t imagine he would risk posting it on Y T. It would be flagged and removed in a nanosecond.

Oh, in case you’re curious — yes! We have lovely weather here today. Perfect for the holiday. So I plan on opening the windows again by midday, and likely they will remain open now for the next few months. Finally!

We shall see.

Since it is a holiday here, the only people who have posted anything new so far are from across the pond, as they say, or up in Canada. So those videos are below (Oh, and an X *2 R*port and Super Soldier Talk from last night.)

I’m planning to sit here at the desk most of today, and finish the reformatting of 1954 Powder Blue Pickup and Half-Moon Bride, so that they can be republished as regular eBooks. And then I can concentrate on writing brand new things! (i.e., finish writing Novitiate, which will now be an erotic novella.)

So, this other thing that’s going on…. is this happening to you? Last night, while I was in bed trying to fall asleep, the bottoms of my feet began burning like crazy. This happened one other time, several weeks ago.

But last night, my feet were burning and my whole head was ringing — off the charts, this time. Just a solid ringing inside my head — not in my ears. My eyes were itching. That little fleeting light was darting at the corner of my right eye again.

I was, like: Jesus Christ. What is going on? Is it those Schumann Resonances again? (They’ve still been off the charts, too, this past week.)

Then I got a sort of impulse or insight or voice in my head that these were side-effects of that “Ascension” we’ve been hearing so much about…

So I reached for my phone in the dark and immediately hunted for side-effects of the Ascension, and there they were — all my fucking issues at once. All of them alleged side-effects of a spiritual Ascension.

It was a little freaky, gang. Because all these other things are going on, too, that I won’t list here, but which were listed as side-effects of a spiritual Ascension.

But at least it sort of put my mind “at ease” and I was finally able to fall asleep in the middle of all that craziness.

Then I had an intensely repetitive dream. It was about 2 different quartz crystals. They looked like this one below, but they were very raw, straight from the Earth, and no one was holding them:

Then they each began to sort of vibrate and take on a color. One was a sort of magenta red color, and it was standing straight up, like in the photo. The other crystal became a sort of cobalt blue, and it was horizontal. And my mind had to intersect these two crystals, without using my hands or anything, and when they formed a perfect cross shape, incredible healing energy was released.

I had to keep doing this over and over, until I could do it easily and get a lot energy occurring.

Interesting, right?

And then, these strange beeping tones in my ears would happen. Well, in my head, but sort of in my inner ear. One time it was a: beep-beep beeeep; in my right inner ear. Another time it was a single clear beep in my left inner ear.

Each time the tones would happen, they were so clear and precise that it would wake me up.

It was a little spooky, you know? I checked out side the window to see if maybe someone was opening a car door or something, but it was the dead of night and no one was in the street at all.

Naturally, my first thought was: Please don’t tell me the Mother Ship is telling me to come back.

I’m mostly kidding about that remark, but, you know. I’ve never experienced anything like this. It’s freaky, but not actually frightening.

I guess we will see how this progresses, right?

Okay, gang! I’m going to get my holiday morning under way here. Thanks for visiting! I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning — another song from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band album that I posted from last night. This time: “And So It Goes,” featuring John Denver on the vocal. A beautiful song. (That whole album is killer, folks: Will the Circle Be Unbroken Vol. 2, 1989 ) Okay. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: What our dearly departed Hi l a ry and the great O b o zo had in mind for us? Prepping for a nuclear war. FEMA camps and 500,000 plastic coffins stored in an open field outside Atlanta?? (From 15 years ago!) (9 mins);

Below: “Watch this, not this .” S a t a ni c secret w ed ding steals headline while vax is killing everyone. U K (8 mins):

Below: Super Soldier Talk from last night (2 hrs):

Below: X *2 R * port (52 mins):

A lovely Sunday evening Update

Okay, so the rainy and cold day did finally turn into a lovely evening, and it looks like tomorrow will feel like the actual holiday it’s meant to feel like. We shall see!

Mostly, I’m stopping in to let readers of my erotica know that, as promised, since I won’t be publishing a 4th installment of The Muse Revisited, three of the stories that were to be included in it have been returned to the vault (links above, if you’re on your computer):

  • Ribbon of Darkness (novella, 2005)
  • “Necessary to her Good” (2006)
  • “Asleep in the Dream of Life” (2005)

If you are new to this blog, however, readers are strongly cautioned. (In sort of like a huge way.) (Because they are graphic.)


I had a great day. Chatted on the phone with Val in Brooklyn for over 2 hours!! How did that happen?! I was just lying around on the bed, talking on the phone. A rainy day outside my window. It was actually really nice and an unexpected way to spend the day.

There was not too much to catch up on today, podcast/broadcast-wise. Although I did listen to a recent-ish interview with Jessie Czebotar and she is claiming that Johnny Depp (and Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry, of the Hollywood Vampires, among other rockers) are actually literally vampires.

And it was incredibly disgusting– what she claims they do to young women.

So if you are keeping score:

1.) Johnny Depp is a victim of MK Ultra mind control, which is why he got so many tattoos and behaved disgracefully on live television (drunk — this was many years ago).

2.) And why g e n e de c ode claims that Johnny Depp “ate his own dogs” because a movie studio told him to (in Australia).

3.) He was also arrested for high treason in the U K (a few years ago, for publicly claiming he wanted to assassinate Tr **p and explaining, from the stage at that music festival that I can’t remember the name of right now, how he would do it). (He was then “let go” on the grounds that “everyone talks about wanting to assassinate the pre s i d e nt”.)

4.) He was an a d re n o chr ome dri nker, who was recently exe c ut ed on Git mo.

5.) He is also alive & well and “in hiding” from the d ** p st * te and giving evidence ….

(BTW, Czebotar claims that those v am pire s are not really drinking “blood,” but, alas, a d r e n o ch ro me.) (And also BTW, if you are still using g ** gle for some inexplicable reason, get rid of that Chrome browser. Its the namesake of something really, really sick.)

So, alas, the puzzle continues. Johnny Depp’s very recent lawsuit, which he has brought against the American Civil Liberties Union, is either just a false-flag psy-op type thing, where they want the public to believe he is still alive but is not, or it is perfectly legal in the United States to be convicted of one or more of the above crimes and atrocities, be ex e cut e d or awaiting same on git mo, and still bring lawsuits against the ACLU…

As with everything else imaginable, gang, only time will tell!

Okay! Have a lovely evening, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I leave you with a song that a very dear friend/soulmate of mine, from a long, long time ago, used to love. A guy who loved music, and books, and cats, and smoking weed now and then and looking up at the stars, and going fucking nuts every once in a while, too… (See you in the afterlife, sweet baby; this one’s for you.)

Ah, Yes! The Good Old Days!

When liberty used to cost only 5 cents! Unlike now, where the potential cost of it is the modification of your DNA…


Here is something that will be very handy for Americans — since I think we are the only country in the world that has made hy dr o xy chl or i qui ne illegal to sell without a prescription. Why not just make it at home??? Turns out it’s super easy! (So easy, that it only takes 58 seconds to tell you how to do it!!)

And here’s another very interesting update on the m * li tary tr i bu nals. Turns out that Git mo is full, gang! (Oh, and I learned yesterday that the tri bu n als cannot put anyone on trial for Crimes against Humanity — only for military crimes, like treason — which is likely why a d a m s c h i f f has not (yet) been found guilty of ch i ld s ex / mur der in places like the Sta n dar d H o tel in L A.) Crimes against Humanity get tried in places like The Hague.) (Are there places “like” The Hague, or is there only The Hague??)

Some of the info below contradicts other things we have heard about entertainers and movie stars who were said to have already been e x e c ut ed (i.e., Gaga, Hanks) …. but it is still very interesting info about Tiera Del Fuego. Worth 3 minutes and 24 seconds of your time!

And there was another quite interesting a rr est whose time had come! (Recognize scarf-lady?) (Don’t cry for me, Argentina, or anything like that…)

Also, U K podcasters caution you to disbelieve M S M statistics that tell you hundreds, or even thousands, of people joined the anti-l* ck d*wn protest in London over the weekend. The actual number was closer to one million protesters…. (that’s just a photo, so don’t try to “play” it!! kekekek)

And there was lots of great information in yesterday’s Di gi tal War rio rs update (U K/ Sp ain):

And before I go off on a veritable Nick Cave update spree… I want to mention a very interesting, albeit extremely sad, update.

Remember how certain airlines were saying you could not fly with them until you were vax xed??? Oops!! Since it turns out the vaxes cause life-threatening blood clots, and since folks who are at risk of blood clots are not allowed to fly in airplanes (don’t know, yet, about flying in TR-3Bs)… Well, turns out, vaxxed folks will now be banned from flying in airplanes, too.

Darn. And here they went and altered their DNA and filled their bodies to the brim with na no bots that will severely shorten their life expectancies in order to fly to Tiera Del Fuego. Oops! I mean, um, Ft. Lauderdale or someplace like that.

Okay. It’s actually not funny. At all. But who will the airlines be ferrying at this point? The unvaxed can’t fly. The vaxxed will likely die even sooner if they fly so now they can’t fly, either… And non-terrestrials have much more efficient modes of air transportation. Who is left???

On a more somber note — I spoke with my ex-husband in Seattle yesterday. He was feeling very blue about the vax situation because everyone is pressuring him to get it, but he refuses. He said, “I will be 65 in 3 weeks. I didn’t live to be 65 just to get a blood clot and die.” However, he told me that his entire family back home in Sing a p ore have had the c* vid PCR tests and the fake vaxes because it is mandatory in that country. An entire country. It is so sad. His mom is 86. Chances are high that she could pass away from that vax (or anything else, really) before he has a chance to see her again. (And not just because of the forced vax — but to visit Sing a pore right now mandates a forced vax on the visitor and a 3-week quarantine-hotel stay, at your own expense.)

This stuff does indeed keep me awake at night, gang, because it is so tragic. His entire family, forced to be vaxxed. So I continue to thank the entire universe for my CBD oil, otherwise, I would never sleep.

Okay. For some mysterious reason, I have neglected to post my many Nick Cave updates from this past week!!

The announcement that I found most disheartening was this one: In honor of Carnage finally being released on CD and vinyl on June 18th, there is going to be a live, online Q &A with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis about Carnage, on Friday, June 18th, at 7PM BST. (Info on how to submit your question is here.)

Sadly, this is the very same time when grown-ups in America who have jobs in health food stores actually have to work…. So that fucking sucks.

Also, Cave Things announced that you can now listen to “Letter to Cynthia” on YouTube! Which, oddly enough, you will find directly below!!

And, also last week, Nick Cave put out a Red Hand File that was really just amazing. Some great advice about how to get over yourself and just keep on living… (I am paraphrasing hugely. What he said was much more compassionate.) You can read it here.

All righty.

One more (sad) video. If you hadn’t kept up on this trend, there was at least one orphanage/convent in Canada where the remains of babies and children were dug up from mass graves. Very, very fucking sad.

Tarot by Janine looks at this sad situation this morning:

And then last night’s UFO Man Saturday night live stream:

Okay. I guess that’s it for this fine Sunday morning in cold and rainy Crazeysburg.

And in keeping with the holiday weekend, I leave you with “Stars & Stripes Forever” — a John Philip Sousa favorite from yesteryear!! (Listen at your own risk! Once this gets in your head, you will not get it out!!) All righty. See ya, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys!!

A Wee Saturday Night update

I thought these were very interesting, gang, so I wanted to stop in and post them!

A brand new Si m on P ar k es video that is very informative re: Med Beds, Q F S, etc. — very encouraging! Must watch. 48 minutes.

And more interesting stuff about Romana Didulo. An allied psyop? Also one going on in Denmark?? 22 minutes.

And some awesome healing session videos from Source Directives. You place a glass of water next to the video as it plays (usually under 20 mins.) and then drink the water to absorb the frequencies. The one below is specifically for “Doubt Removal, Faith Enhancing, and Inspiration”. They have a number of different spiritual and physical healings to choose from. (Channel link is here.)

Okay, have a great night!!

PS: It got really chilly here. Almost June and I had to turn the furnace back on!!! Perhaps that means I’ll have a snuggly night!! Sleep tight, everybody.

Long May IT Wave, Baby!

Today marks the 104th birthday of JFK. (It would be a good day to announce the non-death of Junior, wouldn’t it??!!)

Well, as promised, Memorial Day weekend here in Crazeysburg has been less than auspicious. Rain and cold yesterday; rainier and colder today! But Monday is still looking like it will be reasonably okay. We shall see.

I overslept for some unknown reason, so I’m scrambling a bit here today.

Only a couple videos below for this morning. The one from Michael J *co has some interesting insights into surviving the fake vax (among other things).

I also include directly below, a video from Nicholas Ven ia min’s te le g ram page from last night. The video is 6 years old, and it is extremely interesting.

It is a talk given by a female incarnated hybrid Grey-human who has been living here on Earth (or trying to), for several decades, after a spaceship crash that killed her entire crew. I found her fascinating, and her story heartbreaking. But what actually freaked me out, was around the 40-minute mark, when she warns us that “innoculations” are coming for humans; that they will put a needle either in the back of our necks, or in our arms, and that these inoculations are dangerous and will take away our humanity. (I’m paraphrasing.)

The fact that she was saying this 6 years ago… ummmm. (below: 49 mins):

And on a similar topic… (in the video above, she also talks about hybrid experiments of humans and animals that she has seen the results of in what sounds like a D U M B.)

The video below discusses the possibility that our government or m*litary have been creating genetically-modified hybrids to use as weapons — it could be what some of these paranormal creatures are (the vicious 7-foot-tall dog-men in the forests of Northern America), and that portals could be how bigfoot gets here:

Okay. That’s it for today. I gotta scoot!! I leave you with the patriotic ditty: Make America Texas Again!!

All righty!!Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!!


More quick UFO sightings. (I particularly like the astute commentary from the gal in Palm Springs: “This is weird, guys. No, I mean, this is genuinely weird.”):

Below: J * co on vaxes and more:

Below: Tr ***p might get arrested but it is a false flag. Eyes on the v * te audits instead!!

Below: X *2 R* port special interview ” We caught them all!”:

Below: X * 2 R * port: We have everything:

The BAd News Is Not So bad

Actually, the only bad news so far today is that it is going to be rainy and cold here in Crazeysburg for most of the upcoming holiday weekend (Memorial Day).

The good news is that on Monday, when the holiday actually takes place, it will be sunny and mild.

And the other part of the good news is that I was able to buy two pre-planted pots of petunias to set out on my front porch this summer. This is perhaps 1/100th of the amount of flowers I usually have on my back step, my two porches, and around my barn all summer, but they are at least flowers. And they are healthy, so I am happy.

I had a very interesting “download” during my post-breakfast meditation this morning. In fact, during my Inner Being journaling at the breakfast table, they told me it was coming — this download of information. (I tell you, gang, even my daily Inner Being Dialogues are changing, becoming more revealing; everything in the entire world is changing and becoming more revealing…)

Anyway. I won’t go into the whole download thing, but the most intriguing part, to me, was that: indeed, as you may have already heard, many of the new babies being born all over the world now are in fact “star seeds” and they are coming into this world brand new, never having been in human consciousness before, yet fully equipped to handle the New Life & Light that is arriving here on Earth already; and that millions of people, who are not able to “tolerate” or (I don’t remember the word they used) handle, or who don’t wish to experience the New Light that is arriving, will remove themselves, and are already removing themselves from the experience of the New Earth.

Mostly, the meditation download was about not having fear; that there was no cause for fear. And that those of us who will flourish in the New Light, came here for this purpose in the first place — to be part of it.

I have lots of thoughts about this, but I won’t go on and on about that right now.

Mostly, I wanted to address two specific (non-related) things today.

The first one being the general reactions, yesterday, to Romana Didulo. Some people, like Ch * r lie W * rd, are saying that she chose herself to be Commander-in-Chief of the Sovereign Republic of Canada.

Some are even saying that she is a d**p st*te plant, but that makes no sense whatsoever, if you actually listen to her and/or read what she is encouraging Canadians to do. Meaning: empower themselves; to take off the m*sks and burn them; to gather in groups; don’t get vaxed; c*vid was a lie; Canadians’ lives and freedoms come first; the big corporations will be liable for crimes against humanity and will face the death penalty.

That’s just not how the d **p st*te plants talk…

Whether or not she appointed herself, or was appointed by the allied white hats– we shall have to wait and see. In the meantime, I really like her, so it will be engaging to watch.

I’m also still hearing that a lot of the vaxes out there could be placebos at this stage, gang. Let’s just pray that is true, okay? Maybe, the way the c a b al made up those horrible death totals about c * vid to scare us, but which weren’t true — only a fraction of those numbers were actual deaths. Well, maybe the white hats are now doing the same thing with the vaxes, to scare us into not getting it? Saying that all these millions will die from the vax within 2-3 years — but that it’s not really true?

Don’t put your hopes into that, or anything. I’m just tossing that thought out there because I’m wishing it turns out to be that way.

The other thing I wanted to bring up — I will post the video below. Ni ch olas Ven iamin chatted with a woman about biofeedback, and she stressed that this was the only way to rid oneself of invading nano bots from those who are vaxed, and that pine needle tea and alfalfa baths do not work… at first, she actually called them “bullshit.”

However, she did back-pedal a bit as the interview went on and stated that these things were not strong enough to fully work, and that only biofeedback would work completely — but that none of anything would work on those who were fully vaxed.

While I love the idea of biofeedback — and I even felt some of the benefits of what she briefly did for Ni ch olas with biofeedback in the video — I can personally confirm that the alfalfa bath worked for me. It fully restored my hearing in about 10 minutes, among other things. (I was also doing the ionic detox footbaths, too, which I believe also helped, based solely on how it made me feel, before, during and after.)

She is offering 14 free days of biofeedback through an app you download to your phone or tablet. However, I don’t know if you have to then purchase a full program, which I think starts at about $2000. I honestly don’t know if it’s simply free for 2 weeks, or if there is a catch. I checked the web site on my phone and I could not proceed without giving out personal info, so I didn’t proceed. (However, I did notice that on my laptop, the site is blocked. Only a chat bot comes up.)

Whatever. What I really wanted to say was that I found her viewpoint on people who are vaxed to be utterly horrifying. She believes that all vaxed people are already basically zombies (the true walking dead and that their actual souls have literally been switched off) and that they should be put into the FEMA camps and have their heads cut off. (To get the nano bots to stop spreading.) That nothing is going to stop the vaxed from spreading the c a b a l’s depopulation agenda in to us and so the vaxed have to be, in essence, shipped off to concentration camps and exterminated (my words).

You can only guess how I feel about that idea.

You have to come to your own decisions, gang. But I’ll remind you of this: Jesus not only walked among the lepers, but everything Jesus really believed in, taught, or did has been censored from us for 2 thousand years and counting. So I’m guessing he was more powerful, more influential than we can even imagine. So I’m not going to fear walking among the vaxed, nor will I ever get behind any attempt to exterminate anyone for anything.

Put on the full armor of God, people, and you will receive the guidance you need. Maybe it’s biofeedback, maybe it’s pine needle tea, or alfalfa baths, or Med Beds, or something incredibly mind-blowing that we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

As frightening as life on Earth (and beyond) can sometimes be, “exterminating people” is never the answer. Ever. I honestly believe that God has opened doors for us all over the place, and it is up to us to tune in to where those open doors are and fucking walk through them.

[Well, oddly enough, I can no longer find Nicholas’s interview with the woman re: biofeedback, so it is not posted below… – Ed.]

Okay, so!

The Republic of Canada is clearly on track to something or other, but whatever it is, it’s interesting as fuck.

The U K is seriously overrun with white hats now. I think that’s kind of obvious. (M S M, B B C, Ma t t Han cock, Princ e H a r r y or whoever that really is, and the return of Di an a on the horizon.)

And here in the U S, the M S M seems to be highly infiltrated by those white-hatted rascals, too; with the idea of “arrests” and “crimes against humanity” being sort of force-fed, by way of f a u c i’s clone, into the remaining few who still can’t seem to wake the fuck up…

UFOs all over the place, too.

Oh — and here’s something to ponder. C i rst en W said yesterday in a round table video, that j u an o s av in is a complete fraud. She says he is some rich guy named Wayne or something like that, who lives in a houseboat in W A State.

I don’t believe she has ever met him. I think maybe she has spoken to him on the phone once? I think that’s what she said. So it’s curious that others who have met him in person — Da v id N *no Ro driguez, Mich ael J*co, P * triot Str eet fighter — think he’s the real deal.

I’m not crazy about what he’s been saying this past month, but I found it curious that she went so far as to say he was a fraud… (she does tend to badmouth other podcasters, so I’m not a huge fan of hers. I guess, like everything else, though, we will see.)

Okay, gang!! I just looked out my window and that much-promised rain has arrived! I hope you’re having a nice Friday wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!

(Oops!!Breakfast-listening music below!! Enjoy!! Even though the song is about nighttime!!)


Roundtable: Street fighter, Jaco, Nino, O’Brien:

Below: This was awesome! Multi-dimensional time travel:

Below: Nich o las and Ch * rlie:

Below: A little more info on Romana:

Below: Ni ch o las and Alan F ount ain:

Below: X *2 R * port:

Very Interesting!

My goodness. She is EVERYWHERE! (Yippee ki yi yay!!)

On t e le g r am yesterday, this accompanied the video directly above:

As Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Canada, I can officially confirm that the special forces of:

1) US,
2) Canada,
3) Britain,
4) Russia,
5) Australia,
6) Japan,
7) Philippines, and,
8) South Korea – are presently in
China liberating the Chinese people from the China Communist Party #CCP’s oppression and tyranny.

Meanwhile, the Military operation of US and Allied Forces inside the Republic of Canada also continues!!

Hold the line and the wine/beer.

Shut off your TV

Go outside without Mask in groups, if possible

Live your lives

There was/is zero coronavirus pandemic in the Republic of Canada

DO NOT get vaccinated

Talk with your children and grandchildren about the dangers and lifelong irreversible damage from experimental vaccines including the possibility of dying from it

Parents stand up and protect your children from the experimental vaccines

Romana Didulo,
Sovereign Head of State and Commander-in-Chief the Sovereign Republic of Canada.


Okay, gang. I’m hard at work here, trying to re-format two of my books and get them ready to publish as eBooks under the Marilyn’s Room Books imprint. (Black Lotus Books folded, in case you hadn’t heard.)

Things here are better than yesterday, but I’m focused on getting this stuff done before heading back to the store tomorrow. I hope you’ve been having a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world and with whatever you’re focused on.

The news seems to be getting very, very interesting, and not just in Canada. White hats seem to be showing themselves all over the world… Videos are below.

As always, thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!!


This was also of interest from yesterday: The B B C is going down!

Also this (not a video, though): None of the products below are carried in the small market where I shop. I don’t ever shop at any of the “big box” stores — but if you do, these 10 companies are in control of everything you eat, as well as what you think about what you eat. Want freedom from the tyranny over your body (not to mention better health)? Shop somewhere local and smaller, where these products are not carried.

Nicholas V en i a min and Mel K discuss murder of B L M founder, in England –by black men. Why isn’t M SM covering that? Hmmm…

This was indeed good news, although they don’t mention his extreme child mur der/pe d o phile crimes: U S M * litary arrests a d am b en n e tt s ch iff. Finds him: Guilty. Sentence: to be hanged for high treas on.

Get ready, folks! The U K is going down!!

Awesome, as always!! M i cha el J* co and Alex Collier:

Always a pleasure: Tarot by Janine:

Two more quick UFO sightings on UFO Man: Russia and somewhere on the Pacific Ocean:

Last but never least: X *2 R* port:

Try To make It A Good Day

I don’t know about you, gang, but around here, I’m seeing more people flying the dyed black U S flag (shown above — “we will fight you to the death and take no prisoners”);

And tattered flags of the US Confederacy are flying again around here:

And the “FUCK B*DEN” flag — you might want to read the fine print on that one:

And it is just really starting to feel like regular, small town Americans — also known for owning plenty of guns and voting for Tr **p — are getting ready to kill someone/anyone.

The “civil war” that the fake b * den in the fake W H was supposed to help us avoid? It’s starting to feel like its no longer working; that the charade is overstaying its welcome.

Even though everything that’s coming out of the various State v* te audits shows Tr ***p won, and that should be good news, the news seems pretty dire out there this morning.

Mostly, troops massing, all over the world, as the war gets more complicated; and now the M S M, at least, wants to arrest Tr **p (it’s hard to tell who actually thinks he can get arrested and for what, but it’s all over the fake news.)

(I am sick of fake fucking news on all sides, gang. I really am. If everyone is going to kill each other anyway, just tell us what the fuck is really happening.) (And along those lines: Prepare for the fake Pope to die from complications with Alzheimer’s really soon. And NO!!— this is not the actual Pope, who was executed for atrocious crimes against humanity, like, a year ago, or something like that….)

Please remember that I can no longer embed any videos shown on r u m b le. We the People News (aka “Mary”) always has great updates throughout the day, but I can no longer embed them here. You can always visit her rum ble page here, though. (I think I’ve found everyone else’s videos now on Bitchute now.)

I’m going to stop listening to j u an s a vin interviews, gang. I used to really, really enjoy his intel and his take on what was happening behind the scenes. But now, he always seems to be focused on scare tactics — how dire everything is, how many more months still lay ahead of us, which will be the worst yet, and how we can’t see the big picture of what’s really happening with all the dark players who are still out there at large in the world, wreaking havoc; or how B * den is fake but he’s still the president — what the fuck is that supposed to mean, right?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to hear that — from someone who is also out there promoting a new film and the second edition of his best-selling book, while I’m trying to figure out how the fuck I’m going to buy a week’s worth of groceries today with $23 (in food stamps, no less).

You know? (And that doesn’t count the constant phone calls from companies wondering if I forgot to pay my bill this month, or that I’m 2 months behind… No, I didn’t forget. In fact, I so much “didn’t forget” that it’s all I can do to get a decent night’s sleep anymore.)

I need to listen to people who tell the truth about the current situation but who also always give me a reason to hope. Because hope is the one thing that helps us soar above the depression, the fear, the confusion — the awfulness. Hope can even be more uplifting than faith because faith is sort of an arduous full-time job, you know?

That said, I’m posting the interview from yesterday between j u an o sa vin and dav id n * no rod ri guez for you to listen to if you so desire, but I, personally, didn’t enjoy it; it fucked up my evening. And from now on, I’ll rely on other podcasters’ recaps of what juan o s a vin said, and not listen to the interview itself.

It is hard enough to find my way through each day. (My co-workers presented me with a fake vax ID card yesterday. They each had one. And they thought I would want one, too. And I was like, “No. I’m not getting the va c c ine, and I’m not gonna pretend I got it, either. I don’t care if this means I have to give up traveling for the rest of my life, I’m not getting that va c c ine.” I don’t care if they want to do it — are doing it; I’m against that v ax and everything it stands for. All those people it has already killed or permanently damaged; all those unborn babies it miscarried and then all those devastated mothers who didn’t know what the fuck they were doing by getting that v ax, or the newborns that then died because the mothers got vaxed after they gave birth but passed the vax on through their breast milk and killed their own babies.

And I asked my [17]-following friend at work: “Are you guys gonna use your fake v a x ID cards to come visit me at the FEMA camp when I’m the only one left who didn’t get the v a c c ine???”

She thought that was funny.

It is funny, but it’s also not. That fake vax card means —what? You can get on a plane and go hang out someplace fun??? I can’t help it; I have to stand in some sort of weird solidarity with these people, especially these young mothers, who were too stupid to not get that m R N A. (They were “stupid” because the c i a , M i 6 , m o s s ad, and all the rest of the d**p st* te players made certain they were “too stupid”.)


So prepare for the Super Full Moon and the eclipse today. This specific eclipse/super moon apparently has not been seen since the times when Rome itself fell. So that is adding to the dire energy around the globe today I’m sure.

Find something that gives you comfort, gang, and focus on that today, okay? If you can make it through this day feeling encouraged, dodging the deadly bullet of the vax, the laced p c r test, the spike proteins shedding off of others who are “too stupid” — then we’re gonna call this a really good day!

I leave you with the videos I found most interesting yesterday, along with the aforementioned interview.

Okay. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: D a v id N * no Ro d ri guez and J u an O S a vin (52 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine: A really great one! (20 mins):

Below: I really liked this, but it was too short! What lies beneath the Vatican? Fascinating and sadly evil. Jesus would definitely not dig this.(16 mins):

Below: More Red Pills for America from Tucker (2 mins):

Below: More red pills from M SM: the vax is child-homicide (39 seconds) :

Below: I really enjoyed this decode of the old Wizard of Oz movie! Wow. Nicholas Ven i a min and Matthew Brient (1 hr 12 mins):

Below: X *2 R* port (49 mins):

Time TO Re-Group

Well, gang, I guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t been able to seriously focus on the new writing for a couple months now, because my new (and most favorite) publisher closed up shop yesterday.

Went out of business and closed. Gave everyone their rights back. It was for political reasons.

So, if you’re new here and on a computer (not a phone) — ignore the links on those erotica book covers at the right side of the page: Half- Moon Bride and 1954 Powder Blue Pickup. They will take you nowhere!!


Hopefully, I will have time on Thursday to re-format the manuscripts and publish them to Smashwords and Kindle. And just move on. (Assuming the books don’t get flagged for pushing too many boundaries of “questionable consent.” The new (ex-) publisher specifically focused on taboo erotica, which is getting harder and harder to publish anywhere else, so we’ll see.)

This means that I won’t be publishing a Volume 4 for The Muse Revisited. I will try to restore the links above for “Necessary to her Good,” and “Asleep in the Dream of Life.” And I will likely make the new story I’m working on, “Novitiate,” into a longer novella adn self-publish it, as well.

Okay, so!

In the event you hadn’t heard, now the (fake) government lawmakers who suck up to big ph * rma are trying to make the sale of certain supplements illegal without a prescription. These supplements would be basically anything that cures C * vid or acts as a natural v a c c ine against it. First and foremost on their list is N A C, a supplement well known for helping people to breathe:

They are doing this solely to force people to go to a doctor to get a prescription — and pay a fee to see the doctor, as well as pay for the prescription to be filled, as well as most likely be forced to have a c * vid p c r test jammed up your nose to push nano bots into your brain, as well as be pressured into getting the m R N A fake deadly vax, which the doctor gets a bonus from big p h * r ma for subjecting you to, and then you get to die in 2 years….

There is a list of about 6 common supplements that are next in line, including choline chloride, the main supplement needed for making MMS (which, in all seriousness, cures just about everything).

Hydroxychloroquine, the notoriously effective cure for c * vid, used to be legal here in the US, too. Now, however, a doctor must prescribe it because f a u c i knew a long time ago that it was the cure for any co r o n a virus. (These guys here will give you a prescription, though.) (When they aren’t under arrest by the f b i , that is.)

And in the event you don’t recall this, or never even knew: C l in ton made quinine illegal in the U S. And conveniently enough, a tiny germ of malaria is part of the fake c* vid m R N A. And quinine is the cure for malaria… If you have any doubt in your mind that the c l in tons weren’t far more evil than h i t l er could ever have dreamed of being, well… I guess, just take today off and think about it.

Anyway, I guess I don’t have to tell you how angry we are about this at the health food store — where we are notorious anti-m*skers, anti-vaxxers and all about the natural supplements that are affordable and keep you healthy.

Yesterday was a difficult day.

But today, the sun is shining. T r **p is all over everywhere, smiling and promising to be back momentarily…. States all over the Union are joining the push to have the 2 0 2 0 v*tes audited and finding —oops! — that a whopping bunch of d e m o c r a t s cheated (beyond belief).

The rest of us, though, solely as a precaution, are dying our flags black and loading our guns with ammunition. (Yes! Even at the health food store! Personally, I don’t own a gun, but one of my co-workers, a 50-year-old mom of 4 from Alabama, owns two AK 47s… I find this extremely amusing because, until yesterday, I didn’t realize I even knew one person who owned one AK 47.)

Okay. More and more and more news of note is coming to light, gang. I leave you with several very interesting videos below. Notably:

Arrests are being made, sentences are being carried out.

As many as 60,000 d **p st * te culpirts have been a r es t ed so far, world wide.

Israel is finally going to be free, beginning June 11th (!!)

Tr ** p is basically already back.

All righty. I’m gonna scoot. Thanks for visiting!! Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world, gang. I leave you with my breakfast- listening music from this morning — a malt shop favorite from yesteryear!! “Come Go With Me” by the Del-Vikings! Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya!! (Oh, and PS: still hearing that J f k Jr will be the new V P when Tr **p returns as the 19th Pres under the restored 1776 Con st i t uion. We shall see!!!)


Below: Tarot by Janine; Awesome news about Israel!!! (16 mins):

Below: J u an O S a vin chats with Brice Wat son and Tom Num bers (1 hr 27 mins):

Below: David N * no R od r iguez : The next distraction (24 mins):

Below: Satanic p e do ph il e, ex-c i a director, br en nan : guilty (6 mins):

Below: Awesome chat! N ic h olas Ven iamin and Michael J * co (1 hr 12 mins):

Below: Pr o j ec t V er i tas strikes again! ( 4 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 78 News (22 mins):

Below: X *2 R * port (44 mins):

OKay, Almost Too intense

I don’t know if you guys can feel it where you are, but here, the energy, the intensity, is off the charts. I can barely function this morning.

I’m hearing that Q F S , and all spiritual aspects connected to that, are officially in play. And this appears to be an intergalactic thing, gang. It really does.

Although I can’t expain it.

I can’t really post today because my energy is just completely disoriented. But I did want to at least post here and remind everyone to stay alert, to stay positive, to find those higher frequencies and stay dialed into them, even though I get the impression it might get hard to do that.

But on we go, right? w w g o w g a

Thanks for visiting. I leave you with something very inspiring. It only takes 2 minutes SO LISTEN TO IT!!

I love you guys. Hang in there! See ya!