New collection of my early novellas

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m in the process of uploading the rest of the series in “The Muse Revisited” collection on smashwords.

As of today, The Muse Revisited, Volume II: Early Erotic Novellas & Longer Works is now for sale for $3.99 and available for immediate download.

Please be forewarned: if you are not already a reader of my earlier books and short stories, they are extremely hardcore and not aimed at the average reader. That said, though, here is what a couple of writers had to say about my early writing:

“Straight, queer, bi – whatever! Marilyn Jaye Lewis’s writing gets my blood pumping and leaves me breathless.”  — Greg Wharton, author of Johnny Was & Other Tall Tales 

“Exquisitely filthy sex scenes. Beautiful, lyrical, funny and poignant. Marilyn Jaye Lewis is a superb writer.”   — Lauren Henderson, author of My Lurid Past

Eventually, this eBook will also be available on Kindle with the rest of the series, but for now it is only available on smashwords, but in all Ebook formats.

Although it’s been for sale for 6 years (!!) already, you can also purchase The Muse Revisited, Volume I: Early Erotica

Coming in the next couple days will be The Muse Revisited, Volume III: More Early Erotica.

I will keep you posted!

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