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Hold On! Almost There…

Wow, gang.

During the night, I found out from another friend in NYC about how my friend Holly died (see yesterday’s post). Fucking Fentanyl. Something to do with her having slipped on black ice during the winter and cracking her head on the sidewalk, and seeing a doctor who was zealously prescribing her opioids, which somehow led to Fentanyl. Which fucking killed her. (As it has done to so many thousands of others , including Tom Petty.)

What a fucking waste. That a life such as hers would come to that type of inglorious and horrible end.

Anyway. So I’m carrying that in my heart today.

There is still not much news, gang, which I believe is a really good thing. When you tune out the noise-carnage and the onslaught of fear porn, it’s really all about Trump returning — SOON. The election being revealed to be a fraud — SOON. It’s about Durham getting underway TODAY. It’s about the worldwide QFS and digital currency, already underway.

That is essentially it. And all of that is good.


Here’s something I found very interesting. (In my real life, I’m actually a non-woke producer, among other things.)

From QTSR — to compete with Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+:

Trump’s Media Company Hiring ‘Non-Woke’ Producers for New Streaming Channel” [full article here]


And I forgot to post this yesterday.

From Whiplash347:

UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan dies aged 73
Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the United Arab Emirates President whose modernization policies helped transform his country into a regional powerhouse, died on Friday aged 73″

“☝️ this DEEP STATE death is very important… In what’s happening behind the scenes<

_Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed is money laundering for Clintons and current money laundering operations of UKRAINE>AID ( US AND FOREIGN GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE to many programs projects… Including Clinton foundation $$$$$$ the money often ends up in UAE )///….

CABLES:; bin Zayed was removed and replaced through [ INFILTRATION ]>>>
Black Hat > MOLD >Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan
is a placed ACTOR////

back story Bin Zayed is ( was) the keeper of foreign oil and several foreign aid money …. >One day after Biden calls off oil and gas leases in Alaska/gulf of Mexico bin Zayed dies.

Bin Zayed was one of the worlds richest rulers ( Forbes)… Had secret assets in shell companies across the world including BLACKROCK ( top investors names hidden from Public)….. He was Deep State agent inside the CABAL and went ROYAL Military academy in Britain and when Britain with drew governance in the region Bin Zayed was appointed leader of the UAE military and the department of defence.

Zayed hosted >World Economic Forum and gave billions to the them, .. He also help and funded NATO to over throw Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi who would not join the world banks and was killed for his gold , Gaddafi was going back to a Gold back banking system …. The CLINTONS ,DS plan with financing from Zayed and money laundering / military munitions placements through Zayed help/ KILL Gaddafi.

Inside of WikiLeaks Zayed was named and was connected to foreign military contractors and was connected to funding BLACKWATER mil. ( Cia_ Clintons CABAL Merc. Military contractors).. eventually Zayed hired BLACKWATER directly to work for UAE ( this illegal move of Clintons/ state department and UAE working with the same military contractors involved allot of shared classified information and War crimes)///

Three us intelligence and military officials have admitted to providing sophisticated computer hacking and technology to the United Arab Emirates . This spy operation from the Clinton Blackwater agency gave UAE capabilities to hack into the TRUMP computers and other world leaders.
( Fortunately WHITE hats MiL. Were watching)..

What does ask this mean?

In the CABLES; Zayed was a TURN COAT and gave up all information two years before this death to white HATS Mil
Alliance… All data, information and servers were given to White HATS Alliance….. Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, TRUMPs personal Allie and friend spearheaded the silent operations against ZAYED in the past 3 years…. And Turned HIM .. ( TURN COAT.> Think Bush before his death)///

The new leader . Is an installed
[ INFILTRATION ] leader…. To cause chaos in black hats operations / // /

Behind the scenes…. people are dying and being killed…. Some are turn coats playing ACTORS



And the rest, seriously, is all about crypto currency. Or about investing in gold and silver.


So have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.



RT: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf backers denounce ‘imported government’ (45 seconds):

RedPill 78 Saturday Night Livestream: Rise of The New Media with Brian Cates (2 hrs):

Restored Republic news update (15 mins):

X22 Report: The Wizards, Guardians Of Intelligence, [Midterms], Start The Storm (58 mins):

Sunday at its Finest!

Another gorgeous day here in the Hinterlands, gang. I hope it is equally nice, wherever you are in the world.

If you missed Phil’s Q&A last night, it was full of good news! You can watch the replay here (1 hr 41 mins):

There is next to no “new” news yet again today. And since I’ve had a bit of heartbreaking news here this weekend — I found out that a long-time friend from NYC died — I am taking it easy today.

My friend, Holly — Rest in Glorious Joy, Girlfriend!

The most important news, anyway, is in Phil’s Q&A from last night.

The rest of the news seems to once again be QFS-related stuff. Just a ton of it, gang. The SWIFT system is done. We are on our way to that much-anticipated better world. And I’m still trying to learn about digital currency…

Okay. And here’s this!

If you are as fond as I am of lion’s mane mushrooms, check out this great, easy, vegetarian recipe from North Spore:

Crispy Lion’s Mane Blue Corn Tacos

“Let’s be honest, mushroom culture in the US is booming. The conversation about medicinal mushrooms has helped Lion’s Mane take center stage as food for your brain. Maybe you’ve become enchanted by these toothy shrooms, too – even grown some on your kitchen counter? […]”

[complete recipe here]


This lecture was absolutely awesome!

James Tabor: How Does Hebrew Matthew Compare with Greek Matthew in the New Testament? (50 mins):


UFO Man Saturday Night Livestream: Interview of Don Schmitt (2 hrs):


X22 Report Spotlight interview: Lior Gantz – The Old Economic World Is Coming To An End, A New Economy Will Take It’s Place (48 mins):


And that’s it for today, gang.

I hope you are having a great day, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning– more Rudy Vallee! His huge radio hit from 1929, “Makin’ Whoopee!” A cautionary tale, as it were… Have fun! I love you guys. See ya.

“Makin’ Whoopee”

Another bride, another June
Another sunny honeymoon
Another season, another reason
For makin’ whoopee

A lot of shoes, a lot of rice
The groom is nervous, he answers twice
Its really killin’
That he’s so willin’ to make whoopee

Now picture a little love nest
Down where the roses cling
Picture the same sweet love nest
Think what a year can bring, yes

He’s washin dishes and baby clothes
He’s so ambitious he even sews
But don’t forget folks
Thats what you get folks, for makin’ whoopee

Another year, maybe less
What’s this I hear? Well, can’t you guess?
She feels neglected, and he’s suspected
Of makin’ whoopee

Yeah, she sits alone
Most every night
He doesn’t phone, he doesn’t write
He says he’s busy
But she says, “is he?”
He’s makin’ whoopee

Now he doesn’t make much money
Only five thousand per
Some judge who thinks he’s funny
Says, “You’ll pay six to her.”

He says, “Now judge, suppose I fail?”
Judge say, “Budge, right into jail.
You’d better keep her. You’ll find it’s cheaper
Than makin’ whoopee.”

Yes, yeah, you better keep her
Daddy, I think it’s cheaper
Then makin’ whoopee

c-1928 Gus Khan, Walter Donaldson

Getting Stranger by the Minute, Gang!

Okay, when you discount the massively huge Fog of War, there are basically two “news” stories that qualify as “news” this morning, and each of them are obviously complete white hat ops.

  1. Elon pausing his bid for twitter, in order to expose just how many accounts on twitter are actually fake (bots, trolls, spam), proving that the Far Left is actually a tiny minority. Especially when compared now with Truth Social.
  2. The off-the-wall weirdness of the Pennsylvania primary, and who is endorsing whom. (i.e., Trump endorsing Dr. Oz still has a lot of Anons in a kerfuffle. And Flynn and Pompeo each are endorsing other candidates.)

From Pepe Lives Matter:

Elon now looking to expose the egregious amount of bots on Twitter and expose the façade to sheep.
What percentage of users are bots? The number must be huge.”


From Ezra A Cohen — purposely creating confusion:

“Dr. Oz = Lindsey Graham + Kevin McCarthy”


“Mike Pompeo are you a Patriot?


Do you want to appear to be a Patriot?”


From Tracy Beanz — WARNING: contains actual journalism:

Does Kathy Barnette Really Support BLM & Defunding the Police?UncoverDC
Gaining in the polls, Pennsylvania Senate GOP candidate Kathy Barnette has fired back against the “crazy allegations” being cast against. [full article here]


And the rest of the “new” news — that isn’t carnage & chaos — is just a TON of crypto/digital currency, QFS stuff. It’s just everywhere. I’m trying to learn it but there is just a ton of stuff out there. It’s hard to find time to get through it all.


Phil did a livestream last night on his silver group, PSI. The replay is here (2 hrs):

He is supposed to do livestreams again tonight and tomorrow night, but we won’t know for sure if that’s happening until about the minute it happens. Check here for details later today.



I have the weekend off — AGAIN!! So exciting. (The last weekend off until early June, though.) I’m planning to take it easy, work on one of my plays-in-progress, and do a little housecleaning.

Also, some reading!

This arrived in the mail yesterday. I’m so eager to read it:

The Brother of Jesus: The Dramatic Story & Meaning of the First Archaeological Link to Jesus & His Family by Hershel Shanks & Ben Witherington III (2004)

I hope you enjoy your Saturday, gang, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys, See ya!


Restored Republic news update (19 mins):

RT News: At least 27 dead as building catches fire in New Delhi (27 seconds):

RT News: Protesters decry killing of journalist Francisca Sandoval in Chile (1 min 20 seconds):

RT News: DISTRESSING | Tensions rise at late Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh’s funeral (1 min):

XRP QSF Team: Bonita From AU Friends w/ Ricardo Bossi, all in on XLM LoBstr, Gesara Nesara, QFS, & Loves Silver! (49 mins):

Santa Surfing: HONK HONK! Twitter “suspends” execs! May 16 lots happening! (25 mins):

James Tabor: (Lost Christianities) Disparaging Jesus–Roman Gossip and Jewish Legend (1 hr):

X22 Report: It’s Time To End The Horror Show, The Truth Has Been Right In Front Of Everyone (49mins):

Choose Your Own Title Today!

Okay, happy Friday, gang. Please choose your own title for today’s post because I’m drawing a bit of a blank!

Yesterday was beautiful. It really was. Steve and I went off to the wilds of Muskingum County and scattered a small portion of Kent’s ashes.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and since it was a Thursday in early May, most people were either at work or at school so it was really peaceful and almost deserted where we were.

Steve gave me an old photo of Kent that I just love. He is with 2 of his nephews, but it was taken long ago. Both of those nephews are out of college already:

And Steve also gave me some of Kent’s ashes to take home with me. And that part is a bit haunting. Here is my friend Kent now:

Another haunting part of yesterday was that Steve took me to lunch in Granville, a place where I used to spend a TON of time. I loved it there. I fell out of love with it during the pandemic when its truly strident Leftist mentality completely repelled me. But yesterday was just so beautiful. And everyone in Granville had finally done away with the effing masks. And at the restaurant where we had lunch — a Vietnamese place that had a great atmosphere — I saw someone I knew that I hadn’t seen since before the scam-demic and I had always really liked her. So that was really nice.

However, Granville was the last place where Kent and I had gotten together in person. He lived far away in Houston and worked at NASA, so for the last year and a half of his life, as he battled stomach cancer, he couldn’t get back to Ohio and we only spoke on the phone or texted. So being back in Granville with Kent’s ashes in my handbag was rather bittersweet, to say the least.

And then my friend Steve.

Steve married a much younger woman later in life and so now, at age 62, he has 4 young children — with the youngest being 10 months old — and he is in very bad health. We tried not to focus on that too much, we talked about happier things. Still, it was right there, staring at us. The chances of him seeing that youngest one even graduate high school are slim indeed and would border on a miracle at this point, for sure.

But it really was a very beautiful and meaningful day, as we decided to live in the moment. Steve and I have known each other since we were 11, and while our politics couldn’t be more different from each other’s (he’s basically a Socialist and hates Trump), he treats me with so much respect, kindness, understanding, and a little humor. And the memories we share of growing up together in the 1970s are simply awesome in scope and scale.

So it was beautiful.

Okay. Before I forget.

If you are a freelance writer or editor, I just wanted to give you a head’s up about the International Association of Professional Writers & Editors (IAPWE). They are a union, of sorts. but they are unlike any writers union I have ever encountered — and I was in several of them many years ago, until I decided to just be on my own and not be involved with unions.

This particular union, however, really skims that line between being of service to writers and editors, and being a scam. Be very wary if you are thinking of being involved with them.


All right.

In my opinion, the news is slim again today, but here we go.

Some curious info from Jason Q about the 4th Dimension. You can read it here. The document he shares is from 2011, from the Andromeda Council. The link was put out by my Ohio group of Connecting Consciousness.

The Facts About Life as a 4th Dimensional Human.

There is also this!

May 4, 2022 – HVU Wacky Wednesday, with Jason Q (2 hrs 28 mins):


Simon Parkes had a brief but very exciting update yesterday (11 mins):


Dinesh D’Souza 2000 Mules Exposing The Biggest Election Fraud in US History Chats to Charlie Ward (22 mins):


RT News: Sen. Rand Paul blocks $40BN Ukraine aid as inflation soars (3 mins):


This stuff is truly horrific. But if you don’t know about it yet, you should give this a listen.

Nino and Mitchell Nicholas Gerba discuss CCP FORCED LIVE HUMAN ORGAN HARVESTING (42 mins):


From “Nancy Drew” in DC yesterday — video here:

“This was amazing! We thought it was over so I got in my car to go, and all of a sudden, well over 1,000 officers in bikes came rolling in! So awesome! Tomorrow should be as well!🙏💖🇺🇲”


Il donaldo trumpo says that it is only a matter of time!

Also this:


Restored Republic news update (20 mins):


From ABS Military News:

“Dollar falls to 65 rubles, euro to 67 for the first time since 2017 as western currencies fall against the Ruble”


Phil will be doing livestreams tonight, and Saturday and Sunday nights, as well. You can check his channel for details. If you can’t access his telegram channel, search for Phil Godlewski on rumble or DLive and follow him there. You will get updates whenever he goes live.


Greg Paul Discusses Live By Your Own Law (Sovereign Law) with Nicholas Veniamin (31 mins):


X22 Report: Trump & The Patriots Built A Weapon & They Are Ready To Unleash It, MAGA King Returns (54 mins):


And that’s it for today, gang.

Have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

Quite A Beautiful Day!

Well, there was a little more news today than we’ve seen in a few days, but I have to be quick because today is the day that my friend Steve and I are meeting up in the wilds of Muskingum County to discreetly scatter some of Kent’s ashes. (Our dear and long-time friend who died last July.)

And it is an incredibly beautiful day here today, gang. I’m guessing it is going to be emotional — but, ultimately, in a good way.


So the news.

This, of course, was a very good thing– the US Senate voted that it will NOT be legal in America to get an abortion right up until 5 minutes before the baby is born.

BREAKING: Senate blocks Democrat abortion until birth bill on a vote of 49-51″

But the fact that so many Democrats voted in favor of it, or that this horrific thing even became an issue that was voted on in the first place — shows you what I mean when I say that everything is infiltrated and everything has become a weaponized agenda. Anything “Liberal” or “Democrat” or even remotely “Left” does not mean anything close to what it used to mean. And so many old-school Liberals slept right through that takeover. And don’t seem to want to wake up.

What I find equally interesting, though, is Trump’s response — seemingly to the vote, but it’s actually from one of his recent rallies. And Trump, of course, is somebody that I support 110%. By way of il donaldo trumpo, he posted: “Every life is a precious gift from God.”

Hmm. That is a very interesting statement, right? From the same man who made firing squads legal again, and instated the death penalty for pedophiles. These are things I happen to agree with. However, he did in fact say, “Every life is a precious gift from God”.

You can see how a statement like “Every life is a precious gift from God” really calls out for debate. Starting with: how is life defined? Because I wake up every morning and I see life everywhere. In the cats, the birds, the trees, the grass, the flowers, in the many spiders and other insects, in the cows grazing on the hillside, in my neighbors driving by my house at dawn, or the ones walking by with their happy little dogs on a leash, and of course, in myself, I see life. Life everywhere. Yet so many people have no problem at all killing a spider. Or slaughtering a cow. Or running over a squirrel. Etc.

This is why, most of all, I value the US Constitution and our right to express ourselves. And our right to VOTE. And why it is so important to focus on protecting these things.


This was a really great interview with Dr Reiner Fuellmich. It gives a complete overview of the planned pandemic, the fake vaccines, the corrupt governments of the world, etc. If you know anyone who is just waking up to any of this, this is a good video to show them. It explains everything.

Watch the complete video HERE on CHD.TV (1 hr 15 mins).

Here is a brief excerpt: PCR Test Fraud: Basis of All Covid Measures (6 mins):


If you haven’t kept up with ABS Military News on telegram, they have been showing amazing footage of Russia basically wiping out what’s left of the neo-Nazi military in areas where civilians have now all been evacuated.

From ABS Military:

“The head of the DPR: Pushilin: ‘Now, there are no civilians left at Azovstal, so our hands are untied.'”

(basically boom, boom, and boom.)


From Whiplash347:

“There is going to be a big shake out now. If you have done your research you will know it is ok.

Old Fork to New Fork via Bridges.
Crash before Declas then Switch
Turn that engine on that Brad Parscale was talking about.
Elon just said Trump coming back to Twitter
Looks like a set up for a massive Black Friday Crash.

Make sure you get the Indus Pinned List & copy it.”


And a handy link to the QFS manual from XRPnesaragesara QFS 3.0:

“Guys, check out our new domain QFS Manual and Tutorials. Please don’t forget to subscribe also. 🎉🎉🎉
Everyone is welcome to use it for your reference.”

[link to website]


General Flynn posted a really good point regarding groomers — by way of DC_Draino :


From QTSR:

“A car carrying presidential election ballots in Bolivia was intercepted by civilians. 🇧🇴
The ballots are already marked with a vote for the candidate and current Bolivian president Evo Morales.”


From QTSR — China & Taiwan back on deck:

“China Warships surround TAIWAN…. Malaysian Countries and their Military on HIGH ALERT… ⚠️…”

Chinese People’s Liberation Army warplanes, warships surround Taiwan” [full article here]


From Pepe Lives Matter:

“What an interesting thing for Kash to retruth.

Christopher Miller to Kash Patel:
Kash, do I look worried to you?

Devolution anyone? 👀”

Also from Pepe Lives Matter — on Marjorie Taylor Greene:

“Savage queen MTG destroys the swamp as they send 40 billion dollars to Ukraine:
“Stop funding regime change and money laundering scams and US politician cover ups… The American people do not support paying for constant US involvement in foreign affairs while our own government fails our own country.” 🔥”


Michelle Fielding got it right, re: Jack Dorsey, Elon, Trump…

From InsiderPaper:

“JUST IN – Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he agrees with reversing Trump’s ban”


From NewsTarget:

FDA finally admits that covid vaccines cause blood clots

[…] In other words, after a person gets injected with Janssen, potentially life-threatening blood clots could develop in a time period as short as one week. Even so, the FDA claims that the Janssen shot’s “benefits” outweigh the risks, and that people should still line up to get it. […]

[full article here]


From Project Veritas:

“FBI whistleblower, who is still on the Bureau’s payroll, made the following statement to Project Veritas founder and CEO, James O’Keefe: 

“Tyranny happens incrementally, and it happens by a bunch of people agreeing to small injustices over and over simply to keep their paycheck and their pension. To maintain your paycheck and pension, that gives you the Holocaust.”

At the time of this writing, the FBI has not yet responded to a request for comment.” (15 mins):


From the Epoch Times:

Democrats Silent as Republicans Rip Into Secret Royalty Checks to Fauci, Hundreds of NIH Scientists

Top Democratic leaders with oversight of the National Institutes for Health (NIH) are keeping quiet about the $350 million in secret payments to agency leaders like Dr. Anthony Fauci and hundreds of its scientists.” [full article here]


Okay, gang! I gotta scoot! That’s it for right now. I’m gonna be late!

Have a good Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (20 mins):

X22 Report: Message Received, C_A Counter Ops Will All Fall Down, Blackout Warning, Now Comes The Pain (47 mins):

The Winds of Change Have Shifted!

Wow, gang. I don’t know about you, but all I’m really able to focus on right now is the rigged election and hoping that it’s true that, sometime this month, the US Supreme Court is going to rule that the election was a fraud. And then order special elections in the key battleground states.

To me, that is the only issue right now.

I realize that there are still thousands of people the world over, still contending with the poisonous fake vaccines and what it has done to their bodies. Or grieving for their family members, who died from the vax. Including very young children and even babies.

I realize that all this is terrible, but I’ve been posting here about the vaccines being bioweapons since the Autumn of 2020, when Dr. Northrop first sent out her alarming video. There is only so much of that I can keep posting, almost 2 years later.

And all the nefarious ways that Ukraine is continuing to lie about what is actually going on over there, etc. Or that the Biden Admin is fake, along with several other Administrations, the world over.

I just can’t keep posting about that stuff. If we know, we know.

What Elon is doing re: Twitter, is changing everything. It’s also getting ready to pave the way for everyone to find out the truth about the election fraud if SCOTUS does rule on it. I think that is a genius move, but there is only so much I can post about Elon, as well. Too much of it is just conjecture at this stage.

And I thought it was kind of interesting that, yesterday, when I heard that (the very fake) Lori Lightfoot was calling on the LGBTQ+ community to fight back against the reversal of Roe vs Wade, I found myself feeling that it was right to call upon people to fight. I don’t believe that it’s the actual Lori Lightfoot, gang. I honestly think she was already taken out for High Treason. She was a horrific human being. But isn’t this country built on the liberty to fight for what you believe in? Not that I want to see riots. Or Antifa. Or BLM. But the abortion issue is always going to bring everyone to loggerheads. So why the hue & cry from Conservatives that “she” called on her community to fight?

I get it — it’s a set up. The LGBTQ+ community has been completely infiltrated and is no longer what it once was. It has a weaponized agenda now. I get it.

And I also get it that what has been happening to fetuses the world over is an almost unimaginable atrocity. The idea that it “needs oversight” is almost a ridiculous understatement.

Still, Conservatives acting like this is simply a done deal once SCOTUS reverses Roe vs Wade is just, in my opinion, a really juvenile way of looking at a truly explosive issue. And the bottom line is that the Constitution is there to protect everyone’s right to express themselves (Antifa riots aside).

And I’m also alarmed by how they are turning Margaret Sanger into a one-dimensional person of evil intentions. I understand what Planned Parenthood has become and it needs to be wiped off planet Earth (assuming we are a “planet” and not just some flat thing). Yet Sanger did risk life, limb, and her own liberty to help women, over 100 years ago, understand about birth control. About how to have sex without getting pregnant. She was instrumental in teaching women how their bodies worked.

Why are we trying to erase that part of it? Not all women want to have babies or get married or live “traditional” lives.

I disagree with how the Conservatives are attempting to make all these important issues one-dimensional in order to highlight the atrocities that have gone on under the infiltrated government– including Dems and Republicans, both.

Anyway. I find myself pulling away from so many people I used to follow because I find their oppressiveness oppressive.

So. That said.

Restored Republic had some very interesting things to say about Pakistan, Afghanistan, poppies and the heroin trade, and — YES! — what the heck is going on in China!

It begins around the last 15 minutes or so.

Restored Republic news update (32 mins):


Methinks it’s time for Bono on deck…

From catturd:

“Why does Bono – lead singer of an overrated band with musicians so poor, they can’t even play a guitar solo – think he’s Mother Teresa and some sort of holy spokesman for the rest of us?

That dude makes my skin crawl – wish he’d just STFU already.”

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”


Another timely reminder — think about this, gang. Just effing think about this.

From Julian Assange Wiki:

“Imagine this – posted in 1896 and we’re paying for power in 2022.. Tesla is rolling in his grave.

Free energy has been suppressed because it would create freedom for all humanity.”


And from QTSR:

“In deep discussions with Mil. INTEL source (s)…

“WWG1WGA” is a Military protocol that pertains to Cheyenne mountain…( Where Tesla created a time traveling machine connected to Inner ground zero energy//)/ > the looking glass is only looking into the future past and present…. But the Real Tesla machine is time traveling connected to ground zero energy that connects to the stratosphere and universal energy…..///
The connection between TESLA.. TRUMP ( John G. TRUMP)////

John G. Trump connection to TESLA is deeper than reported and worked in the same field and were just minutes apart ( same neighborhood) living and working in the same field….

///According to MIT, Prof Trump focused on high voltage phenomena, electron acceleration and the interaction of radiation with living and non-living matter. He also designed X-ray generators…..///

From insiders.. The Philadelphia experiment connects Tesla/Trump in the creation of the time traveling program….( But not revealed by MSM)///

WWG1WGA is a military protocol to activate the TESLA time Machines under Cheyenne mountains that has been locked down since 2016 under the order of TRUMP ….

The Switzerland particle accelerator machine in ( CERN)
Was a failure… And could not produce enough energy to create the Worm holes….//TESLA work was stolen by the DEEP state after his death and[ they] tried creating the time machine of his stolen blue prints of the machine..( which was created but FAILED)///)) the failure was due to inside placed White HATS who deliberately sabotage the CERN PROJECTS..
… in 2017 … The control of CERN came under U.S. Military white HATS CONTROL<

_ now the WWG1WGA all protocol had been initiated.. IN CERN – CHEYENNE MOUNTAINS.

The WWG1WGA protocol refers to HUMANS on earth traveling into the NEXT dimension as one….



Phil will be doing a livestream tonight, mostly on buying silver. Check his channel for details later. If you can’t access his channel, look for Phil Godlewski on Dlive or rumble and follow him. You’ll get updates whenever he goes live.


Okay. Other than that.

Don’t forget! Today is the day!!

Find a screening near you!


And that is it for today. Have a good Wednesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I hope you are finding things that interest you, excite you, propel you deeper into your own being.

I love you guys. See ya!!

Awesome breakfast-listening music! This is an incredible song from the 1930s. Enjoy!


Abraham Hicks 2022 ~ Start Believing in Yourself a Little More (13 mins):

This was awesome! I almost understand some of this stuff now… (also, BEWARE of following fake telegram channels for Mel Carmine. They are FULL of hackers and scams!! Safer to follow on YT and Rumble, for now)

Nicholas Veniamin chats with Mel Carmine about QFS Reset (41 mins):

The Historical Jesus and Early Islam: Some Remarkable Comparisons (12 mins):

X22 Report: Pieces Have Been Moved Into Place, Treason Doesn’t Pay Well In The End (54 mins):

Rejoice & Smell the Coffee, Baby!

If you missed Phil‘s livestream last night, you can watch the replay here:

PRISM (1 hr 22 mins):

He had some fantastic intel and insights into not only 2000 Mules, but also the US Supreme Court’s ruling soon on election fraud. (He’s proposing that by May 31st we will have some great news, gang, regarding the rigged election.) (That is only 3 weeks from today!)

It is not necessary for you to have watched 2000 Mules to be able to enjoy Phil’s video, but it would be helpful to watch it, regardless.

Phil also drops more info on himself and SNOWDEN (!!). (i.e., one and the same. The hints are over; the cat, I guess, is finally out of the bag.)

This is coming to end, gang. Finally. And the ending is going to seriously be worth all this horrible shit we’ve gone through for the last couple of decades. I, for one, cannot believe it. I wish some of my friends and colleagues who were either murdered, committed suicide, or just plain passed away from old age, were going to be around to see what is coming. But maybe they can see it all from where they are now.

Which brings me to the next– really sad — topic. It is so conflicting for me, to feel so joyful about all these things I have fought for, raged over, since time immemorial (or at the very least since Bush went into Iraq), barreling to a staggering conclusion. And then to feel so sad about what happened yesterday.

Nick Cave’s son, Jethro, passed away. There are no details about why or how. Just that he is indeed gone now. Age 31, I think. Just unbelievable. (Two of his sons gone now, in the space of about 7 years.)

I knew something bad was going to happen yesterday. I had such a strange morning. So much anxiety and yet I couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from. I took my CBD. The ashwaganda, the saffron. Nothing helped. I drove to work listening to Nick Cave (“Balcony Man”), wondering if some sort of bomb was going to go off in some country somewhere, creating even more awful carnage and chaos… but then, when I was at the park on my lunch hour — a really gorgeous day — I saw the news about Nick’s son. Wow. Just heartbreaking.

Jethro Cave

(Okay, so this is odd. I was just on google images, looking for photos of Nick & Jethro and it suddenly switched to google.russia. Okey-dokey. I see stuff like that and I want to just shut down the laptop ASAP. Jesus.)

Well, now that bitchute is being weird and not allowing me to embed videos (or maybe my laptop is somehow compromised and suddenly not allowing it), I can only post from rumble and YouTube. But you know what? It cuts down on a ton of effing NOISE, gang. Bitchute is off-the-charts now with chaotic BAD shit that passes for news.

I am still on telegram, of course, but even there, the “news” is getting slimmer and slimmer. If you’ve been following my blog for the last few years, most of what I now find on telegram is stuff I’ve already posted here at one point or another, so I don’t post it again.

This only adds to my feelings that things here in the US, at least, are coming to their grand finale. It is all boiling down to that rigged election going public, at last. (I do not know what’s really going on with Xi and Taiwan and whatever is left of the CCP, obviously, but it could be that all of that is playing out right under our noses anyway. I just don’t know.)

I’m thinking this means we should split our time now between the Q stuff and getting our lives back. Maybe even for the first time, ever. Yay.


From Whiplash347 yesterday:

Sri Lanka: PM Mahinda Rajapaksa quits
Army troops are deployed in the capital and a nationwide curfew is in place”


Another reminder from “Nancy Drew” in DC:


Also, in a similar vein — from Ezra A Cohen:

“Jill Biden is not in Ukraine.”

[which reminds me, gang — all these “celebrities” who are allegedly in the war zone? They aren’t. So where are they? And Methinks these are likely body doubles with their actual selves already under arrest somewhere…)

Also from Ezra — (I’m guessing you saw the markets tanking hugely yesterday):

“US Economy in full collapse. Did you empty your bank?”

(which, of course, reminds me of that weird thing that happened here in Crazeysburg on Saturday morning — the power and Internet going down for 2 hours, at exactly the same time, and then my bank acting as if nothing were out of the ordinary…)

ALSO from yesterday:

“Blackrock is responsible for the crypto crash today.”

And posted just now:

“Project Bluebeam being considered.

Now US House subcommittee is doing something it hasn’t done in almost 50 years.”


(Which reminds me, Mr Pool had another great comm this morning! And as usual, I couldn’t decode it for the life of me, but it sure was interesting to watch.)


If you didn’t see this yesterday, it was really eerie. An unbelievably red sky over China.

From ABS Military:


This article was posted in Ohio’s Connecting Consciousness social media group. (As many of you know, I am very intrigued by the giants who used to live around here. And one of my novels-in-progress — Down to the Meadows of Sleep — features them.)

A study found large humanoid figures carved on the ceiling of an Alabama cave more than 1000 years ago.

[…] A scientific study has uncovered massive, ghostly figures carved into the ceiling of an Alabama cave more than 1,000-years ago. 

The figures, three of which were humanoid in shape, are among the biggest ever uncovered in the Northern Americas. Some are more than 6ft long per a study presenting the findings published in the peer-reviewed journal Antiquity on Tuesday. ” [full article here]


And that is it, gang.

Please have a good day, wherever you are in the world. And if it can’t be “good,” at least let it be meaningful.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, “Balcony Man”:

The Dead Sea Scrolls After 75 Years What Do We Know? (1 hr 17 mins):

Restored Republic news update (25 mins):

X22 Report: The Patriots Are Ready To Unleash Hell, You’ll Know When, Be Ready (1 hr):

Getting Stranger and Stranger

Okay, gang. I’m finding less and less “news” to report every day. The vibe is getting very strange out there. It seems like we are really barreling toward something. Hmmm….

The main concern right now is to get as many people as possible — regardless of political affiliation — to watch Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules.”

Watch it here for free at this link. (1 hr 27 mins). (The link I provided yesterday might be gone now.) (Bitchute is not allowing embedded videos today. Curious, indeed.)

Phil will be going live tonight with important intel — however, it will begin late. Either 9 or 10pm. As always, check his channel later for the exact details.

I have next to no news to post here today! As you will soon see. (If this keeps up, it could mean that I will be getting my regular life back pretty soon. Wouldn’t that be interesting??)

From General Patton 17:

“On May 11, 1987, The London Times, one of the world’s most respected newspapers, published an explosive article entitled, “Smallpox vaccine triggered AIDS virus.”

The story suggested the smallpox eradication vaccine program sponsored by the WHO (World Health Organization) was responsible for unleashing AIDS in Africa. Almost 100 million Africans living in central Africa were inoculated by the WHO (World Health Organization). The vaccine was held responsible for awakening a “dormant” AIDS virus infection on the continent.

An advisor to the WHO admitted, “Now I believe the smallpox vaccine theory is the explanation for the explosion of AIDS.”
Robert Gallo, M,D., the co-discoverer of HIV, told The Times, “The link between the WHO program and the epidemic is an interesting and important hypothesis.”


Another shout-out to Code Monkey Z (aka Ron Watkins) for his determination to help AZ get true representation:

“Going door to door in rural Arizona sees us driving off the beaten path to meet as many people as we can.

There are no hotels in these areas, so we camp in the deserts and forests in order to bring hope to the many small communities around the district.”


And that’s really all that seemed pertinent to share here.

In other news…

Don’t forget! May 11th!!

Find a screening near you!

“Following its critically acclaimed world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, THIS MUCH I KNOW TO BE TRUE will screen in cinemas worldwide on Wednesday 11 May.”


So! Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world.

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning!(No, I am not old enough to remember when this was a hit!) Rudy Vallee singing, “The Glory of Love,” 1931 (?). Enjoy!!

Okay, that’s it. I love you guys! See ya!

What Do We Have Here??

We have one effing beautiful day, that’s what we have!! It is just gorgeous here today, gang.

Once again, I have very little to post because the “news” is basically:

  1. Elon Elon Elon.
  2. Abortion is murder. (Quality of life still gets no mention at all, although I understand the atrocities of what became of the fetuses.)
  3. Why is Trump endorsing Dr Oz? (Everyone is squabbling over that one.)
  4. Why did Johnny Depp include in his adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s classic book from 1971, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the part where Hunter is in Las Vegas, ingesting pure adrenaline from monkey adrenal glands? (Johnny Depp leaves out the “monkey” part in his film adaptation, so this means that Johnny Depp is an adrenochrome addict.) (And since this movie tanked hugely at the box office, who was actually behind this film? The illuminati? 2+2=5?)
  5. Russia Russia Russia
  6. Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
  7. The fake Biden is a moron (although he’s a terrific actor!!)
  8. The EU banks are tanking, hugely.

Okay, so that there is the “news.”

The only news should of course be that the 2020 election was rigged. (Phil still insists it’s going to the Supreme Court, gang!)

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to do this, but if you missed the virtual premiere of 2000 Mules last night, here it is (1 hr 27 mins):

Other than that–

I found it so interesting that the electricity and the Internet here in Crazeysburg both went out at the very same time yesterday, and then both came back on at the very same time yesterday. And it came back on at 2 minutes to 9am. And when I called the bank at 9am to see if they were open, since the power had been out for 2 hours, they cheerfully said “yes”. And when I went into the bank 3 minutes later, the bank was ready and waiting — almost as if they had expected the power to go out yesterday morning for exactly 2 hours and then come right back on….


Well, okay!!

I’ve been working on one of my plays-in-progress and having just the most amazing time with it. So I will return to that on this gorgeous Sunday.

I hope you enjoy your day, too, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, brief as this is.

I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with this classic from the master guitar-picker, Marty Stuart. “High on a Mountain Top” from 1989. Enjoy!!


Dr. James Tabor: Did Paul Think Jesus Was a Pre-Existent Divine Being Before His Birth? (2 hrs):


Awaken with JP: Leftist Teachers Going After Your Children! (7 mins):

Charlene and Ty Bollinger are doing incredible work in exposing medical fraud, and in promoting the natural cures for cancer.

X22 Report spotlight interview: Charlene Bollinger – Fake News Has Been Exposed As Propaganda, The People Are Breaking This Control (35 mins):

Well, What Do Ya Know?

The power is out here in Crazeysburg. The Internet is down.

Everything was fine until about 30 minutes ago. We shall see how this unfolds.

I have to conserve my phone battery now.

There wasn’t much to report, anyway. All the ”news” felt like one big issue of the National Enquirer. Hysteria, fake news, lies, subterfuge, etc. — maybe only one or two pieces of actual news.

I will check back later, whenever power is restored.
Meanwhile, enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the workd!