Greying Eyebrows Along the Way

I sent this to Kara to show that, you know, I do occasionally wash my hair… My hair gets intensely silver right after I wash it.

I like how one of my eyes looks sad and the other looks happy. She said it was just my Janus face, showing my yin and yang. I liked that description!

I also like how grey my eyebrows are getting. I always loved Susan Sontag’s eyebrows and how grey they got, the older she got. She always looked so intensely intelligent. I’m hoping for a similar result… Although sometimes if I wear eye makeup I use a dark pencil on my brows, to make them look like how they looked in my wee bonny girlhood. And it almost looks too intense.

Anyway!! Taking selfies. Texting. Studying Italian. While the play hovers….

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