Holy Moly, Another Miracle!

Several years ago, a good [online]  friend of mine encouraged me to go back to school to get my Divinity Degree, which I did. And I did it all on student loans — and a few grants. I had no clue how I was going to pay it back when the time came, but my friend encouraged me to just do it. So I did.

And I loved just about every minute of earning that degree (and I still intend to start my own para ministry just as soon as I can start focusing on something besides keeping this lofty roof over my head…)

Well, over the weekend, that time came to start paying back my student loans, and guess what happened, gang? Yes! They forgave all $37,000 worth of loans that I owed! That’s right! I don’t owe anything! What a miracle! (It had something to do with my advancing age, my receding income, high overhead, tax returns, and GPA…) (And also probably because I got a degree in something that you really can’t earn much of a living at without becoming a televangelist. Haha)

Anyway, yes, a miracle.

And now all I need is another one! My roof has sprung yet another leak and this one is leaking right over my bed. I desperately need a new roof and have nothing at all that resembles the money to pay for it

Several weeks ago, I made up my mind, yet again, to put my house on the market, just sell it as-is to one of the many, MANY house flippers who are always contacting me, and try to find a cheaper way to live… but a real estate agent came to look at the house and encouraged me to get it refinanced first. So I am in the process of doing that but it’s taking a while. (Forever, it feels like, as my roof develops more and more holes.)

Still, I am hopeful. I never, in a million years, expected that miracle re: my student loans. So you never know, gang. I might just get a new roof.  I’ll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, have a terrific Friday, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing! Thanks for visiting. See ya!



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