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Have A Fantastic Friday!

Wow, I don’t know why we are so suddenly blessed here in Crazeysburg, but we have yet another truly splendid day underway again, gang.

Not much news yet — but, according to Phil, something big should be happening soon:

“I had much work to do today.

Expect some events.


And then he followed it with a post about E.O. 13848, and had something to do with the Moderna MRNA and the SEC on Aug. 9th 2022 –(sorry this is really hard to read):


By now you know that we had a false flag yesterday. It was here in Ohio, in CIncinnati, a guy shot up an FBI branch office.

And there is still just a ton of “news” about the raid on MAL.

Also, some news about Ukraine nuking Ukrainians and also staging more fake videos “about the alleged atrocities of Russian troops against civilians”. (Intel Slava Z — inlcudes video)


Here’s a nice example of women shooting themselves in the foot…talk about dismissing your own gender and negating a woman’s entire life:

From Aquila:

“NEW – Joan of Arc, a national heroine of France, will be portrayed as non-binary with the pronouns “they” and “them” in a new play at the home of Shakespeare in London.

Gender-neutral Joan of Arc at Globe
Joan of Arc will be portrayed as a gender-neutral character in a new play at the home of Shakespeare in London, in a drastic departure from the usual depiction of the historic figure…” [full article here]


Q the Storm had a great reminder:

Four Organizations All Founded in 1913

FED – Federal Reserve
FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation
IRS – Internal Revenue Service
ADL- Anti Defamation League

No coincidences”

And also THIS from yesterday:


Trust the science – which means “do what we say.”

It is now not only ok to be in class without a mask – but you can be in class WHILE INFECTED WITH COVID!!!

What changed?

The “science.”


Chris Sky posted two more video interviews:

With Stew Peters: Mysterious “Virus” Outbreak TEARS through Canadian Daycares: Targets Young Children’s Lungs (15 mins):

Also on American Media Periscope, which you can watch HERE.




A great new video from davidji: Emotional Freedom – 17 Minute Guided Meditation  (17 mins):


And don’t forget that Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Sweden tonight! And in Finland on Sunday, August 14th. Buy tickets here!

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds last night in Norway


Okay, that’s it. I gotta scoot!!! I’m late.

Stay alert for something BIG to happen. Otherwise, enjoy your day, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

A Quiet Thursday??

I guess we’ll find out as the day goes on, but it should be a quiet, cool & sunny day here today in Crazeysburg.

Not much news — if you don’t count Latvia getting weird on Russia and Belarus. And if you don’t count any of the relentlessly awful noise about vax side-effects and the continuing “monkey pox” unfoldment.

And, of course, the “raid”…


News from Nick Alvear of GoodLionTV: He has a new album out of Venus Looking Glass music, Running Out of Darkness, and it is all 432hz music so that is pretty awesome!

The album is donation-based — give what you want or even download it for free. It’s up to you! Download here.


From Q the Storm:


“Could be a very interesting way to reveal some spicy evidence against the Deep State.

What I mean is,

-Trump baits hostile elements in FBI into raiding his home

-The docs they find are declassed already, there is no crime to charge Trump with

-But FBI now has them, and they shouldn’t

-So Trump sues them to get them back for his library

-Thus, making them public while all eyes are on the FBI, him, and the docs”


If you’re anywhere near my age (62), then you most likely recall that when we were little, we didn’t suffer from even a fraction of the sicknesses that children get nowadays. It’s really off-the-charts. I’m not just talking about autism and attention deficit disorder, either. Kids nowadays are always sick with something — and half the time it’s something you never heard of before.

A reminder from McInerneyGeneral:

“What happens when Big Pharma takes over your government, media and education system.”


From Chris Sky — a succinct explanation of what’s really been going on. Send it to people who might be starting to wake up.

“I did this interview for a norwegian woman with contacts in norway, germany, india, canada, uk and south america. Theres even a spanish version” (19 mins):


Quick chat between Mel Carmine and Clay Clark– Alternative New Currency System? (5 mins):

Mel Carmine and Tom Paladino– Discovering Scalar Light, Tesla, NESARA will end the Illuminati. (25 mins):


A couple from Shadow of Ezra:

“Trump security increased. Assassination threats are real.”

“Why is 45 still surrounded by generals?

Who still has the ultimate authority over our branches of military?”


And check out this interesting video from Phil yesterday in his car — loaded with clues & comms? Hmmm.

“Update on my case”


Other than that, it seemed most New Yorkers wanted to see Trump arrested yesterday. For what, we can’t imagine. Just for the sake of hating him, I guess. While Trump pled the 5th throughout yesterday’s bogus deposition.

Headline from the Baltimore Sun, from Richard Citizen Journalist this morning:


And this just came in from Q the Storm — this is actually great news, gang. It forces all this testimony into the public eye:

Breaking — FBI delivers subpoenas to Republicans who questioned The Steal…”

And this just in from Phil’s channel:


And that is it for today!!

Don’t forget — tonight in Oslo, Norway, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. And tomorrow night, they’ll be in Gothenburg, Sweden. Buy tickets here!

Okay! Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys! See ya!!

I leave you with — yes!– more Paul Simon. I’m on a roll. This one is “Gone At Last”, his joyfully raucous duet with (the late) Phoebe Snow from his truly incredible 1975 album, Still Crazy After All These Years. Enjoy!!!

Quick Afternoon Update!

Gesara getting underway?

From Santa Surfing by way of Phil’s channel:

Japan’s ENTIRE government resigns!
This is not normal! This has GESARA all over it!
Power back to the People!!!🌍❤️🥳”

From QTSR:



The story of my beloved tree:

And now that my beloved — and enormous (!!) — tree is gone, I discovered a zillion more trees growing in the top gutter! So now the gutter cleaners are on their way…

Ah well, gang. On we go. See ya!

Quiet Wednesday in Crazeysburg

I’ve decided to stay home today, gang. I am unbelievably tired. Just exhausted.

This will give me 2 days off in a row, and then I have the weekend off, too. I so very much need to feel human again. Aside from the lockdown in 2020, wherein I stayed home for about 123 trillion days, I haven’t had an actual vacation — a vacation wherein I didn’t actually work, take meetings, do readings & book signings — I haven’t had a true relaxing vacation since 2001, when Wayne and I went to Copenhagen for a few days. (And, oddly enough, Wayne just today returned to NYC after 3 weeks’ vacation in Thailand and Cambodia…)

Don’t you find that insane — that I haven’t had a vacation in 21 years??? Just the thought of that makes me tired.

Anyway. I’m taking a couple days off.

Phil did his live last night, but basically, he went over everything he had posted to telegram since the raid. He did a private Q & A afterward, for his Locals subscribers, so I don’t know what hidden gems were uncovered in that. But the live was pretty straightforward.

If you missed it, here is the replay: Phil talks in detail about the recent FBI raid on President Donald Trump’s home, and why we should have expected this. (1 hr 20 mins):


A reminder from the Sovereign Project in the UK:


Oh for FUCK’s sake! The men just now arrived to start taking down my enormous maple tree, right outside my window. The noise is unreal. Plus, I loved that tree…I cannot fucking believe this. So much for trying to rest.

(However, this had to happen, gang. With all these insane summer storms, what’s left of the tree had become a serious safety hazard to me and all of my neighbors. And now, finally, I will gain some control over my rampant PTSD. I can’t handle another episode like what happened Sunday night during that storm.)


I only had a few things I wanted to share today, anyway. Okay.

From Chris Sky in Canada:

“The #1 fertility dr in australia FIRED after releasing bombshell evidence that 74% of miscarriages were in jabbed moms to be”


Another handy reminder from General Patton Q:

“Did you know?

No US sailors witnessed the secret burial of Osama bin Laden.
The US government has not produced a single photo or video of bin Laden’s body, an autopsy report, a death certificate, or DNA test results, and refuses to do so.

Even though he was the most wanted man on the planet for a decade, you will just have to trust the US govemment on this one.”


Something from Snowden Hacks — I have no clue if this is genuine, gang, but click on the link to watch it for yourself:

“Russian hacker finds vaccine database real time information.

Share ‼️ Share ‼️ Share ‼️”


From McInerneyGeneral — if you don’t know about this document, our beloved Hillary was planning to nuke everyone in the US and blame Russia:

“Hillary’s Uranium One document with signature.”


From the College Fix:

Massive DEI efforts have not increased grad rates for students of color: study

Colleges also fail to represent ethnic populations that mirror general population, analysis found

Despite major diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at colleges and universities across the nation, students of color continue to lag behind the national average when it comes to graduation rates. […]

“For Black and Native American students and for faculty from all underrepresented populations, there was effectively no progress from 2013 to 2020,” the analysis found. […]

How much more money needs to be spent on diversity remains to be seen, but the costs are already quite high, according to Mark Perry, a scholar with the American Enterprise Institute and professor emeritus of economics and finance at the University of Michigan Flint.

For example, the 93 employees with the University of Michigan’s Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion receive a combined $10.6 million in annual salariesaccording to Perry’s calculations. […]

[full article here]


From JP Sears: When Acceptance Culture is Taken to the EXTREME (4 mins):


Amazing how quickly he puts these new songs out, isn’t it? Makes you wonder how he does that….

A new song from Loza Alexander– Dear Trump 2 – Mar- a -Lago Edition – (Official Music Video) (2 mins):


Another great one from Dr. Tabor!

James Tabor: What Do We Really Know About Paul and How Do We Know It? (2 hrs):


And that’s it for now, gang.

I hope you have a good day, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

I leave you with the breakfast-listening music from this morning — more Paul Simon. This time, “Loves Me Like A Rock,” from his incredible album There Goes Rhymin’ Simon, 1973. I just adored this song when I was 13 and I always wished that my own mom could have loved me this way… Oh well. Enjoy, gang.

How’s That MAL Raid Working Out For You?

Wow, gang. What was that??

Since Q was alerting us to the Chris Wray (FBI) connection years ago —

— I’m guessing this raid is signaling something else entirely.

For instance–

Comms from Phil last night, shortly after the “raid”:

“COMMS {raid} left/&-“.sumpt^over<>•<~>

COMMS {pead} ‘ ,

/end COMMS”

So, has the door been opened (finally) for the PEAD????? We’ll have to wait and see, gang.

From Shadow of Ezra at 7:03PM:

“Trump [SECURED]”

THEN from Ezra A Cohen — Q from 2018:

And from Jack Posobiec by way of Phil’s channel:

But what I loved most about what happened last night, was how many Patriots simply got in their cars and drove to Mar-A-Lago to support and defend President Trump. (I wonder how many of them were carrying & ready to use it? Asking for a friend…)

And Dan Scavino on Instagram last night, around 9PM:

Then from il donaldo trumpo, an hour after that:

“There will always be challenges to Overcome.
We will face them head-on, with a big, fat smile on our face, knowing God is on Our Side.
Love Your Family. Give Them a Big Hug and remind them how Beautiful and Precious They Are.



Okay. So Phil cancelled his livestream last night, just as the raid in MAL was taking place. He will go live tonight at 9PM Eastern instead. I’m guessing we won’t want to miss it, right?

If you follow Q, then you already knkow the TON of posts made on Phil’s channel last night. If you want to read them all, start HERE and scroll.

Phil ended the night with:

“What makes a Q drop, a Q drop?

Is it the social media platform it’s posted on?

Is it the poster of the drop?

How do we identify Q is writing a drop?

Look back.

What are you missing?

Has it been right in front of you this entire time?

Look back.

Connect the dots.

You have more than you know.”


Wow. What an awesome night.

Regarding yesterday morning, when I didn’t post because I had overslept and was still reeling from PTSD triggered by yet another terrible thunderstorm the night before….

I was going to post this. It appeared on several channels, but this is from Shadow of Ezra:

“48 – 72 hours is all China needs to take Taiwan.”


Also, in Ohio specifically. This newsletter came yesterday from Ohio Stands Up:

“[…] Let’s recap. In a region with a population of over 1.6 million people, there were a total of 8 ‘COVID’ admissions. Of course, only 4 of those could even conceivably have the potential to be an admission for COVID, as the other 4 had ‘onset’ on the date of admission.

Meanwhile, the CDC is claiming that there have been 200 new admissions over one week!

Ok then. Let’s double check the potential validity of that, shall we? I went into the Ohio csv file and looked at total admissions for all 5 counties combined. Going all the way back to the beginning of June. There were 173 hospital admissions listed. In total. All 5 counties. Over two full months. But according to the CDC there were 200 in just this last week….

ALL counties currently at a ‘high’ level according to the CDC are ‘high’ solely because of this new admissions number.

Read that again and understand it. The CDC is completely fabricating these numbers. No one knows where they are coming from, and they are causing panic and renewed mandates. ‘Cases’ alone can only turn a county yellow, and nowhere has high occupancy rates. After all, why should they have high occupancy rates when I have shown over and over that there are extremely few people going in with ‘COVID’.{…}”


I won’t even mention that ridiculous “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.”

Except for saying that. That’s it.


A couple from Chris Sky in Canada:

“On April 25th the Canadian government launched the PUBLIC ORDER EMERGENCY COMMISSION. These investigators have reached out to my legal team requesting I be part of this commission inquiry with an official interview on the Freedom Convoy. I intend to help prove that this was an unjust. Immoral. Illegal over step of government authority to prop up a nefarious agenda against the citizens of Canada. Stand by for more information as the situation develops. https://publicorderemergencycommission.ca/


“Chris Sky emergency world exclusive before ANY NEWS ANYWHERE. “Mysterious virus” infects ALL DAYCARE CENTRES in Edmonton/Leduc children as young as 2 being hospitalized with blue lips from lack of oxygen. Cause UNKNOWN. They are trying to sweep this under the rug…but its EXPOSED NOW. Demand accountability!”


And that’s it for the “news.”

It feels incredibly exciting, gang. Things are finally coming to the final reel of this movie. However, that doesn’t mean that the shit won’t hit the fan in a big way. So stay alert. And tune into Phil at 9PM tonight…

Don’t forget–

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Oslo, Norway on Thursday, Aug 11th. You can buy tickets here.

And the two shows they just did in Poland looked incredible, gang!!

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Poland 8/8/22


And that’s it.

Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!

In honor of the passing of Olivia Newton John yesterday, I leave you with my favorite song of hers — “Please, Mr. Please”. (This was a huge hit the summer I was committed to a mental hospital. I was almost 15, sitting in my mom’s car, listening to this song on the radio, when my mom came out from the psychiatrist’s office, got in the car and gave me the news… It was horrible.)

Followed by my breakfast-listening music from this morning! Paul SImon’s “Late in the Evening.” Truly rambunctious, happy, and wonderful!! A big hit right when I moved to NYC in late 1980 and my real life began. Enjoy!!

Hot Sunday in August and We’re Still Here!

Wow, gang.

This whole thing with Phil versus just about every other Truther out there has gotten indescribably weird. Ugly, nasty, even stupid.

There is an undercurrent of something here but I’m not sure what. If it’s just to distract us, what could it be distracting us from?

We already know that China is circlingTaiwan. Israel is either “next” or being taken out simultaneously. No one is opposing Russia in Ukraine any longer. Fake Bidens are dying, new fake Bidens are coming in. PresidentTrump’s popularity is, literally, off-the-charts. CPAC is off-the-charts. The elections are still rigged but we’re voting anyway. “Monkeypox” is allegedly reaching some sort of alarming gay-guy “thing”, but it’s still only a side-effect of the vax.

Or could it be that we are supposed to see now who the Deep State “truthers” are? Surely, not every single one of those opposing Phil is Deep State….. And isn’t GP NSA ??

Absolutely nothing is adding up.


From DC Clothesline:

“‘Covid’ deaths hit new record in hyper-vaccinated Australia

[…] Had Australia opted for ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) instead of Fauci Flu shots, the plandemic would have ended ages ago. Instead, Australia is now seeing mass death rather than a recovery. (Related: Australian officials want Aussies to get injected a bi-annual intervals for the rest of time.)

In fact, there were almost no covid-related deaths at all in Australia prior to the launch of the “vaccines.” There was a small peak in the fall of 2020 followed by a precipitous drop back to baselines levels, followed by a massive peak once people started getting injected.

Interestingly, the booster shot campaign was followed by another massive spike and peak, which will more than likely be followed by continued increases in the death count as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) and other jab-induced health conditions take their toll. […]” [full article here]


Interesting stuff going on with Alex Jones in court right now. I’m curious what rabbit hole that will eventually lead us down.

From Charlie Ward’s channel via Tommy Robinson news:

“A common tactic of the left is to say you own more than you actually do, make you appear to be way more wealthy than you actually are, and in this case another Soros backed judge is their attack dog.

I can empathise totally.”


It’s that horrific lightning again, folks.

ASB Military has some video footage at this link:

Cuba— lightning hits an oil storage facility with a volume of more than 25 thousand cubic meters.
121 people injured, 17 missing. Venezuela’s Maduro sent rescue workers to help put out the fire.”


From the Gateway Pundit:

Russia Is Slowly and Methodically Wiping Out the Ukrainian Army – No Counter Attack Has Occurred

[…] The fact that Ukraine had a three to one advantage and were embedded in defensive positions should have led to the defeat of the Russians. One of the traditional military doctrines is that an army fighting a foe who is on the defense must have at least a three to one advantage if they have any hope of prevailing in the fight. Well guess what–Russia has turned that doctrine on its head. We now have a case study (on-going) of the first time that an inferior force (in terms of numbers) is steadily defeating an entrenched, fortified enemy with three times the numbers.

There is not one area in Ukraine where the Ukraine army has pushed the Russians out of territory they have occupied and held it against Russian counter attacks. Not one.  […]”

[full article here]


Can you see this photo?

From Q the Storm:

“🇺🇲 Mainstream media panicking to see Trump rally size 🥶”


President Trump’s rally in WI on Friday evening (total 11 hrs):

President Donald J Trump Speech at CPAC Texas– in Dallas, TX 8/6/22 (2 hrs):


A truly sad reminder from General Patton Q:

In 1900, a man named Wilhelm Reich invented a way to cure cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and thousands of other ailments, within a few 15-minute sessions of sitting in the box above.

How was this possible? The ‘box’ is a carefully crafted ‘orgone accumulator’ which concentrates the orgone energy or life energy “Chi / Prana”, and this has an incredible effect on patients.

The FDA banned Wilhelm’s inventions and sentenced him to prison where he died in 1957.”


From Dr Reiner Fuellmich — REPLAY:

Session 116: “See All Its Working Power” August 5th

“Topic excerpt:
▫️Daily absurdities as deliberate anesthesia, hypnosis and distraction from the essentials
▫️Ways of prevention and self-healing. Example: Initiating ketolysis through targeted nutrition.
▫️Further details on the theory, the injections included graphene.
▫️Gendeletion as a cause of various modern medical conditions and a functional feature of mRNA injections?
▫️Update on Prof. Martin Schwab’s template letters
▫️Census: What is it for, what about data protection, and is there a danger that the data collected will be used to compensate for vaccination damage by means of a levy?
… and more!”

Watch here in English on Odysee


From Intel Slava Z:

“🇹🇼🇨🇳⚡️Taiwan Armed Forces to hold live artillery exercises in southern Pingtung on August 9 and 11

This was reported by the Central News Agency of the island, citing an army source. The military training will take place in response to the current maneuvers being carried out by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) around Taiwan. The exercises will include firing from self-propelled howitzers and mortars.”


“🇨🇳🇹🇼⚡️China has announced its intention to regularly conduct exercises east of the conditional median dividing line in the Taiwan Strait.

This statement came out almost simultaneously with the one made by Taiwan. The island said its armed forces would conduct live artillery exercises in southern Pingtung County on August 9 and 11.”


“🇮🇱🇵🇸⚡️Israel agreed to a truce from 22.00. Awaiting a response from the Palestinian side.

It should be noted that before the introduction of the ceasefire following the results of similar agreements, the most intense shelling began last time, before the agreed time of ‘silence’.”


Steve Bannon at CPAC: The Federal Reserve Has Usurped the Power of the People and Must Be Ended (2 mins):




And that’s it for now.

In other news—

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis have apparently recorded the soundtrack for a new documentary on Netflix called Blonde. Watch for that, if you subscribe.

[And, yes, I know — from NY Post 8/27/2019:

Netflix is now a propaganda machine for the Obamas

But since they’ve both been executed now for High Treason and horrific Crimes Against Humanity, maybe Netflix $$$ is clean now. We can only hope…]


And don’t forget!

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Poland tonight, and in Poland again tomorrow!!!! Buy tickets here.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds in Austria, Friday 8/5



Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys, See ya!


James Tabor: What the Apostle Paul Really Thought About Jesus and Salvation (1 hr 43 mins):

Saturday! LFG!!

Okay, gang, this is a brief one. Loyal readers of this lofty blog know that I participate in a CC worldwide zoom meditation out of New Zealand at 6am on Saturday mornings, so it gets hard to fit in “news gathering” before leaving for work on Saturdays.

If anything urgent comes up later, I’ll post about it. But meanwhile, there is only a little bit that I want to post this morning.

First off. Check out Phil’s replay if you missed his very revealing livestream last night! Go Phil!!!!!

REPLAY: Phil addresses the (most) recent false allegations against him. (1 hr 29 mins):


Interesting news from DC Clothesline:

Life insurance claims skyrocket after COVID jab rollout, prompting insurers to take legal action against vaccine manufacturers

“(Natural News) Life insurance claims have skyrocketed since the COVID jab rollout, dwarfing the number of claims made during 2020 when a high-mortality-rate-pandemic was supposedly ravaging the Nation. Yale epidemiologist Harvey Risch believes that insurance companies are on the verge of taking legal action against vaccine manufacturers over vaccine-associated death risks that were downplayed from the very beginning.

Risch points to an explosion of “early unexpected mortality claims” after the COVID vaccine rollout. This influx of life insurance claims is not even COVID-related, and insurers are struggling to pay out. Risch says that vaccine manufacturers misrepresented the “all-cause mortality” from their very own clinical trials, not only deceiving the population into taking dangerous vaccines, but also misleading the insurance companies who are now forced to pay for thousands of needless deaths in young and middle-aged adults.” [full article here]


From Shadow of Ezra — yesterday:


From Q the Storm — yesterday:

“NOW: Turkish President Recep Erdogan flies to Sochi – where he will meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

New alliances will be made. Turkey will leave NATO soon.”




Vindication (!!)(at least for my off-the-charts PTSD caused by all this off-the-charts WEATHER) — from Chris Sky:

“It’s a good thing weather modification is just a crazy conspiracy theory? … so “who wants a job in the weather modification industry?” … i told them i do… so i can make it sunny all the time. I dont think i got the job…..”

Weather Modification Int’l – PILOT CAREER CENTER
Information about Weather Modification Int’l on PILOT CAREER CENTER. Welcome to Pilot Career Center – Pilot Jobs and more! pilotcareercenter.com is a dedicated 24 hour webservice designed for…

[check that sh*t out HERE]


I guess in honor of Chris Sky’s birthday (!!)— I will indeed be going to The Cidery in Granville this evening to hang out with a couple of my actual girlfriends. Yay. (My ex-husband in Seattle sent me some extra $$ yesterday for my recent birthday, and now I can afford the gas and a glass of incredible cider, and more importantly, some time with friends on a Saturday evening.)

The Cidery in Granville, Ohio


Allegedly, one of the actors playing the fake Biden did indeed die last week (?), as Phil had said would happen. The other fake Bidens keep testing positive for COVID, btw. However. We apparently have another new fake Biden in the arsenal now:

“Has schlong Covid helped Joe’s hairline?

Who tf is that?

Perhaps the rumors of Joe Biden’s death are true..

Eyes on 👀”


Simon Parkes & Charlie Ward did a quick update to prove they are neither dead nor in Gitmo (15 mins):


Visit Alex Belfield.com from now on. No longer on YouTube.

NOT GUILTY!! From Alex Belfield — FULL STATEMENT (3 mins):


And that’s it for now, gang. Enjoy Saturday, wherever you are in the world!!

I love you guys. See ya!!

If you have never listened to this song, gang, please do!!! And think of someone you love.

Holy McSh*T, What A Day!

Yesterday was unreal, gang.

If you follow Phil (or Charlie Ward, for that matter), you already know that yesterday was off the charts ugly. Ugly ugly ugly. I actually found it a little frightening — the number of alleged Truthers who are blatantly falling under the Deep State bus. How much of this is optics? Not all of it, that’s for sure.

BTW, Charlie Ward is not dead. You can find proof here and here.

And the footage posted to Phil’s channel last night — that thing in the sky generating the insane lightning? — wow. Okay.

And Shadow of Ezra has some footage of intense lightning at the White House, and the lightning seems to be coming from the ground (?).

That’s what I mean by these insane storms we’ve been having this summer. They are ferocious and they seem unnatural. Not “nature-made”. That is why my PTSD is always getting triggered now. It is exhausting to live like this.


I was expecting a nice day off yesterday but that’s not what happened. The least of which — it was time to renew my Driver’s License and I was so excited to finally be rid of the truly horrific photo they took of me last time. HOWEVER… yes, that’s correct. They managed to take an even worse one this time. Seriously. Like, what is the deal? I have never looked like this in my life and now I am basically married to that photo for the next 4 years…

Then, in yesterday morning’s mail — a notice from my local tax bureau informing me that none of my local taxes have been filed for the last FOUR YEARS(!!).

I won’t say which online tax company I use, but unbeknownst to me, they didn’t file my local taxes for the last 4 years (plus they also didn’t file my state taxes for this past year, either. I found that out the hard way, too).

Luckily, I didn’t owe any local taxes, but I did have to dig out FOUR YEARS’ worth of tax paperwork and file for all four years yesterday afternoon. Thank God I save everything tax-related

I also spent time yesterday going over most of the materials for the Biomedis Trinity — a multi-frequency healing device — that the customer at work gave to me the other day to try out.

Essentially, it’s pretty straightforward & simple, but it does so many things that it’s actually complicated at the same time. Or, I should say, it’s complex. I spent a couple of hours going over the materials and still haven’t even used it yet. (Mostly, I want to see what it does for stress. It can alleviate PTSD, too.)

I still can’t get over that a total stranger gave me — another total stranger — a brand new never-opened $500 multi-frequency device to “try out” and let him know if it’s working….

(Does that seem a little suspicious to you? It does to me, too. But then I’m a Conspiracy Theorist…)

Well, anyway.

When I say that I find it a little frightening, what happened yesterday with the alleged Truthers — there were so many Truthers that I used to follow last year, but for various reasons stopped following them — most of them because of their comments about General Flynn. I didn’t think they were Deep State, I bascially just thought they were naive. Now I’m wondering if I was too generous toward them and they actually were Deep State.

Now, I follow about 3 actual people, plus several pseudonymous Q-related channels.

From Phil yesterday:

“What if I told you that 75% of “Truther” accounts are actually being run by Deep State employees.

Would you believe me?

Maybe you should start to expand your thinking.”


Oh, and FYI — Ashli Babitt was a psy-op. She never was Ashli Babbitt, she was an actress, and she didn’t die. You can ignore her “husband”.


From Q the Storm — he echoes something Code Monkey Z has been saying for awhile:

“Kari Lake wins the GOP Primary! Takes every county.

The more votes they count, the more come in for Lake. Like I said, it was a mathematic certainty based on the rest of the performance of the State.

This proves that the stall we have witnessed was a political one. There was ZERO reason for them to stop counting, not once but TWICE. It is a BLATANT attempt at fraud. And the extreme discrepancies between the mail-in vote and day-of vote clearly shows that fraud was attempted.

Katie Hobbs is compromised and needs to be arrested immediately.


This happened yesterday, too.

From Shadow of Ezra:

“Hot August Day Four”


This is kind of devastating.

From General Patton Q:

“In order for victims of Jeffrey Epstein to receive compensation from the Epstein Victim’s Compensation Program set up by his estate, they have to sign away their right to testify against Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Epstein Estate has paid out $125 million (so far) to about 150 individuals through this court-approved “voluntary compensation program”.

Meaning for slightly less than a million dollars a piece, they have silenced 150 witnesses that might have otherwise testified against Ghislaine Maxwell, or in one of the other 7 lawsuits still active against Epstein.

They are buying off victims.”


A news update from yesterday by RedPill 78:

Desantis Smackdown, Az Election Shenanigans, Colorado Update & FBI “Investigations” (33 mins):


Phil attempted to go live last night, but overhead aircraft — and maybe other stuff –were jamming his wifi.

He will attempt to do a livestream tonight, instead. At 10 PM Eastern. Check his channel later for updates.


Don’t forget!

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Klam, Austria tonight, and then in Gliwice, Poland on Sunday, August 7th. Buy tickets here!


And that’s it, gang. I’m exhausted. More storms coming today, tomorrow, Sunday.

Enjoy your Friday, wherever you are in the world!

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What Is Up With That??

Okay, gang. Still more Fog of War, all across the board.

Did you catch Phil’s live last night? What was up with that?

It was brief – especially if you don’t count the intro music that goes on for about 15 minutes. And it was super angry.

He is still adamantly predicting that there will be no elections this November. That all these primaries do not really matter, because it’s all still rigged.

Well, they matter, in that they are showing the world how many millions of people will vote for anyone & everyone that Trump endorses. But they don’t matter because the Supreme Court has already decertified the 2020 election for massive fraud, so everything is going to change drastically, really soon.

As far as the elections still being rigged — here where I live, it is now all paper ballots, there were no mail-in ballots sent out, and ID is always required. And I also have to wonder, if enough States (allegedly at least 46 of them) decertified their electors, then it means that the Legislatures in at least 46 States know that elections are “rigged”– so why have the Primaries happened at all? Illustrating a point of some kind?? Hmmmm….

So that’s kind of why I keep saying that all of this feels like a psy-op from the White Hats.

But this doesn’t —

I thought it was strange that Phil tried to illustrate his point about rigged primaries not meaning anything, by telling a story of a car and a large truck heading straight on toward each other on a one-lane highway, and the car gets basically obliterated.

Well, hmmmm.

From yesterday:

Shadow of Ezra:

“Hot August. Only day three.”

Indiana GOP Rep. Walorski, three others die in auto accident
The fatal Wednesday crash also killed the congresswoman’s aide Emma Thomson and two others, according to the sheriff’s office in Elkhart County, Ind.”

From President Trump:

“I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of my good friend, Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, her aide Emma Thomson, and community leader Zachery Potts. Jackie was a wonderful woman and an impassioned advocate for the people of Indiana. We worked together very closely, and I was privileged to know her for many years. May the families and loved ones of Jackie, Emma, and Zachery find comfort during this tragic time. They will be greatly missed!”

From Q the Storm:

BREAKING: GOP Congresswoman Jackie Walorski of Indiana has tragically been killed in a car crash.

Car crash or car kill?”

PERGRAM: Deceased GOP Rep. Jackie Walorski was traveling in a SUV going southbound when a northbound car went left of center and crashed head on into the SUV. Four people killed in all, Rep. Walorski, two aides and the driver of the other car also died.”


“April 29, 2022 President Trump Endorses Congresswoman Jackie Walorski for her 2022 re-election campaign.

Today she died in a car accident.

Sounds somewhat suspicious to me.”


Anyway. Here is Phil’s replay. It ends quite abruptly, too. The whole thing was sort of intense and strange.

Phil talks about the recent Republican victories in the primary elections, and why we shouldn’t be too quick to celebrate. (55 misn):


ASB Military pointed out something quite interesting:

“Amnesty International acknowledged Ukraine’s violations of military law. Experts noted that in 19 cities of Ukraine, as well as the DPR and LPR, the Ukrainian army installed and used military equipment directly from the territory of densely populated residential areas, without evacuating the civilian population.

USA Changing the narrative 🌚”


Perhaps it’s because we’re also supposed to watch Xi take out Taiwan now, and forget all about “standing with Ukraine”?


A few posts from Aquila — (and please keep in mind that Fancy Nancy has been under arrest since January 2021; she is followed by US Marshals wherever she goes, and even if she weren’t, why on Earth would she be making these alleged trips? It’s all “misdirection,” gang):

Here we go..🇰🇵⚡️🇰🇷

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will visit the heavily fortified Demilitarized Zone between the two Koreas during her trip to South Korea, an official says.”


Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense announced that China launched several Dongfeng ballistic missiles towards the northeastern and southwestern waters of Taiwan at 1:56 p.m. local time.”

“🇨🇳⚡️🇹🇼 From earlier today showing DF-15B medium rage ballistic missile fired by China.”

“🇹🇼⚡️🇨🇳 The Taiwanese army began to mobilize 155-mm howitzers M114 and 120-mm mortars closer to the areas of the exercises of the PLA.”

“🚨BREAKING – Five missiles launched by China during military drills near Taiwan fell into Japan’s exclusive economic zone, Japan defense chief says.”


Well, we’ve known since February 2021 that Xi would take out the DUMBs in Taiwan (hence all those many earthquakes) and then go in and remove the Deep State. If we’ve known for well over a year — and we aren’t acutally anybody — then I’m guessing Taiwan knew, too…


Dr. Reiner Fuellmich posted this very interesting video clip. It is only 5 minutes, very informative, and well worth investing those 5 minutes of your time.

The Elites Have a ‘Suicide Pact’ to Reduce the World’s Population
Fmr. Greenpeace President Dr. Patrick Moore

Former Greenpeace President discusses what Greenpeace has gradually become:


Chris Sky also had something very interesting to point out, this one is about UNESCO and the UN — (and you think the owner of this wee bonny blog you’re reading right now hasn’t been targetted for 2 years? you can effing guess again. Even in smalltown nowhere, they find you instantly….):

“We are winning so much with #justsayno and #unitednoncompliance the UN had an international summit “declaring war on conspiracy theories” we are going for WORLD WIDE NPC PSYOP. :D”


Update from QTSR:


The reason RT NEWS was blocked in many countries is because RUSSIA started DECLASSIFYING Intelligence reports that were gathered the past 22 years …. That starts with Bush,>OBAMA< HRC >>> HUNTER BIDEN<<<…. JOE

RUSSIAN Ministry starts declassifying more INTEL and reports world wide…. (There are
Several major countries that haven’t blocked RT NEWS and Russian channels > with BILLIONS of viewers!!!!)

Russian ministry of defense has currently gave full disclosure to several countries including inside EU military the REPORTS & DECLAS of BIDEN REGIMEN, OBAMA CONNECTED> GEORGE SOROS FOUNDATION< THAT HAS CREATED NUCLEAR ⚠️>WEAPONS IN UKRAINE.<

World money laundering schemes

And it’s all connected to HUNTER BIDEN running these labs with Rosemont Seneca in UKRAINE.

It’s getting closer WORLD EVENTS……”


And that’s it for right now.

The “news” is coming fast & furious, gang, but it ALL feels like a huge psy-op to me. Nevertheless, I will keep an eye on all of it.


Here’s a photo from Rastatt, Germany last night:

And don’t forget Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Klam, Austria tomorrow, Friday August 5th! Buy tickets here!


And, as always, this was incredibly informative!!

James Tabor: My Overview of the First 40 Years of the Jesus Movement (1 hr 20 mins):

And coming this fall, Dr.James Tabor will offer an online mini-course in The Gospel of Mark (1 minute):

All righty!!

Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world!!

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I leave you with– yes!! — Dusty Springfield, “Son of A Preacher Man”!! Enjoy!!