Yes, yes, I know…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been here. So much has been going on and all of it different from what is usually going on! I have been willing to post to the blog, but have had zero energy or focus.

In a nutshell: I accidentally overdosed on aspirin and almost died. I will go into detail about that on a separate post some other time, but I am totally all right now.

Then, 2 days after that, my biological grandfather did die. Not from an overdose of aspirin, but from being 93 years old and having had a full life. It was a lovely funeral and it was bittersweet to see my family again on such a sad occasion but in such lovely weather. My grandfather served in WWII and he had a military funeral, with a 21-gun salute. Very moving.

Here he is in France, at the Invasion of Normandy:

Oh, between overdosing and going to funerals, I did my beloved taxes and they were tryingly complicated this year. So many changes in my life in 2016. However, now the taxes are done and off in the mail and I couldn’t be merrier about that!

Then, more complications lurked on the horizon for my prized 2001 Mercury Sable LS Premium Sedan! So I finally bit the bullet, coughed up more of my savings, and leased a brand new white Honda Fit!

This is not mine, but this is what mine looks like!

2017 Honda Fit

It’s a really cute car, gets great gas mileage, and — unlike my beloved Mercury Sable — actually feels like it will stay in one piece when I’m driving it down the highway…

My storage unit, which is about 30 miles from here and contains about 95% of my life, needs to be emptied out before the first of next month (May) because the rates are going to skyrocket, so all of my belongings are somehow going to be stored with me here in the rental house in the Hinterlands, down in the basement.  Accomplishing this will be an interesting feat, but I also know it will be comforting to have all of my life back in one place, regardless of the fact that 95% of it will still be in boxes, piled down in the basement.

So! Life goes on. I am now back in that head space where I can tackle the writing projects again. Even while I have tried to get some writing done these last few weeks, it hasn’t been truly productive. But onward!!

Easter is fast approaching. I hope you all have great plans for celebrating the anniversary of the Resurrection. (Since I had my own quasi- Resurrection recently, I’ll just focus on that this year! Okay!!)

On that happy note, thanks for visiting, gang! See ya!

Happy Easter, dudes and dudettes!


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