At long last!

It looks like I have finally found a new house. We’re at least in contract. Still have the inspection and appraisal to do, but it all looks incredibly promising.

Naturally, this was the only remaining house left in 2 entire counties that was in my price range, and when I went out to see it, it was 18 degrees outside, snowing, and I had a really bad cold. So instead of being all “Yippee Ki Yi Yay!!” about them accepting my offer, I was thoroughly exhausted and felt, like, well, okay, that’s good. Excuse me while I go collapse.


If you think I’m in the Hinterlands now, wait until you see where I’m going to end up! It’s so beautiful out there, but it really is the middle of nowhere. The town has a population of about 1300 and was founded in 1827. The house I’m buying was built in 1901. But everything has been updated.

I am really quite happy, I’m just really tired. So, more details will follow as I get my equilibrium back. Meanwhile, thanks for visiting! See ya real soon.

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