Oh, and PS….

I just now remembered that Barnes & Noble refused to carry Neptune & Surf in any of its stores when the book first came out, all because of that story, “Gianni’s Girl.”

It offended their sensibilities that the story was an eroticized gangbang. They told my publisher that it was rape, however you looked at it, and they refused to sell it.  I could understand their point, of course, but I was devastated when my publisher called with the news — they were the hugest book chain in North America. Thankfully, Amazon was already around by then, so the book sold like hotcakes, regardless. And then Barnes & Noble not only carried the Blue Moon mass market edition of Neptune & Surf, but they also hired me to write 2 erotic romance novels exclusively for them, 3 years later. So everything, you know, well things change. Don’t they? Now gangbangs are all over the place.

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