Okay, Me Again

Okay, this information came to me by way of Peitor, who got it from one of his many friends on lockdown in Italy right now.

In case you haven’t seen this information anywhere else, I’ll summarize it here. This is stuff we should all be doing right now re: ridding ourselves of potential contamination of the virus and all of it seems pretty easy & straightforward to do.

(This information stems from Chinese doctors who have now done autopsies on people who have died from the virus.)

  • First, stop smoking for now — if at all possible. And do what you can to not get the flu — or anything else that will compromise your lungs.
  • Drink hot or warm beverages — stay away from cold drinks if possible. Drink coffee, tea, soup. And every 20 minutes, try to drink some warm water.
  • The virus lives in the throat for a couple of days so washing it down to the stomach right away is imperative. Gastric juices neutralize the virus. The virus will not harm you in your stomach — just in your lungs.
  • Animals to do transmit the virus.
  • Any type of foaming soap, detergent, shampoo kills the virus. However, it lives for up to 9 days on metal or stainless steel surfaces. So wipe down door knobs and handrails, faucets, etc.
  • The virus attaches to clothing and hair. Do not sit down on your furniture when you come inside. Change clothes right away, and shower right away if possible. Also, wash clothes daily. If you can’t afford to run the dryer every day, drying the clothes outdoors in direct sunlight will also kill the virus.
  • Gargle with salt water, or vinegar in water, every day.

And if you feel a sore throat coming on, drink the hot beverages and do the gargling right away — to move the germs out of your throat and down into your stomach.

And of course, keep washing your hands and stop touching your face! I love you guys. Stay well. See ya!


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