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Awesome Neighbors here in the hinterlands!

Well, I must say that living out here in the non-suburban hinterlands of Ohio continues to reveal its many charms!

Not only do I get to drive past a couple of alpaca farms every day (and alpacas are serious cuties, gang!) (There’s even a local farm in need of someone to help feed and take care of a herd pf alpacas for a couple hours every morning — and me being the somewhat insane and very animal friendly person that I am, I was actually trying to figure out how I could fit that into my crazy schedule every day because I would love hanging out with alpacas but reason overruled my insanity).

Alpacas in the snow
Alpacas in the snow

Anyway. Not only do I get to drive past alpaca farms every day, but it also snowed here this weekend — a couple of inches — and it didn’t snow “in town.”  Just flurries. Yay for the hinterlands!

Loyal readers of this lofty blog will no doubt recall that I love snow.  So I was thrilled that it snowed yesterday, all morning, then snowed again during the night. HOWEVER, when I awoke early this morning and managed to drag myself out of bed, I realized I was going to have to shovel the driveway.  Yeegads! I did not want to do this because I am currently in a state of constant exhaustion. I was leaning heavily toward just letting it go and not shoveling the snow at all and hoping that it would simply melt away somehow later in the day, all of its own accord — when I, yet again, have to drive back into town.

I went about my usual morning tasks of feeding the cats, making breakfast, drinking coffee… And as the morning drifted on, each time I went to the kitchen for more coffee, out the various windows, I would notice a neighbor here and there, already out in the 25 degree weather, shoveling their driveways, making me feel guilty…

But moments ago, when I got up from my desk and went back into the kitchen for yet more coffee, I noticed 2 neighbors across the street, vigorously shoveling snow, and I saw that nearly every driveway on the street had already been shoveled and I thought, Okay now, people, this is seriously crazy behavior! I am too tired to drop everything so early, get bundled up in arctic gear and go out and start shoveling! But I also didn’t want to be the sole lazy person on the street with noticeable snow still in my drive… Darn it!

But then, suddenly, out my large living room window, what did I finally see? My entire driveway had already been shoveled for me, and all the snow had been brushed off of my beloved 2001 Mercury Sable LS Premium Sedan!! Then I realized that those “2 neighbors shoveling vigorously” were actually shoveling everyone’s driveway! All up and down the street. OMG! How awesome is that??!!

Needless to say, I am adding them to my Christmas list pronto! As soon as I find out who they are…

Okay, gang, have a happy snowy Sunday, wherever you are!! I leave you with this — not that it’s a Christmas song in any way, but I’ve been singing it a lot lately, so I regale you with it here. Okay, see ya! Thanks for visiting!