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Some of my favorite days are coming!

I was hoping to celebrate my return to this blog by posting a spiffy selfie of me in my brand new Marilyn Monroe glasses! However… when I went to pick them up this morning, the prescription in the left eye was off so they won’t be really ready for another week or so. But they did look great on me for a couple moments!

Well — welcome October! My favorite month of the year. And fall is my favorite season.

I love when the leaves turn, and I even love the gloomy days when it rains — like today. There is something about an autumn rain that is just so pretty, in my opinion. And last night, the absolute moment I came home from my pastoral hospital visitation training, the world cracked open with a really impressive thunderstorm.  It kept storming for quite awhile, so I turned out the lights,  lit candles, and crawled into my really comfy bed with Bunny. We listened to old Jack Benny radio programs by candlelight while the wind and the rain did their blustery autumnal thing outside…

Copyright Georgeta Blanaru
Copyright Georgeta Blanaru

I love listening to old Jack Benny radio programs. They are so silly.  Back when Hubert Selby, Jr. was still alive, we used to write letters (yes, old fashioned, hand-written letters — he was a muse of mine and I was very lucky to have known him in the last decade or so of his life). We both loved listening to Jack Benny. If you know his work, and know my earlier work, you will probably find it unlikely that we both loved someone as silly as Jack Benny. But we did. Oh, and we also both love(d) cats.

Okay, so.

There are many reasons for my long absence from here. I won’t go into all of them because some of them were really sad. But it is sufficient to say that here I am, back at it, and also taking another course in school — winding down to the final course, which starts right after Thanksgiving. I am actually liking the new course, even though I was expecting to hate it.  I took one look at the cover of the textbook and decided the course was going to be unendurable, but, as so often is the case when we judge a book by its cover, I was wrong! The book is really good. (The course is on teaching Christian education.)

Some of my other news is that, once the developers take over my property and tear down my house, I am moving back to New York! Mostly because I have so many theater-writing jobs lined up that it makes sense to move back there, plus 99% of my friends still live there, along with “the guy” I would like to live closer to (to put it cryptically). I am not going to live in the city, though; I am going to be a commuter from the truly lovely Hudson Valley area! (Somewhere between the Beekman Arms and the old Roosevelt home.) I am also going to be buying my first 4 wheel drive vehicle, since I will be living in the foothills of the Catskill mountains. I have my heart set on a Jeep Commander! I will be sad to say goodbye to my trusty and rusty old 1997 (!!) Toyota Camry because it gets such incredibly great mileage. But, I guess the next (last) half of my life is destined to be entirely different, so here we go…

The Catskills in Autumn
The Catskills in Autumn

I guess I will close now and relax a little before trying to tackle that darn TV pilot re-write that is really plaguing me these days. Hope you’ve had a really great Tuesday, wherever you are and whatever the weather is doing! Thanks for visiting, gang. See ya’ real soon!