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Okay, very quick update!

The market in town was completely stocked with everything— except my favorite dark chocolate. Still sold out of that one. But they had absolutely everything else, even plenty of toilet paper: 12 rolls per pack; limit one pack per customer.

And on the main road outside of the market — plenty of cars in long lines at the restaurant-type places where, by law, only carry-out is available for now.  So the people here are still supporting the people here. And, in preparation for Spring, there were tons of “Help Wanted” and “Now Hiring” signs everywhere at other kinds of non-restaurant places.

Along the highway, there were cows dotting the extremely sunny-though-chilly hillside — including frolicking calves, playing happily with each other. The Wakatamika Creek flooded because of all the recent rain, but it always floods, so no one cares. However, I saw a mommy duck floating with a bunch of happy ducklings in a flooded ditch near the road.

And guess what else??!! Yeah, this (I could not fucking believe it, guys!):

Gas price today in Crazeysburg! $1.79 per gallon  for regular gas!