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I will be back in a minute, meanwhile…

It’s still really early here. I’m getting ready to meditate and will blog for real  in a bit, but I wanted to share these 2 photos of what it looks like outside in the fog right now. It’s so cool!

I made them black & white. I don’t know if you can really see just how dense the fog is.  But here’s a view from the window at the top of the stairs, and one of my neighbor’s yard, taken from one of the windows in the upstairs bathroom.


A very lovely day

These are the trees in the side view mirror of my car.

I just thought this looked so beautiful.

Plus I like how they’re  also reflected in the outside of my (grown up) car and the car window. Just so much color.

The wind died down and it’s just a  really lovely day here.  The sun finally came out after just tons of October rain.

I’m not writing today. Getting extremely excited about the writing that’s coming this week, though — I can feel it coming. For the play, I mean. I can see it in my mind’s eye.

I guess I’m not really blogging today.  I hope it’s been a good Sunday wherever you are in the world, filled with beauty, insights, maybe? For some reason, my day has just been beautiful even though I’m kind of tired.

I leave you with this, what I’m listening to — just stunning. To go with my mood. Thanks for visiting, gang, brief as it was today. I love you guys. See ya.


Home again, home again, jiggedy-jig!

Wow!!!!! My entire house is so darn CLEAN!!! It feels fantastic.

Alas, my mom got picked up sooner than expected so even though I made it home in exactly 9 hours, she was already long gone. But she left me such a sweet letter.  I will miss her.

Here’s my incredibly tidy room!

There is, like, not a speck of dust or stray strand of cat hair in this incredibly tidy room… 4:58 PM Crazeysburg Ohio