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The Homecoming!

No, not this one (although I really, really loved it a lot when I was 11 years old):

The first “episode” of The Waltons: The Homecoming, 1971

But, rather, my little family of raccoons (!!) came back to the maple tree outside my bedroom window this morning.

About 10 days ago, the little cubs were old enough to leave the hollow of the tree, and the mommy racoon took them off to go adventuring. I thought I might not see any of them again until the Fall.

But, around 7 AM this morning,  suddenly they were all back in the tree and just as cute as could be! So playful. And still no damage to my roof, so — YAY.

I think it’s  true, that out here in the country there are lots more interesting things for raccoons to get into than to spend time destroying my roof. (See a post down below somewhere re: how destructive the adorable raccoons were to my old house in “the city.”)

On another note…

I wish I could have gotten a photo of that full moon last night for you!  It was unbelievably breathtaking — so huge, way off in the distance, cresting on the hillside in the darkness, overlooking the miles and miles and miles of farms in the valley. I was driving alone, out on an old two-lane highway here in the Hinterlands.  It was pitch dark out except for that amazing rose-hued moon (and a bunch of fireflies).

I’m guessing you probably saw the moon yourself, wherever you are in the world. But something about beauty and human nature; you want to capture it somehow and share it with everybody, even if they’ve already seen it with their own eyes!

Okey-dokey. I gotta get back to the manuscript, gang.  It’s going good, but I’m at one of those junctures where I don’t have a freakin’ clue what happens next, so I’ve gotta sit here patiently and stare at the blank page. Eventually the characters will wake up and tell you what you need to know. It’s best to be paying attention when that happens!

So, have a splendid Saturday, wherever it takes you, folks! Thanks for visiting. See ya.

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