Sunday Morning in Crazyland!

It is a really gorgeous fall morning here today, gang.

I’ll tell you, Crazyland looks good in any season.  I open my eyes in the morning, look outside the window and even though it’s usually still dark outside, I say, “Man, it’s beautiful here.” It never ceases to amaze me. To thrill my soul. To make me so darn happy that I didn’t die a year ago last spring (my weird accidental aspirin overdose that weirdly occurred 2 days before my grandfather died out of the blue) and that I lived long enough to move to this blessed & crazy town and really experience it in all its wonder.

It’s the character of this quirky town – and all its ghosts that just sort of hang out and walk around.  Sometimes I stand at my kitchen window when night comes and it’s like I can actually see those ancient giants who used to live around here, 2000 years ago. (They were around 12 feet tall – some even taller.) It’s like I can see them literally coming down Basin Street under the street lights. I have to blink and look real hard to know for sure they’re not there.

Okay, well, I’ve had my Holy Communion for the week. This time, as a refreshing change of pace, I did not have a ton of stuff to apologize for. I actually had a pretty good week.  As soon as I gave up trying to stop using the f-word (constantly), my long list of sins became super short.

But, seriously, I did have a good week.  I feel extremely good about that revision I turned in for the TV pilot, and I hope to hear back re: notes maybe as early as tomorrow.  I’m not going to kid myself, but it sure would be nice if he said, “Wow, great job! No need to change a single, solitary WORD.” We’ll see. He does always have good insights, though. So if he wants a change, I know it will be a good one.

I did use quite a few flashbacks in the pilot episode, which is a big no-no. Frankly, though, Riverdale used tons of flashbacks and I thought they were so cool, so I went ahead and did what I felt my revised story was asking for. But we shall see, gang.

In the meantime, I’m gonna get crackin’ on all this cat hair around here! My birth mother is coming this week!

Okay, enjoy your Sunday! And thanks for visiting. See ya!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning in Crazyland!”

  1. Loved reading this! You write beautifully. Reading your words makes me envious of how successful you are at writing!
    Great work

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