The Merry Winds of Winter – On their way!!

One of the things I truly love about living in a really old, drafty house is how impossible it is to heat it!! Yay!!

Now that it’s getting below freezing every night, with snow flurries even, my furnace kicks on, and kicks on, and kicks on … And still struggles to get that thermostat up.

Down in my really scary-looking, unfinished, 117-year-old basement, it’s nice and toasty warm! The spiders are luxuriating in all that Florida-like balminess down there. Too bad I have no desire to spend even 60 seconds down there with them.  I’d much rather be upstairs where only the hardiest of spiders reside this time of year!

But, man, it’s cold in here.

They still haven’t come to put in my insulation and so all this heat that the furnace keeps tossing up at me is just going right through the walls, out into the great and frosty outdoors.

All righty! That said…

I apologize profusely for my really sarcastic post the other day because the producer did get back to me before he went on his vacation, and he said that my revisions on the TV pilot were the best yet. Really positive. I am so happy, gang.

I will still have some minor tweaks and revisions, but I am just really happy.  I made some really significant changes to the script this time, and, honestly, I had no clue how they were going to be received.

So there you have it: trust your gut and just go with it, gang. Write like the wind!!

Okay! Have a terrific Saturday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting! Stay toasty! See ya.

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