Indescribably Awesome Meeting!

The meeting with the director was AMAZING! I am so blessed, gang. This show is gonna happen. I will keep you posted.

We are aiming to do the first staged reading in April. So there is so much breathing room here and it also gives Sandra the time to do an important role up in Canada. So everything is awesome.

I am at Lincoln Center — quite early, for some reason. I walked and it was a lot closer than I thought it was. Anyway my seat is in the 4th row of the Orchestra but there are 3 rows in front of the 4 so what is that??? I’m actually in the 7th row but for some reason, they don’t want to call it that.

Okay, well anyway. Gonna turn off my phone now. Yes, the one I said I wasn’t gonna bring…. Have a super Saturday night, wherever you are in the world, gang! I love you guys!! See ya! ❤️


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