Just the Most Perfect Day!

Now that I’m willing to allow myself to believe it’s really fall, it is just the most perfect day.

The sun is shining but there is a chill in the air, and the house is sort of freezing. Yay! I’m still wearing my favorite summer (cotton) jammies at night, and still have the summer (cotton) sheets on the bed because it is still getting into the 70s Fahrenheit during the daytime, but last night, I brought out the winter blanket and threw it on top of the summer stuff.

Me in my favorite summer PJs, but, oddly, I’m wearing them last December in Peitor’s bathroom in West Hollywood…

Last night, I slept the best sleep I’ve slept in a while. Only one window in my bedroom slightly open. Everything else in the house closed up. So, now, there are no sounds. no crickets, no cicadas, no birds. Just intense quiet.

I miss summer and the racket of all the earth, but the quiet is kind of nice.

I won’t turn the furnace on until it gets a lot colder. But I am looking forward to switching to the downstairs bathroom! I use that shower all during the winter months because the upstairs bathroom is really, really old. It was added onto the house back when it very first got indoor plumbing, back in the 1920s or 1930s, and there is no heating vent in there. The downstairs bathroom is much more modern and actually has heat…

Anyway. I like seasonal traditions, in general. And so now, here in the Hinterlands, in my 118-year-old house, that has become my autumnal tradition: switching bathrooms.

Pretty exciting!!

I had a really, really cool dream last night! One of those sex & love dreams! I was in love with some guy and we had sex, but I cannot for the life of me, remember who he was or what he even looked like. I can only remember the presence of him. A warmth. Like, a body warmth. There was also a woman in the dream who came on to me. For some unfortunate reason, I totally remember who she was. Not that she was unpleasant, but in the dream, I wasn’t in love with her, I was in love with the guy. But more importantly the guy was actually in love with me!

This is sort of unheard of in real life, so that’s why it’s doubly disappointing that I can’t really remember the dream…

But I do remember, vividly, that he made me really happy. So I guess recalling the feeling is good enough.

Here’s something extremely interesting!! The other day, I discovered (you are going to think I am so weird, but this only proves to you how extremely focused I am on work, and on writing, and on living at my desk), anyway, I discovered that all of my underarm hair has turned completely silver.

I was astonished by this.  Not just because it’s gone silver, but you’d think I would have noticed it before it had all entirely changed to a new color. I mean, I do shave my underarms. But I guess I just don’t ever really look at it. I mean, it’s not something I even think about. It’s automatic. I’ve been shaving my underarms for, like, 50 years. Well, maybe I didn’t start shaving at age 9. But  let’s just say something really close to 50 years.

Anyway. It was just weird. To say I am preoccupied with the world in my mind is now, I guess, officially an understatement.

Oh, and yesterday!! The best bathroom scale came into my world.

Back before I went to NY, my old bathroom scale finally broke. So I threw it out. At that point, I had put on 2 or 3 pounds, which I was making a mental note of getting rid of. But then I went to NYC and forgot about it. And then the other day, I noticed my pants felt a little tight, which usually means I’ve put on close to 5 pounds. So, posthaste, I bought another digital scale. Just to make sure that nothing got out of control.

The scale arrived and, lo & behold, it told me I had put on 8 pounds!! Whoa. I was not happy. I could not imagine what I might be eating that could make me gain 8 pounds. But I was at least glad I’d bought the scale when I did.

And then this morning, a mere 24 hours later, I got back on the scale and it told me I’d lost 9 pounds!!! Yay! Best scale ever. I reached my goal weight in 24 hours!!

Fuck, yes! I am keeping this scale!!

(I did actually get on it a couple more times, and it keeps hovering around that goal weight, so I’m guessing that the first time I used it, I probably had not actually gained 8 pounds…)

Still, what a great morning, right? A love & sex dream, followed by losing 9 pounds!! And beautiful weather, to boot.

Okay! Tonight & tomorrow night, Nick Cave is in Austin, TX doing his In Conversation on the Austin City Limits thing. (Does this mean that at some point we can watch it on TV?) (I don’t actually have TV so that doesn’t help. Of course, I’ve upgraded my iPhone, got a new laptop, got a new car, all within the last few months — I suppose I can just go out and get a new TV, too! Why the fuck not??) (Because I really, really need to fix my barn… I really do. I have the coolest 111- year-old barn. But it needs to be painted and it needs a new roof. And I never watch TV….)

Anyway. I guess we’ll see. (And I am really, really loving that Ghosteen. Gosh, it’s beautiful. I wish I understood it. I just don’t. But the songs are so beautiful.)

Okay. I’m gonna go drink a cup of tea. And think about life. And get back to work!! Thanks for visiting, gang. Enjoy what’s left of your Saturday, wherever you are in the world!! I leave you with a really rockin’ song from my sweet bonny girlhood. I was 6 when I got this album!! I absolutely adored it. (And I was born on a Friday, so you have to listen to the end to find out what Friday’s child is like!!) All righty. I love you guys. See ya!

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