Excerpt 4: Girl in the Night: Erotic Love Letters to the Muse

Excerpt 4 is sort of like an intermission, in the style of a Litany. It is still in progress, so excuse typos if there are any!!

Excerpt 4:  Girl in the Night: Erotic Love Letters to the Muse. Contains sexually graphic material which will be inappropriate for some readers.  Please be forewarned. (Approx. 2 pages.)

Litany (One): The Girl Goes Down
For His Mercy Endures Forever

O give thanks    in those days, the land he came from was called Yugoslavia and he worked for the Soviets. In secret. In New York. Gathering, gathering. Information, all the time. From everywhere. From everyone. In my room at night, on my bed, he was the first man I knew who liked to be on top during 69. It was what I liked best about him. Flat on my back, my throat open – his cock went right down. And he never lost track of my clit. Even when he was coming. He made it easy for me to swallow it. I could come like crazy then. His cock down my throat. His mouth on my clit. I was 25, 26 – something like that. It was heaven, to come like that – with my legs wrapped tight around his back.

For his mercy endures forever.

O give thanks    two of them, now. Was I 46? We were all in our 40s. Single. We did it a lot. We liked one another. Well enough. In my house, my room. My bed. Flat on my back. My knees to my tits. The one between my legs is bitching about the condom. It doesn’t fit right. It’s annoying – to me, I mean. He won’t quit fussing with it and I’m so ready to fuck. The other one is backed up onto my face and I’m giving him a rim job. He loves rim jobs and so I love giving them to him. He’s holding my thighs apart to help the other one put his cock in my ass. I could be happy, if the other would quit bitching about the condom. The one with his ass in my face says, “just put it in.” “I can’t, this thing isn’t on right.” “Just put it in her ass. She wants it in her ass, come on.” “Just shut up.” “No, you shut up.” They’re arguing again. The mood is blown. “Will you both shut up? You’re arguing like little kids.” They were always arguing like children, like brothers.

For his mercy endures forever.

O give thanks     David Bowie’s Pinups is on the record player. I’m 13. The boy with me is the love of my life. A child, really. Like me. It’s a new skill I’ve learned – just two days prior. And I can’t wait to show him. It’s his first blowjob. We’re both very excited. We’re trying it. It’s working. But then, suddenly, he comes in my mouth. I wasn’t expecting that. He wasn’t expecting that. I’m stuck there – I don’t know what to do. Nobody had warned me about this part. I didn’t want to be rude. So I swallowed it. He looked at me. And I said, “Um. Excuse me.” And I left the room abruptly. Went into the bathroom and shut the door. Stood there. Looked down at the sink. Wondered if there was something I was supposed to do. But it didn’t come back up or anything.

For his mercy endures forever.

O give thanks     I’m 14. The man is fresh from prison. I like him. I’m giving him a blowjob on a Friday night. It’s summertime. He runs his fingers through my hair while his dick is in my mouth. He’s so gentle. He says, “Where on earth did you learn how to do this? You’re good at it, you know?” My heart was in it – kind of. For the moment.

For his mercy endures forever.

O give thanks      I’m 27. He’s 35. Working on a Dissertation at Columbia University. He’s a Physicist, from Cameroon.  He’s nice. Very gentle. We’ve had two dates. He wants to make love. I go to his room and we kiss. He has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. I’m scared of it. I want to leave. “Don’t go,” he whispers. “Don’t leave. You’re so beautiful. Don’t go.” I stay. I undress again. I cannot even get my mouth around it. Eventually, we just lie down to go to sleep. He has a very narrow bed. We cuddle. He says, “It’s all right. You’ll get used to it. All the girls are like this, at first.” (He was right. I did get used to it. I loved his cock. I would somehow get it into my mouth; at least suck on the head of it. And he would lie back and whisper: Oh baby.)

For his mercy endures forever.

O give thanks      I’m 24. He’s 21. He’s my boyfriend. But we fight about everything – except sex. He has the perfect cock. He really does. And he worships my pussy, which is just so nice. I’m straddling him, for 69. I’m sucking his perfect cock, which I love to do. I never get tired of having his dick in my mouth. But right now, my soaking pussy is planted on his face and he’s got a firm grip on my hips – keeping me planted there on his mouth. His tongue is going for my clit and I can’t move. His grip on my hips is tight. I’m trying to be fair; trying to keep sucking his cock. I don’t want to be a glutton for all the delirium. But he’s holding my clit captive – it’s at the mercy of his tongue. His tongue is right up in the stiff little hood, wiggling it like crazy. He won’t stop, won’t let me go. I’m stuck there; my whole world becomes my clit and his tongue. I am finally forced to give up on his cock. I’m gasping out all sorts of inanities: oh god oh god fuck jesus god oh shit. And I come right in his face.

For his mercy endures forever.

O give thanks     I’m 20. He’s 40. Italian. He makes love to me. Like a grown man, who’s been around and knows what he doesn’t want. His wife is dead. She jumped from their window, timing it so that he would be coming around the corner shortly after she hit the pavement. His heart shattered when he saw her body on the sidewalk on E. 66th Street. It took him four years to kiss a woman again. That woman was me. He kissed my whole body, made love to it in every position. It was easy to suck his cock, to really suck it; his body was full of passion for me. I wanted him to come in my mouth but he wouldn’t. He wanted to lie down on me and come up inside me, instead. Fucking him was heaven. We made a baby.

For his mercy endures forever. He alone does great wonders.  He led his people through the wilderness. He parted the Red Sea.  O give thanks   Time is a mystery. Your cock in my mouth – it could define the future. He laid out the Earth above the waters. He made great lights. The sun to rule by day; the moon and stars to rule by night. Your cock could define the future – it could. Stars, sun, moon – all of it. For his mercy endures forever.    O give thanks.

© – 2019 Marilyn Jaye Lewis
Girl in the Night: Erotic Love Letters to the Muse

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