It Couldn’t Be More Like Fall Today If It Tried!

That’s a photo of my front door from last fall, but it looks exactly the same this year, so I’ll be lazy and not photograph it again!

(This is the same front door that hasn’t been opened in about 40 years or more. I’m not exaggerating, either. I’m thinking that maybe next time my sister comes to visit, I’ll ask her to pry it open. It might be fun to have a front door that works. Right now, it’s just a haven for spiders.)

It is so like fall today here in Crazeysburg, gang. Rain. Wet, dead leaves all over the sidewalks and in the street.  Temperatures in the low 40s Fahrenheit. In short, it’s kind of a beautiful morning.

Wow, well it looks like Nick Cave’s Conversation in Seattle was a really good one! Not only were there a number of photos uploaded to Instagram last night, but they uploaded the photos, like, moments after the show ended and all the comments were intense and sort of sublime. Only 2 more shows and the US part of the Conversations will be over. I just can’t believe how fast that went. It makes me more than a little sad.

All right, well. Yesterday was interesting. I did manage to join that other extreme dating site but had problems again with my profile loading correctly. I do think this is because the Universe, in general, wants me to stop going on these dating sites that yield, you know, basically nothing. So I’m not sure why I keep doing it, and I’m not sure why I never seem able to get my profile stuff to upload correctly.

But anyway, I clearly stated that I was looking to meet sub women and got an unending amount of emails from men, long into the night. Which, I guess, is actually kind of nice but I’m not looking for that. So I’m guessing I’ve wasted my time yet again, but whatever. We’ll just see.

It’s too bad so many people got murdered by meeting on Craigslist because I had the best luck with Craigslist, for years. Back then, I was primarily dating couples, and there were just tons of couples on Craigslist who always actually lived nearby. But then couples became complicated. And I don’t want to sound too disparaging about my own fair sex, but it was always the women-half of the couples that got complicated. It really was. They got needy, emotional, manipulative;  no longer trusting what my motives were. My god, it was like walking on eggs all the time. You know, if I was looking to fall in love with a man and ride off into the sunset with him, I don’t think that dating married couples would be my chosen strategy. Unless, of course, I was seeking an indescribably complicated life.

Anyway. I digress.

So. Yesterday. I began writing about Thug Luckless!! (See yesterday’s post about the Wu Tang Clan name generator.) Oh my god, it was so much fun!! I’m writing under a pen name, because I’m just going to sell it as porn, but he is just a really, really fun character. He’s an AI sex robot in a post-Apocalyptic town, whose owner died so he’s now just this lone sex robot, walking the streets, programmed to fuck women sort of eternally because now he has no owner and so there is no one left who knows how to turn him off.

The town is called P-Town because all the indoor plumbing has failed and so anyone left in the town just pisses in the gutters out in the street. And the sun never shines there because an eternal thick smog hangs over everything. Your basic post-Apocalypse kind of thing.

But Thug is sort of a sad, thoughtful kind of loner sex bot — who smokes, but his cigarette is never lit because he doesn’t know how to do that part.  Most of the men in the town died in the factory meltdown thingie that caused the Apocalypse, and so the forgotten women who are left in P-Town are just these grey, jaded, attention-starved women. They prefer actual men when they can get one, but they still go with Thug because he’s always out there, wandering the streets, programmed for sex and to always be agreeable to everything.

It’s really fun. Oh my gosh.  And it’s just a vehicle for porn — it won’t hold up to the scrutiny of any sort of time-honored storytelling principles, or anything. So I can just sort of sail through it without having to think too much or craft the story arc or anything.

Even though my story is really trashy, my inspiration for it was Marjorie Prime. I really found that movie so captivating — the ideas underlying it, and then how, at the end, the AI robotic characters outlast their humans and so stay eternally young, just reminiscing amongst themselves in the empty house, with their programmed thoughts & programmed memories because there is no one left alive to turn them off. Their owners all died of old age.

Anyway, that was my impetus for Thug Luckless. And that’s what I spent most of yesterday writing about. (And, of course, that only magnifies the problem with me and dating sites — or dating, in general. The places my mind goes to, whether or not it’s pornographic — most of the rest of the nearby world sort of pales in comparison to that. It can get hard for me to maintain even simple conversations.)

Okay. I gotta get going here today.  I have to work on the PLAY!!!! Gotta give Thug some time to cool down… Have a super Saturday wherever you are in the world!! I leave you with a sort of theme song for Thug Luckless, as he endlessly walks the streets of P-Town. Thanks for visiting, gang!! I love you guys. See ya.

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