Getting Ready for Christmas, Round 2!!

Today, I will endeavor to summon the necessary energy to finish decorating that darn tree!

I cannot believe how exhausted I was yesterday. By the time I opened all the boxes to see all the Christmas stuff I had packed away 3 years ago… I sat on the floor of the dining room, I looked up at my mom and said really breathlessly & overwhelmed-ly, “Where am I going to put all this stuff?”

She just looked at me non-committal-ly and said nothing.

Yes, I know — I’m making up words today. But sometimes only non-words will suffice!

Well, it was really cool to see all that stuff and to suddenly remember that I owned it, but truly, I have no room for most of it. For any of it that doesn’t actually go onto the tree. So it’ll be interesting. and the only thing that was broken in all those boxes that had been stored and moved and stored and moved again, and then stored here in the new house — the only thing that was broken was, of course,  my very favorite Christmas coffee mug that I bought at Macy’s in NYC, at Christmas 1981.

Absolutely everything else survived unscathed, including a lot of little highly breakable things that only cost me maybe a dollar and held no sentimental value at all. So that was a little disheartening. My mom said to just glue the cup back together and set it out as a little keepsake/reminder. But I wonder if it just means I need to move on? I just don’t know. Do I really need a practically 40-year-old broken Christmas coffee mug? My memories from those years are in good working order; not sure I need some sort of reminder

Well, for now, it’s sitting on the kitchen counter, until I can figure it out for sure.

In keeping with the coffee theme — my mom made me open one of my Christmas gifts yesterday because it was a can of my very favorite coffee of all time:

Related image

So I am in heaven this morning. I haven’t bought Chock Full o’ Nuts in months because I have to go to a particular store to get it — they don’t sell it at the market where I normally shop. And at the local dollar store here in Crazeysburg, they sell the original Maxwell House, which was Tom Petty’s favorite coffee. So, god knows, it’s preferable to drink his favorite coffee over my own actual favorite…

Anyway, really what I am is overworked as well as lazy, so I haven’t bought my favorite coffee since the summertime. I was really thrilled when my mom made me open that present…

And my sister — thinking back to September when I got lost in all those cornfields and it took my mom and my brother an hour of driving around, trying to find me — my sister bought me a GPS for Christmas…

I haven’t opened any of my other gifts, though. I want to wait until at least the tree is up.

For lunch today, we are heading to my veritable home-away-from home, the Granville Inn!

Image result for the granville inn
The Granville Inn, Granville Ohio. Next to my actual home, it’s kind of my favorite place in the world.

Then its back here, to finish the tree (I hope!). And then, once the sun goes down, if it’s not too cold, we want to walk over to 3rd Street and look at all the Christmas lights on the houses over there. That’s the main road through Crazeysburg, so all the houses over there are done up with a ton of lights.

All righty! I’m gonna scoot! Gonna get more coffee and hang out with my mom at the kitchen table. Have a terrific Tuesday! Thanks for visiting, gang! I love you guys. See ya.

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