She Seems Sort of Opinionated, Don’t You Think?

I’m not sure why this bothers me so much. Well, I know why it bothers me so much: it just feels like yet another way to make money off of Tom Petty.

There’s a new release now (and a video that one of Tom’s daughters directed) where sons of famous musicians (plus Willie Nelson) did a cover of a song Tom Petty wrote that never got released in his lifetime. It got released earlier this year, on the Geffen double-album, “The Best of Everything.”

The song is called, “For Real,” and I have a hard time listening to that song just generally. It makes me sad and it also sort of makes me uncomfortable. I almost never play it and if it comes on the stream or the CD player, I almost always skip over it. Plus I just don’t think it’s a really strong song — almost too personal, in a way.  And a few months back, when I read on one of his daughters Instagram feeds that this was in the works, I wondered why this specific song? And it felt to me like just a way to make more money since a.) Tom Petty can’t write any new songs from where he’s at now — or at least not songs that it would be easy for us to hear; and b.) I think there’s some sort of legal stuff going on between his 2nd wife and his daughters that’s holding up the production of a Wildflowers Part 2, which allegedly has a ton of previously unreleased songs on it that will probably sell through the roof and make everybody that much richer if they can get past fighting each other in court.

I know, I sound a little bit nasty about it— and I do remember reading, in an interview not long before he died, that he wanted to release those songs that didn’t make it into the first (massively huge-selling) Wildflowers from 1994. So it’s not that I don’t believe he wanted those other song’s released. It’s just this specific song project that feels to me like his heirs making money off of him posthumously however they can…

Anyway. Such is my opinion on that.  I don’t know why I don’t just quit following these things on Instagram that perplex me or upset me or that leave me with too many unanswerable questions that I can’t quit pondering…!!

Something else happened that bothered me a whole big bunch, too. Something I overheard today that wasn’t any of my business but it just pushed all my buttons.

It involved a young guy I really just adore— from a distance. He’s the kind of guy that, if I’d been able to have a son, I would have wanted him to be just like this young guy. He’s smart, funny, independent, off the wall. (Once, I overheard him say the funniest thing. He was really frustrated about something— I don’t know what — and he spluttered out, “Jesus, I haven’t been able to get any peace since ‘Nam!” I thought that was so fucking funny. You know, he was born around 40 years after that war ended, and of course Vietnam has the reputation of having been nothing remotely close to being peaceful in any way. Why would he think to blurt that out? Just too cute.)

Anyway, this angry girl was verbally abusing him in this psychotic way and it totally reminded me of how my adoptive mother used to talk when she was on one of her psychotic soapboxes. It made my skin crawl. On the outside, this young girl seemed so pretty and “normal.” Then this rampage of ugliness came out of her mouth and then she went stalking off in a self-righteous huff. It made me feel so bad for the guy. All my maternal instincts just came rushing to the surface; I was just horrified by that girl because she reminded me so much of my adoptive mother. And I realized that I wanted to protect him from all the garbage in this world, but there’s not really a darn thing I can do about it.

Other than that, I’ve had just a really good energy day. I woke up chipper and happy and full of joy and hope. (And chocolate!! I need to get a grip on all this holiday indulgence pretty soon…..) I just think 2020 is going be such a great year, gang. I really do. And I can’t wait for Christmas, even though I’m just going to be alone with the cats and I don’t believe it’s really going to snow, but I know I’m just going to have a really sacred and beautiful day.

I hope you guys are gearing up for a lovely Christmas, too,  if that’s what you celebrate. I leave you with the song I was listening to all morning — a song that makes me feel so in love. Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya.


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