Okay, Now It’s Getting Stupid

Whoa. Talk about feeling the burn. The new Booty Core workout is now inching into the realm of getting stupidly hard, however, I am sticking with it and doing the best I can.

I still feel great when I’m finished, but, man. Who thinks up this shit? And who needs, you know, a booty that intense? Pas moi!! I’m okay with just having a butt. Well, I mean, I wouldn’t want someone telling me that my butt is really boring. Still, you know, if anyone on Earth is noticing my butt at all anymore, I’m gonna just call that my lucky day!!!!

But I do want to stress that I do feel really good afterwards so I’m glad I’m doing this. It’s making such a difference in how I walk across the floor. I know that sounds stupid, but it makes me feel more centered and more in my center of gravity. So that makes me really happy. (Because, to be honest, for a couple of days there, I was afraid I was never going to walk again.)

And oddly enough, my ex-husband in Seattle emailed me this morning, saying that now that he’s gotten old, he walks a lot slower. WTF??!!

ME: “No!!!!!!!! I don’t want to hear this!!!”

For god’s sake, when he and I got married (like, yesterday) he was only 25 years old. And now he’s 63. Okay, well, to me 63 is not old. (And my other ex-husband, in NYC, is 65 now and has already had a heart attack.) You know, like, what is with these guys? I am 12. I’m staying 12. Even if that means I spend a fortune on all my many cremes & lotions from France, and on my magic hair serum that is indeed keeping my hair from falling out and making it thicker, and I’ll stick with the Booty Core if it means I still get to walk across the floor.

Jeez. Come on, people. I mean, keep up. (Oh! And the company in France sent me yet another new product — get one at half-price and a second one free to try it out. So I did. And it’s this calming 2 in1 cleanser& toner and it is 99% plant-based and it is amazing, gang. I’m so serious. I only got it because I found the notion that it was “calming” really appealing. Not that my face ever feels not calm. However, it makes the little wrinkles around my eyes lots less noticeable!! I mean, like, I couldn’t actually believe it, it was that dramatic. And that’s not even what it’s made for. Anyway.)

Well, today was pretty good. That phone chat with my accountant was revelatory. A lot of his other clients work on Broadway or in the theater in one way or another, and he was able to really give me a clear idea of what to expect over the next couple of years, as far as the two plays are concerned. So I just feel really blessed.

(And I am going to try to keep my business-related expenses down because, I’ll tell you, the IRS was not at all amused. Meaning that I couldn’t claim as much as I really needed to this year, you know? But onward. I’m not gonna fight the IRS, that’s for sure.)

I also took care of the spreadsheet for Abstract Absurdity Productions today and sent it off to Peitor, and I think he was sort of amazed that I actually got to it so quickly. Now all I need to do is get that darn web site built. (Oh, and then we have to make about 8 micro-short movies, and then we’ll be good to go!)

And I did study French some more today and tried to figure out why I’m so insecure when it comes to speaking French. I have just so little confidence. Yet, I breeze right through all these course lessons because, you know, I know French. Why wouldn’t I, after 50 years? So I’m not really sure what my problem is there. But, you know, none of my cats speak French so it’s not like I really need to confront this particular fear.  And, I mean, I’m not afraid of spiders, or bees, or snakes. Or bats — unless it seems like one might get tangled in my hair:

Image result for gary larson bat cartoons

So I guess I’ll be okay with my fear of speaking French. But I’m still kind of curious what’s going on there with me. I was never afraid of speaking Chinese. It’s just French that has me stymied.

Okay, well. I guess I’ll get back to another episode of Ken Burns’ Jazz. Only 2 episodes left to watch. And I really am loving it, despite my feelings re: the musical styles of Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, and Thelonious Monk. I have learned so much about all these musicians and singers that I’ve listened to all my life and knew next to nothing about.

So have a good night, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I’ll leave you with a little France Gall, how does that strike you??!! One of my favorite songs by her: “Le temps de la rentrée.” It’s super pop, in case you’ve never heard it before. (Oh, and I saw today that they’re doing a biopic of Marianne Faithfull! That should be very cool.)

All righty, then. I love you guys. Sleep tight!! See ya!

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