Sunday Morning, Coffee in Bed!!

I know, right? I made it seem (on my Valentine’s Day post) like it was some sort of unobtainable dream — coffee in bed! When in reality, I do this every single day.

And I love it.

And I loved it today! I didn’t really want to get out of bed. It was too amazingly cozy in there. And I toyed with the idea of blogging from bed today, too. However, I had to keep getting out of bed to go downstairs and get more coffee. So on this last trip, I decided it was time to simply get out of bed. (That’s 3 hours of getting in and out of bed… and chattering at my many adorable cats along the way.)

(Sometimes I fantasize about just bringing the percolator up here to my room, getting one of those little refrigerators up here, too, to keep the milk in…. I know. So then why bother to own a whole house??!! I’d seriously never leave my room then.)

Anyway. I have fantasies about other stuff, too. Not just about how to better experience more and more coffee. (But I guess you know you’re getting old when you’re even bothering to have fantasies about coffee at all. Jesus.) (And you also know you’re getting old when you’re lying in bed, with your coffee, happily thinking about these really great old Iggy Pop records from your wee bonny twenty-something girlhood and you know for certain the albums were great — for instance, Party or Blah-Blah-Blah — but you can’t remember a single song on them now. You only remember for certain that the albums were great.)

(Then of course I got onto google, got as far as looking up the songs on Party and just got swept away. The songs on that record were so fucking FUN. )

(I no longer own Party. I’ve had to gradually give away a couple thousand albums, as I’ve moved, and moved, and moved, and moved again since the years on E. 12th Street. I do own several different formats of Blah-Blah-Blah, though, including the original album, because that was really just, I don’t know, an awesome album. I couldn’t imagine ever parting with it, ever. However, Party is on YouTube, in full, and sponsored by SONY so it’s okay to listen to it because somebody somewhere is gonna get paid…) (And I  recommend “BANG BANG” to start, and “Pumpin’ For Jill” — my personal favorite on the record because it’s a love song!!)

Okay! Right back to love! (It’s always all about love for me.)

This young guy here that I absolutely adore to the moon and back turned 18 yesterday, so I bought him a lighter. Mostly because it pisses me off that you have to be 21 in the State of Ohio to buy a freaking lighter. (He doesn’t actually smoke; he’s just a pyromaniac and loves fire.)

But it just bugs the shit out of me that people think we need more and more and more laws to keep young people safe from themselves, instead of, you know, investing in quality time and teaching them how to think for themselves.

What the fuck happened to that? You know?

Do I want to smoke? Do I want to play with matches and burn down my house? Do I want to have unprotected sex and maybe have a baby that I can’t afford to feed, whether or not the father of it sticks around? Do I want to be with some guy only because we created a kid by mistake in, like, under 20 minutes? Do I want to go out in the world and try to make myself happy? Do I want to go to war and kill a bunch of people that I don’t even know just because the Government wants me to?

(Or nowadays: Do I want to play video games funded by the United States Military complex so that I can feel psychologically programmed enough to go to fight in a war for them? Or play video games to try to overcome my PTSD that I got from going to fight a war for them?) (We used to call it all brainwashing in the old days, but now it’s often just called video games.)

Stuff like that. That’s the kind of stuff we learned about in school in the old days. Because our teachers assumed we had brains and could learn how to think.

You know, I started smoking when I was 11. I didn’t have any kind of a smoking habit, ever. I would just go through phases where I loved to smoke. I could walk up to any cigarette machine anywhere when I was a teenager, put in 35 cents and get a pack of cigarettes and smoke.  You didn’t need any kind of ID or anything at all. Just the 35 cents. But I also had really great teachers at school — throughout all my years of public education, I just had great teachers. I knew that certain things were not good for me. And even though, for awhile, as part of the process of learning about life, my body, my world, what I wanted for my future — I tried all sorts of things that weren’t good for me and eventually did away with the stuff that made my life less enjoyable to live.

I guess I was, you know, using my brain and thinking about stuff.

So I bought the guy a lighter for one dollar. Because I think its stupid to be 18 and not be allowed to buy your own lighter, but you can go legally kill people in foreign lands if the same law-makers tell you to.

And I bought a lighter that had a picture on it of an astronaut walking on the moon, because I think it’s cool to dream big. You know — aim for the moon and you land among the stars. That kind of thing. (I know — the Government was involved in all those rockets to the moon, too.  But it seems like they decided it was more cost effective to put the money into launching satellites instead so that we could more effectively kill people down here on the ground!! Yay.)


It’s weird to think that when/if that brand new 18-year-old gets to be my age, I’ll most likely be dead. I’m okay with it; it’s just weird to think about it. I hope he has a really, really cool life, though. He’s super smart, super rebellious, and seems to be 99.9% concerned with just living his own life. I just love that about him.

Well, okay. I’m gonna get Sunday under way here!! Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a good one, wherever you are in the world. Try not to think too much today — you might end up making life-altering decisions that will astound you!! I leave you with the titular song from the masterpiece, Blah-Blah-Blah. (A bit of an ode to the chaos of war and such.) All righty! I love you guys. See ya.


Pop before the war
lunch before the score
steady as she goes
following my nose
I’m a bull mongrel
that’s me

Shimon Peres
whatcha gonna do
I’m from detroit
blow the reveille
deatho knocko
that’s me little ol’me
glamorous me

Johnny can’t read
blah blah blah
I can’t see
blah blah blah
tuna on white
guns all night
blah blah blah

Cat taboo girl-
raped by an ape
cat taboo girl
jam the sucker in
you dig the mongrels
guardian of the state
says you gotta go
bombin’ low

Senator Rambo
merrily you go
monkey butcher knows
a cab to find a bank
a bank to find a loan
’cause you can’t be alone
you dig the mongrels

Violent peace
blah blah blah
buy it right now
blah blah blah
we are the world
we are so huge
blah blah blah
johnny can’t read
blah blah blah
I can’t see
blah blah blah
tuna on white
guns all night
blah blah blah

blue jeans coolies
everything huge
petrified food
pizza killers
from napalm to nice guy
nifty fifty
hit ’em where they live

the most spoiled brats
on god’s green earth

pop before the war

c – 1986 David Bowie, Iggy Pop

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