What are the odds?

I was sitting at my kitchen table, reading a very short story by Ben Nickol,  titled “Opening Night”.

It was very good but very sad. About a little girl who”s in a school play and then gets killed on the way home and then how the family dynamic changes immediately and forever.

Really well written but just so sad.

I tossed the book onto the table, got up and went over and leaned on the kitchen counter, looked out the kitchen window in order to think, to process, and a funeral procession was driving by.

Sort of unnerving, really. Talk about the immediacy of life. Or death. God, life is so strange.

Okay, well, the web work today made me crazy yet again because I could not unlock the domain from GoDaddy as hard as I tried. Finally called support and got someone who appeared to be trying to help about 5 customers at once — I’m not kidding. And it turned out that the problem was they had somehow connected an email to that domain that I have not had in over 10 years…..

Fuck. It only took half an hour to figure that problem out. So then they finally fixed everything and assured me it would be good to go in a few more hours!!!!!!!

So. I gave up. For now. Hope you’re having a more productive day wherever you are in the world! See ya, gang.

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