A Quick Update of Sorts!

If you live and create in America, be aware that the cost of copyright fees goes up tomorrow!

You can find the new fee schedule here.

Also, they want you to be advised that during the coronavirus outbreak, it is best to register your copyrights online because they will be seriously under-staffed in the actual offices. You can find out all you need to know about that here.

As an aside…

My beloved Granville Inn texted me around noon and said they were shutting down their refrigerators/walk-ins and did I — basically one of two vegetarians in the entire county (it feels like) — want any veggies??


So off I went! I actually got to drive really fast again on the highway. It felt so good after my quarantine!! I did see the Sheriff but he was occupied, so I slowed down while in his field of vision, then went super fast the moment I was off his radar…

Then I played my music really loud and smiled gleefully. And I actually got to see some human beings — from 6 feet away!!

And now I have more fruits & veggies & cheese & pretzels  (I’m a well-known pretzel addict) than I can possibly eat! (Including asparagus which I don’t think I’ve had since last summer!!)

People are so nice.

Yes, I have pictures of Nick Cave on my kitchen table. I thought everyone did…

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